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H - Social Sciences (Economics, Commerce, Sociology, ...) - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Social Sciences (Economics, Commerce, Sociology, ...) that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Canadian incidence study of reported child abuse and neglect, 2008 : major findings = Étude canadienne sur l'incidence des signalements de cas de violence et de négligence envers les enfants, 2008 : données principales
    HV 745 A6 C35 2010 CD-ROM

  • The agricultural land reserves of British Columbia : an impact analysis / by Edward W. Manning and Sandra S. Eddy
    HD 319 B8 M36 1979

  • Prince Edward Island Land Development Corporation : activities and impact 1970-1977 / prepared by Maritime Resource Management Service, Council of Maritime Premiers
    HD 319 P7 C68 1979

  • The changing value of Canada's farmland, 1961-1976 = Évolution de la valeur des terres agricoles Canadiennes, 1961-1976 / by E.W. Manning and J.D. McCuaig, with E.A. Lacoste
    HD 316 M28 1979

  • The land-use impacts of recent legislation in P.E.I. : an analysis of the land development corporation and non-resident ownership / by Esther Kienholz
    HD 319 P7 K52 1980

  • Agricultural land-use change in Canada : process and consequences / by J.D. McCuaig, E.W. Manning
    HD 316 M35 1982

  • Urban growth, infrastructure, and land capability : a Windsor example / by V. Neimanis, R. McKechnie
    HD 320 W54 N44 1981

  • Mining, land use, and the environment / by I.B. Marshall
    HD 316 M26 1983

  • Planning land to conserve energy : 40 case studies from Canada and the United States / by Reg Lang and Audrey Armour
    HD 316 L37 1982

  • Okanagan fruitlands : land-use change dynamics and the impact of federal programs / M. Anne Kerr [and others]
    HD 9254 C22 O386 1985

  • Land in Canada's urban heartland / by Maurice Yeates
    HD 319 O5 Y43 1985

  • Monitoring for change : workshop proceedings, September 30-October 3, 1985, Ottawa, Ontario / Paul C. Rump, Norah M. Hillary, editors
    HD 316 M66 1985

  • Federal lands : their use and management / by Hedley Swan
    HD 316 S88 1978

  • How the stock market works : a beginner's guide to investment / Michael Becket
    HG 4529.5 B43 2017eb

  • The death and life of great American cities / Jane Jacobs
    HT 167 J33 1992
    A direct and fundamentally optimistic indictment of the short-sightedness and intellectual arrogance that has characterized much of urban planning in this century, The Death and Life of Great American Cities has, since its first publication in 1961, become the standard against which all endeavors in that field are measured. In prose of outstanding immediacy, Jane Jacobs writes about what makes streets safe or unsafe; about what constitutes a neighborhood, and what function it serves within the larger organism of the city; about why some neighborhoods remain impoverished while others regenerate themselves. She writes about the salutary role of funeral parlors and tenement windows, the dangers of too much development money and too little diversity. Compassionate, bracingly indignant, and always keenly detailed, Jane Jacobs's monumental work provides an essential framework for assessing the vitality of all cities.

  • Worker well-being / editor, Solomon W. Polachek
    HD 5706 W67 2000
    How do technology, public works projects, mental health, race, gender, mobility, retirement benefits, and macroeconomic policies affect worker well-being? This volume contains fourteen original chapters utilizing the latest econometric techniques to answer this question. The findings include the following: technology gains explain over half the decline in U.S. unemployment and over two-thirds the reduction in U.S. inflation; universal health coverage would reduce U.S. labor force participation by 3.3 per cent; blacks respond to regional rather than national changes in schooling rates of return, perhaps implying a more local labor market for blacks than whites; employee motivation enhances labor force participation, on-the-job training, job satisfaction and earnings; male and female promotion and quit rates are comparable once one controls for individual and job characteristics; public works programs designed to increase a worker's skills do not always increase reemployment; and, U.S. pension wealth increased about 20 per cent - 25 per cent over the last two decades.

  • 35th anniversary retrospective / edited by Solomon W. Polachek, Konstantinos Tatsiramos
    HD 4901 A15 2012
    Since its inception Research in Labor Economics has published over 350 articles encompassing a wide range of themes and spanning an array of labor economics topics. Authors have ranged from young scholars with much potential to mature leaders in the field, including Nobel Prize and John Bates Clark award winners. Over the years Research in Labor Economics has continued to present important new research in labor economics. It covers themes such as labor supply, work effort, schooling, on-the-job training, earnings distribution, discrimination, migration, and the effects of government policies on worker well-being. It aims to apply economic theory and econometrics to analyze important policy-related questions, often with an international focus. To commemorate Research in Labor Economics's 35th anniversary, this retrospective edition contains 20 of the most influential Research in Labor Economics articles along with new introductory prefatory updates written by the original authors. These new prefaces emphasize recent developments that each article might have inspired and also discuss remaining unanswered questions.

  • Research in labor economics / edited by Solomon W. Polachek, Konstantinos Tatsiramos
    HD 4901 R47 2012
    This volume contains eight new and innovative research articles relevant to researchers and policy makers. Each chapter deals with an aspect of human welfare and is authored by an expert in the field. One deals with how technological change affects the distribution of earnings, two deal with how workers advance through corporate hierarchy, four deal with how incentives motivate workers, and the final chapter deals with how one immigrant group is far more successful than even the native population. Among the questions answered are: What accounts for the relative rise in skilled worker salaries? Which workers advance more quickly up the corporate ladder? Are workers hired from outside the company as successful as internally promoted workers? Does performance-based pay affect worker absenteeism? Do retirement incentives to workers really help the firm? Do unexpected decreases in retirement income decrease retiree life satisfaction? Do more stringent divorce laws increase cohabitation? What causes immigrants to really succeed in their new country?

  • Income inequality around the world / edited by Lorenzo Cappellari, Universitá Cattolica Milano and IZA, Solomon W. Polachek, State University of New York at Binghamton and IZA, Konstantinos Tatsiramos, University of Nottingham and IZA
    HB 523 I526 2016
    Research in Labor Economics 44 takes another in-depth and focussed look at Inequality. This time however it is tied in with well-being of the workforce. Research in Labor Economics volume 44 contains new and innovative research on the causes and consequences of inequality and well-being of the work force.

  • Research in labor economics / edited by Solomon W. Polachek, Konstantinos Tatsiramos
    HD 4901 R47 2011
    This volume contains nine original innovative chapters on worker well-being. Three chapters are on time allocated to work and human capital acquisition, three on aspects of risk in the earnings process, two on migration, and finally one on how tax policies affect poverty. Questions answered include: Are more educated women now opting out of work with a higher probability than in the past? Under what circumstances do young adults allocate non-school time to educational pursuits? How do macroeconomic shocks affect labor force participation rates? Can tax policies alleviate poverty? Are workers compensated adequately for taking risks? Do differences in private and public sector earnings affect mobility between the two sectors? And, do migrant parents affect educational decisions of their offspring?

  • Jobs, training and worker well-being / edited by Solomon W. Polachek, Konstantinos Tatsiramos
    HD 5706 J67 2010
    This volume contains twelve cutting edge papers contributing new research to important issues concerning worker welfare. The research deals with earnings inequality, discrimination, the effects of migration, and economic policy. Answers to a number of policy related questions are given including: Why are jobs designed the way they are? Does seniority-based pay provide a sufficient motivation for workers? Do sex-segregated firms grow more quickly than firms more equally divided by gender? What policies are effective in combating discrimination? Why is relative rural-urban income inequality so much greater in China than the US? How does migrating from one region to another affect one's child's schooling decisions? Do higher migration levels affect native worker wages?

  • The economics of skills obsolescence : theoretical innovations and empirical applications / edited by Andries de Grip, Jasper van Loo, Ken Mayhew
    HD 5706 E36 2002
    Increasingly policy makers are focusing on the importance of skills and lifelong learning. The reason for this is that workers with sufficient and up-to-date skills are more productive and have more potential to remain employed. However, the processes that influence skill obsolescence, have largely been neglected in labor economics. It was in the 1990s that skill issues came to the top of the agenda, because of the general awareness of the rapid technological developments that affect the demand for human capital. Although the analysis of skill-biased technological change is at the heart of this debate, in recent years, the literature has become wider than simple consideration of this aspect and has started to embrace other causes of obsolescence. The papers in this volume are selected from the papers presented at a conference on Understanding Skills Obsolescence. They advance both the theoretical and empirical understanding of the causes and the effects of skills obsolescence.

  • Aspects of worker well-being / edited by Solomon W. Polachek ; co-edited by Olivier Bargain
    HD 7261 A87 2007
    This volume contains thirteen new and original chapters on topics relating to worker well-being. It deals directly with how economic institutions affect individual and family earnings distributions. Topics covered include job training, worker and firm mobility, unions, collective bargaining, minimum wages, unemployment insurance and schooling. Among the questions answered are: To what extent do greater work hours of women mitigate the widening of the family earnings distribution? To what extent does the decline in unionization widen the distribution of earnings? To what extent do computers expand the earnings distribution? To what extent does the Russian wage distribution change if one accounted for wage arrears? To what extent does business relocation bring about job creation and job destruction? To what extent does maternal education increase children's education? To what extent do job skills matter for low-income workers? And finally, why do minimum wage increases often fail to lead to increases in unemployment? There are thirteen new and original chapters containing research on aspects of worker well-being. Each chapter is written by experts in the field.

  • Enterprise content and search management for building digital platforms / Shailesh Shivakumar

    Provides modern enterprises with the tools to create a robust digital platform utilizing proven best practices, practical models, and time-tested techniques

    Contemporary business organizations can either embrace the digital revolution--or be left behind. Enterprise Content and Search Management for Building Digital Platforms provides modern enterprises with the necessary tools to create a robust digital platform utilizing proven best practices, practical models, and time-tested techniques to compete in the today's digital world. Features include comprehensive discussions on content strategy, content key performance indicators (KPIs), mobile-first strategy, content assessment models, various practical techniques and methodologies successfully used in real-world digital programs, relevant case studies, and more. Initial chapters cover core concepts of a content management system (CMS), including content strategy; CMS architecture, templates, and workflow; reference architectures, information architecture, taxonomy, and content metadata. Advanced CMS topics are then covered, with chapters on integration, content standards, digital asset management (DAM), document management, and content migration, evaluation, validation, maintenance, analytics, SEO, security, infrastructure, and performance. The basics of enterprise search technologies are explored next, and address enterprise search architecture, advanced search, operations, and governance. Final chapters then focus on enterprise program management and feature coverage of various concepts of digital program management and best practices--along with an illuminating end-to-end digital program case study.

    Offers a comprehensive guide to the understanding and learning of new methodologies, techniques, and models for the creation of an end-to-end digital system Addresses a wide variety of proven best practices and deployed techniques in content management and enterprise search space which can be readily used for digital programs Covers the latest digital trends such as mobile-first strategy, responsive design, adaptive content design, micro services architecture, semantic search and such and also utilizes sample reference architecture for implementing solutions Features numerous case studies to enhance comprehension, including a complete end-to-end digital program case study Provides readily usable content management checklists and templates for defining content strategy, CMS evaluation, search evaluation and DAM evaluation

    Comprehensive and cutting-edge, Enterprise Content and Search Management for Building Digital Platforms is an invaluable reference resource for creating an optimal enterprise digital eco-system to meet the challenges of today's hyper-connected world.

  • TV white space : the first step towards better utilization of frequency spectrum / Ser Wah Oh, Yugang Ma, Ming-Hung Tao, Edward Peh

    Provides an in-depth coverage of TV White Space Technology (TVWS) and the various challenges of its new innovations

    This book covers the full spectrum of TVWS technology including regulations, technology, standardizations, and worldwide deployments. It begins with an introduction to cognitive radio and TVWS. The regulation activities in TVWS throughout North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific are covered in depth. After a discussion of regulations, the authors examine the standardizations developed to specify the enabling technologies of TVWS systems. The following chapter focuses on the key technologies that differentiate TVWS from a conventional wireless communication system.

    Describes various worldwide use cases and deployments based on the needs of the consumers Covers IEEE 802.19.1, IEEE 802.22, IEEE 802.11af, IEEE 802.15.4m, and IETF protocol for Accessing White Spaces Studies the market and commercial potential of TVWS and other spectrum sharing technologies Discusses technological trends in spectrum sharing and additional applications that could leverage on TVWS and other spectrum sharing technologies

    TV White Space: The First Step Towards Better Utilization of Frequency Spectrum is written for telecommunications/networks operators, researchers, engineers, government regulators, technical managers, and network equipment manufacturers.

  • Immigration : trends, consequences and prospects for the United States / edited by Barry R. Chiswick
    HD 8081 A5 I488 2008
    Immigration to what is now the United States has been a contentious issue from the earliest days of the European settlement. The tension between those opposing further immigration on either social or economic grounds and those favoring it has continued over these 3 1/2 centuries to this very day. The complexity of the immigration debate has intensified over the past few decades because of changes in the role of the United States in the international arena, changes in the way Americans view themselves, and changes in the U.S. economy. The growth of the role of government in providing medical, educational and income transfer benefits (in kind and in cash), especially to low-income families has implications for the impacts on the U.S. economy of low-skilled immigrants. The change in the structure of the economy, from a growing demand for production workers in factories and mines to an economy with a declining demand in these sectors but a high demand for workers with high levels of technical and managerial skill, also has implications for immigration policy. In this complex environment, immigration policy has again risen to the forefront. What has been recent immigration history and what have been the consequences of these inflows of people? The purpose of this volume is to address these contemporary issues.

  • Analysing inequalities in Germany : a structured additive distributional regression approach / Alexander Silbersdorff

  • Expert Office 365 notes from the field / Nikolas Charlebois-Laprade...[et al.]

  • Novel methods in computational finance / Matthias Ehrhardt, Michael Günther, E. Jan W. ter Maten, editors

  • The definitive guide to shopify themes master the design skills to build world-class ecommerce sites / Gavin Ballard

  • Mastering Zoho CRM manage your team, pipeline, and clients effectively / Ali Shabdar

  • Sustainable development in energy systems Brian Azzopardi, editor

  • Social informatics : 9th International Conference, SocInfo 2017, Oxford, UK, September 13-15, 2017, Proceedings. Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia, Afra Mashhadi, Taha Yasseri (eds.)

  • Social informatics : 9th International Conference, SocInfo 2017, Oxford, UK, September 13-15, 2017, Proceedings. Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia, Afra Mashhadi, Taha Yasseri (eds.)

  • Business process management : 15th International Conference, BPM 2017, Barcelona, Spain, September 10-15, 2017, Proceedings / Josep Carmona, Gregor Engels, Akhil Kumar (eds.)

  • "Pan" Africa rising : the cultural political economy of Nigeria's afri-capitalism and South Africa's ubuntu business / Rita Kiki Edozie
    HC 800 E36 2017eb

  • GREEN STATE CAPACITY AND RESOURCE BOOMS the case of the extractive
    HD 9506 P42 R47 2017eb

  • Social media and political accountability bridging the gap between citizens and politicians / Andrea Ceron

  • Political economy of Macao since 1999 : the dilemma of success / Yufan Hao, Li Sheng, Guanjin Pan

    This book takes a comprehensive look at the governance and civil society of Macao, the shadowy mecca of gambling in Asia- and the reforms, changes, and social movements which are challenging that reputation today. Macao has experienced spectacular economic growth since it returned to Chinese rule in 1999. Following double-digit rates of economic growth between 2002 and 2013, Macao has become one of the wealthiest regions in Asia, with its GDP per capita rising from USD$14,258 in 2001 to USD$89,333 in 2014. Macao's prosperity over the past decade can be largely attributed to the government's decision to liberalize the casino industry in 2002 and the Chinese central government's facilitation of individual travel (FIT) scheme implemented in 2003. The casino industry has become the sole pillar of the local economy, overshadowing all other economic sectors. The increasing dependence on the casino industry has also made Macao's economy highly vulnerable and difficult to sustain. The authors lay out a comprehensive and well-argued case against the economic monoculture, in the process creating a book of profound interest to scholars of greater China, students of political economy, and travelers to the Macau.

  • Top-down community building and the politics of inclusion / Fenneke Wekker

  • Indicator-based monitoring of regional economic integration : fourth world report on regional integration / Philippe De Lombaerde, Edgar J. Saucedo Acosta, editors

  • Transgressive citizenship and the struggle for social justice : the right to the city in São Paulo / Lucy Earle

  • Neoliberalism, austerity, and the moral economies of young people's health and well-being / Peter Kelly, Jo Pike, editors
    HQ 799.5 N46 2017eb

  • The political anatomy of domination / Béatrice Hibou
    This volume tackles one of the core questions of political and social theory: state domination. The author engages in a rereading of Marx, Weber, Gramsci and, more recently, Bourdieu and Foucault and renews this problem with an approach combining comparative analysis, analysis of everyday life, and economics. The book highlights the arrangements, understandings and practices that make domination conceivable, bearable, and even acceptable or reassuring. To carry out this demonstration, Hibou examines and analyzes authoritarian or totalitarian situations --especially through the study of the paradigmatic cases of fascism, Nazism and Soviet socialism--which also allows us to grasp what domination is in the contemporary democratic framework. In doing so, this work provides us with the necessary tools to develop a renewed critique of the downward political slide in the contemporary City. 

  • Gender and the economic crisis in Europe : politics, institutions and intersectionality / Johanna Kantola, Emanuela Lombardo, editors
    HB 3782 G46 2017eb

  • Social inequality, economic decline, and plutocracy : an American crisis / Dale L. Johnson
    This book aims to further an understanding of present day America by exploring counter-hegemony to the rule of capital and offering guidelines for strategizing change proceeding from the dialectic of What Is and What Ought to Be. The author analyzes neoliberal global order and its political expressions through discussions of the dominance of finance capital in the late twentieth century, the triumph of ideology, the closing of avenues to reform, the problem of the captive state, and a sociological analysis of rule by "divide and conquer." The book concludes with a look at the history of movement politics in culture, arts, economics, and politics. It resounds with a hope that challenges to hegemony can use many paths to change, of which the electoral path is but one of many fronts, in the long-term struggle for radical reform.

  • Women, politics, and democracy in Latin America / Tomáš Došek, Flavia Freidenberg, Mariana Caminotti, Betilde Muñoz-Pogossian, editors
    HQ 1236.5 L37 W663 2017eb

    This book discusses the current tendencies in women's representation and their role in politics in Latin American countries from three different perspectives. Firstly, the authors examine cultural, political-partisan and organizational obstacles that women face in and outside institutions. Secondly, the book explores barriers in political reality, such as gender legislation implementation, public administration and international cooperation, and proposes solutions, supported by successful experiences, emphasising the nonlinearity of the implementation process. Thirdly, the authors highlight the role of women in politics at the subnational level. The book combines academic expertise in various disciplines with contributions from practitioners within national and international institutions to broaden the reader's understanding of women in Latin American politics.

  • Queer Apocalypses : Elements of Antisocial Theory
    HQ 75.15 B4713 2017eb
    This book is an attempt to save "the sexual" from the oblivion to which certain strands in queer theory tend to condemn it, and at the same time to limit the risks of anti-politics and solipsism contained in what has been termed antisocial queer theory. It takes a journey from Sigmund Freud to Mario Mieli and Guy Hocquenghem, from Michel Foucault and Judith Butler to Teresa de Lauretis, Leo Bersani, Lee Edelman, and Tim Dean, and from all of these thinkers back to Immanuel Kant and Thomas Hobbes. At the end, through readings of Bruce LaBruce's movies on gay zombies, the elitism of antisocial queer theory is brought into contact with popular culture. The living dead come to represent a dispossessed form of subjectivity, whose monstrous drives are counterposed to predatory desires of liberal individuals. The reader is thus lead into the interstitial spaces of the Queer Apocalypses, where the past and the future collapse onto the present, and sexual minorities resurrect to the chance of a non-heroic political agency. 

  • Public culture, cultural identity, cultural policy : comparative perspectives / Kevin V. Mulcahy
    HM 623 M84 2017eb
    This book places the study of public support for the arts and culture within the prism of public policy making. It is explicitly comparative in casting cultural policy within a broad sociopolitical and historical framework. Given the complexity of national communities, there has been an absence of comparative analyses that would explain the wide variability in modes of cultural policy as reflections of public cultures and cultural identity. The discussion is internationally focused and interdisciplinary. Mulcahy contextualizes a wide variety of cultural policies and their relation to politics and identity by asking a basic question: who gets their heritage valorized and by whom is this done? The fundamental assumption is that culture is at the heart of public policy as it defines national identity and personal value.

  • Civil Rights in America and the Caribbean, 1950s-2010s

  • Europe, the crisis, and the internet a web sphere analysis / Dennis Nguyen

  • Creating with mobile media Marsha Berry

  • Feminism after 9/11 : womens bodies as cultural and political threat / Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo, Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo

  • Media and Food Industries The New Politics of Food

  • Netizenship, activism and online community transformation in Indonesia Ario Seto
    HM 1206 S476 2017eb

  • Immersive Theatre and Audience Experience Space, Game and Story in the Work of Punchdrunk

  • Cultural Heritage and Peripheral Spaces in Singapore

  • Postfeminism(s) and the arrival of the fourth wave : turning tides / Nicola Rivers
    HQ 1155 R58 2017eb


  • The politics of commercial treaties in the eighteenth century : balance of power, balance of trade / Antonella Alimento, Koen Stapelbroek, editors
    HF 495 P655 2017eb

  • Global perspectives on the Bretton Woods Conference and the post-War World order / Giles Scott-Smith, J. Simon Rofe, editors
    HG 3881 G56 2017eb

  • Debating Cultural Hybridity : Multi-Cultural Identities and the Politics of Anti-Racism / edited by Pnina Werbner and Tariq Modood
    HM 276 D37 1997eb
    Why is it still so difficult to negotiate differences across cultures? In what ways does racism continue to strike at the foundations of multiculturalism?Bringing together some of the world's most influential postcolonial theorists, this classic collection examines the place and meaning of cultural hybridity in the context of growing global crisis, xenophobia and racism.Starting from the reality that personal identities are multicultural identities, Debating Cultural Hybridity illuminates the complexity and the flexibility of culture and identity, defining their potential openness as well as their closures, to show why anti-racism and multiculturalism are today still such hard roads to travel.

  • Agency at work : an agentic perspective on professional learning and development / Michael Goller, Susanna Paloniemi, editors
    HF 5381 A44 2017eb

  • Remittance income and social resilience among migrant households in rural Bangladesh / Mohammad Jalal Uddin Sikder, Vaughan Higgins, Peter Harry Ballis
    HC 440.8 Z9 I5 2017eb

  • Memory, grief, and agency a political theological account of wrongs and rites / Sunder John Boopalan
    HM 821 B66 2017eb

  • Stakeholder engagement : clinical research cases / R. Edward Freeman, Johanna Kujala, Sybille Sachs, editors

  • Making communism hermeneutical reading Vattimo and Zabala / Silvia Mazzini, Owen Glyn-Williams, editors

  • Ethical and political approaches to nonhuman animal issues / Andrew Woodhall, Gabriel Garmendia da Trindade, editors

  • Anti-vivisection and the Profession of Medicine in Britain A Social History
    HV 4943 G55 B38 2017eb

  • History of economic rationalities : economic reasoning as knowledge and practice authority / Jakob Bek-Thomsen, Christian Olaf Christiansen, Stefan Gaarsmand Jacobsen, Mikkel Thorup, editors

  • Digital transformation in financial services Claudio Scardovi
    HG 104 S33 2017eb

  • Numerical partial differential equations in finance explained an introduction to computational finance / Karel in 't Hout
    HF 5691 H68 2017eb

  • Microfinance for entrepreneurial development sustainability and inclusion in emerging markets / edited by Douglas Cumming, Yizhe Dong, Wenxuan Hou, Binayak Sen

  • Applied approaches to societal institutions and economics : essays in honor of Moriki Hosoe / Tohru Naito, Woohyung Lee, Yasunori Ouchida, editors

  • Economic foundations for social complexity science : theory, sentiments, and empirical laws / Yuji Aruka, Alan Kirman, editors

  • Identifying stock market bubbles modeling illiquidity premium and bid-ask prices of financial securities / Azar Karimov

  • Monetary policy, financial crises, and the macroeconomy festschrift for Gerhard Illing / Frank Heinemann, Ulrich Klüh, Sebastian Watzka, editors

  • Economics without laws towards a new philosophy of economics / Łukasz Hardt

  • Knowledge-driven developments in the bioeconomy : technological and economic perspectives / Stephan Dabbert, Iris Lewandowski, Jochen Weiss, Andreas Pyka, editors

  • Japans lost decade lessons for asian economies
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