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G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Geography, Anthropology or Recreation that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Ethnomathematics and its diverse approaches for mathematics education Milton Rosa...[et al.], editors

  • Executing Magic in the Modern Era Criminal Bodies and the Gallows in Popular Medicine / by Owen Davies, Francesca Matteoni
    GT 3150 D36 2017eb

  • Videogames and post-colonialism : empire plays back / Souvik Mukherjee

  • Performativity in art, literature and videogames Darshana Jayemanne
    GV 1469.3 J39 2017eb

  • Mostly codeless game development new school game engines / Robert Ciesla

  • Geomorphology of lake-catchment systems a new perspective from limnogeomorphology / Kenji Kashiwaya

  • Landscapes and landforms of the Lesser Antilles Casey D. Allen, editor

  • Learn Unity for Android game development a guide to game design, development, and marketing / Adam Sinicki

  • Spatial big data science classification techniques for Earth observation imagery / Zhe Jiang, Shashi Shekhar

  • Geographical information systems theory, applications and management : second International Conference, GISTAM 2016, Rome, Italy, April 26-27, 2016, Revised selected papers / Cédric Grueau, Robert Laurini, Jorge Gustavo Rocha (eds.)

  • Ethnobotany of the Caucasus / edited by Rainer W. Bussmann

  • Health, Culture and Society Conceptual Legacies and Contemporary Applications

  • Anthropology of our times : an edited anthology in public anthropology / Sindre Bangstad, editor ; foreword by Thomas Hylland Eriksen

  • Death in the early twenty-first century : authority, innovation, and mortuary rites / edited by Sébastien Penmellen Boret, Susan Orpett Long, Sergei Kan

  • The language of money and debt a multidisciplinary approach / Annabelle Mooney, Evi Sifaki, editors
    GN 450.5 L36 2017eb

  • New models in geography : the political-economy perspective. edited by Richard Peet & Nigel Thrift
    GF 23 M35 N49 1989eb
    First Published in 1989. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • New models in geography : the political-economy perspective. edited by Richard Peet & Nigel Thrift
    GF 41 N48 1989eb
    First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • Conceptualizing society / edited by Adam Kuper
    GN 345 C655 1992eb
    First published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • Physical education teachers' lives and careers : PE, sport, and educational status / Kathleen M. Armour and Robyn L. Jones
    GV 363 A76 1998eb

  • Sport and international politics / edited by Pierre Arnaud and James Riordan
    GV 706.35 S58 1998eb
    Examines the shaping of sports by both the fascist and communist institutions of Europe during the interwar period. It shows how sports were used as an instrument of propaganda and psychological pressure by major political and sporting nations.

  • Sociology of leisure : a reader / edited by C. Critcher, P. Bramham and A. Tomlinson.
    GV14.45 .S68 1995eb
    The sociology of leisure is an important part of most leisure and recreation management degree and leisure studies BTEC courses. This book is designed to provide essential material in an accessible form for students. It draws together 24 classic readings which provide comprehensive coverage of key conceptual debates in the sociology of leisure.

  • Brown : what being brown in the world today means (to everyone) / Kamal Al-Solaylee
    GN 197 A47 2016

    Winner of the Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing

    Finalist for the Governor General's Literary Award for Non-fiction and the Trillium Book Award

    A Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Life, Walrus, CBC Books, Chatelaine, Hill Times, 49th Shelf and Writers' Trust Best Book of the Year

    With the urgency and passion of Ta-Nehisi Coates (Between the World and Me), the seductive storytelling of J.D. Vance (Hillbilly Elegy) and the historical rigour of Carol Anderson (White Rage), Kamal Al-Solaylee explores the in-between space that brown people occupy in today's world: on the cusp of whiteness and the edge of blackness. Brown proposes a cohesive racial identity and politics for the millions of people from the Global South and provides a timely context for the frictions and anxieties around immigration and multiculturalism that have led to the rise of populist movements in Europe and the election of Donald Trump.

    At once personal and global, Brown is packed with storytelling and on-the-street reporting conducted over two years in ten countries on four continents that reveals a multitude of lives and stories from destinations as far apart as the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, the United States, Britain, Trinidad, France, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Qatar and Canada. It features striking research about the emergence of brown as the colour of cheap labor and the pursuit of a lighter skin tone as a global status symbol. As he studies the significance of brown skin for people from North Africa and the Middle East, Mexico and Central America, and South and East Asia, Al-Solaylee also reflects on his own identity and experiences as a brown-skinned person (in his case from Yemen) who grew up with images of whiteness as the only indicators of beauty and success.

    This is a daring and politically resonant work that challenges our assumptions about race, immigration and globalism and recounts the heartbreaking stories of the people caught in the middle.

  • Gender diversity : crosscultural variations / Serena Nanda
    GN 479.65 N35 2014
    Overview: How can we gain new understandings about sex, gender, and sexuality? What are the relationships between culture and gender diversity? How has the diffusion of Euro-American culture affected the sex/gender ideologies of non-European cultures? This eye-opening account of the differences in how sex/gender diversity is experienced in seven cultures raises our consciousness and challenges our intellectual understandings and attitudes about what we consider natural, normal, and morally right. Nanda's examples, which reveal the complexity of social responses toward sex/gender diversity, are ethnographically well documented and represent various geographical areas and sex/gender ideologies. In classic anthropological fashion, Nanda's text enables us to cross the barriers of cultural difference to a recognition of a greater shared humanity.

  • The structure and dynamics of human ecosystems : toward a model for understanding and action / William R. Burch, Jr., Gary E. Machlis, Jo Ellen Force
    GF 41 B865 2017
    A landmark book that strives to provide both grand theory and practical application, innovatively describing the structure and dynamics of human ecosystems

    As the world faces ever more complex and demanding environmental and social challenges, the need for interdisciplinary models and practical guidance becomes acute. The Human Ecosystem Model described in this landmark book provides an innovative response. Broad in scope, detailed in method, at once theoretical and applied, this grand study offers an in-depth understanding of human ecosystems and tools for action. The authors draw from Goethe's Faust , classic anthropology and sociology studies, contemporary ecosystem ecology, Buddhist ethics, and more to create a paradigm-shifting model and a major advance in interdisciplinary ecology.

  • The returns of fetishism : Charles de Brosses and the afterlives of an idea / Rosalind C. Morris and Daniel H. Leonard ; with a new translation of On the worship of fetish gods
    GN 472 M677 2017
    For more than 250 years, Charles de Brosses's term "fetishism" has exerted great influence over our most ambitious thinkers. Used as an alternative to "magic," but nonetheless expressing the material force of magical thought, de Brosses's term has proved indispensable to thinkers as diverse as Kant, Hegel, Marx, Freud, Lacan, Baudrillard, and Derrida. With this book, Daniel H. Leonard offers the first fully annotated English translation of the text that started it all, On the Worship of Fetish Gods , and Rosalind C. Morris offers incisive commentary that helps modern readers better understand it and its legacy.

    The product of de Brosses's autodidactic curiosity and idiosyncratic theories of language, On the Worship of Fetish Gods is an enigmatic text that is often difficult for contemporary audiences to assess. In a thorough introduction to the text, Leonard situates de Brosses's work within the cultural and intellectual milieu of its time. Then, Morris traces the concept of fetishism through its extraordinary permutations as it was picked up and transformed by the fields of philosophy, comparative religion, political economy, psychoanalysis, and anthropology. Ultimately, she breaks new ground, moving into and beyond recent studies by thinkers such as William Pietz, Hartmut B#65533;hme, and Alfonso Iacono through illuminating new discussions on topics ranging from translation issues to Africanity and the new materialisms.

  • Against the grain : a deep history of the earliest states / James C. Scott
    GN 799 A4 S285 2017
    An account of all the new and surprising evidence now available for the beginnings of the earliest civilizations that contradict the standard narrative

    Why did humans abandon hunting and gathering for sedentary communities dependent on livestock and cereal grains, and governed by precursors of today's states? Most people believe that plant and animal domestication allowed humans, finally, to settle down and form agricultural villages, towns, and states, which made possible civilization, law, public order, and a presumably secure way of living. But archaeological and historical evidence challenges this narrative. The first agrarian states, says James C. Scott, were born of accumulations of domestications: first fire, then plants, livestock, subjects of the state, captives, and finally women in the patriarchal family--all of which can be viewed as a way of gaining control over reproduction.

    Scott explores why we avoided sedentism and plow agriculture, the advantages of mobile subsistence, the unforeseeable disease epidemics arising from crowding plants, animals, and grain, and why all early states are based on millets and cereal grains and unfree labor. He also discusses the "barbarians" who long evaded state control, as a way of understanding continuing tension between states and nonsubject peoples.

  • Naming the local : medicine, language, and identity in Korea since the fifteenth century / Soyoung Suh
    GN 477 S84 2017

    Naming the Local uncovers how Koreans domesticated foreign medical novelties on their own terms, while simultaneously modifying the Korea-specific expressions of illness and wellness to make them accessible to the wider network of scholars and audiences.

    Due to Korea's geopolitical position and the intrinsic tension of medicine's efforts to balance the local and the universal, Soyung Suh argues that Koreans' attempts to officially document indigenous categories in a particular linguistic form required constant negotiation of their own conceptual boundaries against the Chinese, Japanese, and American authorities that had largely shaped the medical knowledge grid. The birth, decline, and afterlife of five terminologies-- materia medica , the geography of the medical tradition, the body, medical commodities, and illness--illuminate an irresolvable dualism at the heart of the Korean endeavor to name the indigenous attributes of medicine.

    By tracing Korean-educated agents' efforts to articulate the vernacular nomenclature of medicine over time, this book examines the limitations and possibilities of creating a mode of "Koreanness" in medicine--and the Korean manifestation of cultural and national identities.

  • Smoking geographies : space, place and tobacco / Ross Barnett, Graham Moon, Jamie Pearce, Lee Thompson and Liz Twigg
    GT 3020 B36 2017

    Smoking Geographies provides a research-led assessment of the impact of geographical factors on smoking. The contributors uncover how geography can show us not only why people smoke but also broader issues of tobacco control, providing deeper clarity on how smoking and tobacco is governed .

    The text centres on one of the most important public health issues worldwide, and a major determinant of preventable mortality and morbidity in developed and developing countries Records the outcomes of a long-term research collaboration that brings a geographical lens to smoking behaviour Uncovers how geography can play a part in understanding not only why people smoke but also broader issues of tobacco control Provides a deeper understanding of how smoking and tobacco is governed , regarding where people may smoke, but also more subtle governance as a climate is produced in which smoking becomes denormalised Brings both quantitative and qualitative perspectives to bear on this major source of mortality and morbidity

  • The power of sport values = le pouvoir des valeurs du sport ; values education through sport / UNESCO Publishing
    GV 706.5 P6287 2016

  • Our origins : discovering physical anthropology / Clark Spencer Larsen, The Ohio State University
    GN 50.4 L37 2017
    A leader in the field and an experienced teacher, Clark Larsen focuses not on encyclopedic details but on the "big picture," getting students to see and think like anthropologists. Larsen covers all the major aspects of physical anthropology, including genetics, primatology, and the fossil record. He also provides the strongest coverage of bioarchaeology on the market.

  • Philo-atlas : Handbuch für die judische Auswanderung ; mit 20 mehrfarbigen Karten, über 25 Tabellen und Übersichten, über 600 Stichworten auf 280 Textspalten
    G 103 P45 1938

  • Placing empire : travel and the social imagination in imperial Japan / Kate McDonald
    G 155 J27 M44 2017
    A free ebook version of this title is available through Luminos, University of California Press's Open Access publishing program. Visit www.luminosoa.org to learn more.

    Placing Empire examines the spatial politics of Japanese imperialism through a study of Japanese travel and tourism to Korea, Manchuria, and Taiwan between the late nineteenth century and the early 1950s. In a departure from standard histories of Japan, this book shows how debates over the role of colonized lands reshaped the social and spatial imaginary of the modern Japanese nation and how, in turn, this sociospatial imaginary affected the ways in which colonial difference was conceptualized and enacted. The book thus illuminates how ideas of place became central to the production of new forms of colonial hierarchy as empires around the globe transitioned from an era of territorial acquisition to one of territorial maintenance.

  • Gaming representation : race, gender, and sexuality in video games / edited by Jennifer Malkowski and Treaandrea M. Russworm
    GV 1469.17 S63 G38 2017

    Recent years have seen an increase in public attention to identity and representation in video games, including journalists and bloggers holding the digital game industry accountable for the discrimination routinely endured by female gamers, queer gamers, and gamers of color. Video game developers are responding to these critiques, but scholarly discussion of representation in games has lagged far behind. Gaming Representation examines portrayals of race, gender, and sexuality in a range of games, from casuals like Diner Dash, to indies like Journey and The Binding of Isaac, to mainstream games from the Grand Theft Auto, BioShock, Spec Ops, The Last of Us, and Max Payne franchises. Arguing that representation and identity function as systems in games that share a stronger connection to code and platforms than it may first appear, the contributors to this volume push gaming scholarship to new levels of inquiry, theorizing, and imagination.

  • Alternate reality games and the cusp of digital gameplay / edited by Antero Garcia and Greg Niemeyer
    GV 1469.3 A395 2017

    Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) challenge what players understand as "real." Alternate Reality Games and the Cusp of Digital Gameplay is the first collection to explore and define the possibilities of ARGs. Though prominent examples have existed for more than two decades, only recently have ARGs come to the prominence as a unique and highly visible digital game genre. Adopting many of the same strategies as online video games, ARGs blur the distinction between real and fictional.

    With ARGs continuing to be an important and blurred space between digital and physical gameplay, this volume offers clear analysis of game design, implementation, and ramifications for game studies. Divided into three distinct sections, the contributions include first hand accounts by leading ARG creators, scholarly analysis of the meaning behind ARGs, and explorations of how ARGs are extending digital tools for analysis. By balancing the voices of designers, players, and researchers, this collection highlights how the Alternate Reality Game genre is transforming the ways we play and interact today.

  • The power of the talking stick : indigenous politics and the world ecological crisis / Sharon J. Ridgeway and Peter J. Jacques
    GF 50 R54 2014
    The Power of the Talking Stick makes the case that, reaching back to the beginning of the nation-state and all through the current period of corporate-led globalisation, our governments and social institutions have been engaged in activities that will ultimately extinguish the world's ecological life support systems.This book offers an alternative, listening to indigenous leaders and others whose voices often go unheard in the din of contemporary culture.Sharon Ridgeway and Peter Jacques offer a stark warning, but their insights are firmly grounded in traditional knowledge and provide a way to see past the politics and rescue the earth. An important resource for climate activists, students and academics.

  • Critical norths : space, nature, theory / Sarah Jaquette Ray, Kevin Maier editors
    GE 160 A68 C75 2017
    For millennia, "the North" has held a powerful sway in Western culture. Long seen through contradictions--empty of life yet full of promise, populated by indigenous communities yet ripe for conquest, pristine yet marked by a long human history--it has moved to the foreground of contemporary life as the most dramatic stage for the reality of climate change.
    This book brings together scholars from a range of disciplines to ask key questions about the North and how we've conceived it--and how conceiving of it in those terms has caused us to fail the region's human and nonhuman life. Engaging questions of space, place, indigeneity, identity, nature, the environment, justice, narrative, history, and more, it offers a crucial starting point for an essential rethinking of both the idea and the reality of the North.

  • Leadership in leisure services : making a difference / Debra J. Jordan, East Carolina University ; Ronald Ramsing, Western Kentucky University
    GV 181.4 J67 2017
    Often requested and fully updated, the 4th edition of Leadership in Leisure Services: Making a Difference by Deb Jordan and Ronald Ramsing, includes fully updated chapters with contemporary practices for leadership in the broad field of recreation and parks. In addition, the first two chapters of previous editions (introductory material and leadership theories) have been combined into one chapter; this enhances the flow of material while still setting the stage for understanding leadership as an important construct in our discipline. The text continues to integrate issues of diversity throughout the chapters and includes new information about the impact of microaggressions on participants in a range of recreation settings. Additional emphasis is put on professional practicebecoming a recreation and parks professional and continuing professional development are addressed in such a way as to encourage students to view professionalism as a journey rather than an end. Group development is presented using the Tuckman model and social issues have been updated to include the role of professionals in addressing the obesity epidemic as well as bullying and violence. All material has been updated to reflect the current state of research in each topic area. Test questions and PowerPoint presentations for each chapter are included as ancillaries.

  • The classic fairy tales : texts, criticism / edited by Maria Tatar, Harvard University
    GR 550 C57 2017
    This Norton Critical Edition includes:#65533; Seven different tale types: "Little Red Riding Hood," "Beauty and the Beast," "Snow White," "Sleeping Beauty," "Cinderella,""Bluebeard," and "Tricksters." These groupings include multicultural versions, literary rescriptings, and introductions andannotations by Maria Tatar.#65533; Tales by Hans Christian Andersen and Oscar Wilde.#65533; More than fifteen critical essays exploring the various aspects of fairy tales. New to the Second Edition are interpretations by Ernst Bloch, Walter Benjamin, Max L#65533;thi, Lewis Hyde, Jessica Tiffin, and Hans-J#65533;rg Uther.#65533; A revised and updated Selected Bibliography.

  • Climate action in a globalizing world : comparative perspectives on environmental movements in the global North / edited by Carl Cassegård, Linda Soneryd, Håkan Thörn and Åsa Wettergren
    GE 195 C59 2017

    The existence and urgency of global climate change is a matter of scientific consensus. Yet the global politics of climate change have been anything but consensual. In this context, a wave of global climate activism has emerged in the last decade in response to the perceived failure of the political negotiations.

    This book provides a unique comparative study of environmental movements in USA, Japan, Denmark and Sweden, analyzing their interaction with the international climate institutions of the United Nations, with national governments, and with currents in the global climate movement. It documents how and why the movement evolved between the Copenhagen Summit of 2009 and the Paris Summit of 2015, altering its strategies and tactics while attracting new actors to the issue area. Further, it demonstrates how the development of global environmental networks has increased contact between environmental movements in the Global North and those from the Global South, resulting in the establishment of 'climate justice' as a political cause and unifying frame for global climate activism.

  • The Demand for International Football Telecasts in the United States
    GV 742.3 N35 2016eb

    This book provides a comprehensive overview and economic analysis of US consumer demand for televised football (soccer). Accounting for transnational demand, research is focused on the US consumers demand for the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1 and the UEFA Champions League, which represent the most popular and marketable football competitions worldwide, and have recently sealed lucrative media rights contracts in many large markets, including the US. The study also takes account of North American Major League Soccer (MLS) in order to provide a more comprehensive overview of the country's football market and to allow for direct comparisons with the aforementioned European competitions.

    These findings offer valuable insights for US broadcasters, European league organizers and managers to adjust existing strategies and/or develop new strategies in conquering the US football market.

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