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N - Fine Arts - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Fine Arts that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Emotion and the seduction of the senses, Baroque to neo-Baroque / edited by Lisa Beaven and Angela Ndalianis
    NX 650 E46 E46 2018
    Emotion and the Seduction of the Senses, Baroque to Neo-Baroque examines the relationship between the cultural productions of the baroque in the seventeenth century and the neo-baroque in our contemporary world. The volume illuminates how, rather than providing rationally ordered visual realms, both the baroque and the neo-baroque construct complex performative spaces whose spectacle seeks to embrace, immerse, and seduce the senses and solicit the emotions of the beholder.

  • Durdy Bayramov : life, art, and legacy / Keyik Bayramova, Robert Pontsioen, Jeren Balayeva, and Paul Michael Taylor
    ND 249 B37 A4 2017

  • Käthe Kollwitz : the art of compassion / by Brenda Rix ; with an essay by Jay A. Clarke
    N 6888 K62 A4 2003

  • Adel Abdessemed : Conflit / edited by Pascal Normandin
    NB 249 A33 A4 2017

  • Dʼun livre lʼautre : Musée royal de Mariemont, 12 décembre-1er mars 1987 : [catalogue / textes et notices André Balthazar, et al.]
    N 7433.35 B4 D86 1986

  • Lorna Mills : reality show / [curator: Stuart Reid ; essay by Corinna Ghaznavi]
    N 6549 M528 A4 2004

  • George Bures Miller : simple experiments in aerodynamics / essays by Charles Acland, David Clearwater
    N 6549 M527 A4 1995

  • The most beautiful house in the world / by Witold Rybczynski
    NA 7120 R93 1990
    "A winning book, a pleasure to read...a revelation about what architects actually do and how they go about doing it." - Los Angeles Times

    Witold Rybezynski takes us on an extraordinary odyssey as he tells the story of designing and building of his own house. Rybezynski's project began as a workshed; through a series of "happy accidents," however, the structure gradually evolved into a full-fledge house.

    In tracing this evolution, he touches on matters both theoretical and practical, writing on such diverse topics as the distinguished structural descendants of the humble barn, the ritualistic origins of the elements of classical architecture, and the connections between dress and habitation, and between architecture and gastronomy. Rybezynski discusses feng shui, the Chinese art of placing a home in the landscape, and also considers the theories and work of such architects as Palladio, Le Corbusier, and Frank Lloyd Wright. An eloquent examination of the links between being and building, The Most Beautiful House in the World offers insights into the joys of "installing ourselves in a place, of establishing a spot where it be safe to dream."

  • Paul Smith : shadow band : [exhibition] June 5-July 4, 1993, Southern Alberta Art Gallery
    ND 249 S6229 A4 1993

  • Alisdair MacRae and Patrick Lacasse : perfect music : high voltage
    N 6545.65 I56 A45 2017

  • Byron Johnston / [curator, Roger H. Boulert ; introduction, Margaret E. Dryden ; curatorial essay, Arcadia revisited, part 1, Roger H. Boulet ; interview Mowry Baden]
    N 6549 J59 A4 1999

  • Anish Kapoor / Lynda Forsha ; with an essay by Pier Luigi Tazzi
    NB 1020 K36 F657 1992

  • Karel Funk / curated by Andrew Kear ; essays by Stephen Borys, Jarrett Gregory, Andrew Kear
    ND 249 F82 A4 2016

  • Lois Andison : relay
    N 6549 A6455 A4 2015

  • PAVED meant
    N 6547 S3 P39 2015

  • Reader : selected work by Jan Peacock / essays by Bob Sherrin, Jean Gagnon, Paula Levine ; [editor/publication coordinator, Karen Love]
    N 6549 P42 A4 2002

  • Brian Jungen : [Contemporary Art Gallery, July 27-September 23, 2001]
    N 6549 J86 A4 2002

  • Recalling Belvedere / Colette Urban ; with essays by Colleen O'Neill and Robert Bean
    N 6549 U72 A4 2005

  • The art of post-dictatorship : ethics and aesthetics in transitional Argentina / Vikki Bell
    N 72 S6B393 2014eb

    Since the end of the last dictatorship in 1983, Argentina's visual artists and art-activists have been central to campaigns to demand the criminal prosecution of those initially granted amnesty and to a variety of commemorative projects. In The Art of Post-Dictatorship: Ethics and Aesthetics in Transitional Argentina Vikki Bell examines this involvement and intervention. She argues that the problematics that arise within the aesthetic realm cannot be understood solely through an art-historical approach; instead, they must be understood as a constitutive part of a broader collective endeavour. In this sense, the 'art' of post-dictatorship is not something that belongs to art or the artists themselves, but is about how the subjectivities and imaginations of new generations are constituted and entwined with questions of response, ethics and justice. It concerns how people align themselves between the past and the future.

    This book will be an invaluable resource for those studying the law, politics, art and sociology of contemporary Argentina as well as those concerned more widely with transitional justice and the politics of memory.

  • See what I'm saying? : engravings / Jim Westergard
    NE 1113.5 W48A4 2018eb

  • Spirit matters : Ron (Gyo-Zo) Spickett, artist, poet, lay-priest / Geoffrey Simmins
    ND 249 G96S52 2009eb

  • Medicine paint : the art of Dale Auger / foreword by Mary-Beth Laviolette
    ND 249 A945A4 2009eb

    One of Canada's most evocative modern painters, Cree artist Dale Auger was a gifted interpreter of First Nations culture, using the cross-cultural medium of art to portray scenes from the everyday to the sacred and dissemble stereotypes about Indigenous peoples. Medicine Paint is a collection of Auger's best work, reproduced in glorious full colour and reflecting the evolution of the artist's distinctive style. Including a revealing look back at his life and professional development, the book is a stunning tribute to the master Aboriginal artist.

    Auger uses bold, bright colours in his oil paintings to explore the intricate links between spirituality and the natural laws of the land. Birds, beasts and human forms are carried from the dreamworld onto canvas, their spirits channeled through his paintbrush and presented in brilliant yellows, mystic blues, vibrant reds and swirls of black. Infusing his subjects with energy, life and colour, Dale Auger masterfully presents scenes that are powerful, spiritual and inspiring. A bald eagle is majestic in flight against a bright blue sky. An elder makes a solemn offering to the Sky Being. Horses dance playfully in the frame for a sweat lodge. A warrior draws his bow and points it skyward.

    "Dale Auger's artwork is stunningly beautiful." -- Globe and Mail

    "To show expression through your brush that comes directly from the Creator's creative source is powerful. I truly feel blessed." --Dale Auger

  • Obsession : Sir William Van Horne's Japanese ceramics / edited by Ron Graham
    NK 4167 O27 2018eb

  • Obsession : la collection de céramiques japonaises de Sir William Van Horne / sous la direction de Ron Graham ; traduit de l'anglais par Colette Tougas
    NK 4167 O2714 2018eb

  • The measure of the West : a representation of travel / Álvaro Siza, Giovanni Chiaramonte ; edited by Roberto Cremascoli, Laura Geronazzo ; texts by Giovanni Chiaramonte, Roberto Cremascoli, Álvaro Siza, Mirko Zardini ; translated from the Italian by Craig Lund
    N 72 A75M5713 2018eb

  • Stan Denniston : no mo video / Greg Bellerby, Stan Denniston
    N 6549 D45 A4 2009

  • Ruins / Tom Dean
    NB 249 D388 A4 2002

  • Ron Baird, 1984 : a celebration of his first 20 years of sculpture / Joan Murray
    NB 249 B34 A4 1984

  • Altered egos : the multimedia work of Carl Beam / by Elizabeth McLuhan
    N 6549 B395 A4 1984

  • Faire oeuvre d'incrédule / Miguel-Angel Berlanga ; [texte, Richard Gagnier]
    N 6545.5 I56 B47 2004

  • Sylvie Bélanger : de la séduction à la résistance / Helga Pakasaar, curator ; [translation, Jeffrey Moore, Colette Tougas]
    N 6549 B44 A4 1999

  • Une nuit blanche = The sleepless night / Derek Besant
    N 6549 B48 A4 1999

  • Gisele Amantea, Southern Alberta Art Gallery
    N 6549 A48 A4 1988

  • Jessica Diamond / essay by David Moos
    ND 237 D45 A4 2002
    Through her employment of a variety of media ranging from sculpture to the comic strip, American artist Jessica Diamond has had a consistent interest in wall drawings. Known for wry, incisive texts painted directly on the wall, Diamond continues to use elements of image and text in her work, even as she moves toward an increasingly tactile and sensual approach, as documented here.

  • Gisele Amantea : requiescat
    N 6549 A48 A4 1996b

  • Doug Back : shadow grappling : selected works 1979-2001 / guest curator, Su Ditta
    N 6549 B282 A4 2001

  • Wayfarer : Jeroen Witvliet
    ND 249 W595 A4 2015

  • It's in the making : Cedric, Nathan, and Jim Bomford, Nicholas Galanin, Shelley Penfold, Angela Teng, Jess Willa Wheaton
    N 6545.6 I87 2016

  • Stephen Schofield
    N 6549 S383 A4 1991b

  • La passion avant la raison = Mark Clintberg / Gentiane Bélanger, commissaire et auteure = Passion over reason : Mark Clintberg / Gentiane Bélanger, curator and author
    N 6549 C55 A4 2016

  • 12,000 years collapsing into eight seconds
    N 6549 C3428 A4 2002

  • Sacrificial ornament = Ornement sacrificiel / Spring Hurlbut
    N 6549 H87 A4 1992

  • Melvin Charney : Options 12
    N 6549 C48 A4 1982

  • Robert Houle's Palisade / Michael Bell
    N 6549 H68 A4 2001

  • Carambolage : Biennale der Partnerregionen 1 : [Ausstellung] Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden 5.9.-25.10.1992 / [Herausgeber und Gesamtkonzeption, Jochen Poetter and others]
    N 6488 G3 B332 1992

  • Glenn Lewis : utopiary, metaphorest & bewilderness : works from 1967-1993
    NX 513 Z9 L49 1993

  • The professionals : Keith Langergraber
    N 6549 L3555 A4 2016

  • Designs of destruction : the making of monuments in the twentieth century / Lucia Allais
    NA 111.5 A45 2018

    The twentieth century was the most destructive in human history, but from its vast landscapes of ruins was born a new architectural type: the cultural monument. In the wake of World War I, an international movement arose which aimed to protect architectural monuments in large numbers, and regardless of style, hoping not only to keep them safe from future conflicts, but also to make them worthy of protection from more quotidian forms of destruction. This movement was motivated by hopeful idealism as much as by a pragmatic belief in bureaucracy. An evolving group--including architects, intellectuals, art historians, archaeologists, curators, and lawyers--grew out of the new diplomacy of the League of Nations. During and after World War II, it became affiliated with the Allied Military Government, and was eventually absorbed by the UN as UNESCO. By the 1970s, this organization had begun granting World Heritage status to a global register of significant sites--from buildings to bridges, shrines to city centers, ruins to colossi.
    Examining key episodes in the history of this preservation effort--including projects for the Parthenon, for the Cathedral of St-Lô, the temples of Abu Simbel, and the Bamyian Buddahs --Lucia Allais demonstrates how the group deployed the notion of culture to shape architectural sites, and how architecture in turn shaped the very idea of global culture. More than the story of an emergent canon, Designs of Destruction emphasizes how the technical project of ensuring various buildings' longevity jolted preservation into establishing a transnational set of codes, values, practices. Yet as entire nations' monumental geographies became part of survival plans, Allais also shows, this paradoxically helped integrate technologies of destruction--from bombs to bulldozers--into cultural governance. Thus Designs of Destruction not only offers a fascinating narrative of cultural diplomacy, based on extensive archival findings; it also contributes an important new chapter in the intellectual history of modernity by showing the manifold ways architectural form is charged with concretizing abstract ideas and ideals, even in its destruction.

  • Language and land use, Alberta 1993 / Marlene Creates
    N 6549 C74 A4 1994

  • Giving the story a treatment / Alex Morrison
    N 6549 M67 A4 2005
    In videos, photographs and drawings, Morrison investigates the urban sub-culture of skateboarding. His images show how a "radical" viewpoint can be commercialized through the media. Whether promoting a graffiti contest or documenting the destruction of a home in the guise of a party, Morrison never fails to provoke. Essays by Jeff Derksen and Lars Bang Larsen.

  • Modus operandi / Ginette Legaré, Louise Noguchi ; essay by Michèle Thériault
    N 6549 L47 A4 1996

  • Wyn Geleynse : filmwork and apparatus / Matthew Teitelbaum
    N 6549 G44 A4 1985

  • Choosing the dots, avoiding the holes / Jennifer Gordon
    N 7433.4 G67 1997

  • "Il n'y a pas de limites" : l'oeuvre d'Herménégilde Chiasson = "There are no limits" : the work of Herménégilde Chiasson
    N 6549 C5326 A4 1999

  • Sandra Meigs : dummies
    ND 249 M44 A4 1997

  • Dorothy Caldwell : field notes : the Art Gallery of Peterborough, 1996
    NK 8998 C35 A4 1996

  • Milk, milk, lemonade : chocolate around the corner / Stephen Schofield
    NX 513 M66 S36 1991

  • Chinaman's Peak, walking the mountain / Paul Wong
    NX 513 Z9 W66 1993

  • Stephen Schofield : si je peux le dire ainsi
    N 6549 S383 A4 1997

  • Mowry Baden : maquettes & other preparatory work, 1967-1980
    NB 249 B25 A4 1985

  • With minimal means : John Hartman prints, 1985-1995 / Kim Ness ; Zurich Canada, exhibition sponsor with special contributions from the Class of '40, McMaster University
    NE 543 H37 A4 1995

  • Peter Bowyer
    N 6549 B695 A4 2003

  • EchoSense / Lynda Cronin
    N 6549 C76 A4 2003

  • Marie José Burki : sans attribut : time after time
    N 7153 B874 A4 1995

  • Steven Shearer : 19/11/04-02/01/05
    N 6549 S515 A4 2004

  • Rodney Graham, works from 1976 to 1994 / with esssays by J. Wall [and others] ; catalogue raisonné by É. Van Balberghe and Y. Gevaert
    N 6549 G73 A4 1994

  • Language and land use, Alberta 1993 / Marlene Creates
    N 6549 C74 A4 1994

  • Littera / David Merritt
    N 6549 M48 A4 1997

  • Language and land use, Alberta 1993 / Marlene Creates
    N 6549 C74 A4 1994

  • Maria Loboda : some weep, some blow flutes
    N 7255 P63 L632 2017

  • Martin Boyce : this place is dreaming
    N 6797 B663 A4 2003

  • Don Mabie : aspects of practice, 1969-1996 : August 27-September 21, 1996, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Alberta College of Art & Design, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. / Chuck Stake
    N 6549 M2 A4 1997

  • Rodney Graham, Vancouver Art Gallery, July 23 to August 29, 1988
    N 6549 G73 A4 1988

  • Jonathas de Andrade : on fishes, horses and man
    N 6659 A53 A4 2017

  • Hadō Matsutani Takesada ten / Nishinomiya-shi Ōtani Kinen Bijutsukan hen
    ND 1059 M3425 A4 2000

  • James Kirk-Patrick : secret base by the lake
    N 6549 K57 A4 2016

  • Maria Hupfield : the one who keeps on giving / curator, Carolin Köchling = Maria Hupfield : celle qui continue de donner / commissaire, Carolin Köchling
    N 6549 H868 A4 2017

  • Howie Tsui : retainers of anarchy
    N 6549 T79 A4 2017

  • Rita McKeough : outskirts
    N 6549 M39 A4 2003
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