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A - General Works - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in General Works that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 120 days.

  • The Routledge handbook of museums, media and communication / edited by Kirsten Drotner, Vince Dziekan, Ross Parry and Kim Christian Schrøder
    AM 7 R65 2019eb

    Museums today find themselves within a mediatised society, where everyday life is conducted in a data-full and technology-rich context. In fact, museums are themselves mediatised: they present a uniquely media-centred environment, in which communicative media is a constitutive property of their organisation and of the visitor experience. The Routledge Handbook of Museums, Media and Communication explores what it means to take mediated communication as a key concept for museum studies and as a sensitising lens for media-related museum practice on the ground.

    Including contributions from experts around the world, this original and innovative Handbook shares a nuanced and precise understanding of media, media concepts and media terminology, rehearsing new locations for writing on museum media and giving voice to new subject alignments. As a whole, the volume breaks new ground by reframing mediated museum communication as a resource for an inclusive understanding of current museum developments.

    The Routledge Handbook of Museums, Media and Communication will appeal to both students and scholars, as well as to practitioners involved in the visioning, design and delivery of mediated communication in the museum. It teaches us not just how to study museums, but how to go about being a museum in today's world.

  • Fostering a climate of inclusion in the college classroom : the missing voice of the humanities / Lavonna L. Lovern ; with contribution by Glenda Swan

  • The Future of Museums / editors, Gerald Bast, Elias G. Carayannis and David F.J. Campbell

  • The Massively parallel processor / edited by Jerry L. Potter
    Q A76.5 M24375 1985eb

  • Concurrent constraint programming / Vijay A. Saraswat
    Q A76.642 S27 1993eb

  • William Hunter and the anatomy of the modern museum / edited by Mungo Campbell and Nathan Flis ; with the assistance of María Dolores Sánchez-Jáuregui
    AM 343 W545 2018
    William Hunter and the Anatomy of the Modern Museum accompanies a groundbreaking exhibition organized by the Hunterian at the University of Glasgow, in collaboration with the Yale Center for British Art, to celebrate the 2018 tercentenary of The Hunterian's founder, Dr. William Hunter (1718-1783). This publication is the first in 150 years to assess the contribution made by Hunter, the Scottish-born obstetrician, anatomist, and collector, to the development of the modern museum as a public institution.

    Essays examine how Hunter gathered his collection to be used as a source of knowledge and instruction, encompassing outstanding paintings and works on paper, coins and medals, and anatomical and zoological specimens. Hunter also possessed ethnographic artifacts from Spain, the Middle East, China, and the South Pacific, and was an avid collector of medieval manuscripts and incunabula; these were all located within one of the most important "working" libraries of eighteenth-century London.

  • Digital humanities, libraries, and partnerships : a critical examination of labor, networks, and community / edited by Robin Kear and Kate Joranson (University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, United States)
    AZ 195 D545 2018

    Digital Humanities, Libraries, and Partnerships brings forward ideas and reflections that stay fresh beyond the changing technological landscape. The book encapsulates a cultural shift for libraries and librarians and presents a collection of authors who reflect on the collaborations they have formed around digital humanities work. Authors examine a range of issues, including labor equity, digital infrastructure, digital pedagogy, and community partnerships. Readers will find kinship in the complexities of the partnerships described in this book, and become more equipped to conceptualize their own paths and partnerships.

  • Touch in the helping professions : research, practice and ethics / edited by Martin Rovers, Judith Malette and Manal Guirguis-Younger
    aRC 489 T69T54 2018eb
    Touch may well be one of the least understood or talked about subjects in the helping professions. A discussion on the importance and ethics of positive, caring, and appropriate touch in professions such as teaching, nursing and counselling is long overdue. Touch in the Helping Professions delivers just that, weaving together scholarly evidence, research and clinical practice from a wide range of perspectives encompassing philosophy, theology, psychology, and anthropology to challenge assumptions about the role of touch in the helping professions.
    The contributors to the volume focus not only on the overarching roles of gender, age, culture and life experience, but go beyond to encompass canine-assisted therapy, touch deprivation, sacred objects, as well as key ethical considerations. The prevailing lack of dialogue, due to fear of contravening ethical boundaries, has stood in the way of an open and responsible discussion on the use of touch in therapy. Touch in the Helping Professions is a welcome and much needed contribution to the field--a window onto a fundamental need.

  • Guide to programming for the digital humanities : lessons for introductory Python / Brian Kokensparger

  • Treasures of the Royal British Columbia Museum and Archives / compiled by Jack Lohman ; with contributions from Steven Point, Martha Black, Richard J. Hebda, Grant Keddie, Gary Mitchell
    AM 101 V5153 R698 2015

    There's so much more to discover behind the world-famous exhibitions on display at the Royal BC Museum and Archives. The collections housed in the museum and archives include millions of plant and animal specimens, and great numbers of historical and archaeological artifacts, photographs, films, audio recordings and fine art.

  • Great books of the Western World / Robert Maynard Hutchins, editor in chief
    AC 1 G7
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