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Z - Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resources (General) - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Bibliography, Library Science or Information Resources (General) that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Applied sciences in graphic communication and packaging : proceedings of 2017 49th Conference of the International Circle of Educational Institutes for Graphic Arts Technology and Management & 8th China Academic Conference on Printing and Packaging / Pengfei Zhao, Yun Ouyang, Min Xu, Li Yang, Yuhui Ren, editors

  • Reading children in early modern culture / Edel Lamb

  • Regenerating regional culture a study of the international book town movement / Jane Frank

  • Reading books and prints as cultural objects / Evanghelia Stead, editor
    Z 1023 R344 2018

  • Interacting with print : elements of reading in the era of print saturation / The Multigraph Collective
    Z 124 A2 M85 2018
    A thorough rethinking of a field deserves to take a shape that is in itself new. Interacting with Print delivers on this premise, reworking the history of print through a unique effort in authorial collaboration. The book itself is not a typical monograph--rather, it is a "multigraph," the collective work of twenty-two scholars who together have assembled an alphabetically arranged tour of key concepts for the study of print culture, from Anthologies and Binding to Publicity and Taste.
    Each entry builds on its term in order to resituate print and book history within a broader media ecology throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The central theme is interactivity, in three senses: people interacting with pr∫ print interacting with the non-print media that it has long been thought, erroneously, to have displaced; and people interacting with each other through print. The resulting book will introduce new energy to the field of print studies and lead to considerable new avenues of investigation.

  • Rewired : research-writing partnerships within the frameworks / editor, Randall McClure, Pfeiffer University
    Z 675 U5 R467 2016

  • How to Find Out About Economics
    How to Find Out About Economics focuses on information sources related to economics, including books, periodicals, government publications, and national and international organizations. The sources of arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification used by many libraries.
    This book is comprised of 17 chapters and begins with an overview of modern economics and guides to careers in economics. The following chapters focus on sources of employment registers and careers advice in economics; career and vocational guidance in the United States; and career patterns for economists. The discussion then turns to two categories of information relating to economics: bibliographical sources such as books, periodicals, abstracts, and similar printed documents; and non-bibliographical sources such as organizations and societies formed, for example, by economists or persons having an interest in economics. The book also considers libraries and their functions; guides to library resources; sources of education for careers in economics; and sources of economic history, business history, and biography.
    This monograph will be a useful resource for students and others interested in embarking on a career in economics.

  • How to Find Out About Banking and Investment
    How to Find Out About Banking and Investment focuses on the sources of information on banking and investment.

    The publication first ponders on careers, dictionaries and encyclopedias, and libraries and guides to libraries. Discussions focus on guides to the resources of libraries, Banking Information Service, Bank Education Service, education and examinations in America, sources of information on careers, finance houses, joint stock banking, foreign and merchant banks, and the London Stock Exchange.

    The text then takes a look at bibliographies and literature guides, periodical literature, financial economics, banks and banking, and central banking classification. Topics include library catalogues, guides to reference works, periodicals concerned with banking and finance, money and banking in the United States, financial institutions and economic development, banking in Europe, European Economic Community, and banking in the United States. The book takes a look at interest and discount, credit and instruments of credit, foreign and overseas investment, and merchant and investment banking.

    The publication is a dependable source of information for researchers and bankers wanting to explore banking and investment.

  • Economics of education : a selected annotated bibliography / by M. Blaug

  • The library assessment cookbook / edited by Aaron W. Dobbs
    Z 678.85 L533 2017

  • Textbooks in academic libraries : selection, circulation, and assessment / edited by Chris Diaz
    Z 675 U5 T454 2017

  • Reading life / Chris Arthur
    Z 1003 A76 2017
    How do you read a girl's bare feet, a fallen fuchsia blossom, or the act of throwing a gun into a reservoir's deep water? In this book, critically acclaimed essayist Chris Arthur continues his experiments with this fascinating and flexible literary genre, using it to fashion fourteen exquisitely crafted readings whose lyricism suggests poetry as much as prose. Sometimes reading is meant literally and books are the point of focus; sometimes it's meant metaphorically with the objects and events around us being read. But whether he's considering child prostitution in Paris, Flann O'Brien's great comic novel At Swim-Two-Birds, a whale's tooth, a bayonet, or the poems of Seamus Heaney, common to all of Chris Arthur's readings is a search for the meanings that lie behind the superficialities of ordinary discourse. Winner of the Monroe K Spears Essay Prize, the Akegarasu Haya International Essay Prize and several other awards, this is Arthur's sixth essay collection. His previous books include Words of the Grey Wind, On the Shoreline of Knowledge and Irish Elegies. Visit www.chrisarthur.org to find out more about the author and his writing. "Few writers today can rival Chris Arthur in his mastery of the traditional essay, that endangered and slow-moving literary species which manages to survive despite the competing pressures of 24/7 journalism and the incessant clamor of everybody's infallible opinions. More interested in the glance than the gaze, the spark than the fire, Arthur - like so many great essayists - takes creative advantage of our strangest faculty: the wandering mind. I found Reading Life enchanting and invigorating, chock-full of those wonderful and surprising insights that come only from an inspired divided attention."
    - Robert Atwan, series editor, The Best American Essays
    "Arthur is proof that the art of the essay is flourishing."
    - Publishers Weekly
    "The essay, in Chris Arthur's hands, proclaims its outsider status, its subversive momentum, its effortless inclusivity and freedom from trammels of the imagination, attaining an embodiment which is civilized, idiosyncratic and rare."
    - Times Literary Supplement
    "The deliberation with which he writes recalls a woodcutter, polishing his creations until they give off a deep, burnished glow."
    - Belfast Telegraph

  • Databrarianship : the academic data librarian in theory and practice / edited by Lynda Kellam and Kristi Thompson
    Z 675 U5 D34 2016
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