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S - Agriculture - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Agriculture that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Pecan America exploring a cultural icon / John Gifford
    SB 401 P4G54 2019eb
    Inspired by the mystique of a uniquely American tree, the pecan, Oklahoma writer John Gifford set out to explore the US pecan industry, which provides 80 percent of the world�s supply of this special tree nut. What he discovered during his two-year immersion was a nut--one that's suprisingly symbolic of America itself--that's poised to become the next superfood and an industry that today finds itself in the most important juncture in its history.

    Though the US pecan belt extends from the Carolinas to California, the pecan tree, which was revered by some of our nation's founders, has its origins in the South Central United States, where wild pecans still grow along the region's rivers and streams, and in its floodplain forests. The pecan is the only native tree nut that has been developed into a significant agricultural crop. Though native pecans continue to figure into the 280-million-pound annual US crop, wild pecan trees face an uncertain future as worldwide demand centers on the larger and more lucrative "improved" varieties.

    Pecan America provides readers with a look at how the rising demand for pecans around the world is transforming the way this nut is grown, promoted, and consumed here in the United States. Along the way, Gifford explores its presence in American folk art and culture, documents the pecan industry's quest for share of stomach in a market brimming with other tree nuts, examines the pecan's surprising array of health benefits, and profiles some of the fascinating people who bring this food to our tables. In the end, Gifford reveals the pecan to be much more than a food, but also a cultural curiosity and even a metaphor for America itself, one whose diverse nature may be its greatest quality.

  • Ranch Tales : Stories from the Frontier
    SF 196 C2M387 2019eb

    An entertaining, fast-paced look at early ranching in British Columbia.

    Frontier historian Ken Mather is known for his fascinating, in-depth profiles of the men and women who established a distinctive ranching culture in Western Canada over a hundred years ago. Now, in this concise collection of stories--based on Mather's column in the Vernon Morning Star --readers will meet even more colourful characters, gain insightful tidbits on cowboy culture, and read about little-known cattle drives that stagger the imagination. Ranch Tales highlights the achievements, hardships, and exploits of Newman "King of the Range" Squires, "lady rancher" Elizabeth Greenbow, cow boss Joe Coutlee, the gold-seeking Jeffries brothers who came all the way from Alabama, and many more. This delightful book is a perfect companion to Mather's other ranching histories and will appeal to anyone interested in the early days of the western frontier.

  • Swiss National Forest Inventory -- Methods and Models of the Fourth Assessment Christoph Fischer, Berthold Traub, editors

  • Status and dynamics of forests in Germany : results of the National Forest Monitoring / Nicole Wellbrock, Andreas Bolte, editors

  • Holistic management handbook : regenerating your land and growing your profits / Jody Butterfield, Sam Bingham and Allan Savory
    SF 85 B48 2019eb

  • Microbes for sustainable insect pest management an eco-friendly approach. Md. Aslam Khan, Wasim Ahmad, editors

  • Banana ripening science and technology / Anthony Keith Thompson, Suriyan Supapvanich, Jiraporn Sirison

  • Sheepgrass (Leymus Chinensis) an environmentally friendly native grass for animals / Gongshe Liu, Xiaoxia Li, Qingfen Zhang, editors

  • Vermin, victims and disease : British debates over bovine tuberculosis and badgers / Angela Cassidy
    SF 967 T8C37 2019

  • Climate smart agriculture in South Asia : technologies, policies and institutions / Barun Deb Pal, Avinash Kishore, Pramod Kumar Joshi, N.K. Tyagi, editors
    S 470 S63C55 2019

  • Agriculture and Korean Economic History Concise Farming Talk (Nongsa Chiksǒl) / Seong Ho Jun

  • The aquatic frontier : oysters and aquaculture in the progressive era / Samuel P. Hanes
    SH 365 A3H36 2019

    Although few remember their former significance, oysters were one of the largest U.S. fisheries at their peak in the late nineteenth century. As the fishery industrialized on-and offshore, oyster farms and canning factories spread along the Eastern Seaboard, with overharvesting becoming increasingly common. During the Progressive Era, state governments founded new agencies to cope with this problem and control this expanding economy. Regulators faced a choice: keep elaborate conservation systems based on common property rights or develop new ones with private, hatchery-stocked aquaculture farms. The tradition-preserving solution won, laying the groundwork for modern oyster management.The Aquatic Frontier explores the forms this debate took between 1870 and 1920 in law enforcement, legislative advising, natural science, and oyster cartography. Samuel P. Hanes argues that the effort to centralize and privatize the industry failed due to a lack of understanding of the complex social-ecological systems in place -- a common dilemma for environmental managers in this time period and for fisheries management confronting dangers from dwindling populations today.

  • Hollywood at the races : film's love affair with the turf / Alan Shuback
    SF 334 S58 2019
Updated: Monday 11 November 2019
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