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K - Law - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Law that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 60 days.

  • Global regulatory issues for the cosmetics industry. edited by C.I. Betton
    K 3649 G58 2007eb

  • Biotechnology & nanotechnology : regulation under environmental, health, and safety laws / B. David Naidu
    K 3925 B56N35 2009

  • Global legislation for food contact materials / edited by Joan Sylvain Baughan
    Food contact materials such as packaging, storage containers and processing surfaces can pose a substantial hazard to both food manufacturer and consumer due to the migration of chemicals or other substances from the material to the food, which can cause tainting of flavours and other sensory characteristics, or even illness. This book reviews the main materials used for food contact in terms of the global legislation in place to ensure their safe and effective use. Part One provides an overview of food contact legislation issues such as chemical migration and compliance testing. Part Two looks in detail at the legislation for specific food contact materials and their advantages, hazards and use in industry. Includes global coverage of food contact legislation Features expert analysis of future trends in global food packaging regulation Focus on specific materials such as plastic, paper and rubber materials in contact with food

  • Food chemicals codex : by authority of the United States Pharmacopeial Convention / prepared by the Council of Experts and published by the Board of Trustees
    KF 3878 F66 2010eb

  • Codex alimentarius / Codex Alimentarius Commission
    K 3626 A482009eb

  • EU food law : a practical guide / edited by Kaarin Goodburn
    KJE 6778 E9 2001eb

  • Environmental regulatory calculations handbook / by Leo Stander and Louis Theodore
    KF 3775 S73 2008eb

  • Handbook of chemical industry labeling / edited by Charles J. O'Connor, Sidney I. Lirtzman
    KF 3958 H36 1984eb

  • International trade law statutes and conventions, 2011-2013 / [edited by] Indira Carr & Miriam Goldby
    KD 2460 S73 2012

  • Mythes grecs et droit : retour sur la fonction anthropologique du droit / Peggy Larrieu
    K 487 M98L37 2017eb

  • Common sense and legal judgment : community knowledge, political power, and rhetorical practice / Patricia Cochran
    K 370 C63 2017eb

  • Géopolitique de la mer de Chine méridionale : eaux troubles en Asie du Sud-Est / sous la direction de Éric Mottet, Frédéric Lasserre et Barthélémy Courmont
    KZA 1692 G46 2017eb

  • La Convention du patrimoine mondial : la vision des pionniers / Christina Cameron, Mechtild RŠossler
    K 3791 A41972C3614 2017eb

  • Charte canadienne et droits linguistiques : pour en finir avec les mythes / Frédéric Bérard ; préface de Jean-Frandcois Gaudreault-DesBiens
    KE 4413 B47 2017eb

  • Le silence et le droit, recherches sur une métaphore / Elodie Bordes
    K 213 B728 2018eb

  • Le droit pénal à la lumière de l'existentialisme sartrien / Kevin Iselin
    K 5064 I83 2017eb

  • La Constitution bilingue du Canada : un projet inachevé / sous la direction de Linda Cardinal et François Larocque
    KE 4170 C663 2017eb

  • Complexity's embrace : the international law implications of Brexit / editors, Oonagh E. Fitzgerald, Eva Lein
    KD 4015 C66 2018eb

  • Tobacco control in China / Gonghuan Yang, editor

  • Legal issues in social work practice and research Sana Loue

  • Preventing the Proliferation of WMDs : Measuring the Success of UN Security Council Resolution 1540 / Daniel Salisbury, Ian J. Stewart, Andrea Viski, editors

  • Military interventions, war crimes, and protecting civilians / Christi Siver

  • Wage and hour law : guide to methods and analysis / Chester Hanvey

  • The making of international criminal justice : a view from the bench : selected speeches / Theodor Meron
    K 5001 M47 2011
    There has been a quiet revolution over the course of the past quarter century in the prosecution of individuals for war crimes before international courts. Until recently, and with a few notable exceptions in the wake of World War II, violations of the laws of war and internationalhumanitarian law were addressed primarily as claims between states. However, this approach has changed radically in just the last twenty years, as the international community has increasingly accepted the idea of individual criminal responsibility for violations of international humanitarian law. The International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda have played a key role in this transformation and, as the trailblazers for a growing number of new international or hybrid criminal courts, in establishing the field of international criminal justice and encouraging thenational prosecution of war crimes. Understanding the Tribunals' origins, their ground-breaking jurisprudence, and how they have addressed critical legal and practical challenges is essential to understanding both the revolution that has occurred over the past twenty years and how internationalcriminal law will change and grow in the years ahead.As a leading scholar on humanitarian law, past President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and Appeals Judge for both the Yugoslavia and Rwanda Tribunals, Theodor Meron has observed and influenced the development of international criminal law as it has evolved from amostly academic exercise to a cornerstone of the new international legal order. In this collection of speeches delivered during his first decade on the bench, Meron offers an insightful overview of the foundations of international criminal law as well as a unique, insider's perspective on the challenges faced by international criminal tribunals, their creation of a corpus ofsubstantive and procedural law regarding everything from sentencing and self-representation to the law of genocide and the protection of prisoners of war, the contributions of other international courts, and the responsibilities of international jurists. Judge Meron's personal reflections and unparalleled experience in international criminal justice make this volume as rewarding for experts as it is for the general public.

  • Class actions in Canada : the promise and reality of access to justice / Jasminka Kalajdzic
    KE 8402 K34 2018
    Whatever deficits remain in the Canadian project to make justice available to all, class actions have been heralded as a success. They have been employed over the past several decades to overcome barriers to justice for those who would otherwise have no recourse to the courts. First proposing a conceptualization of access to justice that moves beyond mere access to a court procedure, leading expert Jasminka Kalajdzic then methodically assesses survey data and case studies to determine how class action practice fulfills or falls short of its objectives. Class Actions in Canada is a timely exploration of the evolution of collective litigation in Canada.

  • A tragic fate : law and ethics in the battle over Nazi-looted art / Nicholas M. O'Donnell
    K 5219 O36 2017
    The organized theft of fine art by Nazi Germany has captivated worldwide attention in the last twenty years. As much as any other topic arising out of World War Two, stolen art has proven to be an issue that simply will not go away. Newly found works of art pit survivors and their heirs against museums, foreign nations, and even their own family members. These stories are enduring because they speak to one of the core tragedies of the Nazi era: how a nation at the pinnacle of fine art and culture spawned a legalized culture of theft and plunder. A Tragic Fate is the first book to seriously address the legal and ethical rules that have dictated the results of restitution claims between competing claimants to the same works of art. It provides a history of Art and Culture in German-occupied Europe, an introduction to the most significant collections in Europe to be targeted by the Nazis, and a narrative of the efforts to reclaim looted artwork in the decades following the Holocaust through profiles of some of the art world's most famous and influential restitution cases.

  • Nazi law : from Nuremberg to Nuremberg / edited by John J. Michalczyk
    KK 4880 N39 2018
    No Marketing Blurb

  • Australia's War Crimes Trials 1945-51 / by Georgina Fitzpatrick, Tim McCormack, Narrelle Morris
    KU 43 F58 2016eb

  • The Charter debates : the Special Joint Committee on the Constitution, 1980-81, and the making of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms / edited by Adam M. Dodek
    KE 4381.5 C48 2018

    The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms may only be thirty-five years old but it is an important document for all Canadians. Few today, however, are aware of the extensive work and tumultuous debates that occurred behind the scenes.

    In The Charter Debates , Adam Dodek tells the story of the Special Joint Committee of the Senate and the House of Commons on the Constitution, whose members were instrumental in drafting the Charter . Dodek places the work of the Joint Committee against the backdrop of the decades-long process of patriation and takes the reader inside the committee room, giving them access to Cabinet discussions about constitutional reform. The volume offers a textual exploration of the edited proceedings concerning major Charter subjects such as fundamental freedoms, democratic rights, equality rights, language rights, and the limitations clause.

    Presenting key moments from the transcripts, carefully selected and contextualized, The Charter Debates is a one-of-a-kind resource for scholars, students, and general readers interested in the Charter and its impact on constitutional politics in Canada.

  • Flunking democracy : schools, courts, and civic participation / Michael A. Rebell
    KF 4124.5 R42 2018
    The 2016 presidential election campaign and its aftermath have underscored worrisome trends in the present state of our democracy: the extreme polarization of the electorate, the dismissal of people with opposing views, and the widespread acceptance and circulation of one-sided and factually erroneous information. Only a small proportion of those who are eligible actually vote, and a declining number of citizens actively participate in local community activities.

    In Flunking Democracy , Michael A. Rebell makes the case that this is not a recent problem, but rather that for generations now, America's schools have systematically failed to prepare students to be capable citizens. Rebell analyzes the causes of this failure, provides a detailed analysis of what we know about how to prepare students for productive citizenship, and considers examples of best practices. Rebell further argues that this civic decline is also a legal failure--a gross violation of both federal and state constitutions that can only be addressed by the courts. Flunking Democracy concludes with specific recommendations for how the courts can and should address this deficiency, and is essential reading for anyone interested in education, the law, and democratic society.

  • Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context = Convention sur l'évaluation de l'impact sur l'environnement dans un contexte transfrontière = Konvent︠s︡ii ob ot︠se︡nke vozdeĭstvii︠a︡ na okruzhai︠us︡hchui︠u︡ sredu v transgranichnom kontekste / Economic Commission for Europe = Commission économique pour l'Europe = Evropeĭskai︠a︡ ėkonomicheskai︠a︡ komissii︠a︡
    KJE 6242 A43 1991 A7 2017b
    Environmental threats do not respect national borders. Governments have realized that to avert this danger they must notify and consult each other on all major projects under consideration that might have adverse environmental impact across borders. The Espoo Convention is a key step to bringing together all stakeholders to prevent environmental damage before it occurs. The Convention entered into force in 1997. It was complemented by the Protocol on Strategic Environmental Assessment (Kyiv, 2003). The publication contains the English, French and Russian versions of the text of the 1997 United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context, as amended on 27 February 2001 and on 4 June 2004, further to the entry into force of the 2004 amendment on 23 October 2017.

  • The wetiko legal principles : Cree and Anishinabek responses to violence and victimization / Hadley Louise Friedland
    KE 8926 F74 2018

    In Algonquian folklore, the wetiko is a cannibal monster or spirit that possesses a person, rendering them monstrous. In The Wetiko Legal Principles , Hadley Friedland explores how the concept of a wetiko can be used to address the unspeakable happenings that endanger the lives of many Indigenous children.

    Friedland critically analyses Cree and Anishinabek stories and oral histories alongside current academic and legal literature to find solutions to the frightening rates of intimate violence and child victimization in Indigenous communities. She applies common-law legal analysis to these Indigenous stories and creates a framework for analysing stories in terms of the legal principles that they contain. The author reveals similarities in thinking and theorizing around the dynamics of wetikos and offenders in cases of child sexual victimization. Friedland's respectful, strength-based, trauma-informed approach builds on the work of John Borrows and is the first to argue for a legal category derived from Indigenous legal traditions. The Wetiko Legal Principles provides much needed direction for effectively applying Indigenous legal principles to contemporary social issues.

  • La construction du droit des Autochtones par la Cour suprême du Canada : témoignage d'un plaideur / René Morin
    KE 7709 M655 2017

  • Health care and the Charter : legal mobilization and policy change in Canada / Christopher P. Manfredi and Antonia Maioni
    KF 3605 M35 2018
    Health Care and the Charter explores the systematic use of Charter litigation in the area of health care and the policy impact of the resulting judicial decisions. Christopher P. Manfredi and Antonia Maioni examine three of the most controversial Supreme Court decisions in recent years. Eldridge (1997) and Auton (2004) invited the Court to extend the scope of publicly funded services, while Chaouilli (2005) asked the Court to allow private health services. This book explores the paths that brought litigants to the Court, the arguments that supported their positions, and the substance of the victory or defeat the Court provided.

  • La constitution bilingue du Canada : un projet inachevé / sous la direction de Linda Cardinal et François Larocque
    KE 4199 C66 2017

  • Guide to the federal government's response to the reports on sexual abuse of children, pornography and prostitution
    KE 9075 C365 1986

  • Free speech / Joseph J. Hemmer, Jr
    KF 2750 A73H46 v.1
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