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M - Music and Books on Music - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Music and Books on Music that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Performing music history : musicians speak first-hand about music history and performance / John C. Tibbetts, Michael Saffle, William A. Everett ; forewords by Emanuel Ax and Lawrence Kramer
    ML 457 P47 2018eb

  • Music learning and teaching in culturally and socially diverse contexts : implications for classroom practice / Georgina Barton
    MT 1 B37 2018eb

  • Pluralism in American music education research : essays and narratives / Diana R. Dansereau, Jay Dorfman, editors

  • The Cambridge companion to Verdi / edited by Scott L. Balthazar
    ML 410 V4C326 2004eb

  • The fairies, 1755, by David Garrick
    ML 50.2 F14 S6 1755ab

  • Happy end : a melodrama with songs / lyrics by Bertolt Brecht ; music by Kurt Weill ; original German play by Dorothy Lane ; translated, adapted, and introduced by Michael Feingold
    ML 50 W42H42 1982

  • The Schubert song cycles : with thoughts on performance / by Gerald Moore
    MT 892 M6 1975

  • The Cambridge companion to the string quartet / edited by Robin Stowell
    ML 1160 C36 2003eb

  • The Cambridge companion to the musical / edited by William A. Everett and Paul R. Laird
    ML 2054 C35 2008eb
    Tracing the development of the musical on both Broadway and in London's West End, this updated Companion continues to provide a broad and thorough overview of one of the liveliest and most popular forms of musical performance. Ordered chronologically, essays cover from the American musical of the nineteenth century through to the most recent productions, and the book also includes key information on singers, audience, critical reception, and traditions. All of the chapters from the first edition remain - several in substantially updated forms - and five completely new chapters have been added, covering: ethnic musicals in the United States; the European musical; Broadway musicals in revival and on television; the most recent shows; and a case study of the creation of the popular show Wicked based on interviews with its creators. The Companion also includes an extensive bibliography and photographs from key productions.

  • The Cambridge companion to Stravinsky / edited by Jonathan Cross
    ML 410 S932C15 2003eb
    Stravinsky's work spanned the major part of the twentieth-century and was engaged with nearly all its principal compositional developments. Reflecting the breadth of his phenomenal achievement, this Companion contains a wide range of essays in three broad sections covering the contexts within which Stravinsky worked--Russian, modernist and compositional, with his key compositions--Russian, neoclassical and serial, and with the reception of his ideas--through performance, analysis and criticism. The volume concludes with an interview with the composer Louis Andriessen and a major re-evaluation of "Stravinsky and us" by Richard Taruskin.

  • Music therapy : a fieldwork primer / Ronald M. Borczon
    ML 3920 B58 2017
    Writing from over 35 years of experience as a music therapy clinician and educator, the author has provided the field with an invaluable, "hands-on" introduction to field work and practicum experiences. This is the second, updated, and expanded version of the first edition, originally published in 2004. After defining the essential attributes of a music therapist, the author explains the field learning process and the therapeutic process, pointing out the various challenges that students face in their developing years.

    Of particular interest is the section giving advice on how to cope with the inevitable anxiety of leading one's first session in a clinical setting. The book then offers practical suggestions on "how to" (1) use music, 2) verbally process a musical improvisation, (3) deal with difficult clients, (4) collect and report clinical data, and (5) benefit from supervision. Already field-tested by the author with his own students, this companion to field training is an invaluable resource for practicum students, interns, supervisors, educators, and practitioners.

  • Music by the numbers : from Pythagoras to Schoenberg / Eli Maor
    ML 3805 M3 2018

    How music has influenced mathematics, physics, and astronomy from ancient Greece to the twentieth century

    Music is filled with mathematical elements, the works of Bach are often said to possess a math-like logic, and Igor Stravinsky said "musical form is close to mathematics," while Arnold Schoenberg, Iannis Xenakis, and Karlheinz Stockhausen went further, writing music explicitly based on mathematical principles. Yet Eli Maor argues that music has influenced math at least as much as math has influenced music. Starting with Pythagoras, proceeding through the work of Schoenberg, and ending with contemporary string theory, Music by the Numbers tells a fascinating story of composers, scientists, inventors, and eccentrics who played a role in the age-old relationship between music, mathematics, and the sciences, especially physics and astronomy.

    Music by the Numbers explores key moments in this history, particularly how problems originating in music have inspired mathematicians for centuries. Perhaps the most famous of these problems is the vibrating string, which pitted some of the greatest mathematicians of the eighteenth century against each other in a debate that lasted more than fifty years and that eventually led to the development of post-calculus mathematics. Other highlights in the book include a comparison between meter in music and metric in geometry, complete with examples of rhythmic patterns from Bach to Stravinsky, and an exploration of a suggestive twentieth-century development: the nearly simultaneous emergence of Einstein's theory of relativity and Schoenberg's twelve-tone system.

    Weaving these compelling historical episodes with Maor's personal reflections as a mathematician and lover of classical music, Music by the Numbers will delight anyone who loves mathematics and music.

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