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Items in Education that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Building intelligent tutoring systems for teams : what matters / edited by Joan Johnston, Robert Sottilare, Anne M. Sinatra and C. Shawn Burke
    LB 1028.73 B85 2018eb
    This volume presents multidisciplinary perspectives from leading scholars in the science of teams and intelligent tutoring systems (ITSs) on research needed to advance the state of the art of team ITSs. Our esteemed authors provide lessons learned to guide future research that will produce the technical capabilities needed to support team skills development. The introduction by Drs. Robert Sottilare and Eduardo Salas, who are leaders in the field of ITSs and team science, discusses the challenges and approaches to building ITSs for teams. The volume's first section introduces concepts for understanding team training such as team task analysis, team macrocognition, measurement strategies for dynamic processes, and effective team training methods to provide insights into ITS design. Section two presents recent advances in team assessment and feedback through unobtrusive assessments, modeling dynamic team interactions, neurodynamic scaffolding, and collaborative tutoring strategies. In the Volume's third section authors discuss lessons learned from past research, provide a discourse on the five disciplinary perspectives of engineering, learning sciences, team research, data analysis, and human computer interaction to create a framework for guiding team ITS developers, and examine the team ITS requirements for long term space travel. The final chapter summarizes and integrates lessons learned and provides recommendations for future research and development.

  • Organisational control in university management : a multiparadigm approach / Eneli Kindsiko
    LB 2324 O74 2018eb
    Organisational Control in University Management:A Multiparadigm Approach focuseson significant reform and change in large organisations. The book takes as itsprimary focus the example of management reform at the University of Tartu,Estonia, foregrounding the complexity of change and reform of the managementstructures at a HE institution. Eneli Kindsiko presents findings thatilluminate issues of organisational control in broader institutional contexts,exploring a wide-ranging set of theoretical and practical implications for manyinstitutional sectors in the organisation studies field. The book presents athorough overview of literature on organisational control, an in-depthmethodological approach (with the study building on three core researchparadigms: modernist, symbolic and postmodern), and a conceptualframework for addressing the complexities of organisational control in largeinstitutions.

  • Creating healing school communities : school-based interventions for students exposed to trauma / Catherine DeCarlo Santiago, Tali Raviv, and Lisa H. Jaycox
    LB 3430 S27 2018eb
    School systems are pressured to raise the level of academic achievement, but children who are exposed to trauma often bring a complicated set of needs to the classroom that can impact their willingness to learn, their cognitive function, their ability to form lasting relationships, and even their physical health. For school mental health providers, it can be overwhelming to find the best ways to support students who have experienced trauma and stress: What are the best ways to, understand and assist these vulnerable children?

    Creating Healing School Communities provides readers with the necessary"trauma‑informed" tools to intervene on behalf of struggling students and create a beneficial educational environment. School‑based programs can minimize the impact trauma has on learning and help students who may otherwise not have access to such support to develop the coping skills to manage ongoing and future stress. With examples of core treatment components and engaging case studies, this book illustrates how effective school‑based interventions ensure that students have the opportunity to heal from trauma. The authors take a holistic approach to trauma‑informed practices, and provide a practical overview of evidence‑based interventions using the Multi‑Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) model. Under the MTSS, trauma interventions take place on three distinct levels that address a wide variety of students and differing degrees of trauma exposure: Universal (Tier 1), Targeted (Tier 2), and Intensive (Tier 3). Creating Healing School Communities shows how school mental health professionals, educators, and administrators can work together to help students overcome trauma and excel in the classroom and in life.

  • Asking better questions : teaching and learning for a changing world / Juliana Saxton, Carole Miller, Linda Laidlaw, Joanne O'Mara
    LB 1027.44 M67 2018eb

  • Macroplanification en enseignement : principes, concepts et critères / sous la direction de Helena Boublil-Ekimova et Catinca Adriana Stan
    LC 213 M33 2018eb

  • Assessment strategies for online learning : engagement and authenticity / Dianne Conrad and Jason Openo
    LB 3051 C66 2018eb
    For many learners assessment conjures up visions of red pens scrawling percentages in the top right-hand corner of exams and feelings of stress, inadequacy, and failure. Although negative student reactions to evaluation have been noted, assessment has provided educational institutions with important information about learning outcomes and the quality of education for many decades. But how accurate is this data and has it informed practice or been fully incorporated into the learning cycle? Conrad and Open argue that the potential in many of the new learning environments to alter and improve assesment has yet to be explored by educators and students. In their investigation of assessment methods and learning approaches, Conrad and Openo aim to explore assessment that engages learners and authentically evaluates education. They insist that moving to new learning environments, specifically those online and at a distance, afford educators opportunities to embrace only the most effective face-to-face assessment methods and to realize the potential of delivering education in the digital age. In this volume practitioners will find not only an indispensable introduction to new forms of assessment but also a number of best practices as described by experienced educators.

  • Habermas et la question de l'éducation / Arianne Robichaud
    LB 14.7 R63 2018eb

  • Qualitative research in education / Liz Atkins and Susan Wallace
    LB 1028 A885 2012eb
    This accessible and practical book is a perfect quick guide for postgraduate researchers in education. Looking at the interdependence of teaching and research, the authors show that a critical and analytical exploration of policies and practices is a necessary part of what we mean by being a 'professional' in education.

    Drawing on the authors' substantial experience of teaching research skills at postgraduate level, as well as on their own experiences as active researchers, the book will guide you through:

    - discourse analysis

    - visual methods

    - textual research

    - data collection and analysis

    This co-authored book is structured around a range of methods applicable to educational research and appropriate for use by practitioners at all stages of their professional development. It takes recognisable, 'real life' scenarios as its starting point for each discussion of method, so that readers are able to start from the known and familiar.

    As well as exploring theoretical aspects of research method, each chapter provides practical tasks and points for discussion and reflection. These approaches, taken together, are designed to build confidence and encourage reader engagement and enjoyment.

    Liz Atkins is a lecturer and researcher in education at the University of Huddersfield.

    Susan Wallace is Professor of Continuing Education at Nottingham Trent University.

    Research Methods in Education series:

    Each book in this series maps the territory of a key research approach or topic in order to help readers progress from beginner to advanced researcher.

    Each book aims to provide a definitive, market-leading overview and to present a blend of theory and practice with a critical edge. All titles in the series are written for Master's-level students anywhere and are intended to be useful to the many diverse constituencies interested in research on education and related areas.

    Other books in the series:

    - Using Case Study in Education Research, Hamilton and Corbett-Whittier

    - Action Research in Education, McAteer

    - Ethnography in Education, Mills and Morton

    For more about the series and additional resources visit the BERA/SAGE series page here.

  • Advancing doctoral leadership education through technology / edited by Laura Hyatt (Professor, Department of Organizational Leadership, University of La Verne), and Stuart Allen (Professor, Department of Organizational Leadership, Robert Morris University, US)
    LB 2805 A38 2018eb

  • Ethics and education research / Rachel Brooks, Kitty te Riele and Meg Maguire
    LB 1028 B75 2014eb

  • Technology for efficient learner support services in distance education : experiences from developing countries / Anjana, editor

  • American education and the demography of the US student population, 1880-2014

  • Higher education in China Jianmin Gu, Xueping Li and Lihua Wang
    LA 1133 H55 2018eb

  • Writing with Deleuze in the academy : creating monsters / Stewart Riddle, David Bright, Eileen Honan, editors

  • Humanistic Pedagogy Across the Disciplines : Approaches to Mass Atrocity Education in the Community College Context / editors, Amy E. Traver and Dan Leshem

  • Sustainable Futures for Higher Education : The Making of Knowledge Makers / editors, Jaan Valsiner, Anastasiia Lutsenko and Alexandra Antoniouk

  • Doctoral education for the knowledge society : convergence or divergence in national approaches? / Jung Cheol Shin, Barbara M. Kehm, Glen A. Jones, editors

  • Technical and vocational education in China / Xueping Wu, Yiqub Ye

  • Conceptualizing soft power of higher education : globalization and universities in China and the World / Jian Li

  • Structural Injustices in Swedish Education : Academic Selection and Educational Inequalities / Dennis Beach

  • Educational Policies and Legislation in China / Xiaozhou Xu, Weihui Mei

  • Education and development in India : critical issues in public policy and development / Jandhyala B.G. Tilak

  • Education in an era of schooling : critical perspectives of educational practice and action research. A festschrift for Stephen Kemmis / Christine Edwards-Groves, Peter Grootenboer, Jane Wilkinson, editors

  • Education across the United Kingdom 1944-2017 : local government, accountability and partnerships / Robert McCloy, editor

  • Deploying Chromebooks in the Classroom : Planning, Installing, and Managing Chromebooks in Schools and Colleges / Guy Hart-Davis
    LB1028.43 .H37 2018eb

  • Innovative technologies and learning : first International Conference, ICITL 2018, Portoroz, Slovenia, August 27-30, 2018, Proceedings / Ting-Ting Wu, Yueh-Min Huang, Rustam Shadieva, Lin Lin, Andreja Istenič Starčič (eds.)

  • Lifelong technology-enhanced learning : 13th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, EC-TEL 2018, Leeds, UK, September 3-5, 2018, Proceedings / Viktoria Pammer-Schindler, Mar Pérez-Sanagustín, Hendrik Drachsler, Raymond Elferink, Maren Scheffel (eds.)
    LB1028.3 E97 2018eb

  • Advances in Web-Based Learning ́ђأ ICWL 2018 17th International Conference, Chiang Mai, Thailand, August 22-24, 2018, Proceedings / edited by Gerhard Hancke, Marc Spaniol, Kitisak Osathanunkul, Sayan Unankard, Ralf Klamma

  • Technology enhanced assessment : 20th International Conference, TEA 2017, Barcelona, Spain, October 5-6, 2017, Revised selected papers / Eric Ras, Ana Elena Guerrero Roldán (eds.)

  • Higher education for all : from challenges to novel technology-enhanced solutions : first International Workshop on Social, Semantic, Adaptive and Gamification Techniques and Technologies for Distance Learning, HEFA 2017, Maceió, Brazil, March 20-24, 2017, Revised selected papers / Alexandra Ioana Cristea, Ig Ibert Bittencourt, Fernanda Lima (eds.)

  • Geographies of the university / Peter Meusburger, Michael Heffernan, Laura Suarsana, editors

  • Affective feedback in intelligent tutoring systems : a practical approach / Samantha Jiménez, Reyes Juárez-Ramírez, Victor H. Castillo, Juan José Tapia Armenta

  • Complementary research methods for educational leadership and policy studies / Chad R. Lochmiller, editor

  • Dismantling race in higher education : racism, whiteness and decolonising the academy / Jason Arday, Heidi Safia Mirza, editors

  • The alienated academic : the struggle for autonomy inside the university / Richard Hall

  • Social equality in education : France and England 1789-1939 / Ann Margaret Doyle

  • School(house) Design and Curriculum in Nineteenth Century America : Historical and Theoretical Frameworks / Joseph da Silva

  • Curriculum Studies in Turkey : A Historical Perspective / Sümer Aktan

  • Education for sustainability through internationalisation : transnational knowledge exchange and global citizenship / Neera Handa
    LC 191 H2535 2018eb

  • Past, present, and future possibilities for philosophy and history of education : finding space and time for research / Stefan Ramaekers, Naomi Hodgson, editors
    LB 14.7 P37 2018eb

  • Radical collegiality through student voice : educational experience, policy and practice / Roseanna Bourke, Judith Loveridge, editors

  • School-based partnerships in teacher education : a research informed model for universities, schools and beyond / Linda Hobbs, Coral Campbell, Mellita Jones, editors

  • Private education in China : achievement and challenge / Haitao Zhou, Qiang Liu, Jing Tian, Qian Li

  • Team-based collaboration in higher education learning and teaching : a review of the literature / Catherine Newell, Alan Bain

  • Dynamic learning spaces in education / Veena Kapur, Sudipta Ghose, editors

  • Using Mobile Technologies in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics / Nigel Calder, Kevin Larkin, Nathalie Sinclair, editors
    LB 1028.3 U85 2018eb

  • Japanese education in a global age : sociological reflections and future directions / Akiyoshi Yonezawa, Yuto Kitamura, Beverley Yamamoto, Tomoko Tokunaga, editors
    LC 191.8 J3 J37 2018eb

  • Bullying prevention and intervention at school : integrating theory and research into best practices / Jacob U'Mofe Gordon

  • The postdoc landscape : the invisible scholars / edited by Audrey J. Jaeger, Alessandra J. Dinin

    The Postdoc Landscape offers historical, international, and domestic examples, solutions, and strategies for addressing the needs of postdoctoral scholars in terms of their presence in government, industry, and the academy. Growing issues and concerns are identified with a clear direction in terms of what practitioners, policymakers, and educators can do to improve the working conditions of postdoctoral scholars.

    The book includes chapters centered on three themes: the Postdoc Landscape, Postdoc Support and Postdoc Career Literacy, Agency and Choice.

    This comprehensive reference serves as a guide for scholars, individuals who supervise and mentor postdoctoral scholars and policymakers.

    Outlines practical tools to help universities and organizations develop an infrastructure for supporting postdocs Identifies the challenges that postdocs face and offers strategies on how to address the challenges Includes a diverse range of voices and experiences from leading experts in the field

  • Intelligent Data Analysis for e-Learning
    LB1028.43 M54 2017

    Intelligent Data Analysis for e-Learning: Enhancing Security and Trustworthiness in Online Learning Systems addresses information security within e-Learning based on trustworthiness assessment and prediction. Over the past decade, many learning management systems have appeared in the education market. Security in these systems is essential for protecting against unfair and dishonest conduct--most notably cheating--however, e-Learning services are often designed and implemented without considering security requirements.

    This book provides functional approaches of trustworthiness analysis, modeling, assessment, and prediction for stronger security and support in online learning, highlighting the security deficiencies found in most online collaborative learning systems. The book explores trustworthiness methodologies based on collective intelligence than can overcome these deficiencies. It examines trustworthiness analysis that utilizes the large amounts of data-learning activities generate. In addition, as processing this data is costly, the book offers a parallel processing paradigm that can support learning activities in real-time.

    The book discusses data visualization methods for managing e-Learning, providing the tools needed to analyze the data collected. Using a case-based approach, the book concludes with models and methodologies for evaluating and validating security in e-Learning systems.

    Indexing: The books of this series are submitted to EI-Compendex and SCOPUS

    Provides guidelines for anomaly detection, security analysis, and trustworthiness of data processing Incorporates state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary research on online collaborative learning, social networks, information security, learning management systems, and trustworthiness prediction Proposes a parallel processing approach that decreases the cost of expensive data processing Offers strategies for ensuring against unfair and dishonest assessments Demonstrates solutions using a real-life e-Learning context

  • Formative assessment, learning data analytics and gamification : in ICT education / edited by Santi Caballé and Robert Clarisó

    Formative Assessment, Learning Data Analytics and Gamification: An ICT Education discusses the challenges associated with assessing student progress given the explosion of e-learning environments, such as MOOCs and online courses that incorporate activities such as design and modeling. This book shows educators how to effectively garner intelligent data from online educational environments that combine assessment and gamification.

    This data, when used effectively, can have a positive impact on learning environments and be used for building learner profiles, community building, and as a tactic to create a collaborative team. Using numerous illustrative examples and theoretical and practical results, leading international experts discuss application of automatic techniques for e-assessment of learning activities, methods to collect, analyze, and correctly visualize learning data in educational environments, applications, benefits and challenges of using gamification techniques in academic contexts, and solutions and strategies for increasing student participation and performance.

    Indexing: The books of this series are submitted to EI-Compendex and SCOPUS

    Discusses application of automatic techniques for e-assessment of learning activities Presents strategies to provide immediate and useful feedback on students' activities Provides methods to collect, analyze, and correctly visualize learning data in educational environments Explains the applications, benefits, and challenges of using gamification techniques in academic contexts Offers solutions to increase students' participation and performance while lowering drop-out rates and retention levels

  • How to write about economics and public policy / Katerina Petchko,

    How to Write about Economics and Public Policy is designed to guide graduate students through conducting, and writing about, research on a wide range of topics in public policy and economics. This guidance is based upon the actual writing practices of professional researchers in these fields and it will appeal to practitioners and students in disciplinary areas such as international economics, macroeconomics, development economics, public finance, policy studies, policy analysis, and public administration. Supported by real examples from professional and student writers, the book helps students understand what is expected of writers in their field and guides them through choosing a topic for research to writing each section of the paper. This book would be equally effective as a classroom text or a self-study resource.

    Teaches students how to write about qualitative and quantitative research in public policy and economics in a way that is suitable for academic consumption and that can drive public policy debates Uses the genre-based approach to writing to teach discipline-appropriate ways of framing problems, designing studies, and writing and structuring content Includes authentic examples written by students and international researchers from various sub-disciplines of economics and public policy Contains strategies and suggestions for textual analysis of research samples to give students an opportunity to practice key points explained in the book Is based on a comprehensive analysis of a research corpus containing 400+ research articles in various areas of public policy and economics

  • Strategic industry-university partnerships : success-factors from innovative companies / Lars Frølund, Max F. Riedel ; forword by Klaus Schwab

    Strategic Industry-University Partnerships: Success-Factors from Innovative Companies unveils insights of experts from leading companies on managing partnerships with universities. Industry-university partnerships have proved vital to innovation, and although these partnerships can be challenging, careful choices and wise management around five success-factors leads to a systematic approach that unlocks value for both parties. University assessments of these partnerships have been widely described, but industry perspectives are less well understood. This volume captures observations of leading international corporations without omitting university views. It can serve all partners in alliances as a guide to strengthening their organizations.

    Unveils insights of experts from BMW, DuPont, Ferrovial, IBM, Novo Nordisk, Rolls-Royce, Schlumberger, and Siemens Presents the key challenges of university-industry collaboration and how world-leading companies tackle them Describes the success-factors for working with universities, such as selecting focus areas, university partners and collaboration formats in a systematic way and having the right organizational support and evaluation criteria

  • A guide for improving visualized instruction
    LB 1043.5 D9

  • Teaching core practices in teacher education / edited by Pam Grossman
    LB 1715 T4295 2018
    In Teaching Core Practices in Teacher Education , Pam Grossman and her colleagues advocate an approach to practice-based teacher education that identifies "core practices" of teaching and supports novice teachers in learning how to enact them competently. Examples of core practices include facilitating whole-class discussion, eliciting student thinking, and maintaining classroom norms. The contributors argue that teacher education needs to do more to help teachers master these professional skills, rather than simply emphasizing content knowledge.

    Teaching Core Practices in Teacher Education outlines a series of pedagogies that teacher educators can use to help preservice students develop these teaching skills. Pedagogies include representations of practice (ways to show what this skill looks like and break it down into its component parts) and approximations of practice (the ways preservice teachers can try these skills out as they learn). Vignettes throughout the book illustrate how core practices can be incorporated into the teacher education curriculum.

    The book draws on the work of a consortium of teacher educators from thirteen universities devoted to describing and enacting pedagogies to help novice teachers develop these core practices in support of ambitious and equitable instruction. Their aim is to support teacher educator learning across institutions, content domains, and grade levels. The book also addresses efforts to support teacher learning outside formal teacher education programs.


    Chandra L. Alston
    Andrea Bien
    Janet Carlson
    Ashley Cartun
    Katie A. Danielson
    Elizabeth A. Davis
    Christopher G. Pupik Dean
    Brad Fogo
    Megan Franke
    Hala Ghousseini
    Lightning Peter Jay
    Sarah Schneider Kavanagh
    Elham Kazemi
    Megan Kelley-Petersen
    Matthew Kloser
    Sarah McGrew
    Chauncey Monte-Sano
    Abby Reisman
    Melissa A. Scheve
    Kristine M. Schutz
    Meghan Shaughnessy
    Andrea Wells

  • International handbook of the learning sciences / edited by Frank Fischer, Cindy E. Hmelo-Silver, Susan R. Goldman, and Peter Reimann
    LB 1060 I575 2018

    The International Handbook of the Learning Sciences is a comprehensive collection of international perspectives on this interdisciplinary field. In more than 50 chapters, leading experts synthesize past, current, and emerging theoretical and empirical directions for learning sciences research. The three sections of the handbook capture, respectively: foundational contributions from multiple disciplines and the ways in which the learning sciences has fashioned these into its own brand of use-oriented theory, design, and evidence; learning sciences approaches to designing, researching, and evaluating learning broadly construed; and the methodological diversity of learning sciences research, assessment, and analytic approaches. This pioneering collection is the definitive volume of international learning sciences scholarship and an essential text for scholars in this area.

  • Measuring instructional intent; or, Got a match? [By] Robert F. Mager
    LB 3051 M417

  • Les Récits de vie : théorie, méthode et trajectoires types / sous la direction de Danielle Desmarais et Paul Grell
    LB 45 R35 1986

  • Ghosts in the schoolyard : racism and school closings on Chicago's South side / Eve L. Ewing
    LC 2803 C4 E95 2018
    "Failing schools. Underprivileged schools. Just plain bad schools."

    That's how Eve L. Ewing opens Ghosts in the Schoolyard : describing Chicago Public Schools from the outside. The way politicians and pundits and parents of kids who attend other schools talk about them, with a mix of pity and contempt.

    But Ewing knows Chicago Public Schools from the inside: as a student, then a teacher, and now a scholar who studies them. And that perspective has shown her that public schools are not buildings full of failures--they're an integral part of their neighborhoods, at the heart of their communities, storehouses of history and memory that bring people together.

    Never was that role more apparent than in 2013 when Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced an unprecedented wave of school closings. Pitched simultaneously as a solution to a budget problem, a response to declining enrollments, and a chance to purge bad schools that were dragging down the whole system, the plan was met with a roar of protest from parents, students, and teachers. But if these schools were so bad, why did people care so much about keeping them open, to the point that some would even go on a hunger strike?

    Ewing's answer begins with a story of systemic racism, inequality, bad faith, and distrust that stretches deep into Chicago history. Rooting her exploration in the historic African American neighborhood of Bronzeville, Ewing reveals that this issue is about much more than just schools. Black communities see the closing of their schools--schools that are certainly less than perfect but that are theirs --as one more in a long line of racist policies. The fight to keep them open is yet another front in the ongoing struggle of black people in America to build successful lives and achieve true self-determination.

  • Not light, but fire : how to lead meaningful race conversations in the classroom / Matthew R. Kay
    LC 1099.3 K39 2018

    Do you feel prepared to initiate and facilitate meaningful, productive dialogues about race in your classroom? Are you looking for practical strategies to engage with your students?

    Inspired by Frederick Douglass's abolitionist call to action, "it is not light that is needed, but fire" Matthew Kay has spent his career learning how to lead students through the most difficult race conversations. Kay not only makes the case that high school classrooms are one of the best places to have those conversations, but he also offers a method for getting them right, providing candid guidance on:

    How to recognize the difference between meaningful and inconsequential race conversations. How to build conversational "safe spaces," not merely declare them. How to infuse race conversations with urgency and purpose. How to thrive in the face of unexpected challenges. How administrators might equip teachers to thoughtfully engage in these conversations.

    With the right blend of reflection and humility, Kay asserts, teachers can make school one of the best venues for young people to discuss race.

  • Fair isn't always equal : assessment and grading in the differentiated classroom / Rick Wormeli
    LB 3060.37 W67 2018
    Differentiated instruction is a nice idea, but what happens when it comes to assessing and grading students? What's both fair and leads to real student learning? An internationally recognized expert on grading practices, Rick Wormeli first examined these questions 10 years ago in the first edition of Fair Isn't Always Equal .
    In this thoroughly updated second edition, Rick provides a catalyst for serious reflection on current grading and assessment practices in differentiated classrooms. Coherent and effective standards-based grading practices for a high-stakes, accountability-focused world is also outlined. Recognizing the importance of having a shared school vision for assessment and grading, Rick addresses the challenges for teachers and administrators alike.
    Middle- and high-school educators will easily recognize real examples and gray areas of grading. Rick tackles important and sometimes controversial assessment and grading issues constructively, incorporating modern pedagogy and the challenges of working with diverse groups of students. New sections address sports eligibility, honor roll, descriptive feedback techniques, and gifted/talented students, and chapters on test questions, redos/retakes, grading scales, and grading effort and behavior have been revised extensively.
    This important book clearly explains the principles behind best grading practices so that you're ready for all grading questions or scenarios that you may encounter in your classrooms and schools.

  • The Routledge international handbook of early literacy education : a Contemporary Guide to Literacy Teaching and Interventions in a Global Context / edited by Natalia Kucirkova, Catherine E. Snow, Vibeke Grover and Catherine McBride
    LB 1139.5 R43 R68 2017

    The Routledge International Handbook of Early Literacy Education offers a pioneering overview of early literacy provision in different parts of the world and brings together interdisciplinary research evidence on effective literacy teaching to inform current and future practice and policy of early literacy. From the problem of identification of literacy difficulties in a particular learning context to supporting the provision of early literacy through digital media, the handbook deals with the major concerns and newest areas of interest in literacy research. With an international and future vision, it provides an accessible guide to the main debates and future trends in the global field of early literacy, and informs academics, policy-makers, practitioners, educators and students about innovative early literacy research methods and instruction.

    The three sections and 30 ground-breaking chapters reflect a conceptual framework of questions asked by scholars and educators interested in looking beyond traditional definitions of literacy.

    Part I provides contemporary insights collected by internationally renowned scholars on what literacy is, and what it can offer to young children in the twenty-first century.

    Part II is a collection of detailed portraits of 14 countries, regions or language communities, and focuses on early literacy provision, practice and policy from across the world.

    Part III outlines key interventions and research-endorsed practices designed to support home-school connections and children's reading and writing skills, as well as vocabulary, phonological awareness and narrative abilities, with examples drawn from various home, school and community environments.

    All chapters promote discussion, critical analysis and questions for reflection and are written in jargon-free language in an easy-to use themed format. This handbook is an indispensable reference guide for practising teachers and student teachers, especially those undertaking postgraduate qualifications, as well as early literacy researchers, policy-makers and school-based literacy leaders.

  • Indigenous philosophies of education around the world / edited by John E. Petrovic and Roxanne Mitchell
    LC 3715 I474 2018

    This volume explores conceptualizations of indigeneity and the ways that indigenous philosophies can and should inform educational policy and practice. Beginning with questions and philosophies of indigeneity itself, the volume then covers the indigenous philosophies and practices of a range of communities--including Sami, Maori, Walpiri, Navajo and Kokama peoples. Chapter authors examine how these different ideals can inform and create meaningful educational experiences for communities that reflect indigenous ways of life. By applying them in informing a philosophy of education that is particular and relevant to a given indigenous community, this study aims to help policy makers and educational practitioners create meaningful educational experiences.

  • Pushing the Limits : How Schools Can Prepare Our Children Today for the Challenges of Tomorrow / Kelly Gallagher-Mackay and Nancy Steinhauer
    LA 412 G343 2017
    How do we prepare children for a future we can't even imagine?

    Across Canada, a debate swirls around what our children will need to know in the face of huge technological, economic, social and political change. The question has become an ideological battleground, and there is a hunger for a deeper understanding of what we should be doing to prepare children now for the challenges of the future. This timely, important book is an answer to that call.

    In Pushing the Limits , Kelly Gallagher-Mackay and Nancy Steinhauer draw on their experiences as educational leaders to reveal that the schools of the future exist in the here and now. They introduce us to extraordinary Canadian public schools, deeply rooted in their communities, that are fostering innovators, nimble problem-solvers and engaged citizens, boosting math comprehension, cultivating creativity and using technology to broaden the parameters of learning. And they explore why the role of schools is expanding to nurture students' social-emotional skills and growth mindsets, and how vital this broader definition of education is to children's long-term health, happiness and success. This book provides a vision of what schooling can and should look like in our rapidly shifting world and explores how we--parents and teachers--can realize this vision together.

  • The handbook of cognition and assessment : frameworks, methodologies, and applications / edited by André Rupp and Jacqueline P. Leighton
    LB 1062 H247 2017

    This state-of-the-art resource brings together the most innovative scholars and thinkers in the field of testing to capture the changing conceptual, methodological, and applied landscape of cognitively-grounded educational assessments.

    Offers a methodologically-rigorous review of cognitive and learning sciences models for testing purposes, as well as the latest statistical and technological know-how for designing, scoring, and interpreting results Written by an international team of contributors at the cutting-edge of cognitive psychology and educational measurement under the editorship of a research director at the Educational Testing Service and an esteemed professor of educational psychology at the University of Alberta as well as supported by an expert advisory board Covers conceptual frameworks, modern methodologies, and applied topics, in a style and at a level of technical detail that will appeal to a wide range of readers from both applied and scientific backgrounds Considers emerging topics in cognitively-grounded assessment, including applications of emerging socio-cognitive models, cognitive models for human and automated scoring, and various innovative virtual performance assessments

  • Distributed learning : pedagogy and technology in online information literacy instruction / edited by Tasha Maddison and Maha Kumaran
    LB 1044.87 D568 2017

    The field of distributed learning is constantly evolving. Online technology provides instructors with the flexibility to offer meaningful instruction to students who are at a distance or in some cases right on campus, but still unable to be physically present in the classroom. This dynamic environment challenges librarians to monitor, learn, adapt, collaborate, and use new technological advances in order to make the best use of techniques to engage students and improve learning outcomes and success rates. Distributed Learning provides evidence based information on a variety of issues, surrounding online teaching and learning from the perspective of librarians.

  • Courageous conversations about race : a field guide for achieving equity in schools / Glenn E. Singleton ; foreword by Gloria Ladson-Billings
    LC 213.2 S58 2015
    Create a systemwide plan for transforming the district office, schools, and classrooms into places that truly support ALL students achieving their highest levels!

    This updated edition of the bestseller continues to explain the need for candid, courageous conversations about race so that educators may understand why achievement inequality persists and learn how they can develop a curriculum that promotes true educational equity and excellence.

    NEW! Revised Courageous Conversation Compass NEW! Racial autobiographies NEW! Case study on St. Paul Public Schools, which has stayed on track with the Courageous Conversation protocol and framework NEW! Links to video segments of the author describing the work REVISED! Activities and checklists for school and district leaders REVISED! Action and implementation steps

  • The guide for White women who teach Black boys : understanding, connecting, respecting / [edited by] Eddie Moore, Jr., Ali Michael, Marguerite W. Penick-Parks ; forewords by Glenn E. Singleton and Heather Hackman
    LC 2731 G85 2018
    Researchers and practitioners are, for the most part, in agreement that the greatest instructional gaps exist between white, female teachers and their black, male students. Achievement data consistently reveal that black boys are underperforming in the nation′s schools. The Guide for White Women Who Teach Black Boys requires the reader to work through activities that may challenge them, ask them to honestly reflect on who they are and where they come from. By engaging in personal and professional introspective work, this guide takes the reader through works by experts, stories by educators and students, and videos that will help personalize the educational lives of black boys and their white teachers.
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