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M - Music and Books on Music - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Music and Books on Music that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Jungian music psychotherapy : when Psyche sings / Joel Kroeker
    ML 3920 K86 2019eb

    Music is everywhere in our lives and all analysts are witness to musical symbols arising from their patient's psyche. However, there is a common resistance to working directly with musical content. Combining a wide range of clinical vignettes with analytic theory, Kroeker takes an in-depth look at the psychoanalytic process through the lens of musical expression and puts forward an approach to working with musical symbols within analysis, which he calls Archetypal Music Psychotherapy (AMP).

    Kroeker argues that we have lost our connection to the simple, vital immediacy that musical expression offers. By distilling music into its basic archetypal elements, he illustrates how to rediscover our place in this confrontation with deep psyche and highlights the role of the enigmatic, musical psyche for guiding us through our life. Innovative and interdisciplinary, Kroeker's model for working analytically with musical symbols enables readers to harness the impact of meaningful sound, allowing them to view these experiences through the clarifying lens of depth psychology and the wider work of contemporary psychoanalytic theory.

    Jungian Music Psychotherapy is a groundbreaking introduction to the ideas of Archetypal Music Psychotherapy that interweaves theory with clinical examples. It is essential reading for Jungian analysts, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, music therapists, academics and students of Jungian and post-Jungian studies, music studies, consciousness studies, and those interested in the creative arts.

  • Reflections on Malcolm Forsyth / Mary I. Ingraham & Robert C. Rival, editors
    ML 410 F735R33 2019
    Malcolm Forsyth (1936-2011) was a musical legend: a much-loved composer, performer, teacher, and mentor. Reflections on Malcolm Forsyth presents a captivating and approachable portrait of one of Canada's finest modern composers. Readers will discover both public and private sides to the man and gain fresh insights from critical assessments of a broad range of Forsyth's compositions, his continuing popular appreciation, and his lasting influence on the next generation of musicians and music scholars. Drawing from the perspectives of leading scholars, composers, and musicians, as well as on those of family, friends, students, and colleagues, Reflections on Malcolm Forsyth honours the rich life and cultural significance of this exceptional creative mind. It is important reading for music students and researchers, professional performers, and anyone who loves contemporary music.Contributors: Tommy Banks, Allan Gordon Bell, Nora Bumanis, Robin Elliott, Amanda Forsyth, Valerie Forsyth, Allan Gilliland, Carl Hare, Mary I. Ingraham, Edward Jurkowski, Ryan McClelland, John McPherson, Fordyce C. (Duke) Pier, Roxane Prevost, Kathy Primos, Tanya Prochazka, Leonard Ratzlaff, Rayfield Rideout, Robert C. Rival, Julia Shaw, Dale Sorensen, Christopher Taylor

  • It's a London thing : how rare groove, acid house and jungle remapped the city / Caspar Melville
    This book is a record of the Black music culture that emerged in post-colonial London at the end of the twentieth century; the people who made it, the racial and spatial politics of its development and change, and the part it played in founding London's precious, embattled multiculture. It tells the story of the linked Black musical scenes of the city, from ska, reggae and soul in the 1970s, to rare groove and rave in the 1980s and jungle and its offshoots in the 1990s, to dubstep and grime of the 2000s. Melville argues that these demonstrate enough common features to be thought of as one musical culture, an Afro-diasporic continuum. Core to this idea is that this dance culture has been ignored in history and cultural theory and that it should be thought of as a powerful and internationally significant form of popular art.

  • Island gospel : Pentecostal music and identity in Jamaica and the United States / Melvin L. Butler
    ML 3178 P4B87 2019

  • Cultural nationalism and ethnic music in Latin America / edited by William H. Beezley
    ML 3917 L27C85 2018

  • Claude Debussy : a critical biography / François Lesure ; English translation and revised edition by Marie Rolf
    ML 410 D28L4313 2019
    François Lesure's "critical biography" of Claude Debussy (Fayard, 2003) is widely recognized by scholars as the most comprehensive and reliable account of that composer's life and career as well as of the artistic milieu in which he worked. This encyclopedic volume draws extensively on Debussy's complete correspondence (at that time unpublished), a painstaking tracking of contemporary reviews and comments in the press, and an examination of other primary documents-including private diaries-that had not been available to previous biographers. As such, Lesure's book presents a wealth of new information while debunking a number of myths that had developed over the years since the composer's death in 1918. The present English translation and revised edition, by Debussy authority Marie Rolf, augments Lesure's numerous notes with several thousand new ones by Rolf, providing more precise information on crucial and sometimes contentious points. It also reflects Debussy scholarship that has appeared since 2003, updating Lesure's seminal work. Rolf's translation-the first ever-will make Lesure's findings accessible to scholars, musicians, and music lovers in English-speaking lands and around the world. FRANÇOIS LESURE (1923-2001) was the director of the music division of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, professor of musicology at the Université libre de Bruxelles, and chair of musicology at the École pratique des Hautes Études. MARIE ROLF is senior associate dean of graduate studies and professor of music theory at the Eastman School of Music and a member of the editorial board for the Ouvres complètes de Claude Debussy.

  • A life in music from the Soviet Union to Canada : memoirs of a Madrigal ensemble singer / by Alexander Tumanov ; translated and edited by Vladimir Tumanov
    ML 420 T926A3 2019eb

  • Destructive desires : rhythm and blues culture and the politics of racial equality / Robert J. Patterson
    ML 3917 U6P37 2019

  • Solid state : the story of Abbey Road and the end of the Beatles / Kenneth Womack
    ML 421 B4W66 2019

  • Gamelan girls : gender, childhood, and politics in Balinese music ensembles / Sonja Lynn Downing
    ML 3917 I5D68 2019

  • Ain't I a diva? : Beyoncé and the power of pop culture pedagogy / Kevin Allred ; foreword by Cheryl Clarke
    ML 420 K675A73 2019

  • Cosmopolitan intimacies : Malay film music of the independence era / Adil Johan
    M 176 A35 2018eb

  • The development of popular music function in film : from the birth of rock 'n roll to the death of disco / Anthony Hogg
    ML 2075 H64 2019

  • On popular music and its unruly entanglements Nick Braae, Kai Arne Hansen, editors

  • Eurovisions identity and the international politics of the Eurovision song / Julie Kalman, Ben Wellings, Keshia Jacotine, editors

  • Maternal representations in twenty-first century broadway musicals : stage mothers / Gina Masucci MacKenzie

  • Switched on pop : how popular music works, and why it matters / Nate Sloan and Charlie Harding ; illustration by Iris Gottlieb
    ML 3470 S6 2020eb

  • Music and the new global culture : from the great exhibitions to the jazz age / Harry Liebersohn
    ML 3916 L54 2019
    Music listeners today can effortlessly flip from K-pop to Ravi Shankar to Amadou & Mariam with a few quick clicks of a mouse. While contemporary globalized musical culture has become ubiquitous and unremarkable, its fascinating origins long predate the internet era. In Music and the New Global Culture , Harry Liebersohn traces the origins of global music to a handful of critical transformations that took place between the mid-nineteenth and early twentieth century. In Britain, the arts and crafts movement inspired a fascination with non-Western music; Germany fostered a scholarly approach to global musical comparison, creating the field we now call ethnomusicology; and the United States provided the technological foundation for the dissemination of a diverse spectrum of musical cultures by launching the phonograph industry. This is not just a story of Western innovation, however: Liebersohn shows musical responses to globalization in diverse areas that include the major metropolises of India and China and remote settlements in South America and the Arctic. By tracing this long history of world music, Liebersohn shows how global movement has forever changed how we hear music--and indeed, how we feel about the world around us.

  • Music in the human experience : an introduction to music psychology / Donald A. Hodges
    ML 3830 H47 2020

    Music in the Human Experience: An Introduction to Music Psychology, Second Edition, is geared toward music students yet incorporates other disciplines to provide an explanation for why and how we make sense of music and respond to it--cognitively, physically, and emotionally. All human societies in every corner of the globe engage in music. Taken collectively, these musical experiences are widely varied and hugely complex affairs. How did human beings come to be musical creatures? How and why do our bodies respond to music? Why do people have emotional responses to music? Music in the Human Experience seeks to understand and explain these phenomena at the core of what it means to be a human being.

    New to this edition:

    Expanded references and examples of non-Western musical styles Updated literature on philosophical and spiritual issues Brief sections on tuning systems and the acoustics of musical instruments A section on creativity and improvisation in the discussion of musical performance New studies in musical genetics Greatly increased usage of explanatory figures
Updated: Thursday 23 January 2020
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