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Z - Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resources (General) - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Bibliography, Library Science or Information Resources (General) that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Taking books to heart : how to develop a love of reading in your child / by Paul Copperman
    Z 1037 A1 C74 1986

  • Thresholds of translation : paratexts, print, and cultural exchange in early modern Britain (1473-1660) / edited by Marie-Alice Belle and Brenda M. Hosington

  • The handbook of contemporary indigenous architecture / Elizabeth Grant, Kelly Greenop, Albert L. Refiti, Daniel J. Glenn, editors
    Z 5943 V47 H35 2018

  • Altmetrics for research outputs measurement and scholarly information management : International Altmetrics Workshop, AROSIM 2018, Singapore, Singapore, January 26, 2018, Revised selected papers / Mojisola Erdt, Aravind Sesagiri Raamkumar, Edie Rasmussen, Yin-Leng Theng (eds.)

  • Linked data management / [editors,] Andreas Harth, Katja Hose, Ralf Schenkel
    Z 666.73 L56L56 2014

    Linked Data Managementpresents techniques for querying and managing Linked Data that is available on today's Web. The book shows how the abundance of Linked Data can serve as fertile ground for research and commercial applications.

    The text focuses on aspects of managing large-scale collections of Linked Data. It offers a detailed introduction to Linked Data and related standards, including the main principles distinguishing Linked Data from standard database technology. Chapters also describe how to generate links between datasets and explain the overall architecture of data integration systems based on Linked Data.

    A large part of the text is devoted to query processing in different setups. After presenting methods to publish relational data as Linked Data and efficient centralized processing, the book explores lookup-based, distributed, and parallel solutions. It then addresses advanced topics, such as reasoning, and discusses work related to read-write Linked Data for system interoperation.

    Despite the publication of many papers since Tim Berners-Lee developed the Linked Data principles in 2006, the field lacks a comprehensive, unified overview of the state of the art. Suitable for both researchers and practitioners, this book provides a thorough, consolidated account of the new data publishing and data integration paradigm. While the book covers query processing extensively, the Linked Data abstraction furnishes more than a mechanism for collecting, integrating, and querying data from the open Web--the Linked Data technology stack also allows for controlled, sophisticated applications deployed in an enterprise environment.

  • Acquisition in different and special subject areas / Abulfazal M. Fazle Kabir, editor
    Z 689 A27 2013
    Learn how acquisitions librarians successfully serve specialized users!

    In this book, you'll find profiles, methods, and processes for acquisitions in specialized subject areas, such as local and regional poetry, oceanography, educational information in electronic formats, popular fiction, regional and ethnic materials, and more. Seasoned acquisitions librarians share their experiences in gathering the hard-to-find materials their libraries' highly specialized clients need to access. You'll also examine issues surrounding the acquisition of new reference tools that are vital in today's emerging electronic environment.

    With Acquisition in Different and Special Subject Areas, you'll examine: methods of ferreting out local and regional poetry--from Daniel Veach, editor/publisher of the Atlanta Review the acquisition process in a specialized institution devoted to oceanography--from Elizabeth Cooksey of the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography how to acquire regional and ethnic materials for your library collection a practical guide to the acquisition of material from an African country (based on the author's experience in the West African nation of Benin) acquisition of Web-based educational materials acquisitions in the expanding area of popular fiction an acquisition librarian's mission to the multilingual nation of India, where she assessed the acquisition possibilities for the new India Studies program at Indiana University Special libraries can exist in corners of large public or university libraries or they can be independent. They can be large and populated by hundreds of staff, or very small, staffed by one person. The defining characteristic of a special library is that its clientele is specialized. Acquisition in Different and Special Subject Areas brings together the voices of acquisitions librarians serving a wide variety of fields to guide you through the acquisitions process in their areas of concentration. It is a book that no budding or experienced acquisitions librarian should be without!

  • Information and data literacy : the role of the library / edited by Joyce Hagen-McIntosh
    ZA 3075 I527 2016

    In an age where data flows non-stop, across all geographic borders and accessible to many, the job of providing information literacy has become much more exciting, more complicated, and more necessary. Information and Data Literacy: The Role of the Library takes a comprehensive look at the changing role of today's librarians and libraries in an increasingly tech-driven world. You'll find the authors of this book represent public and academic libraries, countries around the globe, and differences of opinion as to the definition, purpose, charge, and success of providing information and data literacy.

    The book is divided into several parts, covering:

    Understanding the role of information and data literacy in the library The new and changing roles for librarians Methods for promoting information and data literacy New challenges for the library in the new information environment The need for information and data literacy for marginalized populations, including the homeless, those in rural settings, sexual minorities, and others

    Addressing the trends and challenges at different types of libraries, the volume provides an overview of information and data literacy in the library and offers an array of perspectives. Topics cover:

    The role of the public library as a community hub Student information literacy in the mobile environment Information literacy in schools How the information landscape has changed library reference services Library instruction and exercises to promote information literacy for both traditional students and those in continuing education

    Edited by a consultant with the Freedom to Read Foundation who is a former outreach and assistive technology librarian, the book offers a wealth of information for beginning librarians as well as for seasoned library professionals looking for new methods to evaluate and promote data and information literacy.

  • Video cataloguing : structure parsing and content extraction / Guangyu Gao, Chi Harold Liu
    Z 695.64 G36 2016

    The arrival of the digital age has created the need to be able to store, manage, and digitally use an ever-increasing amount of video and audio material. Thus, video cataloguing has emerged as a requirement of the times. Video Cataloguing: Structure Parsing and Content Extraction explains how to efficiently perform video structure analysis as well as extract the basic semantic contents for video summarization, which is essential for handling large-scale video data.

    This book addresses the issues of video cataloguing, including video structure parsing and basic semantic word extraction, particularly for movie and teleplay videos. It starts by providing readers with a fundamental understanding of video structure parsing. It examines video shot boundary detection, recent research on video scene detection, and basic ideas for semantic word extraction, including video text recognition, scene recognition, and character identification.

    The book lists and introduces some of the most commonly used features in video analysis. It introduces and analyzes the most popular shot boundary detection methods and also presents recent research on movie scene detection as another important and critical step for video cataloguing, video indexing, and retrieval.

    The authors propose a robust movie scene recognition approach based on a panoramic frame and representative feature patch. They describe how to recognize characters in movies and TV series accurately and efficiently as well as how to use these character names as cataloguing items for an intelligent catalogue.

    The book proposes an interesting application of highlight extraction in basketball videos and concludes by demonstrating how to design and implement a prototype system of automatic movie and teleplay cataloguing (AMTC) based on the approaches introduced in the book.

  • How to publish in biomedicine : 500 tips for success / John Dixon, Consultant in Healthcare Communications and Trainer in Scientific Writing, United Kingdom, Louise Alder, Trainer and Medical Communications Consultant, able mc Ltd., United Kin
    Z 286 M4D59 2017

    Getting published is crucial for success in biomedicine. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced writer, you will find this book has fresh, practical tips on everyday issues. Based on the authors' successful training courses and extensive experience of healthcare communications, this book will answer your questions and help you to avoid the most frequent problems and pitfalls. The book is designed to be very practical, and to be used when you are actually writing. It does not need to be read straight through from beginning to end before you get started. Instead, just dip into any chapter and you will find a range of tips relevant to the material you are working on right now.

  • Campus-wide entrepreneurship / Vera Armann-Keown, Afra Bolefski
    Z 675 U5 A5955 2017

  • Semantic knowledge representation for information retrieval / Winfried Gödert, Jessica Hubrich, Matthias Nagelschmidt
    ZA 4240 G63 2014

    This book covers the basics of semantic web technologies and indexing languages, and describes their contribution to improve methods of formal knowledge representation and reasoning. The methodologies included combine the specifics of indexing languages, Web representation languages and intersystem relations, and explain their contribution to search functionalities in information retrieval scenarios. An example oriented discussion, considering aspects of conceptual and semantic interoperability in processes of subject querying and knowledge exploration is provided. The book is relevant to information scientists, knowledge workers and indexers. It provides a suitable combination of theoretical foundations and practical applications.

  • Your Passport to International Librarianship / Cate Carlyle, Dee Winn
    Z 672.3 C37 2018

  • The fun of motivation : crossing the threshold concepts / by Mary Francis
    Z 674 A75 F73 2017

  • Sixty over twenty : letterpress books & broadsides printed at Gaspereau Press, 1997-2017 / Andrew Steeves
    Z 232 G24 S74 2017

    While immersed in the work of editing and publishing trade books at Gaspereau Press, Andrew Steeves has also produced an eclectic array of letterpress-printed, limited-edition books and broadsides. In this book he revisits sixty of these projects, chronicling the influence that using traditional book-arts tools has had on his thinking about culture, design and manufacturing. His frank commentary explores the wider implications of practising handwork in the digital age, exploring the relationship between art, craft and community.

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