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Building Engineering - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Titles in the call number range TH (Building Engineering) that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 60 days.

  • Emergency repairs for historic buildings / Eleanor Michell
    Emergency Repairs for Historic Buildings is a compilation of 12 case studies that emphasize the necessity of emergency repairs for historic buildings in poor condition. These buildings are defined in this book as listed buildings in England, together with those which, although unlisted, add an historical dimension to their environment.
    Emergency repairs could consist of permanent or temporary work. Permanent work should always be carried out according to the best historic buildings practice. Temporary work is second best made necessary by lack of money but having the advantage of speed. In an emergency, this is sometimes the most important factor as decay spreads very quickly, especially in empty buildings. Chapter 2 of this book provides guidelines for temporary repair, which indicate that even this work should be the best quality of its kind.
    This book mainly relates to the great majority of buildings, rather than to major country houses, historic engineering works, or ancient monuments. This text is a useful and informative reference for individuals or students who conduct research on studies relating to architectural or historical arts.

  • Technical due diligence and building surveying for commercial property / Adrian Tagg
    TH 4311 T34 2019

    Technical Due Diligence and Building Surveying for Commercial Property is the first book to introduce the process of technical due diligence (TDD) and examine the role of the building surveyor within the commercial property sector. The book outlines the processes that the surveyor must go through when performing a TDD inspection and report and, most importantly, covers in detail the typical pathology and defects encountered during TDD.

    Performing a TDD survey involves collecting, analysing and reporting on a huge amount of information, often under specific contractual conditions. The book covers everything the surveyor needs to know in order to do a proper job and includes analysis of materials, life cycles and potential defects on an elemental basis, with detail on individual components where necessary.

    Coverage includes:

    * an introduction to the TDD process and types of commercial buildings encountered

    * chapters outlining the life cycle and defects of: structures, roofs, facades, finishes and services

    * hundreds of illustrations and photographs of defects, real-world case studies and suggestions for further reading

    * a final chapter covering legal issues and technical details.

    This book fills a clear gap in the literature and is the first fully illustrated book on TDD dedicated to commercial building stock. It will help students and professionals to understand the process, the science involved and the reasons why defects occur, as well as their evolution and long-term impact.

  • Handbook of integrated and sustainable buildings equipment and systems / edited by Jorge E. Gonzalez and Moncef Krarti
    TH 6010 H285 2017
    This Handbook is a direct result of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) initiative on Integrated/Sustainable Building Equipment and Systems (ISBES), with the objective of ?lling voids in the literature and motivating advances on integrated mechanical systems for sustainable buildings. The main focus of this Volume I is on integrated energy systems and is organized from the current state of knowledge in areas of energy equipment and building energy modeling tools, to emerging topics in a wide range of areas encompassing combined heat and power, building energy storage systems, and advanced control strategies for mechanical energy systems in buildings.

    In addition, the integration of renewable energy and passive cooling and heating strategies is particularly addressed, closing with advanced techniques to analyze energy demands at the neighborhood and city scales. The contributors have a diverse set of skills and extensive experience in building engineering. Readers will ?nd the content to be relevant and useful to their practice and insightful to inspire new advances and developments in Energy Systems for Sustainable Buildings.

  • BIM and big data for construction cost management / Weisheng Lu, Chi Cheung Lai, and Tung Tse
    TH 435 L885 2019

    This book is designed to help practitioners and students in a wide range of construction project management professions to understand what building information modelling (BIM) and big data could mean for them and how they should prepare to work successfully on BIM-compliant projects and maintain their competencies in this essential and expanding area.

    In this book, the state-of-the-art information technologies that support high-profile BIM implementation are introduced, and case studies show how BIM has integrated core quantity surveying and cost management responsibilities and how big data can enable informed decision-making for cost control and cost planning. The authors' combined professional and academic experience demonstrates, with practical examples, the importance of using BIM and particularly the fusion of BIM and big data, to sharpen competitiveness in global and domestic markets.

    This book is a highly valuable guide for people in a wide range of construction project management and quantity surveying roles. In addition, implications for project management, facilities management, contract administration, and dispute resolution are also explored through the case studies, making this book essential reading for built environment and engineering professionals.

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