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N - Fine Arts - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Fine Arts that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Sculptures de Braque / Préf. de Stanislas Fumet
    NB 553 B7F97

  • Forty masterworks of American art. [Exhibition held] Oct. 28 through Nov. 14, 1970
    ND 205 H5

  • Wendy Geller : that which cannot be contained : St. Norbert Arts and Cultural Centre, September 20 to November 13, 1998
    N 6549 G45A4 1998

  • Monument culture : international perspectives on the future of monuments in a changing world / edited by Laura A. Macaluso
    NA 9345 M66 2019eb

  • René Magritte and the art of thinking / Lisa Lipinski
    ND 673 M35L57 2019eb

    For René Magritte, painting was a form of thinking. Through paintings of ordinary objects rendered with illusionism, Magritte probed the limits of our perception--what we see and cannot see, the nature of representation--as a philosophical system for presenting ideas, and explored perspective as a method of visual argumentation. This book makes the claim that Magritte's painting is about vision and the act of viewing, of perception itself, and the process of how we see and experience things in the world, including paintings as things.

  • Sciences et arts : transversalité des connaissances / Virginie Francoeur ; Préface d'Isabelle Hudon, Postface de Bernard Voyer
    NX 180 S3F73 2019

  • Life inside the cloister : understanding monastic architecture : tradition, reformation, adaptive reuse / Thomas Coomans
    NA 4850 C66 2018

  • Enrique Martínez Celaya : collected writings and interviews, 2010-2017 / Enrique Martínez Celaya ; foreword by Matthew Biro
    N 6537 M3935A35 2020
    This collection, spanning nearly a decade of artistic activity, features selections of writings that trace the intellectual influences and track the development of one of the more formidable and productive minds in the contemporary art world. The writings comprise Enrique Martínez Celaya's public lectures; essays; interviews; correspondence with artists, critics, and scholars; artist statements; blog posts; and journal entries.

    These texts were written during Martínez Celaya's appointment as Visiting Presidential Professor at the University of Nebraska; Roth Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Dartmouth College; and, most recently, as the first Provost Professor of Humanities and Arts at the University of Southern California. Marked by Martínez Celaya's encyclopedic curiosity and considerable knowledge about the world, these writings and interviews explore the role of art in life, evaluate texts by other modern and contemporary artists and thinkers, and reveal the artist's deep engagement with artistic, philosophical, and literary lines of inquiry.

  • The portrait's subject : inventing inner life in the nineteenth-century United States / Sarah Blackwood
    N 7593 B57 2019eb

  • Crafting Democracy : Fiber Arts and Activism / edited by Juilee Decker and Hinda Mandell
    NK 8812 C73 2019

  • Beyond Representation in Contemporary Caribbean Art Space, Politics, and the Public Sphere / Carlos Garrido Castellano
    N 6591 G37 2019

  • Adolphe Gouhenant French Revolutionary, Utopian Leader, and Texas Frontier Photographer / Paula Selzer and Emmanuel Pecontal
    NX 512 G68S45 2019

  • In Plenty and in Time of Need : Popular Culture and the Remapping of Barbadian Identity

  • Touched bodies : the performative turn in Latin American art / Mara Polgovsky Ezcurra
    NX 456.5 P38P65 2019

  • Acts of transgression : contemporary live art in South Africa / edited by Jay Pather and Catherine Boulle
    NX 589.8 S6A28 2019

  • Mathematics of Planet Earth Protecting Our Planet, Learning from the Past, Safeguarding for the Future / edited by Hans G. Kaper, Fred S. Roberts

  • All sides to an oval : properties, parameters and Borromini's mysterious construction / Angelo Alessandro Mazzotti
    NA 1123 B6M39 2019eb

  • On art and science : tango of an eternally inseparable duo / Shyam Wuppuluri, Dali Wu, editors

  • Imaging identity : text, mediality and contemporary visual culture / Johannes Riquet, Martin Heusser, editors
    NX 650 I35I43 2019eb

  • Displacements reading space and time in moving image installations / Alison Butler

  • A fragile inheritance : radical stakes in contemporary Indian art / Saloni Mathur
    N 7304 M384 2019eb
    In A Fragile Inheritance Saloni Mathur investigates the work of two seminal figures from the global South: the New Delhi-based critic and curator Geeta Kapur and contemporary multimedia artist Vivan Sundaram. Examining their written and visual works over the past fifty years, Mathur illuminates how her protagonists' political and aesthetic commitments intersect and foreground uncertainty, difficulty, conflict, and contradiction. This book presents new understandings of the culture and politics of decolonization and the role of non-Western aesthetic avant-gardes within the discourses of contemporary art. Through skillful interpretation of Sundaram's and Kapur's practices, Mathur demonstrates how received notions of mainstream art history may be investigated and subjected to creative redefinition. Her scholarly methodology offers an impassioned model of critical aesthetics and advances a radical understanding of art and politics in our time.

  • Pure Pulp : Contemporary Artists Working in Paper at Dieu Donné / curated by Bridget Donlon
    N 6498 P37P87 2016
    A survey of works by leading contemporary artists made in residency at Dieu Donné. The Dieu Donné Studio is the site of unparalleled creative exploration and experimentation in paper-based art, where resident artists create innovative works that employ traditional materials and 21st-century technology. This collection highlights residents since 2000 who are known for their work in sculpture, painting, photography, performance, and conceptual art. Collecting the work of 20 acclaimed artists, this book includes a statement from each artist, essays about the residency program, and conversations with the studio collaborators.

  • Mark Grotjahn : masks / [essays by Glenn O'Brien, Dakin Hart]
    NB 237 G86A4 2015
    Mark Grotjahn Sculpture is the first, and only, book dedicated to mark Grotjahn's rarely seen colorful cast bronze sculptures. Over 100 sculptures illustrated. As an world exhibiting artist known for his abstract and expressive paintings, this book showcases his large body of privately made bronze sculptures for the first time.

  • The regional production of red-figure pottery : Greece, Magna Graecia and Etruria / edited by Stine Schierup & Victoria Sabetai
    NK 4649 R445 2014
    In the latter part of the fifth century BC, regional red-figure productions were established outside Attica in regional Greece and in the western Mediterranean, propelled by the impact of the art of Attic vase painting. This collection of papers addresses key issues posed by these production centres. Why did they emerge? To what degree was their inception prompted by the emigration of Attic craftsmen in the context of the weakened Attic pottery market at the onset of the Peloponnesian War? How did Attic vase painting influence already existing traditions, and what was selected, adopted or adapted at the receiving end? Who was using red-figure in mainland Greece and Italy, and what were its particular functions in the local cultures? These and more questions are addressed here with the presentation not only of syntheses, but also primary publication of much newly discovered material. Regional production centres covered include those of Euboea, Boeotia, Corinth, Laconia, Macedonia, Ambracia, Lucania, Apulia, Sicily, Locri and Etruria.

  • Teaching art in the primary grades : sailing through 1, 2, 3 grades / Jerry E Twitchell
    N 361 T95 2019

    Everything needed to structure and teach an effective art program for grades one to three is made simple for the home-school parent or teacher.

    This step-by-step process for teaching art is perfect for home-school teachers or parents with limited art skills or time to create their own programs. This system of insight, responses to judgments, ideas, and feelings aligns with public school and state visual arts requirements.

    Teaching Art in the Primary Grades is designed to foster lifelong interest in the arts, provide a gauge of what can be expected of children at various ages and grade levels, and present a baseline for measuring growth and skill.

    Lesson plans with goals, objects, time frames, techniques, steps, illustrated examples, and assessment of growth are included.

  • Elmgreen & Dragset / Linda Yablonsky, Martin Herbert, Connie Butler, Jason Schmidt
    N 7023 E46Y33 2019

    Elmgreen & Dragset's constructed environments have been celebrated all over the world for their mischievous, cerebral, and accessible nature. This is the first comprehensive presentation of the duo's work, from their early performative pieces in the late 1990s to their most recent public projects

    Drawing from disciplines as divergent as institutional critique, social politics, performance, design, and architecture, Elmgreen & Dragset's work reconfigures the familiar with characteristic and subversive wit. Their sculptures and installations, also known as 'Powerless Structures', have redefined what it means to experience art - the cover features their work Van Gogh's Ear, a sculpture in the form of a swimming pool, which is located on Fifth Avenue in New York at the entrance to the Rockefeller Center.

    This book includes all of their most significant projects, from the transformation of New York's Bohen Foundation into a subway station in 2004, to the siting of a fake Prada boutique in the Texan desert in 2005, and the installation of the statue of a child on a rocking horse on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square in 2012.

    Elmgreen & Dragset is the latest addition to the acclaimed Phaidon Contemporary Artists Series.

  • Kour Pour
    N 6490 P68 2019
    Kour Pour presents for the first time a concentrated look at Kour Pour's artistic output from 2009-2019.

    Working primarily with painting and printmaking, the artist is known for producing vivid and decorative canvases that are built up in many layers and the result of detailed hand painting, silkscreen printing, and sanding. Concurrently, Pour has produced large-scale, hand-carved woodblock and linocut paintings that are also presented in this publication.

    The artist draws from a wide range of source material such as Oriental carpets, Persian miniature paintings, Japanese ukiyo-e prints to geological maps and package design from around the world. In each series of paintings, these images are treated in various manners. Some works appear as straightforward or slightly altered reproductions. Other times Pour creates works by combining multiple sources into single compositions. The artist also crops, fragments, and abstracts to create new interpretations of familiar cultural imagery.

    Stylistically the paintings move from one formal discipline to another: from highly patterned and decorative canvases to minimalist geometric surfaces and color field painting. It is within the multiplicity of works that certain themes recur such as the role of originality and appropriation within cultural exchange, to the way that identity can affect how art is viewed and valued. The ecstatic energy found throughout Pour's practice is in part the product of the artist's biography, as well as the movement of people, objects and images that takes place through travel and technology in 21st-century cosmopolitan life.

    Kour Pour (b. Exeter, England 1987) currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California, United States. He received a B.F.A. from the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, CA. in 2010.

  • Inside Killjoy's Kastle : dykey ghosts, feminist monsters, and other lesbian hauntings / edited by Allyson Mitchell and Cait McKinney
    N 6545.65 I56I57 2019

    Hundreds of years of ridicule, persecution, erasure, misunderstanding, and institutionalization could put anyone in a bad mood. Killjoy invites you into her kastle for a queer exorcism and celebration of the past.

    Lesbian feminist histories can have a haunting effect on the present. This book explores the making and experience of Killjoy's Kastle, an immersive walk-through installation and performance artwork (by Allyson Mitchell and Deirdre Logue). Inspired by Evangelical Christian hell houses, the exhibition has been staged in four cities so far - Toronto, London, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia - engaging thousands in interactive encounters with the spirits that haunt feminist and queer history. Where traditional hell houses set out to scare and convert, Killjoy's Kastle cheekily aims to provoke and pervert. Inside Killjoy's Kastle extends and reflects on the theoretical and political legacies of the installation in chapters by queer and feminist scholars and in vignettes by participating artists. The many colourful photos in the book also bring the kastle to life, offering an important visual context.

  • The artist as economist : art and capitalism in the 1960s / Sophie Cras ; translated from the French by Malcolm DeBevoise
    N 8600 C7313 2019
    This timely and original study transforms our understanding of the relationship between art and economics

    Bearing witness to the changing economic landscape amid the Cold War, artists in the 1960s created works that critiqued, reshaped, and sometimes reinforced the spirit of capitalism. At a time when currency and finance were becoming ever more abstracted--and the art market increasingly an arena for speculation--artists on both sides of the Atlantic turned to economic themes, often grounded in a human context. The Artist as Economist examines artists who approached these issues in critical, imaginative, and humorous ways: Andy Warhol and Larry Rivers incorporated the iconography of printed currency into their paintings, while Ray Johnson sought to disrupt and reinvent circuits of commerce with his mail art collages. Yves Klein and Edward Kienholz critiqued conceptions of artistic and monetary value, as Lee Lozano and Dennis Oppenheim engaged directly with the New York Stock Exchange. Such examples, which author Sophie Cras insightfully situates within their historic economic context, reveal capitalism's visual dimension. As art and economics grow more entangled, this volume offers a timely consideration of art's capacity to reflect on and reimagine economic systems.

  • Jonathan Meese : Dr. Zuhause: K.U.N.S.T. (Erzliebe) / Oliver Zybok, editor
    N 6888 M416A4 2019
    Jonathan Meese dedicates himself to the theme of 'home' in its broadest sense, in referring to migration and a newly emerging nationalism.Meese wishes to replace the current social system with a 'dictatorship of art', in order to free humankind from indoctrinated measures.English and German text.'Jonathan Meese. Dr. Zuhause: K.U.N.S.T. (Erzliebe)' project started with the exhibitions in St. Petri zu Lübeck (exhibition ends on 31.03.2019) and in the Günter Grass House (exhibition runs until 04.08.2019) and will now be presented with the exhibitions in the Kunsthalle St. Annen (MOTHER / EVOLUTION until 04.08.2019) and in the Overbeck-Society (FATHER / LOVE until 09.06.2019).

  • Crits : a student manual / Terry Barrett
    N 345 B37 2019
    CRITS- A Student Manual is a practical guide to help art and design students obtain maximum benefits from the most common method of teaching these subjects in college- the studio critique. CRITS positions studio critiques as positive, productive, and inspirational means to foster development not occasions to be feared. It explains the requisite skills, knowledge, and attitudes for meaningful and motivational participation in critiques. CRITS teaches students the how s and why s of critiques so that they can gain enriching benefits from their instructors and peers during and after critiques.

    Renowned author Terry Barrett informs, guides, and reassures students on the potential value of studio critiques. Filled with real-life examples of what works well, and what doesn't, Barrett provides readers with the tools to see crits as opportunities to participate, observe, reflect, and develop improving art and design engagement at all levels.

  • Things that art : a graphic menagerie of enchanting curiosity / Lochlann Jain
    NC 139 J35A74 2019

    Lochlann Jain's debut non-fiction graphic novel, Things That Art, playfully interrogates the order of things. Toying with the relationship between words and images, Jain's whimsical compositions may seem straightforward. Upon closer inspection, however, the drawings reveal profound and startling paradoxes at the heart of how we make sense of the world.

    Commentaries by architect and theorist Maria McVarish, poet and naturalist Elizabeth Bradfield, musician and English Professor Drew Daniel, and the author offer further insight into the drawings in this collection. A captivating look at the fundamental absurdities of everyday communication, Things That Art jolts us toward new forms of collation and collaboration.

  • The endless periphery : toward a geopolitics of art in Lorenzo Lotto's Italy / Stephen J. Campbell
    N 6915 C2815 2019
    While the masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance are usually associated with Italy's historical seats of power, some of the era's most characteristic works are to be found in places other than Florence, Rome, and Venice. They are the product of the diversity of regions and cultures that makes up the country. In Endless Periphery , Stephen J. Campbell examines a range of iconic works in order to unlock a rich series of local references in Renaissance art that include regional rulers, patron saints, and miracles, demonstrating, for example, that the works of Titian spoke to beholders differently in Naples, Brescia, or Milan than in his native Venice. More than a series of regional microhistories, Endless Periphery tracks the geographic mobility of Italian Renaissance art and artists, revealing a series of exchanges between artists and their patrons, as well as the power dynamics that fueled these exchanges. A counter history of one of the greatest epochs of art production, this richly illustrated book will bring new insight to our understanding of classic works of Italian art.

  • House of fashion : haute couture and the modern interior / Jess Berry
    NK 2113 B45 2018
    Since Charles Fredrick Worth established his luxurious Maison de Couture in 1858, the interior has played a crucial role in the display of fashion. House of Fashion provides a full historical account of the interplay between fashion and the modern interior, demonstrating how they continue to function as a site for performing modern, gendered identities for designers and their clientele alike. In doing so, it traces how designers including Poiret, Vionnet, Schiaparelli and Dior used commercial spaces and domestic interiors to enhance their credentials as connoisseurs of taste and style.
    Taking us from the early years of haute couture to the luxury fashion of the present day, Berry explores how the salon, the atelier and the boutique have allowed fashion to move beyond the aesthetics of dress, to embrace the visual seduction of the theatrical, artistic, and the exotic. From the Art Deco allure of Coco Chanel 's Maison to the luminous spaces of contemporary flagship stores, House of Fashion sets out fashion 's links with key figures in architecture and design, including Louis S e, Robert Mallet-Stevens, Eileen Gray, and Jean-Michel Frank. Drawing on photographs, advertisements, paintings and illustrations, this interdisciplinary study examines how fashionable interiors have shaped our understanding of architecture, dress, and elegance.

  • Concrète : the one-hour artist residency / compiled, edited, and with an introduction by Cynthia Imogen Hammond
    N 6545.65 S58C66 2014
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