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P - Language and Literature - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Language and Literature that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 60 days.

  • New adventures
    PS 3525.O25N5 1969

  • The comic and the realistic in English drama, by John B. Moore
    PR 631M6 1965

  • Le retour de la capote qui tue / Ralf König ; traduction, Fabrice Ricker
    PN 6757 K663B514 1991

  • The revenge of Hothead paisan : homicidal lesbian terrorist / by Diane DiMassa
    PN 6727 D56R48 1995

  • Edward Carpenter, 1844-1929 / by Edward Hartley
    PR 4451 Z5H3

  • Natural jewboy : an epic wonder tale composed of stories, chants & rhapsodies or an evening with the author / William Levy
    PS 3562 E9274N38 1981

  • Doctor Tin / Tom Walmsley
    PS 8595 A583D63 1981

  • Diaries and letters / Harold Nicolson; edited by Nigel Nicolson
    PR 6027 I4Z53 1969

  • Poetry since 1939
    PR601 S55 1970

  • Return to the château, preceded by A girl in love / by Pauline Réage : translated by Sabine d'Estrée
    PQ 2678 E2R413 1971b

  • Une saison en enfer & Le bateau ivre. A season in hell & the drunken boat. English translation by Louise Varèse
    PQ 2387 R5S3 1961

  • Anthony Powell : a quintet, sextet, and war / John Russell
    PR 6031 O74Z9

  • The art of rearrangement: E.M. Forster's Abinger harvest
    PR 6011 O58A65

  • I love you, Mrs. Patterson : a play in three acts / by John Bowen
    PR 6052 O85I2 1964

  • The saline solution / Marco Vassi
    PS 3572 A86S25 1971b

  • The stoned apocalypse / Marco Vassi
    PS 3572 A86 Z46 1993
    A ten volume erotic fiction collection "Marco Vassi aficionados as well as the uninitiated will be glad to hear that ten of Vassi's books, all long out of print and generally unavailable, have been republished. Vassi's life and his writing were so intimately connected that it often was hard to tell which was at the service of the other. His novels stand as vivid documentation of the crazy wisdom and the exhilarated sexual explorations that occurred during what we sometimes honor but more often dismiss these days as 'the sexual revolution.'" -- David Steinberg, LIBIDO.

  • Arthur Rimbaud / by Enid Starkie
    PQ 2387 R5Z89 1973
    This is the fullest and fairest of the half-dozen books on Rimbaud in English. No single volume so complete exists even in French. Roger Shattuck (The New York Times)

  • Jack Kerouac, king of the Beats : a portrait / Barry Miles
    PS 3521 E735Z778 1999
    In conformist 1950s America, Jack Kerouac's On the Road was greeted with both delirium and dismay, but in Kerouac's hunt for the big experience and his longing for greatness, he has inspired each successive generation.

    Jack Kerouac is now an icon, and this provocative and intimate portrait of one of the twentieth century's most influential writers, reveals a man full of contradictions, rarely at peace with himself. Barry Miles, friend and official biographer of Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs, provides a meticulously researched exploration of the complex man and extraordinary writer whose creative mishmash of joyous incoherence, drug-induced ecstasy, genuine mysticism and constant craving has persuaded so many to take to the road.

  • Children of the sun / Max Schaefer
    PR 6119 C375C47 2010b
    A stunning debut novel. In the tradition of Absolute Beginners, The Buddha of Suburbia and The Line of Beauty, Children of the Sun is a story of England, which reveals a place at once familiar and new.

  • International handbook of language acquisition / edited by Jessica S. Horst and Janne von Koss Torkildsen
    P 118 I585 2019eb

    How do children acquire language? How does real life language acquisition differ from results found in controlled environments? And how is modern life challenging established theories? Going far beyond laboratory experiments, the  International Handbook of Language Acquisition examines a wide range of topics surrounding language development to shed light on how children acquire language in the real world.

    The foremost experts in the field cover a variety of issues, from the underlying cognitive processes and role of language input to development of key language dimensions as well as both typical and atypical language development. Horst and Torkildsen balance a theoretical foundation with data acquired from applied settings to offer a truly comprehensive reference book with an international outlook.

    The International Handbook of Language Acquisition is essential reading for graduate students and researchers in language acquisition across developmental psychology, developmental neuropsychology, linguistics, early childhood education, and communication disorders.

    n language acquisition across developmental psychology, developmental neuropsychology, linguistics, early childhood education, and communication disorders.

  • The handbook of TESOL in K-12 / edited by Luciana C. de Oliveira
    PE 1128 A2H2965 2019eb

    The first handbook to explore the field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages in elementary and secondary education (K-12)

    The number of students being educated in English has grown significantly in modern times -- globalization, immigration, and evolving educational policies have prompted an increased need for English language learner (ELL) education. The Handbook of TESOL in K-12 combines contemporary research and current practices to provide a comprehensive overview of the origins, evolution, and future direction of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at the elementary and secondary levels (K-12). Exploring the latest disciplinary and interdisciplinary issues in the field, this is a first-of-its-kind Handbook and contributions are offered from a team of internationally-renowned scholars.

    Comprehensive in scope, this essential Handbook covers topics ranging from bilingual language development and technology-enhanced language learning, to ESOL preparation methods for specialist and mainstream teachers and school administrators. Three sections organize the content to cover Key Issues in Teaching ESOL students in K-12, Pedagogical Issues and Practices in TESOL in K-12 Education, and School Personnel Preparation for TESOL in K-12.

    Satisfies a need for inclusive and in-depth research on TESOL in K-12 classrooms Presents a timely and interesting selection of topics that are highly relevant to working teachers and support staff Applies state-of-the-art research to real-world TESOL classroom settings Offers a balanced assessment of diverse theoretical foundations, concepts, and findings

    The Handbook of TESOL in K-12 is an indispensable resource for undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and scholars, and educators in the field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages in elementary and secondary education.

  • Political elites in Canada : power and influence in instantaneous times / edited by Alex Marland, Thierry Giasson, and Andrea Lawlor
    P 95.82 C3 P65 2018
    Political Elites in Canada offers a timely look at Canadian political power brokers and how they are adapting to a fast-paced digital media environment. Elite power structures are changing worldwide, with traditional influencers losing authority over prevailing social, economic, and political structures. This volume explores the changing landscape for power brokers, the ascent of new elites, and how they are using digital communication to connect with Canadians in unprecedented ways. Featuring studies of governmental decision makers in the public service and non-governmental influence brokers, such as social media commentators, this collection is a much-needed synthesis of elite politics in Canada.

  • The firewalkers / Francis King
    PR 6061 I45F57 1985

  • Women in Soviet film : the thaw and post-thaw periods / edited by Marina Rojavin and Tim Harte
    PN 1995.9 W6W6655 2018eb

    This book illuminates and explores the representation of women in Soviet cinema from the late 1950s, through the 1960s, and into the 1970s, a period when Soviet culture shifted away, to varying degrees, from the well-established conventions of socialist realism. Covering films about working class women, rural and urban women, and women from the intelligentsia, it probes various cinematic genres and approaches to film aesthetics, while it also highlights how Soviet cinema depicted the ambiguity of emerging gender roles, pressing social issues, and evolving relationships between men and women. It thereby casts a penetrating light on society and culture in this crucial period of the Soviet Union's development.

  • Something red : a play / by Tom Walmsley
    PS 8595 A583S66 1980

  • Art rebels : race, class, and gender in the art of Miles Davis and Martin Scorsese / Paul Lopes
    PN 2266.5 L67 2019

    How creative freedom, race, class, and gender shaped the rebellion of two visionary artists

    Postwar America experienced an unprecedented flourishing of avant-garde and independent art. Across the arts, artists rebelled against traditional conventions, embracing a commitment to creative autonomy and personal vision never before witnessed in the United States. Paul Lopes calls this the Heroic Age of American Art, and identifies two artists--Miles Davis and Martin Scorsese--as two of its leading icons.

    In this compelling book, Lopes tells the story of how a pair of talented and outspoken art rebels defied prevailing conventions to elevate American jazz and film to unimagined critical heights. During the Heroic Age of American Art--where creative independence and the unrelenting pressures of success were constantly at odds--Davis and Scorsese became influential figures with such modern classics as Kind of Blue and Raging Bull . Their careers also reflected the conflicting ideals of, and contentious debates concerning, avant-garde and independent art during this period. In examining their art and public stories, Lopes also shows how their rebellions as artists were intimately linked to their racial and ethnic identities and how both artists adopted hypermasculine ideologies that exposed the problematic intersection of gender with their racial and ethnic identities as iconic art rebels.

    Art Rebels is the essential account of a new breed of artists who left an indelible mark on American culture in the second half of the twentieth century. It is an unforgettable portrait of two iconic artists who exemplified the complex interplay of the quest for artistic autonomy and the expression of social identity during the Heroic Age of American Art.

  • Evolution de l'enseignement des langues : 5000 ans d'histoire / Claude Germain
    P 51 G44 1993

  • When the movies mattered : the New Hollywood revisited / edited by Jonathan Kirshner and Jon Lewis
    PN 1993.5 U65W47 2019

    In When the Movies Mattered Jonathan Kirshner and Jon Lewis gather a remarkable collection of authors to revisit the unique era in American cinema that was New Hollywood. Ten eminent contributors, some of whom wrote about the New Hollywood movement as it unfolded across the 1960s and 1970s, assess the convergence of film-industry developments and momentous social and political changes that created a new type of commercial film that reflected those revolutionary influences in American life.

    Even as New Hollywood first took shape, film industry insiders and commentators alike realized its significance. At the time, Pauline Kael compared the New Hollywood to the "tangled, bitter flowering of American letters in the 1850s" and David Thomson dubbed the era "the decade when movies mattered." Thomson's words provide the impetus for this volume in which a cohort of seasoned film critics and scholars who came of age watching the movies of this era reflect upon and reconsider this golden age in American filmmaking.

    Contributors: Molly Haskell, Heather Hendershot, J. Hoberman, George Kouvaros, Phillip Lopate, Robert Pippin, David Sterritt, David Thomson

  • Beyond the witness : Holocaust representation and the testimony of images : three films by Yael Hersonski, Harun Farocki and Eyal Sivan / Rebecka Katz Thor
    PN 1995.9 H53K38 2018

  • Sun & steel. Translated by John Bester
    PL 833 I7 T313 1970b
    Part autobiography and part reflections on his personal search for identity, Sun and Steel provides a fascinating insight into the complex mind of this spectacularly gifted author. In it Mishima traces his tortuous path from a sensitive, introverted childhood to creative maturity as acclaimed novelist, playwright and self-proclaimed conscience of postwar Japan. A powerful work of art in itself, Sun and Steel also provides a key to understanding his other works.

  • Edward Carpenter, 1844-1929 : prophet of human fellowship / Chushichi Tsuzuki
    PR 4451 Z5T78 2005
    This is the first full-scale biography of Edward Carpenter, an 'eminent Victorian' who played an intriguing role in the revival of Socialism in Britain in the late nineteenth century. 'A worthy heir of Carlyle and Ruskin', as Tolstoy called him, Carpenter tackled boldly the problems of alienation under the pressures of commercial civilisation, and developed a strongly personalised brand of Socialism which inspired both the Labour Party and its enemies, Syndicalism and Anarchism. A homosexual, he grappled with the problems of sexual alienation above all, and emerged as the foremost advocate of the homosexual cause at a time when it was a social 'taboo'. This study, based upon letters and many other personal documents, reveals much of Carpenter's personal life which has hitherto remained obscure, including his 'comradeship' with some of his working-men friends and his influence upon such notable literary figures as Siegfried Sassoon, E. M. Forster and D. H. Lawrence.

  • Thin ice
    PR 6025 A2526T45 1957

  • Finistère / by Fritz Peters
    PS 3531 E8F56 1952

  • Daytime stars : a poet's memoir of the revolution, the siege of Leningrad, and the thaw / Olga Berggolts ; translated and edited by Lisa A. Kirschenbaum ; foreword by Katharine Hodgson
    PG 3476 B45D613 2018
    For 872 days during World War II, the city of Leningrad endured a crushing blockade at the hands of German forces. Close to one million civilians died, most from starvation. Amid the devastation, Olga Berggolts broadcast her poems on the one remaining radio station, urging listeners not to lose hope. When the siege had begun, the country had already endured decades of revolution, civil war, economic collapse, and Stalin's purges. Berggolts herself survived the deaths of two husbands and both of her children, her own arrest, and a stillborn birth after being beaten under interrogation.

    Berggolts wrote her memoir Daytime Stars in the spirit of the thaw after Stalin's death. In it, she celebrated the ideals of the revolution and the heroism of the Soviet people while also criticizing censorship of writers and recording her doubts and despair. This English translation by Lisa A. Kirschenbaum makes available a unique autobiographical work by an important author of the Soviet era. In her foreword, Katharine Hodgson comments on experiences of the Terror about which Berggolts was unable or unwilling to write.

  • Corvo, saint or madman? / Donald Weeks
    PR 5236 R27Z9 1972

  • In case of fire in a foreign land : new and collected poems from two languages / Ariel Dorfman ; with translations by Edith Grossman with the author
    PQ 8098.14 O7P3713 2002
    In the world of Chilean poet Ariel Dorfman, men and women can be forced to choose between leaving their country or dying for it. The living risk losing everything, but what they hold onto--love, faith, hope, truth--might change the world. It is this subversive possibility that speaks through these poems. A succession of voices--exiles, activists, separated lovers, the families of those victimized by political violence--gives an account of ruptured safety. They bear witness to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of personal and social damage in the aftermath of terror. The first bilingual edition of Dorfman's work, In Case of Fire in a Foreign Land includes ten new poems and a new preface, and brings back into print the classic poems of the celebrated Last Waltz in Santiago . Always an eloquent voice against the ravages of inhumanity, Dorfman's poems, like his acclaimed novels, continue to be a searing testimony of hope in the midst of despair.

  • Verlaine
    PQ 2464 R5 1971b

  • Extraordinary women : theme and variations / by Compton Mackenzie
    PR 6025 A2526E95 1928

  • The delicate prey and other stories
    PS 3552 O874D45 1972

  • The secret orchard of Roger Ackerley / Diana Petre
    PR 6066 E754Z525 1975

  • Syntactic n-grams in computational linguistics / Grigori Sidorov

  • Women's life writing and early modern Ireland / edited by Julie A. Eckerle and Naomi McAreavey
    PR 8723 W6W68 2019
    Women's Life Writing and Early Modern Ireland provides an original perspective on both new and familiar texts in this first critical collection to focus on seventeenth-century women's life writing in a specifically Irish context. By shifting the focus away from England--even though many of these writers would have identified themselves as English--and making Ireland and Irishness the focus of their essays, the contributors resituate women's narratives in a powerful and revealing landscape.

    This volume addresses a range of genres, from letters to book marginalia, and a number of different women, from now-canonical life writers such as Mary Rich and Ann Fanshawe to far less familiar figures such as Eliza Blennerhassett and the correspondents and supplicants of William King, archbishop of Dublin. The writings of the Boyle sisters and the Duchess of Ormonde--women from the two most important families in seventeenth-century Ireland--also receive a thorough analysis. These innovative and nuanced scholarly considerations of the powerful influence of Ireland on these writers' construction of self, provide fresh, illuminating insights into both their writing and their broader cultural context.

  • The Cambridge companion to Victorian women's poetry / edited by Linda K. Hughes, Texas Christian University
    PR 595 W6C36 2019eb

  • Fictions of affliction : physical disability in Victorian culture / Martha Stoddard Holmes
    PR 468 P35S76 2004
    "Highly recommended . . . Holmes moves seamlessly from novelists like Charles Dickens to sociologists like Henry Mayhew to autobiographers like John Kitto."
    --- Choice "An absolutely stunning book that will make a significant contribution to both Victorian literary studies and disability studies."
    ---Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, Emory University "Establishes that Victorian melodrama informs many of our contemporary notions of disability . . . We have inherited from the Victorians not pandemic disability, but rather the complex of sympathy and fear."
    --- Victorian Studies Tiny Tim, Clym Yeobright, Long John Silver---what underlies nineteenth-century British literature's fixation with disability? Melodramatic representations of disability pervaded not only novels, but also doctors' treatises on blindness, educators' arguments for "special" education, and even the writing of disabled people themselves. Drawing on extensive primary research, Martha Stoddard Holmes introduces readers to popular literary and dramatic works that explored culturally risky questions like "can disabled men work?" and "should disabled women have babies?" and makes connections between literary plots and medical, social, and educational debates of the day. Martha Stoddard Holmes is Associate Professor of Literature and Writing Studies at California State University, San Marcos.

  • The Cambridge companion to Richard Wright / edited by Glenda R. Carpio
    PS 3545 R815Z6127 2019eb
    Hailed as 'the father of black literature in the twentieth century', Richard Wright was an iconoclast, an intellectual of towering stature, whose multidisciplinary erudition rivals only that of W. E. B. Du Bois. This collection captures Wright's immense power, which has made him a beacon for writers across decades, from the civil rights era to today. Individual essays examine Wright's art as central to his intellectual life and shed new light on his classic texts - Native Son and Black Boy. Other essays turn to his short fiction, and non-fiction as well as his lesser-known work in journalism and poetry, paying particular attention to manuscripts in Wright's archive - unpublished letters and novels, plans for multivolume works - that allow us to see the depth and expansiveness of his aesthetic and political vision. Exploring how Wright's expatriation to France facilitated a broadening of this vision, contributors challenge the idea that expatriation led to Wright's artistic decline.

  • Explaining the future : how to research, analyze, and report on emerging technologies / Sunny Bains
    P 96 T42B35 2019eb

  • Narrative prosthesis : disability and the dependencies of discourse / David T. Mitchell and Sharon L. Snyder
    PN 56.5 H35M58 2000
    Narrative Prosthesis: Disability and the Dependencies of Discourse develops a narrative theory of the pervasive use of disability as a device of characterization in literature and film. It argues that, while other marginalized identities have suffered cultural exclusion due to a dearth of images reflecting their experience, the marginality of disabled people has occurred in the midst of the perpetual circulation of images of disability in print and visual media. The manuscript's six chapters offer comparative readings of key texts in the history of disability representation, including the tin soldier and lame Oedipus, Montaigne's "infinities of forms" and Nietzsche's "higher men," the performance history of Shakespeare's Richard III, Melville's Captain Ahab, the small town grotesques of Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio and Katherine Dunn's self-induced freaks in Geek Love.
    David T. Mitchell is Associate Professor of Literature and Cultural Studies, Northern Michigan University. Sharon L. Snyder is Assistant Professor of Film and Literature, Northern Michigan University.

  • MLA guide to undergraduate research in literature / Elizabeth Brookbank and H. Faye Christenberry
    PR 56 B76 2019

  • Early English poetic culture and metre : the influence of G.R. Russom / edited By M.J. Toswell and Lindy Brady
    PR 203 E37 2016eb
    This volume develops G. R. Russom's contributions to early English meter and style, including his fundamental reworkings and rethinkings of accepted and oft-repeated mantras, including his word-foot theory, concern for the late medieval context for alliterative meter, and the linguistics of punctuation and translation as applied to Old English texts. Ten eminent scholars from across the field take up Russom's ideas to lead readers in new and exciting directions.

  • Machine translation and global research : towards improved machine translation literacy in the scholarly community / Lynne Bowker and Jairo Buitrago Ciro
    P 308 B69 2019eb
    In the global research community, English has become the main language of scholarly publishing in many disciplines. At the same time, online machine translation systems have become increasingly easy to access and use. Is this a researcher's match made in heaven, or the road to publication perdition?
    Here Lynne Bowker and Jairo Buitrago Ciro introduce the concept of machine translation literacy, a new kind of literacy for scholars and librarians in the digital age. For scholars, they explain how machine translation works, how it is (or could be) used for scholarly communication, and how both native and non-native English-speakers can write in a translation-friendly way in order to harness its potential. Native English speakers can continue to write in English, but expand the global reach of their research by making it easier for their peers around the world to access and understand their works, while non-native English speakers can write in their mother tongues, but leverage machine translation technology to help them produce draft publications in English. For academic librarians, the authors provide a framework for supporting researchers in all disciplines as they grapple with producing translation-friendly texts and using machine translation for scholarly communication--a form of support that will only become more important as campuses become increasingly international and as universities continue to strive to excel on the global stage.
    Machine Translation and Global Research is a must-read for scientists, researchers, students, and librarians eager to maximize the global reach and impact of any form of scholarly work.

  • Blind spots of knowledge in Shakespeare and his world : a conversation / edited by Subha Mukherji
    PR 2976 B54 2019

    A "blind spot" suggests an obstructed view, or partisan perception, or a localized lack of understanding. Just as the brain "reads" the "blind spot" of the visual field by a curious process of readjustment, Shakespearean drama disorients us with moments of unmastered and unmasterable knowledge, recasting the way we see, know and think about knowing. Focusing on such moments of apparent obscurity, this volume puts methods and motives of knowing under the spotlight, and responds both to inscribed acts of blind-sighting, and to the text or action blind-sighting the reader or spectator. While tracing the hermeneutic yield of such occlusion is its main conceptual aim, it also embodies a methodological innovation: structured as an internal dialogue, it aims to capture, and stake out a place for, a processive intellectual energy that enables a distinctive way of knowing in academic life; and to translate a sense of intellectual "community" into print.

  • Multimodal communication : a social semiotic approach to text and image in print and digital media / May Wong
    P 87 H83 2019eb

  • Complexity in Polish phonotactics : on features, weights, rankings and preferences / Paula Orzechowska
    PG 6135 O79 2019eb

  • The semantics of plurals, focus, degrees, and times : essays in honor of Roger Schwarzschild / Daniel Altshuler, Jessica Rett, editors
    P 325 S46 2019eb

  • Childhood, science fiction, and pedagogy : children ex machina / David W. Kupferman, Andrew Gibbons, editors

  • New approaches to literature for language learning / Jeneen Naji, Ganakumaran Subramaniam, Goodith White

  • Gender approaches in the translation classroom : training the doers / editors, Marcella de Marco and Piero Toto

  • A philosophy of humour / Alan Roberts

  • A systems approach to language pedagogy / Akira Tajino, editor

  • US narratives of nuclear terrorism since 9/11 : worst-case scenarios / David Seed

  • Anti-corruption tabloid journalism in Africa / Brian Chama
    PN 5450 C43 2019eb

  • Defining literary postmodernism for the Twenty-First Century / Matthias Stephan
    PN 98 P67S74 2019eb

  • Children's literature and transnational knowledge in modern China : education, religion, and childhood / Shih-Wen Sue Chen

  • The critique of work in modern French thought : from Charles Fourier to Guy Debord / Alastair Hemmens

  • Jean-Luc Godard's political filmmaking / Irmgard Emmelhainz
    PN 1995.9 P6E45 2019eb

  • Contemporary fiction and science from Amis to McEwan : the third culture novel / Rachel Holland

  • Making sense of contemporary British Muslim novels / Claire Chambers

  • Literary modernism, queer temporality : eddies in time / Kate Haffey

  • Reporting human rights, conflicts, and peacebuilding : critical and global perspectives / Ibrahim Seaga Shaw, Senthan Selvarajah, editors
    P 96 H85R47 2019eb

  • Multilingualism and the twentieth-century novel : polyglot passages / James Reay Williams

  • Cinematic intermedialities and contemporary Holocaust memory / Victoria Grace Walden
    PN 1995.9 H5W35 2019eb

  • Media, Sustainability and Everyday Life / Geoffrey Craig
    P 96 C58C73 2019eb

  • In Search of Marie-Antoinette in The 1930s : Stefan Zweig, Irving Thalberg, and Norma Shearer / T. Lawrence Larkin

  • The pedagogy of queer TV / Ava Laure Parsemain

  • The director and directing : craft, process and aesthetic in contemporary theatre / Adam J. Ledger
    PN 1995.9 P7L43 2019eb

  • The poetics of space and place in Scottish literature / Monika Szuba, Julian Wolfreys, editors
    PR 8511 P64 2019eb

  • Oscar Wilde's aesthetic education : the Oxford classical curriculum / Leanne Grech
    PR 5823 G74 2019eb

  • L2 learning during study abroad : the creation of affinity spaces / Yosifumi Fukada

  • Multilingual Education Yearbook 2019 : Media of Instruction & Multilingual Settings / editors, Indika Liyanage and Tony Walker

  • Dialogic pedagogy and polyphonic research art : Bakhtin by and for educators / Eugene Matusov, Ana Marjanovic-Shane, Mikhail Gradovski
    P 95.455 M387 2019eb
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