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S - Agriculture - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Agriculture that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Spectacular Bid : the last superhorse of the twentieth century / Peter Lee
    SF 357 T74L44 2019

    A safety pin was all that kept Spectacular Bid from becoming the eleventh Thoroughbred to take the Triple Crown. This work examines Spectacular Bid from his humble beginnings -- he was born in a mud puddle on a horse farm in Versailles, Kentucky -- to his recognition as one of the greatest American racehorses.

    On the morning of the 1979 Belmont Stakes, Spectacular Bid stepped on a safety pin in his stall, injuring his foot. He had impressively won the first two races -- the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness -- but finished third in the Belmont, most likely due to his injury, making him one win shy of becoming the sport's third straight Triple Crown champion.

    But that loss did not prevent him from becoming one of horse racing's greatest competitors. After taking two months to recover, the battleship gray colt would go on to win 26 of 30 races during his career, with two second-place finishes and one third. He was voted the tenth greatest Thoroughbred of the twentieth century according to Blood-Horse magazine, and A Century of Champions places him ninth in the world and third among North American horses -- even ahead of the renowned Man o' War.

    This horse biography tells the story of the honest and not-so-glamorous colorful characters surrounding the champion -- including Bud Delp, the brash and cocky trainer who was distrustful of the Kentucky establishment, and Ron Franklin, the nineteen-year-old jockey who buckled under the stress and pressure associated with fame -- and how they witnessed firsthand the splendor and triumphs of Spectacular Bid. Including contemporary newspaper accounts of Bid's exploits and interviews with key players in his story, this is an encompassing look into the legacy of one of horse racing's true champions.

  • Capitalist pigs pigs, pork, and power in America / J.L. Anderson
    SF 395.8 A1A53 2019

  • Far flung improvisations on national parks, driving to Russia, not marrying a ranger, the language of heartbreak, and other natural disasters / Cassandra Kircher
    SB 481.6 K57A3 2019

  • Fishing, gone? : saving the ocean through sportfishing / Sid Dobrin ; foreword by M. Jimmie Killingsworth

  • Feeding Cahokia Early Agriculture in the North American Heartland / Gayle J. Fritz
    S 444 F75 2019

  • Encyclopedia of wildfires and wildland-urban interface (WUI) fires / editor, Samuel L. Manzello
    SD 420.67 E53 2019eb

  • Conservation and utilization of horticultural genetic resources / P.E. Rajasekharan, V. Ramanatha Rao, editors
    SB 123 C66 2019

  • Tuberculosis in Animals: An African Perspective edited by Asseged B. Dibaba, Nicolaas P. J. Kriek, Charles O. Thoen

  • Disease resistance in crop plants : molecular, genetic and genomic perspectives / Shabir Hussain Wani, editor

  • Orchids as aphrodisiac, medicine or food / Eng Soon Teoh

  • Advances in animal biotechnology / Birbal Singh, Gorakh Mal, Sanjeev K. Gautam, Manishi Mukesh
    SF 140 B54S56 2019

  • Genomics Assisted Breeding of Crops for Abiotic Stress Tolerance. Vijay Rani Rajpal, Deepmala Sehgal, Avinash Kumar, S.N. Raina, editors
    SB 106 G46G46 2019

  • Modern development paths of agricultural production : trends and innovations / Volodymyr Nadykto, editor
    S 494.5 I5M63 2019

  • Sugarcane biofuels : status, potential, and prospects of the sweet crop to fuel the world / Muhammad Tahir KhanImtiaz, Ahmed Khan, editors
    SB 231 S84 2019

  • DIY mushroom cultivation : growing mushrooms at home for food, medicine, and soil / Willoughby Arevalo ; illustrated by Carmen Elisabeth
    SB 353 A74 2019

    Bring mushrooms into your life as you dive into the practice of home-scale mushroom cultivation

    With applications in permaculture, urban farming, cooking, natural medicine, and the arts, interest in home-scale mushroom cultivation is exploding. Yet many beginners remain daunted by the perceived complexity of working with fungi.

    DIY Mushroom Cultivation is the remedy, presenting proven, reliable, low-cost techniques for home-scale cultivation that eliminate the need for a clean-air lab space to grow various mushrooms and their mycelium.

    Beautiful full-color photos and step-by-step instructions accompany a foundation of mushroom biology and ecology to support a holistic understanding of the practice. Growing techniques are applicable year-round, for any space from house to apartment, and for any climate, budget, or goal. Techniques include:

    Setting up a home growing space Inexpensive, simple DIY equipment Culture creation from mushroom tissue or spores Growing and using liquid cultures and grain spawn Growing mushrooms on waste streams Indoor fruiting Outdoor mushroom gardens and logs Harvesting, processing, tinctures, and cooking.

    Whether you hunt mushrooms or dream about growing and working with them but feel constrained by a small living space, DIY Mushroom Cultivation is the ideal guide for getting started in the fascinating and delicious world of fungiculture.

  • Herring on Canada's Pacific coast / A.S. Hourston, C.W. Haegele
    SH 351.H5 H68 1980

  • Landscape planning with ecosystem services : theories and methods for application in Europe / Christina von Haaren, Andrew A. Lovett, Christian Albert, editors

  • Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) : prospects for sustainable agriculture / editors, R. Z. Sayyed, M. S. Reddy, Sarjiya Antonius

  • Research developments in saline agriculture / Jagdish Chander Dagar, Rajender Kumar Yadav, Parbodh Chander Sharma, editors

  • The soils of Georgia / editor Lia Matchavariani

  • Intelligent soil management for sustainable agriculture : the nutrient buffer power concept / Kodoth Prabhakaran Nair

  • The globe artichoke genome / Ezio Portis, Alberto Acquadro, Sergio Lanteri, editors
    SB 351 A8G56 2019

  • Genomic designing of climate-smart pulse crops / Chittaranjan Kole, editor
    SB 317 L43G46 2019

  • Agro-industrial labour in Kenya : cut flower farms and migrant workers' settlements / Gerda Kuiper
    SB 406 K4K85 2019

  • Evolution made to order : plant breeding and technological innovation in twentieth-century America / Helen Anne Curry
    SB 83 C87 2016
    In the mid-twentieth century, American plant breeders, frustrated by their dependence on natural variation in creating new crops and flowers, eagerly sought technologies that could extend human control over nature. Their search led them to celebrate a series of strange tools: an x-ray beam directed at dormant seeds, a drop of chromosome-altering colchicine on a flower bud, and a piece of radioactive cobalt in a field of growing crops. According to scientific and popular reports of the time, these mutation-inducing methods would generate variation on demand, in turn allowing breeders to genetically engineer crops and flowers to order. Creating a new crop or flower would soon be as straightforward as innovating any other modern industrial product.

    In Evolution Made to Order , Helen Anne Curry traces the history of America's pursuit of tools that could speed up evolution. It is an immersive journey through the scientific and social worlds of midcentury genetics and plant breeding and a compelling exploration of American cultures of innovation. As Curry reveals, the creation of genetic technologies was deeply entangled with other areas of technological innovation--from electromechanical to chemical to nuclear. An important study of biological research and innovation in America, Evolution Made to Order provides vital historical context for current worldwide ethical and policy debates over genetic engineering.
Updated: Tuesday 24 September 2019
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