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Religion - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Titles in the call number range BL - BX (Religion) that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 60 days.

  • The life of Hinduism / edited by John Stratton Hawley and Vasudha Narayanan
    BL 1226.13 L544 2006eb

  • Spirits of Protestantism : medicine, healing, and liberal Christianity / Pamela E. Klassen
    BX 4817 K537 2011eb

  • Restless souls : the making of American spirituality / Leigh Eric Schmidt
    BL 2525 S365 2012eb

  • Goddesses and the divine feminine : a Western religious history / Rosemary Radford Ruether
    BL 325 F4 R848 2005eb

  • Discipline and debate : the language of violence in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery / Michael Lempert
    BQ 7758 I4 L467 2012eb

  • Catholic Vietnam : a church from empire to nation / Charles Keith
    BX 1650 A7 K458 2012eb

  • Sisters in the faith : Shaker women and equality of the sexes / Glendyne R. Wergland
    BX 9789 W7 W474 2011eb

  • Phenomenologies of scripture / Adam Y. Wells, editor
    BS 476 P446 2017eb

  • Crossing the Rubicon : the borderlands of philosophy and theology / Emmanuel Falque ; translated by Reuben Shank
    BT 40 F357 2016eb

  • Believing in order to see : on the rationality of revelation and the irrationality of some believers / Jean-Luc Marion ; translated by Christina M. Gschwandtner
    BT 50 M375 2017eb

  • Dis-enclosure : the deconstruction of Christianity / Jean-Luc Nancy ; translated by Bettina Bergo, Gabriel Malenfant, and Michael B. Smith
    BL 51 N363 2008eb

  • Religion in the making : Lowell lectures 1926 / by Alfred North Whitehead ; introduction by Judith A. Jones ; glossary by Randall E. Auxier
    BL 48 W458 2009eb

  • Experience and God / by John E. Smith
    BL 51 S658 1995eb

  • Hand to hand : listening to the work of art / Jean-Louis Chrétien ; translated with an introduction by Stephen E. Lewis
    BR 115 A8 C474 2003eb

  • The Word and the Cross / Stanislas Breton ; translated with an introduction by Jacquelyn Porter
    BT 453 B748 2002eb

  • Sacred leaves of Candomblé : African magic, medicine, and religion in Brazil / Robert A. Voeks
    BL 2592 C35 V645 2003eb

  • A church with the soul of a nation : making and remaking the United Church of Canada / Phyllis D. Airhart
    BX 9881 A374 2014eb

  • The heirs of the prophet : charisma and religious authority in Shi'ite Islam / Liyakat N. Takim
    BP 194.9 G68 T355 2006eb

  • Witchcraft and the rise of the first Confucian empire / Liang Cai
    BL 1840 C355 2014eb

  • Church and state in Bourbon Mexico : the Diocese of Michoacán, 1749-1810 / D.A. Brading
    BX 1430 M53 B733 2002eb

  • Islam and Christianity : theological themes in comparative perspective / John Renard
    BP 172 R463 2011eb

  • The conciliarist tradition : constitutionalism in the Catholic Church, 1300-1870 / Francis Oakley
    BX 1805 O255 2008eb

  • Shrines of the slave trade : Diola religion and society in precolonial Senegambia / Robert M. Baum
    BL 2480 D53 B386 1999eb

  • Mystery unveiled : the crisis of the Trinity in early modern England / Paul C.H. Lim
    BT 109 L567 2012eb

  • Formations of the secular : Christianity, Islam, modernity / Talal Asad
    BL 2747.8 A75 2003
    Opening with the provocative query "what might an anthropology of the secular look like?" this book explores the concepts, practices, and political formations of secularism, with emphasis on the major historical shifts that have shaped secular sensibilities and attitudes in the modern West and the Middle East.
    Talal Asad proceeds to dismantle commonly held assumptions about the secular and the terrain it allegedly covers. He argues that while anthropologists have oriented themselves to the study of the "strangeness of the non-European world" and to what are seen as non-rational dimensions of social life (things like myth, taboo, and religion),the modern and the secular have not been adequately examined.
    The conclusion is that the secular cannot be viewed as a successor to religion, or be seen as on the side of the rational. It is a category with a multi-layered history, related to major premises of modernity, democracy, and the concept of human rights. This book will appeal to anthropologists, historians, religious studies scholars, as well as scholars working on modernity.

  • YHWH is king : the development of divine kingship in ancient Israel / by Shawn W. Flynn
    BS 1192.6 F59 2014
    Amidst various methodologies for the comparative study of the Hebrew Bible, at times the opportunity arises to improve on a method recently introduced into the field. In YHWH is King , Flynn uses the anthropological method of cultural translation to study diachronic change in YHWH's kingship. Here, such change is compared to a similar Babylonian development to Marduk's kingship. Based on that comparison and informed by cultural translation, Flynn discovers that Judahite scribes suppressed the earlier YHWH warrior king and promoted a creator/universal king in order to combat the increasing threat of Neo-Assyrian imperialism. Flynn thus opens the possibility, that Judahite scribes engaged in a cultural translation of Marduk to YHWH, in order to respond to the mounting Neo-Assyrian presence.

  • The Politics of the Headscarf in the United States / Bozena C. Welborne, Aubrey L. Westfall, Özge Çelik Russell, and Sarah A. Tobin
    BP 190.5 H44 W45 2018eb

    The Politics of the Headscarf in the United States investigates the social and political effects of the practice of Muslim-American women wearing the headscarf (hijab) in a non-Muslim state. The authors find the act of head covering is not politically motivated in the U.S. setting, but rather it accentuates and engages Muslim identity in uniquely American ways.

    Transcending contemporary political debates on the issue of Islamic head covering, The Politics of the Headscarf in the United States addresses concerns beyond the simple, particular phenomenon of wearing the headscarf itself, with the authors confronting broader issues of lasting import. These issues include the questions of safeguarding individual and collective identity in a diverse democracy, exploring the ways in which identities inform and shape political practices, and sourcing the meaning of citizenship and belonging in the United States through the voices of Muslim-American women themselves.

    The Politics of the Headscarf in the United States superbly melds quantitative data with qualitative assessment, and the authors smoothly integrate the results of nearly two thousand survey responses from Muslim-American women across forty-nine states. Seventy-two in-depth interviews with Muslim women living in the United States bolster the arguments put forward by the authors to provide an incredibly well-rounded approach to this fascinating topic.

    Ultimately, the authors argue, women's experiences with identity and boundary construction through their head-covering practices carry important political consequences that may well shed light on the future of the United States as a model of democratic pluralism.

  • The Forgotten Books of the Bible : Recovering the Five Scrolls for Today / Robert Williamson, Jr
    BS 1309 W554 2018eb
    You're probably missing some of the most interesting books of the Bible.In the Jewish tradition, the five books known as The Five Scrolls perform a central liturgical function as the texts associated with each of the major holidays. The Song of Songs is read during Passover, Ruth during Shavuot, Lamentations on Tisha B'av, Ecclesiastes during Sukkot, and Esther during the celebration of Purim. Together with the five books of the Torah, these texts orient Jewish life and provide the language of the faith.In the Christian tradition, by contrast, these books have largely been forgotten. Many churchgoers can't even find them in their pew Bibles. They are rarely preached, come up only occasionally in the lectionary, and are not the subject of Bible studies. Thus, their influence on the lives and theology of many Christians is entirely negligible. But they deserve much more attention. With scholarly wisdom and a quick wit, Williamson insists that these books speak urgently to the pressing issues of the contemporary world. Addressing themes of human sexuality, grief, immigration, suffering and protest, ethnic nationalism, and existential dread, he skillfully guides readers as they rediscover the relevance of the Five Scrolls for today.

  • Fat and Faithful : Learning to Love Our Bodies, Our Neighbors, and Ourselves / J. Nicole Morgan
    BV 4598.2 M674 2018eb
    You are already enough, and you are not too much.

    J. Nicole Morgan grew up fat and loving Jesus. But she was forever burdened by what she saw as her biggest spiritual flaw: her weight. In Fat and Faithful, she shares her journey from body shame to fat acceptance and shows us how to care for the image of God found in every body--including our own. When the world tells us that our bodies are too much, J. Nicole Morgan reminds us that all people--no matter their size, shape, or ability--are beloved of God. Bodies of all sizes, shapes, colors, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities are expressions of the body of Christ. When our first prayer isn't about changing our bodies, we create space to care for our neighbors and to celebrate the unique ways we are equipped to serve our communities in the bodies we have. Fat and Faithful shows us that the world is wider than the size of our waistline.

  • The Prophetic Imagination : 40th Anniversary Edition / Walter Brueggemann ; foreword by David Hankins
    BS 1198 B84 2018eb
    A classic text in biblical theology--still relevant for today and tomorrow.In this 40th anniversary edition of the classic text from one of the most influential biblical scholars of our time, Walter Brueggemann, offers a theological and ethical reading of the Hebrew Bible. He finds there a vision for the community of God whose words and practices of lament, protest and complain give rise to an alternative social order that opposes the totalism of the day.Brueggemann traces the lines from the radical vision of Moses to the solidification of royal power in Solomon to the prophetic critique of that power with a new vision of freedom in the prophets. Linking Exodus to Kings to Jeremiah to Jesus, he argues that the prophetic vision not only embraces the pain of the people, but creates an energy and amazement based on the new thing that God is doing.This edition builds off the revised and updated 2001 edition and includes a new afterword by Brueggemann and a new foreword by Davis Hankins.

  • The Wittenberg Concord : Creating Space for Dialogue / Gordon A. Jensen ; foreword by Timothy J. Wengert
    BR 307 J468 2018eb
    Rethinking the Wittenberg Concord for TodayOne of the mostly forgotten gems of the sixteenth century Reformations is the Wittenberg Concord. Signed in 1536 by representatives of evangelical southern German imperial cities and territories and the Lutherans, the dialogue that led to the concord provided space for the participants to have a meaningful dialogue that led to the recognition of each other's understanding of the sacraments as orthodox. This was remarkable, given the very public failures at Marburg in 1529 and Augsburg in 1530. The lack of agreement threatened the unity of the evangelical estates and made them, along with the Reformation teachings, vulnerable to attack by the Holy Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church.The dialogue participants created enough space in their own understandings of the sacraments of baptism, absolution, and the Lord's Supper to allow the agreement to occur--and function reasonably well, at least until the beginning of the Thirty Years War in 1618.The final two chapters explore how this concord has impacted the church since its acceptance, and how the lessons learned from this dialogue can assist churches today in providing healthy spaces for ecumenical dialogue to discuss controversial issues.

  • Jobs Lost, Faith Found : A Spiritual Resource for the Unemployed / Mary C. Lindberg
    BV 2695 U64 L564 2018eb
    Companionship and strategies for job seekersMillions of people become unemployed every year, yet when job loss happens to us, we typically feel completely alone and often lost, ashamed, and afraid. No one knows how to comfort us when we lose our job. Unlike other griefs--when someone can say, I'm sorry for your loss--joblessness leaves family, friends, and acquaintances awkwardly searching for words.Jobs Lost, Faith Found is for those who feel alone due to job loss. It is is also for those who offer respect, companionship, guidance, and resources to the unemployed.Mary C. Lindberg, pastor, chaplain, and spiritual director, draws on her family's experience of unemployment and the wisdom of many others, including sages from Scripture and the Christian tradition, to help readers discover a sense of worth and purpose on their way to a new job. She offers prayers, insights, Bible stories, and reflections to light the way during this time of uncertainty and wandering.The path toward hope will be your own, but the ideas, reflections, and strategies in this book will get you started on your journey.

  • Nurturing Hope : Christian Pastoral Care in the Twenty-First Century / Lynne M. Baab
    BV 4011.3 B336 2018eb
    Trends and skills for those who offer pastoral careChristian pastoral care has changed a great deal in the past few decades in response to many factors in our rapidly changing world. In part 1 of Nurturing Hope, Lynne Baab discusses seven trends in pastoral care--shifts in who delivers pastoral care, the attitudes and commitments that undergird pastoral care, and societal trends that are shaping pastoral care today. She illustrates them with stories from diverse congregations where Christian caregivers are meeting those challenges in creative and exciting ways.In the second half of the book, Baab presents four practical, doable, energizing skills needed by pastoral carers in our time. Focusing on skills that help carers nurture connections between everyday life and Christian faith, she explores the need for carers to understand common stressors, listen, pray with others, and nurture their personal resilience.Grounded in an understanding of God as the true caregiver and healer, the author offers tips for readers who are training other pastoral carers or developing their own understanding and skills. Each chapter ends with discussion and reflection questions, making the book helpful for groups.Lynne Baab brings readers hope for their caring role and for their own spiritual journey.

  • True Connection : Using the NAME IT Model to Heal Relationships / George Faller and Heather P. Wright
    BV 4597.52 F358 2018eb
    How growing in self-awareness deepens relationshipsFrom their years of counseling individuals, couples, and families, George Faller and Heather Wright show how to repair conflict, move from disconnection to reconnection, and discover God's movement in our life and relationships.They call their model NAME IT (Notice, Acknowledge, Merge, Embrace, Integrate, and Thank). To heal a relationship, first we connect with our own hearts and stories, then understand the other person's position, and finally merge those two truths (or versions of what is happening), giving birth to a new connection.By telling their own stories and those of clients they have cared for, Faller and Wright encourage those who feel disconnected not to despair in the midst of their trials but to find faith and a community to help them survive and grow. They show readers that rather than letting painful relationships leave them feeling alone and despairing, they can find hope in a deepened self-awareness that leads to richer relationships and spiritual vitality.Whether readers hope to experience the magical glow of romance, the joy of parenting, the satisfaction of community life, or a loving view of God, the NAME IT model will help them transform all their relationships.

  • Augustine and the Limits of Politics / Jean Bethke Elshtain ; foreword by Patrick J. Deneen
    BR 1720 A9 E57 2018eb

  • Judges / Mercedes L. Garcia Bachmann ; Ahida Calderón Pilarski, Volume Editor ; Barbara E. Reid, OP, General Editor
    BS 1305.53 G37 2018eb

  • Love Without Limits : Jesus' Radical Vision for Love with No Exceptions / Jacqueline A. Bussie
    BV 4639 B875 2018eb
    Every day, millions of people lament the loss of civility, respect, and hope, and they wonder if it's possible to cultivate a love big enough to overthrow hate and heal our hurts. With courage, authenticity, and relevance, Jacqueline A. Bussie proclaims, Yes! It's possible! and urges readers to widen love's wingspan and to love as God loves--without limits or exceptions.In Love Without Limits, Bussie imparts practical solutions for people of faith who yearn to love across division and difference in these troubled times. Through poignant personal memoir, engaging theological reflection, inspiring true stories of boundary-busting friendships, creative readings of scripture, and surprising shout-outs to some of love's unsung heroes, Bussie challenges readers to answer God's call to practice a love so deep, it subverts the social order; so radical, it scandalizes the powerful; so vast, it excludes no one.

  • Waiting for Good News : Living with Chronic and Serious Illness / Sally L. Wilke
    BV 4910 W558 2018eb
    Support and wisdom when serious illness strikesSally Wilke gets it. She has lived with and through the serious chronic illness of someone she cared deeply about. And she has provided pastoral care to individuals and families in similar situations. Waiting for Good News captures her hard-won, helpful, and hope-filled wisdom.Wilke organizes this book around seven questions that those who face serious illness often ask. From What Is the Diagnosis to Where Do I Find More Help? she accompanies readers on their own journey. The heart of the book is the stories--Wilke's own, those of others who have struggled with severe illness, and accounts from the Bible. Here, readers will find strength, support, and a way forward in a difficult situation.As practical as she is wise, Wilke offers tools, tips, ideas, and resources for reflection and for obtaining additional support. Chapters conclude with questions that may be used for personal reflection and discussion with family members, patients, and support groups.Clergy, other pastoral-care providers, and family and friends of those who struggle with serious illness will find examples and helpful practices to guide their efforts as they partner with those seeking to find their way.

  • Die Glaubensmissionen in Afrika : Geschichte und Kirchenverständnis / Klaus Fiedler
    BV 2063 G364 2018eb

  • Gospel Ferment in Malawi : Theological Essays / Kenneth R. Ross
    BR 1446.2 R674 2018eb

  • Future Faith : Ten Challenges Reshaping Christianity in the 21st Century / Wesley Granberg-Michaelson ; foreword by Soong-Chan Rah
    BV 600.2 G734 2018eb
    In Future Faith: Ten Challenges Reshaping the Practice of Christianity, author Wesley Granberg-Michaelson provides a lucid view of how the top ten winds of change blowing through global Christian faith are reshaping the practice of Christianity today. He is uniquely qualified to identify and interpret connection points between global Christian trends and the American church.Drawing on the stories, examples, and personalities of pastors and congregations from throughout the U.S. as well as those from Africa, Asia, Latin America, who are the faces of Christianity's future, Future Faith is designed to inform and empower followers of Jesus to seek new ways of becoming the face of Christ to a rapidly changing world.Leaders and practitioners in church growth, renewal, and planting will be a primary audience for this book. Students of religion from Catholic, evangelical, Pentecostal, and historic Protestant streams will find this book an informative and stimulating resource for pondering together the future of their faith. Small groups engaged in congregational nurture and growth will find in the author a welcome companion for guiding them through the multi-cultural landscape of contemporary faith.

  • The Hebrew Bible : Feminist and Intersectional Perspectives / Gale A. Yee, editor
    BS 521.4 H433 2018eb
    This volume provides an introduction and essays on the four key sections of the Hebrew Scriptures from the perspective of top feminist biblical scholars:Part One: Torah/PentateuchPart Two: Deuteronomistic History (Joshua-2 Kings)Part Three: Prophets and ProphecyPart Four: Writings and the Book of DanielThis volume highlights key issues in the Hebrew Scriptures from the perspective of top feminist biblical scholars. This includes historical critical and literary textual analysis and exegesis, particularly as viewed through feminist and intersectional interpretive lenses. Intersectional lenses include the racial/ethnic, class, Global South, postcolonial, and so forth, and their interconnections with gender.The introduction to the volume by the editor introduces feminist intersectional biblical scholarship, making the case that this scholarship addresses perspectives that are often missing from even very thorough survey texts: feminist and intersectional issues regarding the women characters, sexual assumptions, sexual and domestic violence, symbolization of women, class and race relations, and so forth.The essays have been created for students who may be encountering feminist biblical and intersectional scholarship for the first time.Other contributors to this volume include Carolyn J. Sharp, Vanessa Lynn Lovelace, Corrine L. Carvalho, Melody Knowles, and Judy Fentress-Williams.

  • Crippled Grace : Disability, Virtue Ethics, and the Good Life / Shane Clifton
    BT 732.7 C55 2018eb

  • Surviving the Bible : A Devotional for the Church Year 2019 / Christian Piatt
    BV 30 P537 2017eb
    Resuscitate your relationship with the BibleA lot of us have tried to read the Bible. And we've failed. Christian Piatt has too. But now, using the annual lectionary as his guide, he has put together a devotional that allows us to read through major parts of the Old and New Testaments and finally understand them in plain English. Every week has several Scripture readings, explanations of confusing terms, a story, a deeper dive into interesting themes, and a closing prayer.You can use it as a weekly study or browse a thematic list for something you're curious about. It's an ideal resource to use with a friend or small group, but it's set up to be accessed by anyone who has enough curiosity, openness, and desire to grow.Start anywhere. Set it down and come back to it. There's no wrong way to use Surviving the Bible. Engage ancient texts in new ways that make sense, here and now, maybe for the first time. Any way you use it, it's sure to challenge and inspire.

  • The Standard Bearer of the Roman Church : Lawrence of Brindisi and Capuchin Missions in the Holy Roman Empire (1599-1613) / Andrew J.G. Dreanas
    BX 4700 L64 D747 2018eb

  • Conscience and Community : Sterling M. McMurrin, Obert C. Tanner, and Lowell L. Bennion / edited by Robert Alan Goldberg, L. Jackson Newell, and Linda King Newell
    BX 8656 C558 2017eb

  • Insights from Cultural Anthropology / Karl Allen Kuhn
    BS 661 K855 2018eb
    Each volume in the Insights series discusses discoveries and insights gained into biblical texts from a particular approach or perspective in current scholarship. Accessible and appealing to today's students, each Insight volume discusses:-how this method, approach, or strategy was first developed and how its application has changed over time;-what current questions arise from its use;-what enduring insights it has produced; and-what questions remain for future scholarship.In this volume, Karl Allen Kuhn provides a description of what cultural anthropology is and how the discipline has impacted biblical studies. Looking at Scripture through the lens of cultural anthropology is related to social-scientific criticism, which refers to that phase of the exegetical task that analyzes the social and cultural dimensions of the text and its environmental context through the utilization of the perspectives, theories, models, and research of the social sciences.Kuhn discusses general matters garnered from cultural-anthropology interpretation that would be relevant for the study of biblical texts. He analyzes several biblical specific texts from a cultural-anthropology perspective and provides conclusions, challenges, and considerations for the future of cultural anthropology and biblical interpretation.

  • Luther's Outlaw God Volume 1: Hiddenness, Evil, and Predestination / Steven D. Paulson
    BT 180 H54 P385 2018eb vol. 1eb
    In this first of three volumes addressing Luther's outlaw God, Steven D. Paulson considers the two "monsters" of theology, as Luther calls them: evil and predestination. He explores how these produce fear of God but can also become the great and only comforts of conscience when a preacher arrives.Luther's new distinction between God as he is preached and God without any preacher absolutely frightened all of the schools of theology that preceded it, and for that matter all that followed Luther, as well. That fear coalesced in various opponents like Eck and Latomus, but in a special way in Desiderius Erasmus.For Paulson, bad theology begins with bad preaching, and since the church is what preaching does, bad preaching hides the church under such a dark blanket that it can hardly be detected. He argues that the primary distinction of naked/clothed or unpreached/preached radiates out in all directions for Luther's theology, and shows what difference this makes for current preaching. Specifically, Paulson takes up the central question of all theology (and life): What is God's relation to the law, and the law's relation to God? Luther's answers are surprising and will change the way you preach.

  • Understanding World Christianity : Eastern Africa / Paul Kollman and Cynthia Toms Smedley
    BR 1440 K658 2018eb
    Each volume of the Understanding World Christianity series analyzes the state of Christianity from six different angles. The focus is always Christianity, but it is approached in an interdisciplinary manner--chronological, denominational, sociopolitical, geographical, biographical, and theological.Short, engaging chapters help readers understand the complexity of Christianity in the region and broaden their understanding of the region itself. Readers will understand the interplay of Christianity and culture and will see how geography, borders, economics, and other factors influence Christian faith.In this exciting volume, Paul Kollman and Cynthia Toms Smedley offer an introduction to Eastern African Christianity that has been desperately needed by scholars, students, and interested readers alike. Rich in experience and knowledge, Kollman and Toms Smedley introduce readers to the vibrancy of Eastern African Christianity like no other authors have done before.

  • Divine Games : Game Theory and the Undecidability of a Superior Being / Steven J. Brams
    BS 1171.3 B725 2018eb

    A game-theoretical analysis of interactions between a human being and an omnipotent and omniscient godlike being highlights the inherent unknowability of the latter's superiority.

    In Divine Games , Steven Brams analyzes games that a human being might play with an omnipotent and omniscient godlike being. Drawing on game theory and his own theory of moves, Brams combines the analysis of thorny theological questions, suggested by Pascal's wager (which considers the rewards and penalties associated with belief or nonbelief in God) and Newcomb's problem (in which a godlike being has near omniscience) with the analysis of several stories from the Hebrew Bible. Almost all of these stories involve conflict between God or a surrogate and a human player; their representation as games raises fundamental questions about God's superiority.

    In some games God appears vulnerable (after Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit in defiance of His command), in other games his actions seem morally dubious (when He subjects Abraham and Job to extreme tests of their faith), and in still other games He has a propensity to hold grudges (in preventing Moses from entering the Promised Land and in undermining the kingship of Saul). If the behavior of a superior being is indistinguishable from that of an ordinary human being, his existence would appear undecidable, or inherently unknowable. Consequently, Brams argues that keeping an open mind about the existence of a superior being is an appropriate theological stance.

  • A Theology of the Christian Bible : Revelation - Inspiration - Canon / Denis Farkasfalvy
    BS 480 F325 2018eb

  • Rabbi Eliezer of Beaugency, Commentaries on Amos and Jonah (With Selections from Isaiah and Ezekiel) / by Robert A. Harris
    BS 1505.53 E45 2018eb
    Rabbi Eliezer of Beaugency represents the pinnacle of twelfth-century rabbinic exegesis of the Bible. A proponent of the literal school, Eliezer completely abandoned traditional rabbinic midrash in his explication of biblical texts, and innovated a literary approach that anticipated the fruits of modern scholarship in virtually every paragraph. This volume presents, for the first time in English translation, an extended window into the oeuvre of this master interpreter.

  • A Noble and Independent Course : The Life of the Reverend Edward Mitchell / Forrester A. Lee and James S. Pringle
    BX 6455 M59 L44 2018eb
    In 1828 Edward Mitchell was the first student of African descent to graduate from Dartmouth College, more than thirty-five years before any other Ivy League school admitted a black student. This book tells Mitchell's life story with the help of a recently rediscovered trove of his college essays, notes on his religious conversion, and hand-copied versions of his sermons.
    Born and raised in the French slave colony of Martinique, Mitchell immigrated to the United States and came of age in Philadelphia, where he broke bread with the city's African American clerics and civic leaders. The Dartmouth trustees initially denied Mitchell admission but yielded to unified student protest. After his graduation, Mitchell continued his northward journey to serve as a Baptist preacher and evangelist in the pulpits of northern New England. His religious odyssey concluded in Lower Canada, where he was remembered as "the most profound theologian ever settled." During his travels throughout the Atlantic world in an age of revolution and religious revival, Mitchell encountered the dominant social, economic, and political realities of his time.

    Although long celebrated as the inspiration for Dartmouth's legacy of educating men and women of African ancestry, Mitchell's life story remained unknown for almost two centuries. This book, which embodies history as recovery, is a testament to the authors' desire to know the man behind the story.

  • Doing Theology at the Grassroots : Theological Essays from Malawi / Patrick A. Kalilombe
    BX 1682 M35 K35 2018eb

  • Faith at the Frontiers of Knowledge / edited by Kenneth R. Ross
    BL 240.2 F35 20118eb

  • Golden Buttons : Christianity and Tradition Religion among the Tumbuka / Stephen Kauta Msiska
    BR 1367 T8 M8 2018eb

  • Understanding the Diaconate : Historical, Theological, and Sociological Foundations / W. Shawn McKnight ; foreword by David W. Fagerberg
    BX 1912 M39 2018eb

  • Ingrained Habits : Growing Up Catholic in Mid-Twentieth-Century America / Mary Ellen O'Donnell
    BX 1406.3 O36 2018eb

  • The Homebrewed Christianity Guide to the Holy Spirit : Hand-Raisers, Han, and the Holy Ghost / Grace Ji-Sun Kim, author
    BT 121.3 K565 2018eb
    It is time for the Holy Spirit to get its own street cred! There shall be no more third-wheeling the ever-present, life-sustaining, and empowering member of the Trinity. In this guide to the Spirit, Kim is putting the Holy Ghost back where it belongs; after all, the Spirit gave birth to the church and kept it rocking, rolling, revivaling, and transforming across time and culture. Throughout the book, you will get a taste of the different ways the church has understood the Spirit, partnered with the Paraclete, and imaged the Spirit in scripture. Most importantly, Kim brings together the tradition with contemporary culture, science, and the many tongues and testimonies of the global church.The compelling power of this volume comes from the creative interplay Kim orchestrates between images such as the Spirit as vibration, breath, and light and her powerful unpacking of different images such as the releaser of han, a Korean term for unjust suffering, or the concept of Chi. This isn;t simply a guide to what the church is saying about the Holy Spirit-- it's a guide to actually opening our theological imaginations to a Spirit that is present, active, and calling us to participate in life-giving work.

  • Outside the Lines : How Embracing Queerness Will Transform Your Faith / Mihee Kim-Kort
    BT 83.65 K566 2018eb
    God's love for us breaks every boundary. So should our love for each other.Mihee Kim-Kort is a wife, a mom, and a Presbyterian minister. And she's queer. As she became aware of her queer sexuality, Mihee wondered what that meant for her spirituality. But instead of pushing her away from God, her queerness has brought her closer to Jesus and taught her how to love better.In Outside the Lines, Mihee shows us how God, in Jesus, is oriented toward us in a queer and radical way. Through the life, work, and witness of Jesus, we see a God who loves us with a queer love. And our faith in that God becomes a queer spirituality--a spirituality that crashes through definitions and moves us outside of the categories of our making. Whenever we love ourselves and our neighbors with the boundary-breaking love of God, we live out this queer spirituality in the world.With a captivating mix of personal story and biblical analysis, Outside the Lines shows us how each of our bodies fits into the body of Christ. Outside the lines and without exceptions.

  • Inner Animalities : Theology and the End of the Human / Eric Daryl Meyer
    BT 701.3 M49 2018eb

  • Jesus, the Essenes, and Christian Origins : New Light on Ancient Texts and Communities / Simon J. Joseph
    BM 487 J67 2018eb

  • On Difficulties in Sacred Scripture : The Responses to Thalassios / St. Maximos the Confessor ; translated by Fr. Maximos Constas
    BR 60 F3 M38 2018eb

  • Quivering Families : The Quiverfull Movement and Evangelical Theology of the Family / Emily Hunter McGowin
    BX 7800 F864 M347 20187eb
    American evangelicals are known for focusing on the family, but the Quiverfull movement intensifies that focus in a significant way. Often called Quiverfull due to an emphasis on filling their quivers with as many children as possible (Psalm 127:5), such families are distinguishable by their practices of male-only leadership, homeschooling, and prolific childbirth. Their primary aim is multigenerational faithfulness - ensuring their descendants maintain Christian faith for many generations. Many believe this focus will lead to the Christianization of America in the centuries to come.Quivering Families is a first of its kind project that employs history, ethnography, and theology to explore the Quiverfull movement in America. The book considers a study of the movement's origins, its major leaders and institutions, and the daily lives of its families. Quivering Families argues that despite the apparent strangeness of their practice, Quiverfull is a thoroughly evangelical and American phenomenon. Far from offering a countercultural vision of the family, Quiverfull represents an intensification of longstanding tendencies. The movement reveals the weakness of evangelical theology of the family and underlines the need for more critical and creative approaches.

  • The Seven Deadly Sins : Sayings of the Fathers of the Church / edited by Kevin M. Clarke ; foreword by Mike Aquilina
    BV 4626 S484 2018eb

  • Beyond the Altar : Women Religious, Patriarchal Power, and the Church / Christine L.M. Gervais
    BX 1421.3 G473 2018eb
    Beyond the Altar illustrates how women religious overcome sexist subjugation by side-stepping the patriarchal power of the Roman Catholic Church. This book counters the stereotypical image of Catholic nuns as being loyally compliant with their church by showing how a number of current and former women religious in Canada challenge their institutional religion's precepts and engage in transformative strategies to effect change both within and outside the Roman Catholic Church. The sisters' testimonials reveal never-before-shared details about their painful experiences of male domination, their courageous efforts to move beyond such sexist stifling, and the women-led and women-centered spiritual, governance, and activist practices they have engendered in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Featuring many examples of the sisters' resourcefulness, resilience, and resistance, this book fills a void in international scholarship on what Canadian Catholic women religious have endured and accomplished. Through interviews and in-depth accounts of the complexities and nuances present in the current and former sisters' lives, readers will discover their steadfast indomitability as they strategically, and sometimes subversively, innovate their spiritual spaces.

  • Framing Mary : The Mother of God in Modern, Revolutionary, and Post-Soviet Russian Culture / edited by Amy Singleton Adams and Vera Shevzov
    BT 652 R9 F73 2018eb

  • Altogether Lovely : A Thematic and Intertextual Reading of the Song of Songs / Havilah Dharamraj
    BS 1485.52 D533 2018eb
    The frank eroticism of the Song of Songs has long seemed out of place in the Hebrew Bible. As a result, both Jewish and Christian interpreters have struggled to read it as an allegory of the relationship between God (as husband) and Israel or the church (as bride). Havilah Dharamraj approaches the Song with a clear vision of the gendering of power relationships in the ancient Near East and through an intertextual method centered not on production but on the reception of texts. She sets the Song's lyrical portrayal of passion and intimacy alongside other canonical portrayals of love spurned, lust, rejection, and sexual violence from Hosea, Ezekiel, and Isaiah. The result is a richly nuanced exposition of the possibilities of intimacy and remorse in interhuman and divine-human relationship. The intertextual juxtaposition of contrasting texts produces a third text, an intracanonical conversation in which patriarchal control and violence are answered in a tender and generous mutuality.

  • Learning Interreligiously : In the Text, in the World / Francis X. Clooney
    BL 410 C565 2018eb
    Learning Interreligiously offers a series of about one hundred short pieces, written online between 2008 and 2016. They are meant for a wide range of readers interested in interreligious dialogue, interreligious learning, and the realities of Hindu-Christian encounter today, and are rich in insights drawn from teaching, travels in America and India, and the author's research on sacred texts. The author, a Catholic priest who has spent more than forty years learning from Hinduism and observing religion as a plus and minus in today's world, has much to share with readers. Some pieces were prompted by items in the news, some go deeper into traditions and probe the rich Scriptures and practices going back millennia, some seek simply to provoke fresh thinking, and others invite spiritual reflection. The book is divided into several parts so that readers can focus on individual events that made the news or on longer term and more concerted study. Familiar texts such as the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, the Qur'an, and key passages from the New Testament will be considered for their spiritual possibilities. Readers will find much here to learn from and respond to as they too consider religion in today's world.

  • Interdenominational Faith Missions in Africa : History and Ecclesiology / Klaus Fiedler
    BV 3500 F545 2018eb
    It was not the European and American churches which evangelised Africa, but the mission societies. The missions from the Great Awakening such as the London Missionary Society and Church Missionary Society, or the Holy Ghost Fathers and the White Fathers, which started the process of Sub-Saharan Africa becoming a Christian continent are well known and documented. Less known, and less documented are the interdenominational faith missions which began in 1873 with the aim of visiting the still unreached areas of Africa: North Africa, the Sudan Belt and the Congo Basin. Missions such as the Africa Inland Mission or Sudan Interior Mission gave birth to some of the big churches like ECWA in Nigeria and Africa Inland Church in Kenya. It is the aim of this book to describe faith missions and their theology and to present an overview of the early development of faith missions insofar as they touched Africa.

  • A Concise History of Sunnis and Shi'is / John McHugo
    BP 191 M44 2018eb

  • Religion, Conflict, and Peacemaking : An Interdisciplinary Conversation / edited by Muriel Schmid
    BL 65 S62 R43 2017eb

  • Modern Conservative Judaism : Evolving Thought and Practice / Elliot N. Dorff ; foreword by Julie Schonfeld
    BM 197.5 M63 2018eb
    A major Conservative movement leader of our time, Elliot N. Dorff provides a personal, behind-the-scenes guide to the evolution of Conservative Jewish thought and practice over the last half century. His candid observations concerning the movement's ongoing tension between constancy and change shed light on the sometimes unified, sometimes diverse, and occasionally contentious reasoning behind the modern movement's most important laws, policies, and documents. Meanwhile, he has assembled, excerpted, and contextualized the most important historical and internal documents in modern Conservative movement history for the first time in one place, enabling readers to consider and compare them all in context.

    In "Part 1: God" Dorff explores various ways that Conservative Jews think about God and prayer. In "Part 2: Torah" he considers different approaches to Jewish study, law, and practice; changing women's roles; bioethical rulings on issues ranging from contraception to cloning; business ethics; ritual observances from online minyanim to sports on Shabbat; moral issues from capital punishment to protecting the poor; and nonmarital sex to same-sex marriage. In "Part 3: Israel" he examines Zionism, the People Israel, and rabbinic rulings in Israel.

  • In Search of the Hebrew People : Bible and Nation in the German Enlightenment / Ofri Ilany ; English translation by Ishai Mishory
    BS 1186 I5313 2018eb
    As German scholars, poets, and theologians searched for the origins of the ancient Israelites, Ofri Ilany believes they created a model for nationalism that drew legitimacy from the biblical idea of the Chosen People. In this broad exploration of eighteenth-century Hebraism, Ilany tells the story of the surprising role that this model played in discussions of ethnicity, literature, culture, and nationhood among the German-speaking intellectual elite. He reveals the novel portrait they sketched of ancient Israel and how they tried to imitate the Hebrews while forging their own national consciousness. This sophisticated and lucid argument sheds new light on the myths, concepts, and political tools that formed the basis of modern German culture.

  • Disability and Spirituality : Recovering Wholeness / William Gaventa
    BV 4910 G38 2018eb

  • Jesus Becoming Jesus : A Theological Interpretation of the Synoptic Gospels / Thomas G. Weinandy, OFM, Cap ; foreword by John C. Cavadini
    BS 2555.52 W44 2018eb

  • Religion in Romantic England : An Anthology of Primary Sources / Jeffrey W. Barbeau, editor
    BR 758 R3835 2017eb

  • The Children of Abraham : Judaism, Christianity, Islam / F.E. Peters ; with a foreword by John L. Esposito
    BM 157 P47 2004eb

    F.E. Peters, a scholar without peer in the comparative study of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, revisits his pioneering work. Peters has rethought and thoroughly rewritten his classic The Children of Abraham for a new generation of readers-at a time when the understanding of these three religious traditions has taken on a new and critical urgency.

    He began writing about all three faiths in the 1970s, long before it was fashionable to treat Islam in the context of Judaism and Christianity, or to align all three for a family portrait. In this updated edition, he lays out the similarities and differences of the three religious siblings with great clarity and succinctness and with that same remarkable objectivity that is the hallmark of all the author's work.

    Peters traces the three faiths from the sixth century B.C., when the Jews returned to Palestine from exile in Babylonia, to the time in the Middle Ages when they approached their present form. He points out that all three faith groups, whom the Muslims themselves refer to as "People of the Book," share much common ground. Most notably, each embraces the practice of worshipping a God who intervenes in history on behalf of His people.

    The book's text is direct and accessible with thorough and nuanced discussions of each of the three religions. Footnotes provide the reader with expert guidance into the highly complex issues that lie between every line of this stunning edition of The Children of Abraham. Complete with a new preface by the author, this Princeton Classics edition presents this landmark study to a new generation of readers.

  • Luther the Anti-Semite : A Contemporary Jewish Perspective / Alon Goshen-Gottstein
    BR 333.5 J4 G675 2018eb
    The problem of "Luther and the Jews" has received much attention since World War II. Many consider there to be a direct line leading from Martin Luther's later anti-Jewish recommendations to policies carried out in the Third Reich. This has led contemporary Lutheran Churches worldwide to issue apologies and to distance themselves from Luther's anti-Semitic teachings. It has also led Jews to distance themselves from Luther as a religious figure. The present work revisits Luther's anti-Semitism and seeks to understand the compound factors that informed it. Drawing on contemporary Luther scholarship, it develops a model, the "Luther Model," that brings together multiple factors that help account for what went wrong, as we see it from our contemporary perspective. With that model in place, it engages in an examination of whether these factors, abstracted from the particularity of their historical context, are not also present in contemporary Jewish attitudes to Christians, as well as in broader negative relations between faith communities. By constructing the "Luther Model," this work seeks to feature Luther as a teacher and a paradigm for how religion can turn violent and destructive to other religions and to draw the appropriate lessons for interreligious relations today.

  • The Last Blues Preacher : Reverend Clay Evans, Black Lives, and the Faith that Woke the Nation / Zach Mills
    BX 6455 E93 M555 2018eb
    Born in 1925 into a life of sharecropping in Brownsville, Tennessee, Clay Evans was desperate to escape life working for the descendants of plantation owners. At night, he listened to jazz musicians like Cab Calloway and Guy Lombardo on the radio and imagined one day singing on a secular stage. But a greater calling drew Evans into ministry, and he soon stood upon a unique stage as one of America's most famous gospel singers, civil rights heroes, and the godfather of Chicago's black preachers. From this stage Clay sought to rescue his family from poverty and inspire a city and a nation to see, hear, and witness the dignity and value of black lives.Zach Mills's lively and powerful biography, The Last Blues Preacher , brings the life and work of Reverend Evans into our time and examines how current national conversations on race, religion, politics, and popular culture can and should inform contemporary activism.
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