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M - Music and Books on Music - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Music and Books on Music that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • The lyrics of the Henry VIII manuscript / edited by Raymond G. Siemens
    ML 54.6 L98 2018
    The Henry VIII Manuscript contributes considerably to our critical understanding of the connections between poetry and power in early Renaissance society -- because of the prominence of its chief author, the king himself, and also because of its literary reflection of the social and political elements of the early Tudor court. The lyrics of the Henry VIII Manuscript thoroughly document the fictions of the early Tudor court constructed and upheld by the courtiers of the day. As such, the Henry VIII Manuscript provides a rare opportunity for examining the light, earlier lyrical works of Henry VIII.

    Renaissance English Text Society v39.

  • Jazz libre et la révolution québécoise : musique-action, 1967-1975 / Eric Fillion
    ML 3509 C27Q34 2019

  • They shot, he scored : the life and music of Eldon Rathburn / James K. Wright with Allyson Rogers
    ML 410 R225W95 2019
    Eldon Davis Rathburn (1916-2008), one of the most multi-dimensional, prolific, and endlessly fascinating composers of the twentieth century, wrote more music than any other Canadian composer of his generation. During a long and productive career that spanned seventy-five years, Rathburn served for thirty years as a staff composer with the National Film Board of Canada (1947-76), scored the first generation of IMAX films, and created a diverse catalogue of orchestral and chamber works. With the aid of extensive archival and documentary materials, They Shot, He Scored chronicles Rathburn's life and works, beginning with his formative years in Saint John, New Brunswick, and his breakthrough in Los Angeles in connection with Arnold Schoenberg and the LA Philharmonic Orchestra. The book follows his work at the NFB, his close encounters with some of the most celebrated international figures in his field, and his collaboration with the team of innovators who launched the IMAX film corporation. James Wright undertakes a close analytical reading of Rathburn's film and concert scores to outline his methods, compositional techniques, influences, and idiosyncratic approach to instrumentation, as well as his proto-postmodern proclivity for borrowing from diverse styles and genres. Authoritative and insightful, They Shot, He Scored illuminates the extraordinary career of an unsung creative force in the film and music industry.

  • Wherever the sound takes you : heroics and heartbreak in music making / David Rowell
    ML 385 R82 2019
    David Rowell is a professional journalist and an impassioned amateur musician. He's spent decades behind a drum kit, pondering the musical relationship between equipment and emotion. In Wherever the Sound Takes You , he explores the essence of music's meaning with a vast spectrum of players, trying to understand their connection to their chosen instrument, what they've put themselves through for their music, and what they feel when they play.

    This wide-ranging and openhearted book blossoms outward from there. Rowell visits clubs, concert halls, street corners, and open mics, traveling from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland to a death metal festival in Maryland, with stops along the way in the Swiss Alps and Appalachia. His keen reportorial eye treats us to in-depth portraits of musicians from platinum-selling legend Peter Frampton to a devout Christian who spends his days alone in a storage unit bashing away on one of the largest drum sets in the world. Rowell illuminates the feelings that both spur music's creation and emerge from its performance, as well as the physical instruments that enables their expression. With an uncommon sensitivity and grace, he charts the pleasure and pain of musicians consumed with what they do--as all of us listen in.

  • Music criticism 1900-1950 / edited by Jordi Ballester and Germán Gan Quesada
    ML 3880 M855 2018
    The analysis of music criticism, and by extension music literature, has become over the last few decades one of the most active research fields in musicological studies. It has decisively contributed to a reinvigorated understanding of musical life from the 18th century to the present day. It has also provided new methodological tools in order to evaluate the construction processes of the socioeconomic and cultural circumstances that have determined the creation, performance, reception, and intellectual appraisal of the musical reality in contemporary societies. This monograph gathers up to 22 contributions that throw light on a broad range of topics and geographical and cultural areas concerning the situation of music criticism throughout the first half of the twentieth century. So, it offers appealing insights into some of the key elements which define the relationship between music and criticism during a pivotal historical period for the discipline.
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