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G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Geography, Anthropology or Recreation that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Race : an introduction / Peter Wade
    GN 269 W22 2015
    Taking a comparative approach, this textbook is a concise introduction to race. Illustrated with detailed examples from around the world, it is organised into two parts. Part I explores the historical changes in ideas about race from the ancient world to the present day, in different corners of the globe. Part II outlines ways in which racial difference and inequality are perceived and enacted in selected regions of the world. Examining how humans have used ideas of physical appearance, heredity and behaviour as criteria for categorising others, the text guides students through provocative questions such as: what is race? Does studying race reinforce racism? Does a colour-blind approach dismantle, or merely mask, racism? How does biology feed into concepts of race? Numerous case studies, photos, figures and tables help students to appreciate the different meanings of race in varied contexts, and end-of-chapter research tasks provide further support for student learning.

  • Authenticity & tourism : materialities, perceptions, experiences / edited by Jillian M. Rickly and Elizabeth S. Vidon
    G 156 A98 2018eb
    Debates around the concept of authenticity date to the earliest theories of tourism, as scholars attempted to understand motivations for traveling away from 'home' and touristic experiences of places far 'away'. Over time, theories of authenticity have burgeoned from epistemological to ontological notions drawing a broad range of philosophers into tourism research. This edited volume features chapters that engage with key debates about authenticity - its materiality, how it is perceived, and how it is experienced. The book is comprised of four sections thematically organized around popular trends in authenticity research in tourism, making this volume appropriate as both a comprehensive text and as individual investigations. Authenticity & Tourism: Materialities, Perceptions, Experiences includes chapters that engage with the pragmatic and the theoretical, including conversations on marketing and the production of tourism attractions, examinations of the constructive nature of authenticity, and the politics of authentication processes. Also included are contributions that revisit technological trends in tourism and advance debates of authenticity in souvenirs, photographs, and simulated experiences, as well as those more firmly anchored in the theoretical, pushing boundaries and establishing paths for future research. Across these chapters, the authors employ a range of methodologies, from autoethnography to photo and food-elicitation combinations to discourse and content analyses. Set against a backdrop of truly global case studies, this collection exemplifies the multiple facets of authenticity research in tourism.

  • Contemporary challenges of climate change, sustainable tourism consumption, and destination competitiveness / edited by Timo Ohnmacht, Julianna Priskin, Jürg Stettler
    G 156.5 E58 C66 2018eb
    This volume presents twenty updated and new theories oftravelers' decisions and behaviors. It describes the advances in theoryconstruction and practical applications of theory in the disciplines oftourism, hospitality, leisure, and entertainment (THLE) research. The chapters allbuild on the grand models appearing in these four literature streams during1965-2015.

    This approach is comprehensive in both coverage and depthwith regard to constructing, testing, and applying theories of travelers'decisions and behaviors, which includes original work in updating grandtheories and micro (algorithm-conscious and non-conscious based) theories oftravelers' decisions and behavior. This volume is the first to fully recognizeand construct theories across the THLE discipline.

    This volume describes the synergies, symbioses, andserendipity occurring in THLE behavior. It tears down researchers' parochialfences of what is and is not tourism, hospitality, leisure, and entertainment.The time has arrived tor tourism to embrace hospitality, hospitality to embracetourism, and all to embrace leisure and entertainment, and this volume servesas a catalyst to accomplish this embrace.

  • Market research methods in the sports industry / Neven Seri c, Jasenko Ljubica
    GV 716 S47 2018eb
    Whetherprofessional or amateur, sports businesses must develop their brand and imageto meet the expectations of a diverse environment, consisting of fans,sponsors, and other stakeholders. The value and instruments of market researchcan provide the required resources for sports businesses to realize theirplans.
    In Market Research in the Sports Industry ,Jasenko Ljubica and Neven Seric provide a comprehensive elaboration of marketresearch methods to be used by sports businesses. The book identifies andexplains the most effective uses of market research, drawing upon real-lifecase studies. The application of the methodspresented in this book, ranging from the simplest - monitoring the environment- to the most complex sampling methods, can significantly contribute to thedevelopment of sports businesses by increasing the number of members, sponsors,followers and fans.
    The book will beinvaluable for researchers, educators and students of Sports Management andMarketing, and it will also prove useful to sporting professionals seeking togain a competitive edge in the market.

  • Market research methods in the sports industry / Neven Seri c, Jasenko Ljubica
    GV 716 S47 2018eb
    Whetherprofessional or amateur, sports businesses must develop their brand and imageto meet the expectations of a diverse environment, consisting of fans,sponsors, and other stakeholders. The value and instruments of market researchcan provide the required resources for sports businesses to realize theirplans.
    In Market Research in the Sports Industry ,Jasenko Ljubica and Neven Seric provide a comprehensive elaboration of marketresearch methods to be used by sports businesses. The book identifies andexplains the most effective uses of market research, drawing upon real-lifecase studies. The application of the methodspresented in this book, ranging from the simplest - monitoring the environment- to the most complex sampling methods, can significantly contribute to thedevelopment of sports businesses by increasing the number of members, sponsors,followers and fans.
    The book will beinvaluable for researchers, educators and students of Sports Management andMarketing, and it will also prove useful to sporting professionals seeking togain a competitive edge in the market.

  • Mindful sport performance enhancement : mental training for athletes and coaches / Keith A. Kaufman, Carol R. Glass, and Timothy R. Pineau
    GV 706.4 K377 2018eb
    This book serves as a comprehensive resource on the history, theory, and practice of mindfulness in sport, from amateur to professional, from the ancient Greeks to the present day.

    All athletes know that peak performance requires more than mere physical exertion. There is a psychological component as well, that can be expressed in attributes such as focus, sustained attention, emotion regulation, and drive. For many years, the mental side of athletic performance was ignored by coaches and trainers. Thankfully today, this is starting to change. Rooted in the traditions of mindfulness-based stress reduction and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, the authors present mindful sport performance enhancement (MSPE), an empirically supported, six-session program that can be adapted for specific athletic populations. Each MSPE session includes educational, experiential, and discussion components, as well as instructions for home practice. Special emphasis is placed on incorporating mindfulness into workouts, and practices and competitions, as well as everyday life.

    Includes handy scripts for mindfulness teachers, athletes, and coaches, and handouts summarizing each session that are also available for download on the APA website.

  • Stat shot : a fan's guide to hockey analytics / Rob Vollman
    GV 847 V64 2018eb

    With every passing season, statistical analysis is playing an ever-increasing role in how hockey is played and covered. Knowledge of the underlying numbers can help fans stretch their enjoyment of the game. Acting as an invaluable supplement to traditional analysis, Stat Shot: A Fan's Guide to Hockey Analyticscan be used to test the validity of conventional wisdom and to gain insight into what teams are doing behind the scenes or maybe what they should be doing!

    Inspired by Bill James's Baseball Abstract, Rob Vollman has written a timeless reference of the mainstream applications and limitations of hockey analytics. With over 300 pages of fresh analysis, it includes a guide to the basics, how to place stats into context, how to translate data from one league to another, the most comprehensive glossary of hockey statistics, and more. Whether A Fan's Guide to Hockey Analyticsis used as a primer for today s new statistics, as a refere

  • No place to go : how public toilets fail our private needs / Lezlie Lowe
    GT 476 L69 2018eb
    From pay potties to deserted alleyways, and in cities from London to San Francisco to Toronto, No Place To Go talks about where we go in public. It's a marriage of urbanism, social narrative, and pop culture that shows the ways -- momentous and mockable -- public bathrooms just don't work. Like, for the homeless who, faced with no place to go literally take to the streets. (Ever heard of a municipal poop map?) For people with invisible disabilities, such as Crohn's disease, who stay home rather than risk soiling themselves on public transit. For girls who quit sports teams because they don't want to run to the edge of the pitch to pee. Bathroom bills that will stomp on the rights of trans people dominate the news. And where was Hillary Clinton before she arrived back to the stage late after a commercial break during the live Democratic leadership debate in December 2015? Stuck in a queue for the women's toilet.

    Peel back the layers on public bathrooms and it's clear many more people want for good access than have it. Public bathroom access is about cities, society, design, movement, and equity. The real question is: Why are public toilets so crappy?

  • Traditions, traps, and trends : transfer of knowledge in Arctic regions / Jarich Oosten and Barbara Helen Miller, editors
    GN 451 T73 2018eb
    The transfer of knowledge is a key issue in the North as Indigenous Peoples meet the ongoing need to adapt to cultural and environmental change. In eight essays, experts survey critical issues surrounding the knowledge practices of the Inuit of northern Canada and Greenland and the Northern Sámi of Scandinavia, and the difficulties of transferring that knowledge from one generation to the next. Reflecting the ongoing work of the Research Group Circumpolar Cultures, these multidisciplinary essays offer fresh understandings through history and across geography as scholars analyze cultural, ecological, and political aspects of peoples in transition. Traditions, Traps and Trends is an important book for students and scholars in anthropology and ethnography and for everyone interested in the Circumpolar North. Contributors: Cunera Buijs, Frédéric Laugrand, Barbara Helen Miller, Thea Olsthoorn, Jarich Oosten, Willem Rasing, Kim van Dam, Nellejet Zorgdrager

  • Faire danser à l'école / sous la direction de Hélène Duval, Caroline Raymond, Nicole Turcotte
    GV 1753.5 F165 2018eb

  • Understanding modern dive computers and operation : protocols, models, tests, data, risk and applications / B.R. Wienke, T.R. O'Leary
    GV838.672 .W54 2018eb

  • Geospatial technologies in land resources mapping, monitoring and management / G.P. Obi Reddy, S.K. Singh, editors

  • Cricket and society in South Africa, 1910-1971 : from union to isolation / Bruce Murray, Richard Parry, Jonty Winch, editors

  • Roma identity and ritual in the classroom : the institutional embeddedness of ethnicity / Jana Obrovská

  • The emergence of the Acheulean in East Africa and beyond : contributions in honor of Jean Chavaillon / edited by Rosalia Gallotti, Margherita Mussi

  • Biofuels and Sustainability : Holistic Perspectives for Policy-making / Kazuhiko Takeuchi, Hideaki Shiroyama, Osamu Saito, Masahiro Matsuura, editors
    GE196 .B56 2018

  • Designing Sustainable Technologies, Products and Policies From Science to Innovation / edited by Enrico Benetto, Kilian Gericke, Mélanie Guiton

  • Questioning the assessment of research impact : illusions, myths and marginal sectors / Rhodri Thomas
    G 155 A1 T46 2018eb

  • Video game influences on aggression, cognition, and attention / Christopher J. Ferguson, editor
    GV 1469.34 V56 V53 2018eb

  • Geographical and fingerprinting data for positioning and navigation systems : challenges, experiences and technology roadmap / Jordi Conesa, Antoni Pérez-Navarro, Joaquín Torres-Sospedra, Raul Montoliu
    G 70.212

    Geographical and Fingerprinting Data for Positioning and Navigation Systems: Challenges, Experiences and Technology Roadmap explores the state-of-the -art software tools and innovative strategies to provide better understanding of positioning and navigation in indoor environments using fingerprinting techniques. The book provides the different problems and challenges of indoor positioning and navigation services and shows how fingerprinting can be used to address such necessities. This advanced publication provides the useful references educational institutions, industry, academic researchers, professionals, developers and practitioners need to apply, evaluate and reproduce this book's contributions.

    The readers will learn how to apply the necessary infrastructure to provide fingerprinting services and scalable environments to deal with fingerprint data.

    Provides the current state of fingerprinting for indoor positioning and navigation, along with its challenges and achievements Presents solutions for using WIFI signals to position and navigate in indoor environments Covers solutions for using the magnetic field to position and navigate in indoor environments Contains solutions of a modular positioning system as a solution for seamless positioning Analyzes geographical and fingerprint data in order to provide indoor/outdoor location and navigation systems

  • Theme park / Scott A. Lukas
    GV 1851 A35L83 2008eb
    Theme parks are a uniquely interactive and enduring form of entertainment that have influenced architecture, technology, and culture in surprising ways for more than a century, as Scott Lukas now reveals in his compelling historical chronicle.
    Theme Park takes the primitive amusements of pleasure gardens as its starting point and launches from there into a rich, in-depth investigation of the evolution of the theme park over the twentieth century. Lukas examines theme parks in countries around the world--including in the United States, Mexico, Europe, Japan, China, South Africa, and Australia--and how themed fairs and parks developed through diverse means and in a variety of settings. The book examines world-famous and lesser-known parks, including the early parks of Coney Isl∧ Madrid's Movieworld; a series of World Fairs and their luxurious exhibition halls; Six Flags parks and virtual theme parks today; and, of course, the unparalleled achievements of Disneyland and Disney World.
    Lukas analyzes the theme park as a living entity that unexpectedly shapes people, their relationships, and the world around them. Theme parks have now become complex representations of the human mind itself, he contends, through its interpretations of books, feature films, video games, and Web sites. Ultimately, Theme Park reveals, the wider influence of theme parks can be found in the shopping malls, branded stores, and casinos that employ the tricks and techniques of amusement parks to dominate our entertainment world today.
    Packed with captivating illustrations, Theme Park takes us on historical roller coaster ride that both reanimates the places that shaped our childhoods and anticipates the future of escapism and fantasy fun.

  • The immersive worlds handbook : designing theme parks and consumer spaces / Scott A. Lukas
    GV 1851 L85 2013eb

    Scott Lukas, famed industry expert on designing themed spaces, brings you a book that focuses on the imaginative world of themed, immersive and consumer spaces. Whether or not you are involved in designing a theme park, cultural museum, shop, or other entertainment space, you will benefit from the insider tips, experiences, and techniques highlighted in this practical guide. Make your themed spaces come to life and become true, immersive worlds. The book features informative sidebars addressing possible design issues and current trends; case studies and interviews with real-world designers, and further reading suggestions. The book also includes a companion website, as well as exercises that accompany each chapter, lavish photos, illustrations, and tables.

  • Sustainable cities and communities design handbook : green engineering, architecture, and technology / edited by Woodrow W. Clark

    Sustainable Communities Design Handbook: Green Engineering, Architecture, and Technology, Second Edition, brings together the major players responsible for sustainable development at both community and metropolitan scales. The book aims to explain and demonstrate the practice, planning, design, building and managing of the engineering, architectural and economic development of cities and communities to meet sustainable development objectives. Offering a holistic approach to creating sustainable communities, the book includes a 40 percent increase in new methods and technology over the last edition, and 50 percent more case studies from around the world to illustrate how common sustainability problems are solved.

    As the concept and practices of a sustainable built environment have evolved over the years, it is increasingly recognized that the scope should be expanded beyond individual buildings to the community scale. Written by an international team of engineers, architects, and environmental experts this second edition includes new HVAC technologies for heating and cooling, energy effect technologies for lighting, and new construction materials which improve heating and cooling efficiencies. This new edition will also include critical updates on international codes: LEED, BREEAM, and Green Globes.

    Explains the most cutting-edge green technologies and methods for use in built communities Provides a common approach in using natural resources when building and designing green communities Features coverage of green practices from architecture to construction Covers compliance with various international codes, methods and legal frameworks

  • Fractional operators with constant and variable order with application to geo-hydrology / Abdon Atangana

    Fractional Operators with Constant and Variable Order with Application to Geo-hydrology provides a physical review of fractional operators, fractional variable order operators, and uncertain derivatives to groundwater flow and environmental remediation. It presents a formal set of mathematical equations for the description of groundwater flow and pollution problems using the concept of non-integer order derivative. Both advantages and disadvantages of models with fractional operators are discussed. Based on the author's analyses, the book proposes new techniques for groundwater remediation, including guidelines on how chemical companies can be positioned in any city to avoid groundwater pollution.

    Proposes new aquifer derivatives for leaky, confined and unconfined formations Presents useful aids for applied scientists and engineers seeking to solve complex problems that cannot be handled using constant fractional order derivatives Provides a real physical interpretation of operators relevant to groundwater flow problems Models both fractional and variable order derivatives, presented together with uncertainties analysis

  • Floods. edited by Freddy Vinet

    In the past thirty years, knowledge on flooding has greatly increased by moving away from purely hydrological and hydraulic science and opening up to other disciplines such as economics or human and geographical sciences. It is as part of this multidisciplinary approach that this book proposes a review of current knowledge on flood risk. It starts with the ever-increasing impact of flooding in order to conceptualize and understand the constituents of risk. Although risk knowledge in modeling methods or naturalist approaches remains essential, it is further developed by the fields of economics, human sciences, geography, environmental psychology and history. This integrated approach to flood risk contextualizes current conclusions on the eventual effects of climate change by showing that human factors are of paramount importance in understanding the process of "risk production".

    The book sets a state of art around the "flood issue" from the description of the phenomena to the management of risk (dikes, dams, reducing vulnerability, management of crisis...). The chapters are written by specialists but are accessible to the "mainstream scientist". Each chapter exposes knowledge, methodologies, scientific locks and the prospects of each discipline on the theme of floods.

  • Manikins for textile evaluation / edited by Rajkishore Nayak, Rajiv Padhye

    Manikins for Textile Evaluation is a key resource for all those engaged in textile and apparel development and production, and for academics engaged in research into textile science and technology. Creating garments that work with the human form, both stationary and in motion, is a complex task that requires extensive testing and evaluation.

    Manikins allow for performance testing of textiles in a safe, controlled, and appropriate environment, and are a key element in developing new textile products. Everyday apparel needs to be assessed for comfort, sizing and fit, and ergonomics, while technical and protective garments require extensive safety and performance testing.

    Manikins therefore range from simple representations of the human body to complex designs that simulate body temperature, sweating, and motion. Manikins are safe for use in hazardous testing environments, such as fire and flame protection, where wearer trials would be impossible.

    This book provides extensive coverage of manikin-based evaluation of protective, heat and flame resistant, medical, and automotive textile applications. The role of manikins in the development of day-to-day garments is also discussed, including fit, comfort, and ergonomics.

    The book is a key resource for all those engaged in textile and apparel development and production, and for academics engaged in research into textile science and technology.

    Delivers theoretical and practical guidance on evaluation using manikins that is of benefit to anyone developing textile products Offers a range of perspectives on high-performance textiles from an international team of authors with diverse expertise in academic research, and textile development and manufacture Provides systematic and comprehensive coverage of the topic from fabric construction, through product development, to the range of current and potential applications that exploit high-performance textile technology

  • Data treatment in environmental sciences : multivaried approach / Valérie David

    Data Treatment in Environmental Sciences presents the various methods used in the analysis of databases--obtained in the field or in a laboratory--by focusing on the most commonly used multivariate analyses in different disciplines of environmental sciences, from geochemistry to ecology. The book examines the principles, application conditions and implementation (in R software) of various analyses before interpreting them. The wide variety of analyses presented allows users to treat datasets, both large and small, which are often limited in terms of available processing techniques.

    The approach taken by the author details (i) the preparation of a dataset prior to analysis, in relation to the scientific strategy and objectives of the study, (ii) the preliminary treatment of datasets, (iii) the establishment of a structure of objects (stations/dates) or relevant variables (e.g. physicochemical, biological), and (iv) how to highlight the explanatory parameters of these structures (e.g. how the physico-chemistry influences the biological structure obtained).

    Proposes tools that can be used to deal with environmental data Insists on the adequacy between the scientific objectives and the types of analyses Present mathematical principles without going into detail Offers a wide range of important analyses

  • Environmental management : science and engineering for industry / Iyyanki V. Muralikrishna and Valli Manickam

    Environmental Management: Science and Engineering for Industry consists of 18 chapters, starting with a discussion of International Environmental Laws and crucial environmental management tools, including lifecycle, environmental impact, and environmental risk assessments. This is followed by a frank discussion of environmental control and abatement technologies for water, wastewater, soil, and air pollution.

    In addition, this book also tackles Hazardous Waste Management and the landfill technologies available for the disposal of hazardous wastes. As managing environmental projects is a complex task with vast amounts of data, an array of regulations, and alternative engineering control strategies designed to minimize pollution and maximize the effect of an environmental program, this book helps readers further understand and plan for this process.

    Contains the latest methods for Identifying, abating, or eliminating pollutants from air, water, and land Presents up-to-date coverage on environmental management tools, such as risk assessment, energy management and auditing, environmental accounting, and impact assessments Includes methods for collecting and synthesizing data derived from environmental assessments

  • Mountain Ice and Water : Investigations of the Hydrologic Cycle in Alpine Environments / edited by Gregory B. Greenwood and J.F. Shroder

    Mountain Ice and Water: Investigations of the Hydrologic Cycle in Alpine Environments is a new volume of papers reviewed and edited by John Shroder, Emeritus Professor of Geography and Geology at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA, and Greg Greenwood, Director of the Mountain Research Initiative from Bern, Switzerland.

    Chapters in this book were derived from research papers that were delivered at the Perth III Conference on Mountains of our Future Earth in Scotland in October 2015. The conference was established to help develop the knowledge necessary to respond effectively to the risks and opportunities of global environmental change and to support transformations toward global sustainability in the coming decades.

    To this end, the conference and book have investigated the future situation in mountains from three points of view. (1) Dynamic Planet: Observing, explaining, understanding, and projecting Earth, environmental, and societal system trends, drivers, and processes and their interactions to anticipate global thresholds and risks, (2) Global Sustainable Development: Increasing knowledge for sustainable, secure, and fair stewardship of biodiversity, food, water, health, energy, materials, and other ecosystem services, and (3) Transformations towards Sustainability : Understanding transformation processes and options, assessing how these relate to human values, emerging technologies and social and economic development pathways, and evaluating strategies for governing and managing the global environment across sectors and scales.

    Derived from research papers delivered at the Perth III Conference on Mountains of our Future Earth in Scotland in October 2015 Helps develop the knowledge necessary for responding effectively in coming decades to the risks and opportunities of global environmental change and tactics for global sustainability Provides the research community working on global change in mountains with a broader framework established by the Future Earth initiative

  • Time and Methods in Environmental Interfaces Modelling : personal insights / Dragutin T. Mihailović, Igor Balaž, Darko Kapor

    Time and Methods in Environmental Interfaces Modelling: Personal Insights considers the use of time in environmental interfaces modeling and introduce new methods, from the global scale (e.g. climate modeling) to the micro scale (e.g. cell and nanotubes modeling), which primarily arise from the personal research insights of the authors.

    As the field of environmental science requires the application of new fundamental approaches that can lead to a better understanding of environmental phenomena, this book helps necessitate new approaches in modeling, including category theory, that follow new achievements in physics, mathematics, biology, and chemistry.

    Includes the use of new mathematical tools, such as category theory, mathematical theory of general systems and formal concept analysis, matrix theory tools, stability analysis, and pseudospectra Presents new content related to time in relation to physics and biology Combines the word of an experienced author team with over 35 papers of collective experience

  • Science and the global environment : case studies for integrating science and the global environment / Alan McIntosh, Jennifer Pontius

    Case Studies for Integrating Science and the Global Environment is designed to help students of the environment and natural resources make the connections between their training in science and math and today's complex environmental issues. The book provides an opportunity for students to apply important skills, knowledge, and analytical tools to understand, evaluate, and propose solutions to today's critical environmental issues.

    The heart of the book includes four major content areas: water resources; the atmosphere and air quality; ecosystem alteration; and global resources and human needs. Each of these sections features in-depth case studies covering a range of issues for each resource, offering rich opportunities to teach how various scientific disciplines help inform the issue at hand. Case studies provide readers with experience in interpreting real data sets and considering alternate explanations for trends shown by the data. This book helps prepare students for careers that require collaboration with stakeholders and co-workers from various disciplines.

    Includes global case studies using real data sets that allow readers to practice interpreting data and evaluating alternative explanations Focuses on critical skills and knowledge, encouraging readers to apply science and math to real world problems Employs a system-based approach, linking air, water, and land resources to help readers understand that cause-effect may be complex and solutions to environmental problems require multiple perspectives Includes special features such as links to video clips of scientists at work, boxed information, a solutions section at the end of each case study, and practice exercises

  • Environmental data analysis with MatLab / William Menke, Joshua Menke
    GE45.M37M46 2016eb

    Environmental Data Analysis with MatLab is a new edition that expands fundamentally on the original with an expanded tutorial approach, new crib sheets, and problem sets providing a clear learning path for students and researchers working to analyze real data sets in the environmental sciences. Since publication of the bestselling Environmental Data Analysis with MATLAB®, many advances have been made in environmental data analysis. One only has to consider the global warming debate to realize how critically important it is to be able to derive clear conclusions from often noisy data drawn from a broad range of sources. The work teaches the basics of the underlying theory of data analysis and then reinforces that knowledge with carefully chosen, realistic scenarios.

    MATLAB®, a commercial data processing environment, is used in these scenarios. Significant content is devoted to teaching how it can be effectively used in an environmental data analysis setting. This new edition, though written in a self-contained way, is supplemented with data and MATLAB® scripts that can be used as a data analysis tutorial.

    New features include boxed crib sheets to help identify major results and important formulas and give brief advice on how and when they should be used. Numerical derivatives and integrals are derived and illustrated. Includes log-log plots with further examples of their use. Discusses new datasets on precipitation and stream flow. Topical enhancement applies the chi-squared test to the results of the generalized least squares method. New coverage of cluster analysis and approximation techniques that are widely applied in data analysis, including Taylor Series and low-order polynomial approximations; non-linear least-squares with Newton's method; and pre-calculation and updating techniques applicable to real time data acquisition.

    Provides a clear learning path for researchers and students using data analysis techniques which build upon one another, choosing the right order of presentation to substantially aid the reader in learning material Includes crib sheets to summarize the most important data analysis techniques, results, procedures, and formulas, serving to organize the material in such a way that its sequence is more apparent Uses real-world environmental examples and case studies formulated using the readily-available software environment in MATLAB® Includes log-log plots with further examples of their use

  • Flood forecasting : a global perspective / edited by Thomas E. Adams III, Thomas C. Pagano

    Flood Forecasting: A Global Perspective describes flood forecast systems and operations as they currently exist at national and regional centers around the globe, focusing on the technical aspects of flood forecast systems. This book includes the details of data flow, what data is used, quality control, the hydrologic and hydraulic models used, and the unique problems of each country or system, such as glacial dam failures, ice jams, sparse data, and ephemeral streams and rivers. Each chapter describes the system, including details about its strengths and weaknesses, and covers lessons learned. This helpful resource facilitates sharing knowledge that will lead to improvements of existing systems and provides a valuable reference to those wishing to develop new forecast systems by drawing on best practices.

  • Environmental changes : the futures of nature / Céline Granjou
    GE149 G726 2016eb

    This book addresses environmental changes and how they reconfigure society's relationship to the future. It argues that Man does not build "his" future alone: instead, environmental changes are also proof of the future-making capacity of non-human beings.

    The author elaborates on the notion of the futures of Nature by drawing on theoretical contributions by recent ground-breaking literature in the field of environmental humanities. The book also builds on a sociological investigation into the practices implemented by environmental scientists, experts and managers confronted with environmental changes. Thinking of nature in terms of its futures requires us to overcome the rooted philosophical tradition that associates nature with permanence and society with creative change. This is a daunting task which can only be successful if we look beyond the long-lasting influence of the human-centered categories of innovation, development and civilization that social sciences have themselves contributed to coining. We need to consider the active capacities of change and transformation of living beings and matter itself.

    This book is of academic interest, but is also for managers in different fields and areas affected by environmental changes.

    Featuring a focus on the notion of future and the aim to locate an approach for the future in sociology Elaborates on the notion of "more than human" futures (drawing on S. Whatmore's words) Offers grounded and detailed insights into three case-study examples

  • Groundwater environment in Asian Cities : concepts, methods and case studies / edited by Sangam Shrestha, Vishnu Prasad Pandey, Binaya Raj Shivakoti, Shashidhar Thatikonda

    Groundwater contributes to the sustainable development of many Asian cities by providing water for domestic, industrial and agricultural uses and regulating ecosystem flows. However, groundwater has not always been properly managed, which often has resulted in depletion and degradation of the resource. Groundwater Environment in Asian Cities presents the up-to-date scientific knowledge on groundwater environment in fourteen Asian cities using Driver-Pressure-State-Impact-Response (DPSIR) framework. In detail the book presents the facts and figures of groundwater dependency, problems related to groundwater over exploitation, implementation of various policy instruments and management practices and their results in selected fourteen Asian cities, namely; Bandung (Indonesia), Bangkok (Thailand), Beijing (China), Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), Chitwan (Nepal), Delhi (India), Dili (East Timor), Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Hyderabad (India), Khulna (Bangladesh), Lahore (Pakistan), Seoul (South Korea), Tokyo (Japan), and Yangon (Myanmar). The book provides the one-step platform to get sufficient details about groundwater aquifers, hydrogeology, groundwater status, impacts on groundwater environment and responses (technology, policy, institutional, etc.) deployed in the case studies cities, and therefore, provides a snap-shot of Asian groundwater environments. The theoretical background of the topics discussed along with the case studies help the readers understand the similarities and differences about the status of groundwater development and use in each city. In addition, the information in the book will serve as a baseline for other research such as mitigation of groundwater related problems (e.g., land subsidence), impact of climate change on groundwater, and importance of groundwater for implementing sustainable development goals in future.

    Presents a framework for evaluating groundwater environment in urban environments Includes case studies and local examples from a broad geographical range of urban environments from virtually every region in Asia, including Bandung, Bangkok, Delhi, Bishkek, Beijing and Tokyo The book will be a valuable resource for groundwater adversaries in the scientific, decision-making and end-user communities, particularly for understanding and assessing state of groundwater resources in the region as well as learning from the responses practiced so far (Dr. Linda Anne Stevenson, APN) The contents in this book are very much useful for informed decision-making for protecting groundwater environemntand therefore contributes in making invisible visible (Dr. Neno Kukuric, IGRAC) With concrete examples and lessons for readers, this book responds to the call for comprehensive research and studies, the implementation of new science-based methodologies and endorsement of principles for groundwater resources management and cities (Dr. Aureli Alice, UNESCO-IHP) As a "Regional Hub for Groundwater Management in the Asia Pacific Region", IGES finds this book as a very much useful reference for knowledge hub partners, groundwater managers, academic institutions, research scholars, and international organizations working in the areas of groundwater in Asia and beyond (Dr. Hideyuki Mori, IGES)

  • Uncertainties in GPS positioning : a mathematical discourse / Alan Oxley
    G 109.5

    Uncertainties in GPS Positioning: A Mathematical Discourse describes the calculations performed by a GPS receiver and the problems associated with ensuring that the derived location is a close match to the actual location. Inaccuracies in calculating a location can have serious repercussions, so this book is a timely source for information on this rapidly evolving technology.

    Covers how a GPS receiver works and how the earth is modeled so position data can be calculated Discusses the different signals and clock speeds of the satellites, the receivers, and sources of inaccuracy Examines how the errors are distributed in the data and provides examples

  • Ancestral DNA, human origins, and migrations / Rene J. Herrera, Ralph Garcia-Bertrand

    Ancestral DNA, Human Origins, and Migrations describes the genesis of humans in Africa and the subsequent story of how our species migrated to every corner of the globe. Different phases of this journey are presented in an integrative format with information from a number of disciplines, including population genetics, evolution, anthropology, archaeology, climatology, linguistics, art, music, folklore and history. This unique approach weaves a story that has synergistic impact in the clarity and level of understanding that will appeal to those researching, studying, and interested in population genetics, evolutionary biology, human migrations, and the beginnings of our species.

    Integrates research and information from the fields of genetics, evolution, anthropology, archaeology, climatology, linguistics, art, music, folklore and history, among others Presents the content in an entertaining and synergistic style to facilitate a deep understanding of human population genetics Informs on the origins and recent evolution of our species in an approachable manner

  • World Seas : An Environmental Evaluation. Charles Sheppard, editor
    GC 11.2 B36 2017

    World Seas: An Environmental Evaluation, Second Edition, Volume One: Europe, The Americas and West Africa provides a comprehensive review of the environmental condition of the seas of Europe, the Americas and West Africa. Each chapter is written by experts in the field who provide historical overviews in environmental terms, current environmental status, major problems arising from human use, informed comments on major trends, problems and successes, and recommendations for the future. The book is an invaluable worldwide reference source for students and researchers who are concerned with marine environmental science, fisheries, oceanography and engineering and coastal zone development.

    Covers regional issues that help countries find solutions to environmental decline that may have already developed elsewhere Provides scientific reviews of regional issues, thus empowering managers and policymakers to make progress in under-resourced countries and regions Includes comprehensive maps and updated statistics in each region covered

  • Optimal sports math, statistics, and fantasy / Robert Kissell and Jim Poserina

    Optimal Sports Math, Statistics, and Fantasy provides the sports community--students, professionals, and casual sports fans--with the essential mathematics and statistics required to objectively analyze sports teams, evaluate player performance, and predict game outcomes. These techniques can also be applied to fantasy sports competitions.

    Readers will learn how to:

    Accurately rank sports teams Compute winning probability Calculate expected victory margin Determine the set of factors that are most predictive of team and player performance

    Optimal Sports Math, Statistics, and Fantasy also illustrates modeling techniques that can be used to decode and demystify the mysterious computer ranking schemes that are often employed by post-season tournament selection committees in college and professional sports. These methods offer readers a verifiable and unbiased approach to evaluate and rank teams, and the proper statistical procedures to test and evaluate the accuracy of different models.

    Optimal Sports Math, Statistics, and Fantasy delivers a proven best-in-class quantitative modeling framework with numerous applications throughout the sports world.

    Statistical approaches to predict winning team, probabilities, and victory margin Procedures to evaluate the accuracy of different models Detailed analysis of how mathematics and statistics are used in a variety of different sports Advanced mathematical applications that can be applied to fantasy sports, player evaluation, salary negotiation, team selection, and Hall of Fame determination

  • Leyendas cubanas / Salvador Bueno
    GR 121 C8 B84 2016

  • Nuevo orden climático, ambiental y ecológico : necesidad impostergable / Frank Rodríguez Bueno
    GE 170 R64 2012

  • Food, politics, and society : social theory and the modern food system / Alejandro Colás, Jason Edwards, Jane Levi, and Sami Zubaida
    GT 2850 C57 2018
    Food and drink has been a focal point of modern social theory since the inception of agrarian capitalism and the industrial revolution. From Adam Smith to Mary Douglas, major thinkers have used key concepts such as identity, exchange, culture, and class to explain the modern food system. Food, Politics, and Society offers a historical and sociological survey of how these various ideas and the practices that accompany them have shaped our understanding and organization of the production, processing, preparation, serving, and consumption of food and drink in modern societies. Divided into twelve chapters and drawing on a wide range of historical and empirical illustrations, this book provides a concise, informed, and accessible survey of the interaction between social theory and food and drink. It is perfect for courses in a wide range of disciplines.

  • The anthropology of religion, magic, and witchcraft / Rebecca L. Stein and Philip L. Stein
    GN 470 S73 2017

    This concise and accessible textbook introduces students to the anthropological study of religion. Stein and Stein examine religious expression from a cross-cultural perspective and expose students to the varying complexity of world religions. The chapters incorporate key theoretical concepts and a rich range of ethnographic material.

    The fourth edition of The Anthropology of Religion, Magic, and Witchcraftoffers:
    * increased coverage of new religious movements, fundamentalism, and religion and conflict/violence;
    * fresh case study material with examples drawn from around the globe;
    * further resources via a comprehensive companion website.

    This is an essential guide for students encountering anthropology of religion for the first time.

  • Arctic governance : power in cross-border cooperation / Elana Wilson Rowe
    G 615 W57 2018
    The volume explores a question that sheds light on the contested, but largely cooperative, nature of Arctic governance in the post-Cold War period: How does power matter -and how has it mattered - in shaping cross-border cooperation and diplomacy in the Arctic? The role of power in global governance cooperation has been explored in international relations and political geography literature, yet largely overlooked in an Arctic context. Through carefully selected case studies - from Russia's role in the Arctic Council to the diplomacy of indigenous peoples' organizations - this book seeks to shed light on how power performances are enacted to constantly shore up Arctic cooperation in key ways. The conceptually-driven nature of the inquiry makes the book appropriate reading for courses in international relations and political geography, while the carefully selected case studies lend themselves to courses on Arctic politics.

  • Muscle on wheels : Louise Armaindo and the high-wheel racers of nineteenth-century America / M. Ann Hall
    GV 1049 H35 2018
    The majestic high-wheel bicycle, with its spider wheels and rubber tires, emerged in the mid-1870s as the standard bicycle. A common misconception is that, bound by Victorian dress and decorum, women were unable to ride it, only taking up cycling in the 1880s with the advent of the chain-driven safety bicycle. On the contrary, women had been riding and even racing some form of the bicycle since the first vélocipèdes appeared in Europe early in the nineteenth century. Challenging the understanding that bicycling was a purely masculine sport, Muscle on Wheels tells the story of women's high-wheel racing in North America in the 1880s and early 1890s, with a focus on a particular cyclist: Louise Armaindo (1857-1900). Among Canada's first women professional athletes and the first woman who was truly successful as a high-wheel racer, Armaindo began her career as a strongwoman and trapeze artist in Chicago in the 1870s before discovering high-wheel bicycle racing. Initially she competed against men, but as more women took up the sport, she raced them too. Although Armaindo is the star of Muscle on Wheels, the book is also about other women cyclists and the many men - racers, managers, trainers, agents, bookmakers, sport administrators, and editors of influential cycling magazines - who controlled the sport, especially in the United States. The story of working-class Victorian women who earned a living through their athletic talent, Muscle on Wheels showcases an exciting moment in women's and athletic history that is often forgotten or misconstrued.

  • Video games as culture : considering the role and importance of video games in contemporary society / Daniel Muriel and Garry Crawford
    GV 1469.34 S52 M87 2018

    Video games are becoming culturally dominant. But what does their popularity say about our contemporary society? This book explores video game culture, but in doing so, utilizes video games as a lens through which to understand contemporary social life.

    Video games are becoming an increasingly central part of our cultural lives, impacting on various aspects of everyday life such as our consumption, communities, and identity formation. Drawing on new and original empirical data ¿ including interviews with gamers, as well as key representatives from the video game industry, media, education, and cultural sector ¿ Video Games as Culture not only considers contemporary video game culture, but also explores how video games provide important insights into the modern nature of digital and participatory culture, patterns of consumption and identity formation, late modernity, and contemporary political rationalities.

    This book will appeal to undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as postdoctoral researchers, interested in fields such Video Games, Sociology, and Media and Cultural Studies. It will also be useful for those interested in the wider role of culture, technology, and consumption in the transformation of society, identities, and communities.

  • Taking turns with the Earth : phenomenology, deconstruction, and intergenerational justice / Matthias Fritsch
    GE 42 F75 2018

    The environmental crisis, one of the great challenges of our time, tends to disenfranchise those who come after us. Arguing that as temporary inhabitants of the earth, we cannot be indifferent to future generations, this book draws on the resources of phenomenology and poststructuralism to help us conceive of moral relations in connection with human temporality. Demonstrating that moral and political normativity emerge with generational time, the time of birth and death, this book proposes two related models of intergenerational and environmental justice. The first entails a form of indirect reciprocity, in which we owe future people both because of their needs and interests and because we ourselves have been the beneficiaries of peoples past; the second posits a generational taking of turns that Matthias Fritsch applies to both our institutions and our natural environment, in other words, to the earth as a whole. Offering new readings of key philosophers, and emphasizing the work of Emmanuel Levinas and Jacques Derrida in particular, Taking Turns with the Earth disrupts human-centered notions of terrestrial appropriation and sharing to give us a new continental philosophical account of future-oriented justice.

  • Curt Flood in the media : baseball, race, and the demise of the activist-athlete / Abraham Iqbal Khan
    GV 865 F45 K43 2012

    Curt Flood in the Media examines the public discourse surrounding Curt Flood (1938-1997), the star center fielder for the St. Louis Cardinals throughout the sixties. In 1969, Flood was traded to the Philadelphia Phillies. At the time, all Major League Baseball players were subject to the reserve clause, which essentially bound a player to work in perpetuity for his original team, unless traded for another player or sold for cash, in which case he worked under the same reserve conditions for the next team.

    Flood refused the trade on a matter of principle, arguing that Major League Baseball had violated both U.S. antitrust laws and the 13th Amendment's prohibition of involuntary servitude. In a defiant letter to Commissioner Bowie Kuhn asking for his contractual release, Flood infamously wrote, "after twelve years in the major leagues, I do not feel that I am a piece of property to be bought and sold irrespective of my wishes." Most significantly, Flood appeared on national television with Howard Cosell and described himself as a "well-paid slave." Explosive controversy ensued.

    Khan examines the ways in which the media constructed the case and Flood's persona. By examining the mainstream press, the black press, and primary sources, including Flood's autobiography, Khan exposes the complexities of what it means to be a prominent black American athlete--in 1969 and today.

  • Recreation and leisure in modern society [by] Richard Kraus
    GV 14 K7 1971b
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