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M - Music and Books on Music - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Music and Books on Music that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Looking back, looking ahead, popular music studies 20 years later : proceedings of the eleventh biannual IASPM Conference, July 6-10, 2001, Turku, Finland / edited by Kimi Kärki, Rebecca Leydon and Henri Terho
    ML 36 I54 2001

  • Musicology and difference : gender and sexuality in music scholarship / edited by Ruth A. Solie
    ML 3838 M96 1993
    Addressing Western and non-Western music, composers from Francesca Caccini to Charles Ives, and musical communities from twelfth-century monks to contemporary opera queens, these essays explore questions of gender and sexuality. Musicology and Difference brings together some of the freshest and most challenging voices in musicology today on a question of importance to all the humanistic disciplines.

  • Instruments of desire : the electric guitar and the shaping of musical experience / Steve Waksman
    ML 1015 G9 W24 1999
    Around 1930, a group of guitar designers in southern California fitted instruments with an electromagnetic device called a pickup - and forever changed the face of popular music. taken up by musicians as diverse as Les Paul, Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix, and the MC5, the electric guitar would become not just a conduit of electrifying new sounds but also a symbol of energy, innovation, and desire in the music of the day. This volume is the first full account of the historical and cultural significance of the electric guitar, a wide-ranging exploration of how and why the instrument has had such broad musical and cultural impact.

  • Immediacy and non-simultaneity : utopia of sound / Diedrich Diederichsen, Constanze Ruhm (eds.) ; [translations: Christopher Barber ...]
    ML 3800 I66 2010

  • Neil Young and the poetics of energy / William Echard
    ML 420 Y75 E34 2005

    This book uniquely and successfully sustains a cohesive analysis of the work, career, and reception of a single artist. That the artist is Neil Young, one of the most confounding and mysterious of rock stars, is an added bonus. Finally someone will explain what's been going on all these years!" --Daniel Cavicchi, author of Tramps Like Us: Music and Meaning among Springsteen Fans

    As a writer in Wired magazine puts it, Neil Young is a "folk-country-grunge dinosaur [who has been] reborn (again) as an Internet-friendly, biodiesel-driven, multimedia machine." In Neil Young and the Poetics of Energy, William Echard stages an encounter between Young's challenging and ever-changing work and current theories of musical meaning--an encounter from which both emerge transformed.

    Echard roots his discussion in an extensive review of writings from the rock press as well as his own engagement as a fan and critical theorist. How is it that Neil Young is both a perpetual outsider and critic of rock culture, and also one of its most central icons? And what are the unique properties that have lent his work such expressive force? Echard delves into concepts of musical persona, space, and energy, and in the process illuminates the complex interplay between experience, musical sound, social actors, genres, styles, and traditions.

    Readers interested primarily in Neil Young, or rock music in general, will find a new way to think and talk about the subject, and readers interested primarily in musical or cultural theory will find a new way to articulate and apply some of the most exciting current perspectives on meaning, music, and subjectivity.

  • Software for people : collected writings 1963-80 / Pauline Oliveros
    ML 60 O44 1984b

  • The place where you go to listen : in search of an ecology of music / John Luther Adams ; [foreword by Alex Ross]
    ML 410 A2333 A3 2009
    Did Alaska create the music of John Luther Adams, or did the music create his Alaska? For the past thirty years, the vastness of Alaska has swept through the distant reaches of the composer's imagination and every corner of his compositions. In this new book Adams proposes an ideal of musical ecology, the philosophical foundation on which his largest, most complex musical work is based. This installation, also called The Place Where You Go to Listen, is a sound and light environment that gives voice to the cycles of sunlight and darkness, the phases of the moon, the seismic rhythms of the earth, and the dance of the aurora borealis. Adams describes this work as "a place for hearing the unheard music of the world around us." The book includes two seminal essays, the composer's journal telling the story of the day-to-day emergence of The Place, as well as musical notations, graphs and illustrations of geophysical phenomena.

  • Computer music instruments foundations, design, and development / Victor Lazzarini

  • Bridging people and sound : 12th International Symposium, CMMR 2016, São Paulo, Brazil, July 5-8, 2016, Revised selected papers / Mitsuko Aramaki, Richard Kronland-Martinet, Sølvi Ystad (eds.)

  • Rap beyond resistance : staging power in contemporary Morocco / Cristina Moreno Almeida

  • The tide was always high : the music of Latin America in Los Angeles / edited by Josh Kun
    ML 3477.8 L67 T53 2017
    In 1980, the celebrated new wave band Blondie headed to Los Angeles to record a new album and along with it, the cover song "The Tide Is High," originally written by Jamaican legend John Holt. Featuring percussion by Peruvian drummer and veteran LA session musician "Alex" Acu#65533;a, and with horns and violins that were pure LA mariachi by way of Mexico, "The Tide Is High" demonstrates just one of the ways in which Los Angeles and the music of Latin America have been intertwined since the birth of the city in the eighteenth century.

    The Tide Was Always High gathers together essays, interviews, and analysis from leading academics, artists, journalists, and iconic Latin American musicians to explore the vibrant connections between Los Angeles and Latin America. Published in conjunction with the Getty's Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA , the book shows how Latin American musicians and music have helped shape the city's culture--from Hollywood film sets to recording studios, from vaudeville theaters to Sunset Strip nightclubs, and from Carmen Miranda to P#65533;rez Prado and Juan Garc#65533;a Esquivel.

  • Aspects of Wagner / Bryan Magee
    ML 410 W1M2X
    Many music lovers find Wagner's operas inexpressibly beautiful and richly satisfying, while others find them revolting, dangerous, self-indulgent, and immoral. The man who W.H. Auden once called "perhaps the greatest genius that ever lived" has inspired both greater adulation and greater loathing than any other composer. Bryan Magee presents a penetrating analysis of Wagner's work, concentrating on how his sensational and deeply erotic music uniquely expresses the repressed and highly charged contents of the psyche. He examines not only Wagner's music and detailed stage directions but also the prose works in which he formulated his ideas, as well as shedding new light on his anti-semitism and the way in which the Nazis twisted his theories to suit their own purposes. Outlining the astonishing range and depth of Wagner's influence on our culture, Magee reveals how profoundly he continues to shock and inspire musicians, poets, novelists, painters, philosophers, and politicians today.
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