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P - Language and Literature - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Language and Literature that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 60 days.

  • The diary of Anaïs Nin / edited and with an introduction by Gunther Stuhlmann
    PS 3527 I865Z5

  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge; a narrative of the events of his life
    PR 4483 C35 1970

  • Shadow land: selected poems; translated by Ruth and Matthew Mead
    PT 2662 O2A25 1966

  • Absent authority, issues in contemporary Indian English criticism / John Oliver Perry
    PR 9490.5 P47 1992
    Criticism in English, by Indic critics, chiefly of 20th century Indic English poetry; a study.

  • Beyond the story : American literary fiction and the limits of materialism / Christina Bieber Lake
    PS 221 L35 2019

  • Observing the invisible : poems / Kelly Cherry
    PS 3553 H357A6 2020

  • A companion to medieval translation / edited by Jeanette Beer
    Translation played an essential role throughout the Middle Ages, bridging the gap between literate and lay, and enabling intercourse between languages in multi-lingual Europe. Medieval translation was extremely diverse, ranging from the literality and Latinity of legal documents to the free adaptation of courtly romance. This guide to medieval translation covers a broad range of religious and vernacular texts and addresses the theoretical and pragmatic problems faced by modern translators of medieval works as they attempt to mediate between past and present.

  • Precarious times : temporality and history in modern German culture / Anne Fuchs
    PT 148 T57F83 2019

    In Precarious Times, Anne Fuchs explores how works of German literature, film, and photography reflect on the profound temporal anxieties precipitated by contemporary experiences of atomization, displacement, and fragmentation that bring about a loss of history and of time itself and that is peculiar to our current moment. The digital age places premiums on just-in-time deliveries, continual innovation, instantaneous connectivity, and around-the-clock availability. While some celebrate this 24/7 culture, others see it as profoundly destructive to the natural rhythm of day and night--and to human happiness. Have we entered an era of a perpetual present that depletes the future and erodes our grasp of the past? Beginning its examination around 1900, when rapid modernization was accompanied by comparably intense reflection on changing temporal experience, Precarious Times provides historical depth and perspective to current debates on the "digital now." Expanding the modern discourse on time and speed, Fuchs deploys such concepts as attention, slowness and lateness to emphasize the uneven quality of time around the world.

  • Darkness, Depression, and Descent in Anglo-Saxon England / Ruth Wehlau
    PR 179 L54D37 2019eb
    This collection of essays examines the motifs of darkness, depression, and descent in both literal and figurative manifestations within a variety of Anglo-Saxon texts, including the Old English Consolation of Philosophy, Beowulf, Guthlac, The Junius Manuscript, The Wonders of the East, and The Battle of Maldon. Essays deal with such topics as cosmic emptiness, descent into the grave, and recurrent grief. In their analyses, the essays reveal the breadth of this imagery in Anglo-Saxon literature as it is used to describe thought and emotion, as well as the limits to knowledge and perception. The volume investigates the intersection between the burgeoning interest in trauma studies and darkness and the representation of the mind or of emotional experience within Anglo-Saxon literature.

  • I, the poet : first-person form in Horace, Catullus, and Propertius / Kathleen McCarthy
    PA 6063 M33 2019

  • Civil vengeance : literature, culture, and early modern revenge / Emily L. King

    What is revenge, and what purpose does it serve? On the early modern English stage, depictions of violence and carnage--the duel between Hamlet and Laertes that leaves nearly everyone dead or the ghastly meal of human remains served at the end of Titus Andronicus --emphasize arresting acts of revenge that upset the social order. Yet the subsequent critical focus on a narrow selection of often bloody "revenge plays" has overshadowed subtler and less spectacular modes of vengeance present in early modern culture.

    In Civil Vengeance , Emily L. King offers a new way of understanding early modern revenge in relation to civility and community. Rather than relegating vengeance to the social periphery, she uncovers how facets of society--church, law, and education--relied on the dynamic of retribution to augment their power such that revenge emerges as an extension of civility. To revise the lineage of revenge literature in early modern England, King rereads familiar revenge tragedies (including Marston's Antonio's Revenge and Kyd's The Spanish Tragedy ) alongside a new archive that includes conduct manuals, legal and political documents, and sermons. Shifting attention from episodic revenge to quotidian forms, Civil Vengeance provides new insights into the manner by which retaliation informs identity formation, interpersonal relationships, and the construction of the social body.

  • The Two-Soul'd Animal : Early Modern Literatures of the Classical and Christian Souls

  • Rhet ops : rhetoric and information warfare / edited by Jim Ridolfo and Bill Hart-Davidson
    P 301.5 P47R47 2019eb

  • Justice on demand : true crime in the digital streaming era / Tanya Horeck
    P 96 C74H67 2019

  • The eloquent screen a rhetoric of film / Gilberto Perez ; foreword by James Harvey
    PN 1995 P3965 2019eb

    A lifetime of cinematic writing culminates in this breathtaking statement on film's unique ability to move us

    Cinema is commonly hailed as "the universal language," but how does it communicate so effortlessly across cultural and linguistic borders? In The Eloquent Screen , influential film critic Gilberto Perez makes a capstone statement on the powerful ways in which film acts on our minds and senses.

    Drawing on a lifetime's worth of viewing and re-viewing, Perez invokes a dizzying array of masters past and present--including Chaplin, Ford, Kiarostami, Eisenstein, Malick, Mizoguchi, Haneke, Hitchcock, and Godard--to explore the transaction between filmmaker and audience. He begins by explaining how film fits into the rhetorical tradition of persuasion and argumentation. Next, Perez explores how film embodies the central tropes of rhetoric--metaphor, metonymy, allegory, and synecdoche--and concludes with a thrilling account of cinema's spectacular capacity to create relationships of identification with its audiences.

    Although there have been several attempts to develop a poetics of film, there has been no sustained attempt to set forth a rhetoric of film--one that bridges aesthetics and audience. Grasping that challenge, The Eloquent Screen shows how cinema, as the consummate contemporary art form, establishes a thoroughly modern rhetoric in which different points of view are brought into clear focus.

  • Difference and orientation : an Alexander Kluge reader / by Alexander Kluge ; edited by Richard Langston

    Alexander Kluge is one of contemporary Germany's leading intellectuals and artists. A key architect of the New German Cinema and a pioneer of auteur television programming, he has also cowritten three acclaimed volumes of critical theory, published countless essays and numerous works of fiction, and continues to make films even as he expands his video production to the internet. Despite Kluge's five decades of work in philosophy, literature, television, and media politics, his reputation outside of the German-speaking world still largely rests on his films of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.

    With the aim of introducing Kluge's heterogeneous mind to an Anglophone readership, Difference and Orientation assembles thirty of his essays, speeches, glossaries, and interviews, revolving around the capacity for differentiation and the need for orientation toward ways out of catastrophic modernity. This landmark volume brings together some of Kluge's most fundamental statements on literature, film, pre- and post-cinematic media, and social theory, nearly all for the first time in English translation. Together, these works highlight Kluge's career-spanning commitment to unorthodox, essayistic thinking.

  • L'angelo spaesato : racconto ; Brigata personaggi : teatro / Reto Roedel ; con un "Ritratto di Reto Roedel" di Diego Valeri
    PQ 4878 O315A8

  • Oscar Wilde and contemporary Irish drama : learning to be Oscar's contemporary / Graham Price
    PR 8789 P75 2018eb

  • Analyse des données textuelles Ludovic Lebart, Benedicte Pincemin et Celine Poudat
    P 98.5 T49L42 2019eb

  • Lovers fall back to earth : a novel / Cecelia Frey
    PR 9199.3 F75L68 2018eb

    Lovers Fall Back to Earth is a human drama about three sisters, the men they marry, and the repercussions in their lives when disaster strikes. The sisters fall in love while they are at university and the three couples become part of a group of students who are shaped by the ideas of the sixties and who meet to discuss ideas of liberty, politics, and environmentalism. Young and idealistic revolutionaries, they believe they can change the world, as they hold forth in the smoking room where they spout philosophies about personal freedom. They form strong relationships and marry but, inevitably, each couple chooses a different life style. Amelia and Reuben live as hippies, Esther and George choose a middle-class upward-mobility life, Helen and Benjamin are the academics. When an unexpected tragedy shatters the lives of all three couples, they are forced to build their lives anew, questioning the idealism of their youth as they learn to deal with the impact of their actions on those they love.

  • The painting on Auerperg's wall : a novel / Erika Rummel
    PR 9199.4 R85P35 2018eb

    The novel revolves around the forced sale of a painting in Nazi-occupied Vienna. Zoltan Nagy, the legitimate heir, is pressured by his daughter to go to court and recoup his parents' possessions. But Zoltan is in love with the present owner of the painting. What if winning the court case means losing her? And thereby hangs a tale with several twists and turns: secrets, assumptions and slippery identities are the ingredients the author has used to create a page-turner. Zoltan's daughter, Cereta, claims the painting was sold under duress. But is the work what it appears to be, or is it an expert forgery? And is Cereta the woman she claims to be? Or is her real name Laura? David, an art historian, who falls in love with her, cannot get at the truth. He is caught in a web of illusions and postmodernist doubts. Zoltan holds the key to the puzzle, but he is hard to read. The hardships he suffered in childhood have made him a man of a thousand disguises, a man hiding even from himself.When the dispute over the painting threatens Zoltan's relationship with the people he loves, he realizes that it's time to tell who is who and what is what.

    The story of the Nagy family and the disputed painting is told in five parts, narrated respectively by David, Laura/Cereta, Zoltan and Nancy, his lover. It spans the decades from the forties to the new millennium, as we follow Zoltan from Vienna to Budapest and on to Los Angeles. It probes the soul-destroying effects of brutal regimes and the search for the truth in a world that challenges us to tell fact from fiction.

  • Simultaneous windows : poems / by Mary Corkery
    PR 9199.4 C6685A6 2017eb

  • Stained with the colours of Sunday morning / poems by Rayanne Haines
    PR 9199.4 H3454A6 2018eb

    Isabella Caro, born in Florence at the de-occupation of Italy in WW2 is a woman shaped by the resilience of her country and a thirst for knowledge.

    In this fictional Novel-in-Verse we take a journey through one woman's life, told from the perspective of three characters: Isabella, her daughter Alina and her granddaughter Georgia. Three voices weave through a lifetime in and out of harmony as they tell us a story of innocence, feminism, intellect, motherhood, immigration, understanding and loss. Ancient mythology is weaved through the poems and the character's voices ring with the echoes of the maiden, the mother and the crone.

    This is the story of a feminist and scholar and the story of mothers and daughters that takes us from 1944 Italy to the the Prairies in 2014. We meet Isabella as a child and follow her story as she marries, suffers from postpartum depression, immigrates to Canada, struggles to connect with her teen daughter, takes on the care of her grandchild and finds peace in old love. In poems both blunt and confessional a woman's story is revealed, page by page.

    This debut collection by Rayanne Haines is a creative threading of perspectives and memories about the fictional life of Isabella Caro, by three women who are fictional and yet remarkably real.

  • The marzipan fruit basket / stories by Lucy E.M. Black
    PR 9199.4 B5365A6 2017eb

  • Min fami : Arab feminist reflections on identity, space & resistance / edited by Ghadeer Malek and Ghaida Moussa
    PR 1110 W6M55 2014eb
    Min Fami: Arab Feminist Reflections on Identity, Space, and Resistance is an anthology that cradles the thoughts of Arab feminists, articulated through personal critical narratives, academic essays, poetry, short stories, and visual art. It is a meeting space where discussions on home(land), exile, feminism, borders, gender and sexual identity, solidarity, language, creative resistance, and de(colonization) are shared, confronted, and subverted. In a world that has increasingly found monolithic and one-dimensional ways of representing Arab womyn, this anthology comes as an alternate space in which we connect on the basis of our shared identities, despite physical, theoretical, and metaphorical distances, to celebrate our multiple voices, honour our ancestry, and build community on our own terms, and in our own voices.

  • Les voyages de Charles Morin : charpentier canadien-français / Yves Frenette et France Martineau en colaboration avec Virgil Benoit ; texte établi par France Martineau
    PQ 3919 M67Z945 2018eb

  • Martinique, Guadeloupe, Amériques : des marrons, du gouffre et de la Relation / Corina Crainic
    PQ 3940.5 C73 2019eb

  • Jules Verne et la culture médiatique : de la presse du XIXe siècle au Steampunk / sous la direction de Guillaume Pinson et Maxime Prévost
    PQ 2469 Z5J9434 2019eb

  • Le roman d'aventures au Québec (1837-1900) / Nathalie Ducharme
    PQ 3907 D83 2019eb

  • A season among psychics : a novel / by Elizabeth Greene
    PR 9199.4 G73434S44 2018eb

    Judith, at fifty, feels that her life is irremediably stalled, and she is depressed. Although she has a secure job teaching English Literature at a university, she is the single mother of a son on the autistic spectrum who has been lurching through the school system, year by year. Buried under the surface of her life, is her longing to write, and her deep feelings for Brian, a man who taught her in a creative writing program, and with whom she has telepathic connection. When Judtih meets Rosetta Kempffer at a psychic fair, she doesn't imagine that anything could change a life that seems so hopelessly stuck. Rosetta suggests Judith take a course from her in psychic healing, and although Judith is skeptical, she signs up, not expecting it to make a bit of difference. Yet, during the course, Judith learns not only techniques and awareness of healing, but also the truth of "things not seen with the bodily vision," and the profound connection between teaching and healing.

  • Friday's child / by Rosemary Morris
    PR 6113 O774F75 2019eb

  • All we knew but couldn't say / Joanne Vannicola
    PN 2308 V36A3 2019eb
    Joanne Vannicola grew up in a violent home with a physically abusive father and a mother who had no sexual boundaries.

    After being pressured to leave home at fourteen, and after fifteen years of estrangement, Joanne learns that her mother is dying. Compelled to reconnect, she visits with her, unearthing a trove of devastating secrets.

    Joanne relates her journey from child performer to Emmy Award-winning actor, from hiding in the closet to embracing her own sexuality, from conflicted daughter and sibling to independent woman. All We Knew But Couldn't Say is a testament to survival, love, and the belief that it is possible to love the broken, and to love fully, even with a broken heart.

  • The seeker ascends : poems / by Merle Nudelman
    PR 9199.4 N83A6 2018eb

    The poems in this book trace the emotional and spiritual journey of a woman whose beloved son dies after an arduous battle with cancer. Nudelman explores the nexus between art, healing, and truth. As the woman gradually climbs out of grief's darkness she reclaims her own life's purpose. Confronting her losses, she heals. This collection is about strength, survival, love, and the healing that comes from self-empowerment through speaking one's own truth and releasing the past. Inspired by art and nature, the poet/mother reconnects with her own fortitude and the possibilities that still exist.

  • All my fallen angelas : short fiction / Gianna Patriarca
    PR 9199.3 P344A6 2016eb

  • Disquieting : essays on silence / Cynthia Cruz
    PS 3603 R893D57 2019eb

  • Hope matters / Lee Maracle, Columpa Bobb, Tania Carter
    PR 9199.3 M3497H67 2019eb

  • A samurai's pink house : poems / by Sonia Saikaley
    PR 9199.4 S252A6 2017eb

    The poems in A Samurai's Pink House are threaded with the transformation of the seasons from Matsuo Basho's travels to a love affair between a kabuki cross-dresser and a lonely geisha and the struggles of women in ancient and modern-day Japan. The collection takes the reader on a journey through the fascinating culture of Japan with graceful and accessible language. A sensuous, powerful and beautiful collection that moves across rice fields, tea houses, cherry orchards and narrow alleys where characters, in different stages of life, strive to find identity, peace and love.

  • Days of moonlight : a novel / Loren Edizel
    PR 9199.4 E3265D39 2018eb

    Upon receiving a letter and a package of journals from a dying Mehtap, her mother Nuray's close friend in Turkey, a young Toronto woman immerses herself in the old woman's memories. She uncovers Mehtap's story as a factory worker in the 1960s who is infatuated with her boss, a man she willingly lies for, and even wrap presents for that he gives to his mistress and his wife. When her friend, Nuray, moves in with her, something unexpected happens and Mehtap is forced to choose between her two loves. Mehtap's story is interwoven with that of her parents, Cretan refugees who landed in Izmir in the mid-twenties as a result of the disastrous population exchange, only to discover an inescapable and tragic truth that shatters their lives. As Mehtap's writings unfurl, Nuray's daughter -- Mehtap's namesake -- now the keeper of the journals, notebooks and letters written by her mother's friend, also uncovers her own mother's deeply-held secrets, furtive yearnings, and forbidden love.

  • Les contes de Youpi / histoire par Philip Roy ; illustrations par Andrea Torrey Balsara ; [traduction, Tanjah Estelle Karvonen]
    PZ 23 R6948Co 2018eb

  • Ukrainian daughter's dance : poems by / Marion Mutala
    PR 9199.4 M88U47 2016eb
    "The rich and varied poems in Ukrainian Daughter's Dance speak to the heart as they document a woman's life journey, as a Ukrainian-Canadian, and as a prairie woman, and her voyage of self-discovery. Her story can be anyone's story. Poems explore issues of immigrant identity and voice in the prairies, and celebrate a cultural heritage expressed through song, dance, art, work and life."--

  • None so deadly / David A. Poulsen
    PR 9199.3 P685N66 2019eb
    A police investigator's murder has put Cullen and Cobb back on a twenty-five-year-old cold case.

    It's a case that has haunted Cullen and Cobb for years -- the murder of eleven-year-old Faith Unruh. And now the brutal killing of a police investigator who was similarly obsessed with the little girl's murder has put PI Mike Cobb and former crime-writing journalist Adam Cullen back on the killer's trail -- and directly in the line of fire.

    As the case is unfolding, Cullen is desperately trying to get out from under the thumb of a local biker gang without ruining his relationship, getting arrested ... or worse.

  • Albatross / by S. Peters-Davis
    PR 9199.4 P48135A43 2019eb

  • The diamond mistake mystery / Sylvia McNicoll
    PZ 7 M2385Di 2019eb
    Five-year-old Pearl claims that a pirate stole the rare Blushing Diamond. But everyone's a pirate on Halloween.

    Dogwalker Stephen Noble has been recruited to walk his five-year-old reading buddy, Pearl Lebel, to and from school while her mother is away and her father is ill. He's sure that this will be easier than walking canine clients Ping and Pong -- until Pearl locks herself in the house, runs away from home, and loses her family's rare pink diamond ring.

    When Pearl claims that a pirate took the ring, Stephen and Renée are on the case. But the more they discover, the more it feels like everyone is a suspect. With Pearl annoying them every step of the way, will they be able to solve the mystery before the ring's scheduled appearance at the Brilliant Diamond Show?

  • Black Dragon / by Vijaya Schartz
    PS 3619 C33B52 2019eb

  • The widow's fire / a novel by Paul Butler
    PR 9199.4 B89W53 2017eb

  • Death unseen / by Tia Dani
    PR 9199.4 D265D42 2017eb

  • Rebel women : poems / Vancy Kasper
    PR 9199.3 K3866M6 1986
    Rebel Women begins by moving in and out of women's kitchens, parlours, meetings and wagon-rides on the eve and throughout Toronto's 1837 Rebellion. The poems let the reader eavesdrop on the loves, fears, hatreds and courage of these feisty pioneers as they are engulfed by an uprising some did or did not support. The poems are based on the stories, gossip, and rumours that Kasper's grandmother, Statira Catherine Shepard - the granddaughter of Joseph Shepard, a prominent leader of the Reform Party (after whom Sheppard Avenue is named) and the youngest daughter of Rebel Joseph (jailed for insurrection with his three brothers) - shared with the poet when she was growing up. Almost nothing has been written about the women who supported, opposed or endured the failed December Rebellion of 1837--certainly not in poetry. This collection honours these daring women, what happened to them, and how they took charge of their lives. This volume also features poems about Kasper's impoverished, eccentric family and provide a glimpse of Toronto when it was still considered a "hick town."

  • Regards sur les archives d'écrivains francophones au Canada / sous la direction de Sophie Marcotte
    PQ 3902 R44 2019eb
    Intégrer les archivesd'un écrivain - ses carnets, son journal personnel, sa correspondance, lesavant-textes de ses oeuvres publiées, voire ses notes de lecture - dansl'analyse de son oeuvre canonique permet, on le sait, d'éclairer celle-ciautrement, d'en dégager un sens jusque-là inaccessible . Au Canada, mêmesi quelques initiatives d'envergure se sont développées au cours des vingtdernières années, le versant francophone des archives d'écrivains est demeurépeu exploré par les chercheurs, surtout en ce qui concerne les corpus horsQuébec.
    Cet ouvrage propose un état présent des recherches menées dans plusieursfonds d'archives et des études portant sur différents corpus ponctuels composésdes avant-textes et autres documents appartenant aux dossiers génétiquesd'oeuvres publiées. Si les études sur le corpus québécois (Roy, Guèvremont,Hébert, Ducharme, Aquin, Tremblay, etc.) dominent en nombre, celles portant surl'Ontario (Poliquin), le Manitoba (Léveillé) et l'Acadie (Leblanc) sont aussireprésentées.
    Les différentes collaborations permettent de mettre en lumière lamultiplicité des perspectives sous lesquelles il est possible d'envisager lesquestionnements liés aux fonds d'archives - notamment génétique, thématique,sémiotique, historique, sociologique, diaristique -, tout en faisant ressortirla diversité et la richesse des différents fonds et les problèmes et lacunesqui leur sont inhérents. Une coédition avec le Centre de recherche en civilisation canadienne-française.
    Ce livre est publié en français. -
    Engaging with a writer's archives - their notebooks, personal journals, correspondence, drafts, and annotations - when analyzing their canonical work, enables us to shed a different kind of light on the latter, to penetrate a hitherto inaccessible meaning. Although some significant initiatives have emerged in Canada over the past two decades, the Francophone aspect of writers' archives has remained relatively untouched by researchers, especially with regard to the corpus outside Quebec.

    This work provides insight into the present state of research into several archival collections and of studies into different unique collections comprising drafts and other documents that are part of genetic records of published works. While the studies on the Quebec corpus (Roy, Guèvremont, Hébert, Ducharme, Aquin, Tremblay, etc.) are more numerous, those on Ontario (Poliquin), Manitoba (Léveillé) and Acadia (Leblanc) are also represented.

    The various collaborations emphasize the range of possible approaches towards working with archives - including genetic, thematic, semiotic, historical, sociological, and diaristic - while highlighting the diversity and richness of different collections as well as their inherent problems and gaps.

    A copublication with the Centre de recherche en civilisation canadienne-française .

    This book is published in French.

  • Mama's boy behind bars / David Goudreault ; translated by JC Sutcliffe
    PQ 3919.3 G6743B4813 2019eb

  • Honey : a novel / Brenda Brooks

  • Worst case, we get married / Sophie Bienvenu ; translated by J.C. Sutcliffe
    PQ 3919.3 B495E813 2019eb

  • Seeing politics : film, visual method, and international relations / Sophie Harman
    PN 1995.9 P6H37 2019

  • Early modern spectatorship : interpreting English culture, 1500-1780 / edited by Ronald Huebert and David McNeil

  • Meteorites : stories / Julie Paul
    PR 9199.4 P3845M48 2019eb

    A young man takes his father to Hawaii, even though he's been dead for months. An organ player won't let her newly amputated arm stand in the way of Sunday duties. A grad student decides to take the fate of a homeless man into his own hands. A couple of criminals, new to rural living, find their idyllic life in jeopardy when nature strikes back. A stepdaughter moves in, a brother goes missing, and twins fall in love with the same girl. In Meteorites , Julie Paul's third collection of short fiction, characters are taken by surprise and must react and recover from what's entered their lives unbidden. Ghosts, giant animals, artists, imposters--you'll meet them here in these captivating stories of family dynamics and frailty, loss and atonement, faith and redemption.

  • Turning secrets / Brenda Chapman
    Keeping secrets is a very bad idea.

    Former teenage runaway and new single mother Nadia Armstrong moves to Kingston to turn her life around. But six months after she rents a low-end apartment, her body is found at an isolated construction site. Major Crimes begins piecing together her last days, uncertain if it is a case of suicide or murder. To make matters more difficult, a member of the team is leaking information, putting Staff Sergeant Rouleau in a precarious position.

    Meanwhile, Officer Kala Stonechild's niece, Dawn, is secretly corresponding with her father, who's out on early parole and turns up in town uninvited.Dawn's friend Vanessa is also keeping a dangerous secret -- her relationship with an older man named Leo, who preys on young girls. And it's not long before he has Dawn in his sights.

  • Damage done by the storm / stories by Jack Hodgins
    PR 9199.3 H54D36 2019eb

  • Hiraeth / Carol Rose Daniels
    PR 9199.4 D36212A6 2018

  • The Madrigal / Dian Day

  • Journeywoman / poems by Carolyne Van Der Meer
    PR 9199.4 V363A6 2017eb

  • The woman who went to the moon : poems of Igloolik / Rosemary Clewes

  • The women of Saturn / a novel by Connie Guzzo-McParland
    PR 9199.4 G89W64 2017eb

  • In many waters / a novel by Ami Sands Brodoff
    PR 9199.4 B75625I52 2017eb

  • Writing menopause : an anthology of fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction / edited by Jane Cawthorne and E.D. Morin

  • Hearing echoes / Renee Norman and Carl Leggo

  • The secret life of Roberta Greaves / Ann Birch
    PR 9199.4 B4996S43 2016eb

  • The nearly girl / Lisa de Nikolits
    PR 6054 E16N43 2016eb
    "Fans of A Prayer for Owen Meany and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest will love this clever, fast-paced and enjoyable thriller. Like a modern-day Joan of Arc, Amelia Fisher attempts to carve out a 'normal life', showing us how mythic the idea of 'normal' really is. With a poetic genius for a father, an obsessed body builder for a mother, and an enchantingly eccentric group seeking the help of an unorthodox therapist, what could possibly go wrong? A chance discovery propels Amelia and fellow therapy attendee, Mike, with whom she is in love, into a life-threatening situation instigated by the crazed doctor's own dark secret but Amelia's psychosis saves the day. Told with warmth, humor and populated with vividly original characters, this sprint-paced novel has it all, from restraining orders to sex in office bathrooms, and a nail-biting ending. A novel about an unusual family, expected social norms and the twists and turns of getting it all slightly wrong, the consequences of which prove fatal for some."--

  • A bedroom of searchlights : poems / by Joanna M. Weston

  • Shade : a novel / by Mia Herrera
    PR 9199.4 H474S53 2016eb

  • Amity : a novel / by Nasreen Pejvack
    Fiction. Middle Eastern Studies. Payvand, an Iranian refugee and activist still plagued by nightmares, meets a suicidal Yugoslavian refugee, Ragusa, her pockets loaded with stones ready to walk into the water. As Payvand listens to Ragusa's story, Ragusa decides to stay alive long enough to hear Payvand's. In a novel that strives to raise awareness about the extent to which elites do and have manipulated various parts of the globe into wars that serve their ends, and have done so in total disregard for the consequences to the lives of millions of people like Payvand and Ragusa, friendship is the key to what happiness can be found in a world that is seemingly incapable of learning from its past mistakes. AMITY provides a window to the destruction, displacement, pain and struggle, and the life-long and irreparable psychological distress caused by war and conflict.

  • The snow kimono : poems / by Ilona Martonfi

  • Terra incognita : poems / by Adebe DeRango-Adem
    PR 9199.4 D23A6 2015eb

  • Moments of joy : a novel / by Cecelia Frey

  • Dancing in red shoes will kill you / Donna Decker

  • Hero / Samantha Young
    The emotional and unforgettable new romance from the New York Times bestselling author of the On Dublin Street series.

    Alexa Holland's father was her hero--until her shocking discovery that her mother and she weren't his only family. Ever since, Alexa has worked to turn her life in a different direction and forge her own identity outside of his terrible secrets. But when she meets a man who's as damaged by her father's mistakes as she is, Alexa must help him.

    Caine Carraway wants nothing to do with Alexa's efforts at redemption, but it's not so easy to push her away. Determined to make her hate him, he brings her to the edge of her patience and waits for her to walk away. But his actions only draw them together and, despite the odds, they begin an intense and explosive affair.

    Only Caine knows he can never be the white knight that Alexa has always longed for. And when they're on the precipice of danger, he finds he'll do anything to protect either one of them from being hurt again....

  • Midsummer : a novella / Carole Giangrande

  • The hedge / Anne McPherson

  • The wondrous Woo / Carrianne K.Y. Leung

  • Portrait in black and gold / Carol Damioli

  • Champion et Ooneemeetoo / Tomson Highway

  • In the name of love / Sam Mukherjee
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