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L - Education - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Education that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Principles of instructional design / Robert M. Gagné [and others]
    LB 1028.38 P75 2005
    This pioneering text describes a rationally consistent basis for instructional design, based in cognitive psychology and information-processing theory. The authors prepare teachers to design and develop a course, unit, and module of instruction, outline the nine stages of instructional design procedure, and integrate current research and practice in the movement toward performance systems technology. The Fifth Edition of PRINCIPLES OF INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN emphasizes the social and cultural context of learning, learner-centered principles, and the affordances of new technologies and learning environments.

  • Emile : or, On education / Jean-Jacques Rousseau ; introd., translation, and notes by Allan Bloom
    LB 512 E5 1979

  • Assessing quality in postsecondary education : international perspectives / edited by Harvey P. Weingarten, Martin Hicks, and Amy Kaufman
    LB 2331.62 A87 2018
    For many years the benefits conferred by a higher education went undisputed. But students, employers, governments, and taxpayers are now demanding evidence of educational quality and value. At the same time, fiscally strapped governments are raising questions about how institutions are funded and the role quality should play in setting funding levels. In the face of these mounting pressures, jurisdictions around the world are working toward designing meaningful indicators to measure the performance of postsecondary institutions that go beyond enrolment numbers, graduation rates, and ever-popular reputational rankings. Assessing Quality in Postsecondary Education: International Perspectives presents a collection of thought-provoking essays by world-renowned higher-education thinkers and policy experts that discuss ways of defining and measuring academic quality. The papers were presented at a conference convened by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario in May 2017 and provide valuable insight into this pressing issue and underscore the need for reform.

  • Education in a new society : renewing the sociology of education / edited by Jal Mehta and Scott Davies
    LC 191 E4248 2018
    In recent decades, sociology of education has been dominated by quantitative analyses of race, class, and gender gaps in educational achievement. And while there's no question that such work is important, it leaves a lot of other fruitful areas of inquiry unstudied. This book takes that problem seriously, considering the way the field has developed since the 1960s and arguing powerfully for its renewal.
    The sociology of education, the contributors show, largely works with themes, concepts, and theories that were generated decades ago, even as both the actual world of education and the discipline of sociology have changed considerably. The moment has come, they argue, to break free of the past and begin asking new questions and developing new programs of empirical study. Both rallying cry and road map, Education in a New Society will galvanize the field.

  • Handbook of arts education and special education : policy, research, and practices / edited by Jean B. Crockett and Sharon M. Malley
    LC 4025 H36 2018

    The Handbook of Arts Education and Special Education brings together, for the first time in a single reference volume, policy, research, and practices in special education and arts education synthesized to inform stakeholders across a broad spectrum of education. This handbook encompasses arts education for students with disabilities, from pre-K through transition to postsecondary education and careers as well as community arts education, with particular attention to conceptual foundations; research-based practices; professional standards; students#65533; cognitive, artistic, and social growth; career education; and future directions for research and practice in special education and arts education.

  • L'université : fin de partie : et autres écrits à contre-courant / Jacques Pelletier ; préface de Simon Tremblay-Pepin
    LB 2329.8 C2 P45 2017

  • Land education : rethinking pedagogies of place from indigenous, postcolonial, and decolonizing perspectives / edited by Kate McCoy, Eve Tuck and Marcia McKenzie.
    LC 239 L36 2016

    This important book on Land Education offers critical analysis of the paths forward for education on Indigenous land. This analysis discusses the necessity of centring historical and current contexts of colonization in education on and in relation to land. In addition, contributors explore the intersections of environmentalism and Indigenous rights, in part inspired by the realisation that the specifics of geography and community matter for how environmental education can be engaged.

    This edited volume suggests how place-based pedagogies can respond to issues of colonialism and Indigenous sovereignty. Through dynamic new empirical and conceptual studies, international contributors examine settler colonialism, Indigenous cosmologies, Indigenous land rights, and language as key aspects of Land Education. The book invites readers to rethink 'pedagogies of place' from various Indigenous, postcolonial, and decolonizing perspectives. This book was originally published as a special issue of Environmental Education Research.

  • Laïcité et religions : perspective nouvelle pour l'école québécoise / rapport du Groupe de travail sur la place de la religion à l'école
    LC 408.2 Q4Q43 1999

  • Education and the environment : learning to live with limits / Gregory A. Smith
    LC 191.4 S64 1992
    Smith (education, U. of Alaska) explains that the problem with the American education system is that it closely mirrors the values of the society that created it. He traces how we got into the current mess, and suggests some ways to start digging our way out. Addressed to the concerned public, rather than specifically to educators. Paper edition (unseen), $12.95. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

  • Teaching children to love themselves : a handbook for parents and teachers of young children / Michael E. Knight [and others]
    LB 3013 T39
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