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Modern Languages and Literature - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Modern Languages and Literature that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 90 days.

  • Children's literature & story-telling / editor, Ernest N. Emenyonu ; assitant editor, Patricia T. Emenyonu ; associate editors, Jane Bryce, Maureen N. Eke, Stephanie Newell, Charles E. Nnolim, Chimalum Nwankwo, Kwawisi Tekpetey, Iniobong I. Uko ; reviews editor, Obi Nwakanma
    PL 8010 C473 2015
    Africa's encounter with the West and its implications and consequences remain far-reaching and enduring in the craft and thrust of its creative writers. The contributors to ALT 33 analyse the connections between traditional stories and myths that have been told to children, as well as the work of contemporary creative writers who are writing for children in order that they understand this complex history. Some of these writers are developing traditional myths, folk tales, and legends and are writing them in new forms, while others focus on the encounter with the West that has dominated much modern African literature for adults. The previous neglect of the cultural significance, study, criticism and teaching of children's literature is addressed in this volume: How can the successes and/or failures of stories and story-telling for children in Africa be measured? Are there models to be followed and what makes them models? What is the relationship between the text and the illustration of children's books? What should guide the reader or critic of children's literature coming out of Africa - globalism, transculturality or internal regionalism? What problems confront teachers, students, publishers and promoters of children's books in Africa? Ernest Emenyonu is Professor of Africana Studies at the University of Michigan-Flint, USA; the editorial board is composed of scholars from US, UK and African universities. Reviews Editor: Obi Nwakanma HEBN: Nigeria

  • Focus on Egypt / Ernest N. Emenyonu, editor
    PJ 8201 F63 2017
    Creativity has flourished in Egypt, a historically important and strategically located North African country and a leading nation in the Arab world. The main focus in this volume is to examine Egyptian writers, especially those whose works have enriched African Literature through their depiction of historical, cultural and socio-political forces such as Naguib Mahfouz, Yusuf Idris, Nawal El Saadawi, Ahdaf Soueif, Tawfiq al-Hakim and Alifa Rifaat (Fatimah Rifaat). Writing in both Arabic and the English language, their thematic concerns have been as versatile as they have been controversial. Nawal El Saadawi provides a Foreword to the volume and an interview. This volume also includes a non-themed section of Featured Articles and a Literary Supplement. Volume Editor: Ernest N. Emenyonu Series Editor: Ernest N. Emenyonu is Professor of Africana Studies at the University of Michigan-Flint, USA. Reviews Editor: Obi Nwakanma

  • Diaspora & returns in fiction / guest editors: Helen Cousins & Pauline Dodgson-Katiyo ; editor: Ernest N. Emenyonu ; assistant editor: Patricia T. Emenyonu ; associate editors: Jane Bryce [and six others] ; reviews editor : Obi Nwakanma
    PL 8010 D515 2016
    This special issue focuses on literary texts by African writers in which the protagonist returns to his/her "original" or ancestral "home" in Africa from other parts of the world. Ideas of return - intentional and actual - have been a consistent feature of the literature of Africa and the African diaspora: from Equiano's autobiography in 1789 to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's 2013 novel Americanah. African literature has represented returnees in a range of locations and dislocations including having a sense of belonging, being alienated in a country they can no longer recognize, or experiencing a multiple sense of place. Contributors, writing on literature from the 1970s to the present, examine the extent to which the original place can be reclaimed with or without renegotiations of "home". GUEST EDITORS: HELEN COUSINS, Reader in Postcolonial Literature at Newman University, Birmingham, UK; PAULINE DODGSON-KATIYO, was formerly Head of English at Newman University, Birmingham, UK, and Dean of the School of Arts at Anglia Ruskin University. Series Editor: Ernest Emenyonu is Professor of Africana Studies at the University of Michigan-Flint, USA. Reviews Editor: Obi Nwakanma

  • El médico de su honra / Pedro Calderón de la Barca ; edición de Jesús Pérez Magallón
    PQ 6284 M4 2018

  • DaF im Unternehmen. Ilse Sander, Nadja Fugert, Regine Grosser, Claudia Hanke, Viktoria Ilse, Klaus F. Mautsch, Daniela Schmeiser
    PF 3112 S26 2016

  • Dürrenmatt, Frisch, Weiss; deutsches Drama der Gegenwart zwischen Kritik und Utopie
    PT 666 D8

  • The syntax of the verb in classical Hebrew prose / Alviero Niccacci ; translated by W.G.E. Watson
    PJ 4645 N513 1990

  • Gabriel García Márquez : the last interview and other conversations ; edited and with an introduction by David Streitfeld
    PQ 8180.17 A73 Z46 2015
    Nobel Prize winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez was one of the most widely translated writers of his time, and yet there were many sides of him that English-language readers do not know. This volume includes the first-ever English translation of Marquez's final conversation, along with other rare and never-before-translated interviews from throughout his long career. Marquez discusses his varied literary work and his controversial politics, and what emerges is a richer, deeper, more intimate portrait of this great writer than we've encountered before.

  • Hölderlin's Hymn "Remembrance" / Martin Heidegger ; translated by William McNeill and Julia Ireland
    PT2359.H2 H45 2018eb

    Martin Heidegger's 1941-1942 lecture course on Friedrich Hölderlin's hymn, "Remembrance," delivered immediately following his confrontation with Nietzsche, lays out a detailed plan for the interpretation of Hölderlin's poetry in which remembrance is a central concern. With its emphasis on the "free use of the national" and the "holy of the fatherland," the course marks an important progression in Heidegger's political thought. In addition to its startlingly innovative analyses of greeting, the festive, and the dream, the text provides Heidegger's fullest elaboration of the structure of commemorative thinking in relationship to time and the possibility of an "other beginning." This English translation by William McNeill and Julia Ireland completes the series of Heidegger's major lecture courses on Hölderlin.

  • Bannermen Tales (Zidishu) : Manchu Storytelling and Cultural Hybridity in the Qing Dynasty / Elena Suet-Ying Chiu
    PL 2597 C473 2018eb

  • On the Threshold of Eurasia : Revolutionary Poetics in the Caucasus / Leah Feldman
    PK 9030 F45 2018eb

    On the Threshold of Eurasia explores the idea of the Russian and Soviet "East" as a political, aesthetic, and scientific system of ideas that emerged through a series of intertextual encounters produced by Russians and Turkic Muslims on the imperial periphery amidst the revolutionary transition from 1905 to 1929. Identifying the role of Russian and Soviet Orientalism in shaping the formation of a specifically Eurasian imaginary, Leah Feldman examines connections between avant-garde literary works; Orientalist historical, geographic and linguistic texts; and political essays written by Russian and Azeri Turkic Muslim writers and thinkers.

    Tracing these engagements and interactions between Russia and the Caucasus, Feldman offers an alternative vision of empire, modernity, and anti-imperialism from the vantage point not of the metropole but from the cosmopolitan centers at the edges of the Russian and later Soviet empires. In this way, On the Threshold of Eurasia illustrates the pivotal impact that the Caucasus (and the Soviet periphery more broadly) had--through the founding of an avant-garde poetics animated by Russian and Arabo-Persian precursors, Islamic metaphysics, and Marxist-Leninist theories of language --on the monumental aesthetic and political shifts of the early twentieth century.

  • La pasion esclava : Alianzas masoquistas en La Regenta / Nuria Godón
    PQ 6503 A4 R33447 2018eb

    La pasión esclava aborda la discursividad masoquista en La Regenta (1884-1885) de Leopoldo Alas, Clarín, como una estrategia subversiva de dominio y sumisión mediante la cual se rebaten los fundamentos del pensamiento liberal sobre la educación, la agencia y la libertad del sujeto moderno. Frente a las investigaciones que priman el enfoque psicoanalítico de tradición freudiana y vinculan el masoquismo a conductas perversas y pasivas, este estudio brinda una aproximación pluralista -donde destaca la perspectiva cultural, histórica-clínica y literaria- gracias a la cual es posible reubicar el masoquismo en el amplio terreno de las pasiones y subrayar la agencia y creatividad sobre las que se conforma el sentido discursivo del masoquismo transgresor en la narrativa finisecular. Nuria Godón muestra cómo la novela cumbre de Alas problematiza las propuestas de compañerismo en la sociedad moderna presentando una reformulación del contrato masoquista que parodia el contrato matrimonial, satiriza el contrato social rousseriano y cuestiona el engranaje del sistema educativo krausista. Asimismo, explora el impacto del catolicismo en la dinámica masoquista en otros textos de autores contemporáneos entre los cuales figuran Emilia Pardo Bazán y Armando Palacio Valdés, sin olvidar a Leopold von Sacher-Masoch-autor sobre el que se acuña el término de masoquismo-para explicar posteriormente cómo la influencia religiosa da forma al despliegue de la dialéctica del masoquismo femenino y filial en el contexto español trazado en La Regenta. En este sentido, La pasión esclava invita a una reconsideración del masoquismo como herramienta que hace saltar los mecanismos de sujeción genérica, susceptibles de ser observados no solo en el ámbito literario español que el libro presenta sino también dentro de otras producciones culturales.

    La pasión esclava addresses the masochist discursivity of La Regenta (1884-1885) by Leopoldo Alas, Clarín, as a subversive strategy of dominance and submission through which the foundations of liberal thinking on education, agency, and freedom of the modern subject are refuted. Differing from studies that prioritize the Freudian psychoanalytic focus and link masochism with perverse and passive behaviors, this book offers a pluralist approach, where cultural, clinical-historical, and literary perspectives are essential to relocate masochism to the area of passions, while emphasizing the agency and creativity upon which the discursive meaning of transgressive masochism in fin-de-siècle narrative is articulated. Nuria Godón shows how La Regenta challenges the models of partnership in modern society by displaying a reformulation of the masochist contract that parodies the marital contract, satirizes Rousseau's social contract, and places the wheels of Krause's educational machine under scrutiny. Likewise, she explores Catholicism's impact on the masochist dynamic in other contemporary texts by authors such as Emilia Pardo Bazán and Armando Palacio Valdés, without excluding Leopold von Sacher-Masoch-the Austrian writer from whom the term masochism was coined-to further disclose how religion's influence shapes the dialectic of female and filial masochism in the Spanish context represented in Alas's masterpiece. In this sense, La pasión esclava invites one to reconsider masochism as a tool that tears apart the mechanisms of gender subjection, which are observable not only in the Spanish literary texts analyzed in this book, but also in other cultural productions.

  • The Quest for Redemption: Central European Jewish Thought in Joseph Roth's Works : Central European Jewish Thought in Joseph Roth's Works / by Rares G. Piloiu
    PT 2635 O84 Z7995 2018eb

    The Questfor Redemption: Central European Jewish Thought in Joseph Roth's Works by RaresPiloiu fills animportant gap in Roth scholarship, placing Roth's major works of fiction forthe first time in the context of a generational interest in religious redemptionamong the Jewish intellectuals of Central Europe. In it, Piloiu argues that Roth'schallenging, often contradictory and ambivalent literary output is the resultof an attempt to recast moral, political, and historical realities of anempirically observable world in a new, religiously transfigured reality throughthe medium of literature. This diegetic recasting of phenomenologicalencounters with the real is an expression of Roth's belief that, since the selfand the world are in a continuing state of crisis, issuing from theirseparation in modernity, a restoration of their unity is necessary to redeemthe historical existence of individuals and communities alike. Piloiu notes,however, that Roth's enterprise in this is not unique to his work, but ratheris shared by an entire generation of Central European Jewish intellectuals.This generation, disillusioned by modernity's excessive secularism, rationalism,and nationalism, sought a radical solution in the revival of mystical religioustraditions-above all, in the Judaic idea of messianic redemption. Theiruse of the Chasidic notion of redemption was highly original in thatit stripped the notion of its original theological meaning and applied itto the secular experience of reality. As a result, Roth's quest for redemption is a quest for a salvation of the individualnot outside, but within, history.

  • New Studies in the Manuscript Tradition of Njáls saga : The historia mutila of Njála / edited by Emily Lethbridge, Svanhildur Óskarsdóttir
    PT 7269 N5 N487 2018eb

    Njáls saga is the best known and most highly regarded of all medieval Icelandic sagas and it occupies a special place in Icelandic cultural history.

    The manuscript tradition is exceptionally rich and extensive. The oldest extant manuscripts date to only a couple of decades after the saga's composition in the late 13th century and the saga was subsequently copied by hand continuously up until the 20th century, even alongside the circulation of printed text editions in latter centuries. The manuscript corpus as a whole has great socio-historical value, showcasing the myriad ways in which generations of Icelanders interpreted the saga and took an active part in its transmission; the manuscripts are also valuable sources for evidence of linguistic change and other phenomena.

    The essays in this volume present new research and a range of interdisciplinary perspectives on the Njáls saga manuscripts. Many of the authors took part in the international research project "The Variance of Njáls saga" which was funded by the Icelandic Research Council from 2011-2013.

  • W. G. Sebald's Postsecular Redemption : Catastrophe with Spectator / Russell J.A. Kilbourn
    PT 2681 E18 Z658 2018eb

  • A Reader's Guide to Andrei Bely's "Petersburg / edited by Leonid Livak
    PG 3453 B84 P538 2018eb

  • Reframing Russian Modernism / edited by Irina Shevelenko
    PG 3020.5 M6 R44 2018eb

  • Persistence of Folly : On the Origins of German Dramatic Literature / Joel B. Lande
    PT 638 L36 2018eb

    Joel B. Lande's Persistence of Folly challenges the accepted account of the origins of German theater by focusing on the misunderstood figure of the fool, whose spontaneous and impish jest captivated audiences, critics, and playwrights from the late sixteenth through the early nineteenth century. Lande radically expands the scope of literary historical inquiry, showing that the fool was not a distraction from attempts to establish a serious dramatic tradition in the German language. Instead, the fool was both a fixture on the stage and a nearly ubiquitous theme in an array of literary critical, governmental, moral-philosophical, and medical discourses, figuring centrally in broad-based efforts to assign laughter a proper time, place, and proportion in society.

    Persistence of Folly reveals the fool as a cornerstone of the dynamic process that culminated in the works of Lessing, Goethe, and Kleist. By reorienting the history of German theater, Lande's work conclusively shows that the highpoint of German literature around 1800 did not eliminate irreverent jest in the name of serious drama, but instead developed highly refined techniques for integrating the comic tradition of the stage fool.

  • Photographic Literacy : Cameras in the Hands of Russian Authors / Katherine M.H. Reischl
    PG 3020.5 P436 R45 2018eb

    Photography, introduced to Russia in 1839, was nothing short of a sensation. Its rapid proliferation challenged the other arts, including painting and literature, as well as the very integrity of the self. If Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoevsky greeted the camera with skepticism in the nineteenth century, numerous twentieth-century authors welcomed it with a warm embrace. As Katherine M. H. Reischl shows in Photographic Literacy , authors as varied as Leonid Andreev, Ilya Ehrenburg, and Alexander Solzhenitsyn picked up the camera and reshaped not only their writing practices but also the sphere of literacy itself.

    For these authors, a single photograph or a photograph as illustration is never an endpoint; their authorial practices continually transform and animate the frozen moment. But just as authors used images to shape the reception of their work and selves, Russian photographers--including Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky and Alexander Rodchenko--used text to shape the reception of their visual work. From the diary to print, the literary word imbues that photographic moment with a personal life story, and frames and reframes it in the writing of history. In this primer on photographic literacy, Reischl argues for the central place that photography has played in the formation of the Russian literary imagination over the course of roughly seventy years. From image to text and back again, she traces the visual consciousness of modern Russian literature as captured through the lens of the Russian author-photographer.

  • Everything Has Already Been Written : Moscow Conceptualist Poetry and Performance / Gerald Janecek
    PG 3064 E94 J36 2019eb

  • Borders, Territories, and Ethics : Hebrew Literature in the Shadow of the Intifada / Adia Mendelson-Maoz
    PJ 5021.2 M46 2018eb

    Borders, Territories, and Ethics: Hebrew Literature in the Shadowof the Intifada by Adia Mendelson-Maoz presents a new perspective on themultifaceted relations between ideologies, space, and ethics manifested incontemporary Hebrew literature dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflictand the occupation. In this volume, Mendelson-Maoz analyzes Israeli prosewritten between 1987 and 2007, relating mainly to the first and second intifadas,written by well-known authors such as Yehoshua, Grossman, Matalon,Castel-Bloom, Govrin, Kravitz, and Levy. Mendelson-Maoz raises criticalquestions regarding militarism, humanism, the nature of the State of Israel asa democracy, national identity and its borders, soldiers as moral individuals,the nature of Zionist education, the acknowledgment of the Other, and thesovereignty of the subject. She discusses these issues within two frameworks.The first draws on theories of ethics in the humanist tradition and its criticalextensions, especially by Levinas. The second applies theories of space, and inparticular deterritorialization as put forward by Deleuze and Guattari andtheir successors. Overall this volume provides an innovative theoreticalanalysis of the collageof voices and artistic directions in contemporary Israeli prose written in times ofpolitical and cultural debate on the occupation and its intifadas.

  • Influences of Pre-Christian Mythology and Christianity on Old Norse Poetry : A Narrative Study of Vafþrúðnismál / Andrew Edward McGillivray
    PT 7237 V333 M35 2019eb

    The Eddic poem Vafþrúðnismál serves as a representation of early pagan beliefs or myths and as a myth itself; the poem performs both of these functions, acting as a poetic framework and functioning as sacred myth. In this study, the author looks closely at the journey of the Norse god Óðinn to the hall of the ancient and wise giant Vafþrúðnir, where Óðinn craftily engages his adversary in a life-or-death contest in knowledge.

  • Taipei People / Pai Hsien-Yung ; translated by the author and Patia Yasin ; edited by George Kao
    PL 2892 A345 A24 2018eb

  • Between Two Millstones, Book 1 : Sketches of Exile, 1974-1978 / Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn ; translated from the Russian edition by Peter Constantine ; foreword by Daniel J. Mahoney
    PG 3488 O4 S65 2018eb

  • Sor Juana : Or, the Persistence of Pop / Ilan Stavans
    PQ 7296 J6 Z8928 2018eb

  • Chinese lexical semantics : 19th Workshop, CLSW 2018, Chiayi, Taiwan, May 26-28, 2018, Revised selected papers / Jia-Fei Hong, Qi Su, Jiun-Shiung Wu (eds.)
    PL 1291 C45 2018eb

  • Reflections on Jean Améry : torture, resentment, and homelessness as the mind's limits / Vivaldi Jean-Marie

  • Contemporary U.S. Latinx Literature in Spanish: Straddling Identities / edited by Amrita Das, Kathryn Quinn-Sánchez, Michele Shaul

  • New Italian espresso : intermediate and advanced : Italian course for English speakers / Maria Balì, Giovanna Rizzo, Luciana Ziglio
    PC 1129 E5B35 2018

  • Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz : selected works : a new translation, contexts, critical traditions / translated by Edith Grossman ; edited by Anna More, University of Brasília
    PQ 7296 J6 A6 2016
    2014 PEN USA Literary Award for Translation FinalistThis Norton Critical Edition includes:#65533; Edith Grossman's acclaimed translations of the Tenth Muse's best-known works.#65533; Introductory materials and explanatory footnotes by Anna More along with numerous images.#65533; Additional works by Sor Juana, related writings by Ovid, Saint Teresa of #65533;vila, and Diego Calleja, and historical interpretations.#65533; Seven critical essays by Marcelino Men#65533;ndez y Pelayo, Irving Leonard, Octavio Paz, Georgina Sabat de Rivers, Yolanda Martinez-San Miguel, Emilie Bergmann, and Charlene Villasenor Black.#65533; Diana Taylor's interview with Jesusa Rodr#65533;guez about performing "First Dream."#65533; A Chronology and Selected Bibliography.

  • Eugenia : a fictional sketch of future customs / Eduardo Urzaiz ; edited and translated by Sarah A. Buck Kachaluba and Aaron Dziubinskyj
    PQ 7297 U78 E813 2016
    A little-known gem of utopian/dystopian fiction published in 1919 tells

    the story of a eugenically engineered society of the future.

    It is the year 2218. In "Villautopia," the capital of a Central American nation, the

    state selects young, biologically desirable citizens to act as breeders. Embryos

    are implanted in males to increase a flagging population rate, and the offspring

    are raised in state facilities until old enough to choose their own, nonnuclear

    families. Sterilization of children with mental or physical abnormalities further

    ensures the purity of the gene pool.

    Written two years before Yevgeny Zamyatin's We and twelve years before

    Aldous Huxley's Brave New World , Eugenia recounts the story of Ernesto, who at age twenty-three is selected as a breeder. Celiana, his thirty-eight-year-old lover

    and an accomplished scholar, is deemed unfit for reproduction. To cope with

    her feelings of guilt and hopelessness, she increasingly turns to marijuana, and

    her scholarly productivity declines. Meanwhile Ernesto falls in love with a fellow

    breeder, a young woman named Eugenia--but the life they ultimately choose is

    not quite what the state had envisioned.

    Taking up important challenges of modern society--population growth,

    reproductive behavior and technologies, experimentation with gender roles,

    and changes in family dynamics-- Eugenia is published here in English for the

    first time. Sarah A. Buck Kachaluba and Aaron Dziubinskyj provide a critical

    apparatus helping readers to understand the novel's literary genesis and genealogy

    as well as its historical context. Arising from its twentieth-century origins, yet

    remarkably contemporary, Eugenia is a treasure of speculative fiction.

  • Fuente Ovejuna / Lope de Vega ; edición de Juan María Marín
    PQ 6439 F75 2017
    Lope de Vega trazo en esta obra una de sus comedias mas complejas. La colectividad, depositaria del derecho de resistencia si la jerarquia pierde su legitimidad, hace uso de ese derecho y restablece el orden. En una primera accion intrahistorica el Comendador es tirano y lascivo con sus vasallos; en la segunda accion, historica, quebranta el orden politico inspirando la toma de Ciudad Real en contra del Rey. El autor plantea el tema segun las categorias mentales de la epoca.

  • Rumbos : curso intermedio de español / [edited by] Jill Pellettieri [and others]
    PC 4129 E5 R86 2011b
    Ready to take your Spanish to the next level? RUMBOS is the intermediate Spanish textbook designed to "fill in the gaps" for you no matter how much Spanish you've retained from your first Spanish course. RUMBOS will lead you to higher levels of communicative competence through the combination of functional and contextualized vocabulary presentations, targeted practice of more advanced and often problematic grammatical structures, and process-oriented reading and writing sections with integrated skill-building strategies. Authentic literary readings, academic writing tasks, engaging short films, and supportive activities geared to oral presentations will ensure that you are prepared for advanced language study.

  • Pushkin / by D.S. Mirsky
    PG 3350 M5

  • Rerouting Galician studies : multidisciplinary interventions / Benita Sampedro Vizcaya, José A. Losada Montero, editors

  • Tagore and nationalism / K.L. Tuteja, Kaustav Chakraborty, editors

  • Cantonese practical dictionary : Cantonese-English, English-Cantonese
    PL 1736 C38 2014

    A comprehensive, up-to-date Cantonese reference for students and travelers from a trusted name in foreign language study.

    Spoken by nearly 60 million people, Cantonese rivals Mandarin as the lingua franca of both south China and of the worldwide Chinese diaspora population. Unique among all the Chinese dialects, Cantonese also has a writing system that is distinct from Mandarin Chinese and makes use of characters generally not understood by non-Cantonese speakers. The Cantonese Practical Dictionary includes over 14,000 entries, providing students and travelers with a portable, yet comprehensive resource for everyday use.

    Cantonese is an official language of Hong Kong and Macau, and written Cantonese is commonly found on street signs in Hong Kong as well as in newspapers and novels. The spoken language also exerts a strong cultural influence on East Asia, due to the prominence of Hong Kong's film and music industries. This is also a useful guide for Cantonese heritage speakers, or as English-Cantonese resource for ESL students.

  • Collins Spanish dictionary / series editor /director de publicaciones Jethro Lennox
    PC 4640 C54 2017
    This Spanish-English/English-Spanish dictionary, has been revised and updated with hundreds of new words, phrases and senses. The Spanish In Action supplement focusses on key communication areas, making this the perfect dictionary for use at college, home or work. Designed for students and professionals using Spanish in the course of their work or study, this modern dictionary draws on Collins unique databases of Spanish and English to ensure that the user has the most complete and accurate picture of real language available today. * Practical section on real life communication in Spanish, covering all forms of written and spoken communication * Includes all the latest vocabulary from a wide range of fields, with special feature entries about life and culture in Spanish-speaking countries. * The in-depth treatment of complex words, practical tips on spoken and written Spanish guide the user to additional information making this dictionary the ideal tool for intermediate to advanced students. * Accessible layout guides users quickly to what they want. Comprehensive dictionaries. Always free online. Join us at www.collinsdictionary.com

  • Collins Italian dictionary
    PC 1640 C625 2013
    This is the ideal dictionary for students of Italian. It contains up-to-date vocabulary and cultural notes on Italian life. What's more, the Language in Use and Banking & Finance supplements make this the ideal dictionary for people learning Italian for business, study and pleasure. This third edition uses the multi-million word language database, the Collins Corpus, to ensure that the user has the most complete and accurate picture of real language available today. * Includes the latest vocabulary from a wide range of fields, with special features about life and culture in Italy. * The clear, easy to read layout with special treatment of complex words ensures the user finds the right translation quickly and easily. * The extensive Language in Use supplement gives real-life examples of how Italian is used in a variety of contexts, including letters, e-mails and text messages. * New to this edition is a Business & Finance supplement, ideal for those who need to use Italian for work * This edition includes information about culture and life in Italy.

  • Collins Italian dictionary / [editor: Susie Beattie]
    PC 1640 C625 2018
    An up-to-date easy-reference Italian to English and English to Italian Collins dictionary and a user-friendly grammar guide in one handy volume. A clear layout, cultural notes and an easy-to-use, revised grammar section make this the ideal Italian reference for intermediate learners. Designed for all intermediate learners of Italian, whether at school, at home, or for business. 90,000 references and 120,000 translations will help those learning Italian take their language skills to the next level. * This edition has been revised and updated to offer extensive and relevant coverage of today's English and Italian with thousands of phrases and examples guiding the user to the most appropriate translation. * A comprehensive grammar guide presents detailed examples and translations to help users to understand Italian grammar - the perfect complement to the dictionary. * The clear Collins typography gives the text a contemporary feel, and along with the new alphabet tabs, ensures that users find the information they need quickly and easily.

  • Compact Oxford Italian dictionary : Italian-English, English-Italian / editors, Pat Bulhosen, Francesca Logi, Loredana Riu
    PC 1640 C65 2013
    The Compact Oxford Italian Dictionary offers over 90,000 words and phrases, and 120,000 translations of contemporary Italian and English. It covers all the words you need for everyday use, carefully selected from evidence from the Oxford Languages Tracker and the Oxford English Corpus. Alsoincludes Italian and English cultural and grammar supplements to help you improve your Italian or English.

  • Collins easy learning Mandarin Chinese dictionary
    PL 1455 C656 2015

  • Webster's new world German dictionary : German-English, English-German
    PF 3640 C637 2017
    Compiled by a team of experienced German and English linguists and lexicographers, this bilingual dictionary combines comprehensive coverage of both English and German with outstanding clarity, simplicity, and economy. Emphasis is placed on contemporary usage, from colloquial to formal. This reference, which includes pronunciation guides, comprehensive verb tables, and thousands of phrases that show word use in context, is ideal for home, school, or office.

  • Compact Oxford German dictionary / Chief Editors : Michael Clark, Olaf Thyen
    PF 3640 C687 2013
    The Compact Oxford German Dictionary offers over 90,000 words and phrases, and 120,000 translations of contemporary German and English. It covers all the words you need for everday use, carefully selected from evidence from the Oxford Languages Tracker and the Oxford English Corpus. Alsoincludes German cultural and grammar supplements to help you improve your German.

  • Aislinge Meic Conglinne = the vision of Mac Conglinne / translated and with an introduction by Lahney Preston-Matto
    PB 1397 A37 2010eb
    Aislinge Meic Conglinne, an anonymous Middle Irish romance, recounts the efforts of the eponymous hero to exchange the hardscrabble life of a clerical scholar for the prestigious life of a poet. Mac Conglinne wins the patronage of Cathal mac Finguine, the king of Munster, after rescuing him from a "demon of gluttony" by reciting a fantastic, food-laden vision of alternate worlds. An accomplished and original eleventh-century satiric narrative poem, Aislinge Meic Conglinne is now available for the first time as a stand-alone translation.

  • Máire Bhuí Ní Laoire : a poet of her people / Brian Brennan
    PB 1399 N55Z54 2000

  • An crann faoi bhláth = The flowering tree : contemporary Irish poetry with verse translations / editors, Declan Kiberd, Gabriel Fitzmaurice
    PB 1359 C73 1991

  • Taisce duan : a treasury of Irish poems with translations in English / edited by Séan McMahon, Jo O'Donoghue
    PB 1424 T35 1992
    "An anthology literally, a treasure trove of favorite Irish poems, in the original Gaelic with English translations...a true 'treasure trove' of riches". -- Irish America. "(Includes) some of the best Irish poetry from the early seventeenth to the nineteenth century. The translations, or versions as they are more accurately called, are done by many different hands and are examples of the diverse ways, joys and pitfalls of their craft. They are nearly all new and have a freshness and excitement about them". -- Books Ireland. Translators include some of modern Ireland's foremost poets and scholars, including Gabriel Rosenstock, Michael Davitt, Brendan Kennelly, and others.

  • Irish poems from Cromwell to the Famine : a miscellany / translated and arranged by Joan Keefe
    PB 1424 I7
    Joan Keefe here presents her new versions of poems that come from the time when the great tradition of Irish poetry, as it had been known for a thousand years, was being brought to an end. It combines many of the characteristics of classical Irish poetry, roughened but kept vigorous by the common imagination.

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  • Fingal Rónáin, and other stories / edited by David Greene
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  • A literary history of Ireland from earliest times to the present day, by Douglas Hyde ... 6th impression
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  • Buile Suibhne / edited by J.G. O'Keefe
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  • Cath Mhuighe Leana, or, The battle of Magh Leana ; together with Tochmarc Moméra, or, The courtship of Momera / now for the first time edited with translation and notes by Eugene Curry
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  • Selections from ancient Irish poetry, tr. by Kuno Meyer
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  • The story of early Gaelic literature / by Douglas Hyde
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  • Medieval Irish lyrics. Selected & translated by James Carney
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