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R - Health - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Health that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Systems-analysis workbook; coordinated with the textbook Problem solving, systems analysis, and medicine
    R 858G7 Workbook

  • Opting out of the N.H.S.: a review of the private sector of medical care
    RA 395.G6 L38

  • What you need to know about ADHD / Victor B. Stolberg
    RJ 506 H9S76 2019eb

    This book offers an accessibly written introduction to ADHD, focusing on the topics that matter most to readers. The information it provides makes it an indispensable resource for anyone whose life is affected--directly or indirectly--by this disorder.

    * Approaches the subject in a holistic manner, covering often-overlooked areas such as societal perceptions and impacts on family and friends

    * Provides quick answers to the questions that readers are most likely to have in an Essential Questions section that also serves as a springboard for understanding the content of the book in greater depth

    * Provides relatable, real-world examples of concepts discussed in Case Illustrations

    * Points readers toward useful books, organizations, and websites in an annotated Directory of Resources guiding further study and research

  • Theory and practice of online therapy : internet-delivered interventions for individuals, groups, families, and organizations / edited by Haim Weinberg and Arnon Rolnick
    RC 489 I54T54 2020eb

    This innovative new resource outlines the process of conducting individual, family and group therapy online with the use of video conferencing tools, and explores the unique concerns associated with this increasingly popular and convenient approach to treatment.

    Offering mental health practitioners a definitive presentation on how to use online tools to facilitate psychological intervention, the book will also enable readers to learn about the processes of virtual individual, couple, family and group therapy, specific concerns related to online group dynamics, as well as the responsibilities of the therapist and group leader in online sessions.

    This is the perfect companion for counselors of all backgrounds and disciplines who are interested in offering or improving their approach to virtual services.

  • Supporting student mental health in higher education / Samuel Stones and Jonathan Glazzard
    RC 451.4 S7S76 2019eb

    Student mental health is a key consideration in higher education at the moment with recent reports identifying a major gap in provision by universities and how ill-equipped academics feel to support students. This book addresses these concerns, providing comprehensive guidance and workable evidence-informed strategies and interventions to help those working with students to support them effectively. It is suitable for lecturers, personal tutors, student counsellors, course leaders, heads of department and administration staff with responsibility for student support.

  • Feders' the art and science of evaluation in the arts therapies : how do you know what's working / by Robyn Flaum Cruz and Bernard Feder ; with contributions by Donna Betts and Barbara L. Wheeler
    RC 489 A7F426 2013eb
    This second edition follows the tradition of the first edition as both an introductory text and a handbook in evaluation and assessment in the creative arts therapies. It was written to be useful both for graduate students in the arts therapies training programs, doctoral programs, and for practitioners in the field who want guidelines for developing and implementing evaluation programs. The first section deals with fundamentals and principles that apply to all evaluation, qualitative as well as quantitative. This general treatment is followed by chapters that deal with specific approaches to evaluation: psychometric, clinical or intuitive, and behavioral. The implications for evaluation of the three major philosophical orientations (psychodynamic, existential, and behavioral) are discussed. The last section focuses on evaluation procedures in art therapy, dance/movement therapy, and music therapy, contributed by individuals who have specific expertise in those areas. Existing procedures are reviewed and emerging trends are examined. The basic theme of the book is the interrelationship between the creative and the scientific approaches to evaluation.

  • A prescription for change : the looming crisis in drug development / Michael S. Kinch
    RM 301.25 K55 2016eb

  • Context in action and how to study it : illustrations from health care / Ninna Meier and Sue Dopson
    RA 971 C66 2019eb

  • A new order of medicine : the rise of physicians in Reformation Nuremberg / Hannah Murphy
    R 511 N87M877 2019eb

  • Anxious times : medicine and modernity in nineteenth-century Britain / Amelia Bonea, Melissa Dickson, Sally Shuttleworth, & Jennifer Wallis
    R 486 B63 2019

    Much like the Information Age of the twenty-first century, the Industrial Age was a period of great social changes brought about by rapid industrialization and urbanization, speed of travel, and global communications. The literature, medicine, science, and popular journalism of the nineteenth century attempted to diagnose problems of the mind and body that such drastic transformations were thought to generate: a range of conditions or "diseases of modernity" resulting from specific changes in the social and physical environment. The alarmist rhetoric of newspapers and popular periodicals, advertising various "neurotic remedies," in turn inspired a new class of physicians and quack medical practices devoted to the treatment and perpetuation of such conditions.

    Anxious Times examines perceptions of the pressures of modern life and their impact on bodily and mental health in nineteenth-century Britain. The authors explore anxieties stemming from the potentially harmful impact of new technologies, changing work and leisure practices, and evolving cultural pressures and expectations within rapidly changing external environments. Their work reveals how an earlier age confronted the challenges of seemingly unprecedented change, and diagnosed transformations in both the culture of the era and the life of the mind.

  • Classical Chinese medicine / Liu Lihong ; translated by Gabriel Weiss and Henry Buchtel with Sabine Wilms ; edited by Heiner Fruehauf
    R 601 L67913 2019

  • China and the globalization of biomedicine / edited by David Luesink, William H. Schneider, and Zhang Daqing
    R 602 C473 2019eb
    Today China is a major player in advancing the frontiers of biomedicine, yet previous accounts have examined only whether medical ideas and institutions created in the West were successfully transferred to China. This is the first book to demonstrate the role China played in creating a globalized biomedicine between 1850 and 1950. This was China's "Century of Humiliation" when imperialist powers dominated China's foreign policy and economy, forcing it to join global trends that included limited public health measures in the nineteenth century and government-sponsored healthcare in the twentieth. These external pressures, combined with a vast population immiserated by imperialism and the decline of the Chinese traditional economy, created extraordinary problems for biomedicine that were both unique to China and potentially applicable to other developing nations. In this book, scholars based in China, the United States, and the United Kingdom make the case that developments in biomedicine in China such as the discovery of new diseases, the opening of the medical profession to women, the mass production of vaccines, and the delivery of healthcare to poor rural areas should be at the center of our understanding of biomedicine, not at the periphery. CONTRIBUTORS: Daniel Asen, Nicole Barnes, Mary Augusta Brazelton, Gao Xi , He Xiaolian, Li Shenglan, David Luesink, William H. Schneider, Shi Yan, Yu Xinzhong, DAVID LUESINK is Assistant Professor of History at Sacred Heart University. WILLIAM H. SCHNEIDER is Professor Emeritus of History and Medical Humanities at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. ZHANG DAQING is Professor and Director, Institute of Medical Humanities at Peking University in Beijing.

  • Drugs on the page : pharmacopoeias and healing knowledge in the early modern Atlantic world / edited by Matthew James Crawford & Joseph M. Gabriel
    RS 141.28 D79 2019

  • Roman North Africa : environment, society and medical contribution / Louise Cilliers
    R 141 C55 2019
    This book examines the environment and society of North Africa during the late Roman period (fourth and fifth centuries CE) through the writings of Helvius Vindicianus, Theodorus Priscianus, Caelius Aurelianus, and Cassius Felix.These four medical writers, whose translation into Latin of precious Greek texts has been hailed as "the achievement of the millennium" by one modern scholar, provide a unique opportunity to understand North Africa, the most prosperous region of the Roman World during Late Antiquity. Although focusing on medical knowledge and hygiene, their writings provide fresh insights on the environment, economy, population, language, and health facilities of the region.This study includes the first full discussion of the exceptional career of the physician Helvius Vindicianus, as well as a valuable reassessment of other writers whose works were read throughout the Middle Ages. It will therefore prove invaluable not only for scholars of Late Antiquity and North Africa, but also for those working on later periods.

  • Fat in the fifties : America's first obesity crisis / Nicolas Rasmussen
    RC 628 R37 2019

    Metropolitan Life Insurance Company identified obesity as the leading cause of premature death in the United States in the 1930s, but it wasn't until 1951 that the public health and medical communities finally recognized it as "America's Number One Health Problem." The reason for MetLife's interest? They wanted their policyholders to live longer and continue paying their premiums. Early postwar America responded to the obesity emergency, but by the end of the 1960s, the crisis waned and official rates of true obesity were reduced-- despite the fact that Americans were growing no thinner. What mid-century factors and forces established obesity as a politically meaningful and culturally resonant problem in the first place? And why did obesity fade from public--and medical--consciousness only a decade later?

    Based on archival records of health leaders as well as medical and popular literature, Fat in the Fifties is the first book to reconstruct the prewar origins, emergence, and surprising disappearance of obesity as a major public health problem. Author Nicolas Rasmussen explores the postwar shifts that drew attention to obesity, as well as the varied approaches to its treatment: from thyroid hormones to psychoanalysis and weight loss groups. Rasmussen argues that the US government was driven by the new Cold War and the fear of atomic annihilation to heightened anxieties about national fitness. Informed by the latest psychiatric thinking--which diagnosed obesity as the result of oral fixation, just like alcoholism--health professionals promoted a form of weight loss group therapy modeled on Alcoholics Anonymous. The intervention caught on like wildfire in 1950s suburbia. But the sense of crisis passed quickly, partly due to cultural changes associated with the later 1960s and partly due to scientific research, some of it sponsored by the sugar industry, emphasizing particular dietary fats, rather than calorie intake.

    Through this riveting history of the rise and fall of the obesity epidemic, readers gain an understanding of how the American public health system--ambitious, strong, and second-to-none at the end of the Second World War--was constrained a decade later to focus mainly on nagging individuals to change their lifestyle choices. Fat in the Fifties is required reading for public health practitioners and researchers, physicians, historians of medicine, and anyone concerned about weight and weight loss.

  • Beyond the asylum : mental illness in French colonial Vietnam / Claire E. Edington
    RC 451 V5E35 2019

  • Dr. Harriot Kezia Hunt : nineteenth-century physician and woman's rights advocate / Myra C. Glenn
    R 154 H8A28 2018

    Harriot Kezia Hunt was a pioneer in a number of ways. The first woman to establish a successful medical practice in the United States, she began seeing patients in Boston in 1835 and promoted a new method of treatment by listening to women's troubles or their "heart histories." Her unsuccessful efforts to attend lectures at Harvard's Medical School galvanized her activism in the woman's rights movement. During the 1850s she played a prominent role in the annual woman's rights conventions and was the first woman in Massachusetts to publicly protest the injustice of taxing propertied women while denying them the franchise.

    In this first comprehensive, full-length biography of Hunt, Myra C. Glenn shows how this single woman from a working-class Boston home became a successful physician and noted reformer, illuminating the struggle for woman's rights and the fractious and gendered nature of medicine in antebellum America.

  • Changing birth in the Andes : culture, policy and safe motherhood in Peru / Lucia Guerra-Reyes
    RG 963 P4G84 2019

  • Integrating neuropsychological and psychological evaluations : assessing and helping the whole child / Daniel K. Reinstein and Dawn Burau
    RJ 486.6 R45 2014eb

    Integrating Neuropsychological and Psychological Assessments is a resource for neuropsychologists, psychologists, teachers and parents who wish to address both the neurologically- and emotionally-based difficulties with which their children are presenting. In addition to a thorough description of neuropsychological and psychological assessment tools, this book also provides professionals with a unified approach to using the results from assessments to understand and integrate cognitive, behavioral, social and emotional functioning in school-age children. It posits that to educate and treat children who are struggling in school due to unique cognitive or emotional vulnerabilities, the whole child must be considered to decipher their needs and implement interventions. Cultivating a therapeutic relationship that integrates the emotional and relational functioning of the child enhances both their learning and ability to successfully navigate the world. 

  • Work for chimny-sweepers; or, A warning for tabacconists, with an introduction by S. H. Atkins, 1601
    RC 371.T6 W65

  • Handbook of research methods in health social sciences / editors, Pranee Liamputtong
    RA 418 H36 2019

  • New dynamics of disability and rehabilitation : interdisciplinary perspectives / Ivan Harsløf, Ingrid Poulsen, Kristian Larsen, editors

  • Mental Health and Illness in Rural World edited by Santosh Chaturvedi
    RC 451.4 R87M46 2019

  • Encyclopedia of Couple and Family Therapy / Jay Lebow, Anthony Chambers, Douglas C. Breunlin, editors
    RC 467 E53 2019

  • Risks of Harm from Psychopathic Individuals / Robert Henley Woody
    RC 454.4 W66 2019

  • Mental Health and Illness of Women edited by Prabha Chandra, Helen Herrman, Jane Fisher, Anita Riecher-Rössler

  • Acquired brain injury: an integrative neuro-rehabilitation approach / Jean Elbaum, editor
    RC 387.5 A28 2019eb

  • Madness and genetic determinism : is mental illness in our genes? / Patrick D. Hahn
    RC 455.4 G4H34 2019

  • Encyclopedia of Autism Spectrum Disorders edited by Fred R. Volkmar
    RC 553 A88E535 2019eb

  • Handbook of mathematical methods in imaging / editor, Otmar Scherzer
    RC 78.7 D53H358 2020eb

  • Pervasive computing paradigms for mental health : 9th International Conference, MindCare 2019, Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 23-24, 2019, proceedings / edited by Pietro Cipresso, Silvia Serino, Daniela Villani

  • Emergencies in neurology. Mamta Bhushan Singh, Rohit Bhatia, editors
    RC 350.7 E44 2019

  • Drug-coated balloons : applications in interventional cardiology / Bernardo Cortese, editor
    RD 598.3 D78 2019eb

  • Brain and heart dynamics / editors, Stefano Govoni, Pierluigi Politi, Emilio Vanoli
    RC 669 B73 2019eb

  • Oncologic critical care / editors, Joseph L. Nates, Kristen J. Price
    RC 262 O53 2019eb

  • Handbook of healthcare in the Arab world / editor, Ismail Laher
    RA 395 A65H36 2019eb

  • Innovations in global mental health / editor, Sam Okpaku
    RA 790.5 I55 2019eb

  • The aneurysm casebook : a guide to treatment selection and technique / editors, Hans Henkes, Pedro Lylyk, Oliver Ganslandt
    RC 693 A54 2019eb

  • Contemporary bone marrow transplantation / edited by Mammen Chandy, Reghu Sukumaran

  • Magnetoencephalography : from signals to cortical networks / editors, Selma Supek, Cheryl J. Aine
    RC 386.6 M36M34 2019eb

  • Cutaneous biometrics / editors, Howard Maibach, Nily Osman
    RL 79 C88 2019eb

  • Drug discovery and evaluation : methods in clinical pharmacology / editors, Franz J. Hock, Michael R. Gralinski
    RS 420 D78 2019eb

  • Clinical neuroradiology : the ESNR textbook / editors, Frederik Barkhof, Rolf Jager, Majda Thurnher, Alex Rovira Cañellas
    RC 349 R3C55 2019eb

  • Radiation oncology / editor, Frederik Wenz
    RC 271 R3R33 2019eb

  • Handbook of space pharmaceuticals / editors, Yashwant Pathak, Marlise Araújo dos Santos, Luis Zea
    RC 1137 H36 2019eb

  • Handbook of cell biosensors / editor, Gerald Thouand
    R 857 B54H36 2019eb

  • Atlas of dermatology, dermatopathology and venereology / editors, Bruce Smoller, Nooshin Bagherani
    RL 81 A85 2019eb

  • Kanerva's Occupational dermatology / editors, Swen Malte John, Jeanne Duus Johansen, Thomas Rustemeyer, Peter Elsner, Howard I. Maibach
    RL 72 K36 2019eb

  • Handbook of famine, starvation, and nutrient deprivation : from biology to policy / editors, Victor Preedy, Vinood B. Patel
    RC 623 H36 2019eb

  • Textbook of palliative care / editors, Roderick Duncan MacLeod, Lieve Van den Block
    R 726.8 T49 2019eb

  • Cerebral palsy / Freeman Miller
    RJ 496 C4M535 2019eb

  • Principles and practice of geriatric surgery / Ronnie A. Rosenthal, Michael E. Zenilman, Mark R. Katlic, editors
    RD 145 P75 2019eb

  • Tissue-engineered vascular grafts / edited by Beat Walpoth, Helga Bergmeister, Gary Bowlin, Deling Kong, Joris Rotmans, Peter Zilla
    RD 598.55 T57 2019eb

  • Cell engineering and regeneration / editors, Jeffrey M. Gimble, Darja Marolt, Richard Oreffo, Heinz Redl, Susanne Wolbank
    R 857 T55C45 2019eb

  • Vascularization for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine / editors, Wolfgang Holnthoner, Andrea Banfi, James Kirkpatrick, Heinz Redl
    RD 598.5 V37 2019eb

  • Pediatric hydrocephalus / editors, G. Cinalli, W.J. Maixner, C. Sainte-Rose
    RJ 496 H9P43 2019eb

  • Encyclopedia of bioastronautics / edited by Laurence R. Young, Jeffrey P. Sutton
    RC 1135 E53 2019eb

  • Peripheral nerve tissue engineering and regeneration / edited by James Phillips, David Hercher, Thomas Hausner
    RD 595 P47 2019eb

  • Textbook of Pediatric Neurosurgery edited by Concezio Di Rocco, Dachling Pang, James T. Rutka
    RJ 486 T49 2019eb

  • Handbook of Spine Technology edited by Boyle Cheng
    RD 768 H36 2019eb

  • Cancer screening in inflammatory bowel disease : a guide to risk management and techniques / Joseph D. Feuerstein, Adam S. Cheifetz, editors
    RC 862 I53C36 2019

  • Cancer Therapeutic Targets edited by John L. Marshall

  • Social web and health research : benefits, limitations, and best practices / Jiang Bian, Yi Guo, Zhe He, Xia Hu, editors
    R 118 S63 2019

  • Endocrinology and Systemic Diseases edited by Piero Portincasa, Gema Frühbeck
    RC 648 E53 2019eb

  • Urologic Oncology edited by Axel Merseburger, Maximilian Burger
    RC 280 U74U76 2019eb

  • Encyclopedia of behavioral medicine / edited by Marc Gellman
    R 726.5 E495 2019

  • General methods in biomarker research and their applications edited by Victor R. Preedy, Vinood B. Patel

  • Pediatric surgery / editors, Prem Puri
    RD 137 P43 2019

  • Bone management in dental implantology / Andi Setiawan Budihardja, Thomas Mücke, editors
    RK 667 I45B66 2019

  • 3D Printing and Biofabrication edited by Aleksandr Ovsianikov, James Yoo, Vladimir Mironov

  • Geriatric Oncology edited by Martine Extermann
    RC 281 A34G47 2019eb

  • Polyendocrine Disorders and Endocrine Neoplastic Syndromes edited by Annamaria Colao, Marie-Lise Jaffrain-Rea, Albert Beckers
    RC 648 P65 2019eb

  • Nutritional support after gastrointestinal surgery / Donato Francesco Altomare, Maria Teresa Rotelli, editors
    RD 52 N88N88 2019

  • Encyclopedia of Malaria edited by Peter G. Kremsner, Sanjeev Krishna
    RC 156 E53 2019eb

  • Tumor angiogenesis a key target for cancer therapy / edited by Dieter Marmé

  • Cutaneous Melanoma edited by Charles Balch, Jeffrey Gershenwald, John Thompson, Michael Atkins, John Kirkwood, Richard Kefford, Arthur Sober, Allan Halpern, Claus Garbe, Richard Scolyer
    RC 280 M37C88 2019eb

  • Diabetes Complications, Comorbidities and Related Disorders edited by Enzo Bonora, Ralph DeFronzo
    RC 660 D53 2019eb

  • The diabetes textbook : clinical principles, patient management and public health issues / Joel Rodriguez-Saldana, editor
    RC 660 D53 2019

  • Neonatology A Practical Approach to Neonatal Diseases / edited by Giuseppe Buonocore, Rodolfo Bracci, Michael Weindling

  • Hemorrhoids edited by Carlo Ratto, Angelo Parello, Francesco Litta
    RC 865 H46 2019eb
Updated: Tuesday 24 September 2019
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