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Modern Languages and Literature - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Modern Languages and Literature that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 90 days.

  • Sun & steel. Translated by John Bester
    PL 833 I7 T313 1970b
    Part autobiography and part reflections on his personal search for identity, Sun and Steel provides a fascinating insight into the complex mind of this spectacularly gifted author. In it Mishima traces his tortuous path from a sensitive, introverted childhood to creative maturity as acclaimed novelist, playwright and self-proclaimed conscience of postwar Japan. A powerful work of art in itself, Sun and Steel also provides a key to understanding his other works.

  • Daytime stars : a poet's memoir of the revolution, the siege of Leningrad, and the thaw / Olga Berggolts ; translated and edited by Lisa A. Kirschenbaum ; foreword by Katharine Hodgson
    PG 3476 B45D613 2018
    For 872 days during World War II, the city of Leningrad endured a crushing blockade at the hands of German forces. Close to one million civilians died, most from starvation. Amid the devastation, Olga Berggolts broadcast her poems on the one remaining radio station, urging listeners not to lose hope. When the siege had begun, the country had already endured decades of revolution, civil war, economic collapse, and Stalin's purges. Berggolts herself survived the deaths of two husbands and both of her children, her own arrest, and a stillborn birth after being beaten under interrogation.

    Berggolts wrote her memoir Daytime Stars in the spirit of the thaw after Stalin's death. In it, she celebrated the ideals of the revolution and the heroism of the Soviet people while also criticizing censorship of writers and recording her doubts and despair. This English translation by Lisa A. Kirschenbaum makes available a unique autobiographical work by an important author of the Soviet era. In her foreword, Katharine Hodgson comments on experiences of the Terror about which Berggolts was unable or unwilling to write.

  • In case of fire in a foreign land : new and collected poems from two languages / Ariel Dorfman ; with translations by Edith Grossman with the author
    PQ 8098.14 O7P3713 2002
    In the world of Chilean poet Ariel Dorfman, men and women can be forced to choose between leaving their country or dying for it. The living risk losing everything, but what they hold onto--love, faith, hope, truth--might change the world. It is this subversive possibility that speaks through these poems. A succession of voices--exiles, activists, separated lovers, the families of those victimized by political violence--gives an account of ruptured safety. They bear witness to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of personal and social damage in the aftermath of terror. The first bilingual edition of Dorfman's work, In Case of Fire in a Foreign Land includes ten new poems and a new preface, and brings back into print the classic poems of the celebrated Last Waltz in Santiago . Always an eloquent voice against the ravages of inhumanity, Dorfman's poems, like his acclaimed novels, continue to be a searing testimony of hope in the midst of despair.

  • Complexity in Polish phonotactics : on features, weights, rankings and preferences / Paula Orzechowska
    PG 6135 O79 2019eb

  • Children's literature and transnational knowledge in modern China : education, religion, and childhood / Shih-Wen Sue Chen

  • Postmodern parody in Latin American literature : the paradox of ideological construction and deconstruction / Helene Carol Weldt-Basson, editor

  • The Cambridge companion to Dante's Commedia / edited by Zygmunt G. Baranski, Simon Gilson
    PQ 4390 C36 2019eb

  • Água viva / Clarice Lispector ; translated from the Portuguese by Stefan Tobler ; introduction by Benjamin Moser ; edited by Benjamin Moser
    PQ 9697 L585 A7813 2012
    A meditation on the nature of life and time,Água Viva (1973) shows Lispector discovering a new means of writing about herself, more deeply transforming her individual experience into a universal poetry. In a body of work as emotionally powerful, formally innovative, and philosophically profound as Clarice Lispector's,Água Viva stands out as a particular triumph.

  • PIAZZA / Donatella Melucci, Elissa Tognozzi
    PC 1129 M44 2020
    MindTap for Melucci/Tognozzi's Piazza, 2nd edition helps you learn on your terms.

  • A biblical Hebrew reference grammar / by Christo H.J. van der Merwe, Jacobus A. Naudé, Jan Kroeze
    PJ 4556 V36 2017
    This new and fully revised edition of the A Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar serves as a user-friendly and up-to-date source of information on the morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics of Biblical Hebrew verbs, nouns and other word classes (prepositions, conjunctions, adverbs, modal words, negatives, focus particles, discourse markers, interrogatives and interjections). It also contains one of the most elaborate treatments of Biblical Hebrew word order yet published in a grammar. Compiled by authors with extensive experience in the teaching of Hebrew, the text is rendered both easily accessible and a fascinating examination of the language, building upon the initial publication by incorporating up-to-date developments in the study of the Hebrew Bible. This grammar will be of service both to students who have completed an introductory or intermediate course in Biblical Hebrew, and also to more advanced scholars seeking to take advantage of traditional and recent descriptions of the language that go beyond the basic morphology of Biblical Hebrew.

  • The Persianate world : the frontiers of a Eurasian lingua franca / edited by Nile Green
    PK 6225 P48 2019
    A free open access ebook is available upon publication. Learn more at www.luminosoa.org .

    Persian is one of the great lingua francas of world history. Yet despite its recognition as a shared language across the Islamic world and beyond, its scope, impact, and mechanisms remain underexplored. A world historical inquiry into pre-modern cosmopolitanism, The Persianate World traces the reach and limits of Persian as a Eurasian language in a comprehensive survey of its geographical, literary, and social frontiers. From Siberia to Southeast Asia, and between London and Beijing, this book shows how Persian gained, maintained, and finally surrendered its status to imperial and vernacular competitors. Fourteen essays trace Persian's interactions with Bengali, Chinese, Turkic, Punjabi, and other languages to identify the forces that extended "Persographia," the domain of written Persian. Spanning the ages of expansion and contraction, The Persianate World offers a critical survey of both the supports and constraints of one of history's key languages of global exchange.

  • Contributions of romance languages to current linguistic theory / Deborah L. Arteaga, editor

  • The syntax and semantics of noun modifiers and the theory of universal grammar : a Korean perspective / Min-Joo Kim

  • Language Structure, Variation and Change : The Case of Old Spanish Syntax / Ian E. Mackenzie

  • María Zambrano's ontology of exile : expressive subjectivity / Karolina Enquist Källgren
    PQ 6647 A514 Z643 2019eb

  • The confessions of Wanda von Sacher-Masoch / translated by Marian Phillips, Caroline Hébert, and V. Vale
    PT 2461 S28Z46313 1990
    Autobiography. Finally available in English: the racy and riveting CONFESSIONS OF WANDA VON SACHER-MASOCH -- married for ten years to Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (author of VENUS IN FURS and many other novels) whose whip-and-fur bedroom games spawned the term masochism. Originally published in French in 1907, this narrative of an idealistic, sensitive woman embroiled in a net of sexual peril, betrayl and deceit is well ahead of its time.

  • Obras completas = complete works / Oliverio Girondo ; traducción de/translated by Hugh Hazelton
    PQ 7797 G535A2 2018
    Virtually unknown in the English-speaking world, Oliverio Girondo was a key figure in the Argentine avant-garde movement, a noted editor and an accomplished writer. He is considered one of the great poets of Latin America, but has only had portions of his work translated into English. This is the first volume of a two volume facing-page translation done by award-winning translator Hugh Hazelton. The first volume will consist of: Veinte poemas para ser leídos en el tranvía, Calcomanías, Membretes, Espantapájaros "Scarecrow" and Interlunio.

  • No moonlight in my cup : Sinitic poetry (Kanshi) from the Japanese court, eighth to the twelfth centuries / edited and translated with introduction and commentaries by Judith N. Rabinovitch, Timothy R. Bradstock
    PL 3054.5 E5N66 2019eb

  • The syntax of the verb in classical Hebrew prose / Alviero Niccacci ; translated by W.G.E. Watson
    PJ 4645 N513 1990eb
    Syntax of verbs in Hebrew is fraught with problems. According to classic grammars, many Hebrew words can be translated by virtually all the finite tenses of modern languages. Such grammars include lengthy catalogs of special cases and rules for exceptional uses, which illustrate how difficult the problem of verb syntax is. In turn, translators select the equivalent tense of modern languages based more on their own interpretation than on the rules of Hebrew syntax itself. In this landmark study on the syntax of Hebrew verbs, Niccacci reexamines the fundamental linguistic categories of prose and provides a systematic classification of the forms and constructions of Hebrew verbs. A final chapter deals with tense in poetry.

  • Vasily Grossman and the Soviet century / Alexandra Popoff
    PG 3476 G7Z68 2019
    The definitive biography of Soviet Jewish dissident writer Vasily Grossman

    If Vasily Grossman's 1961 masterpiece, Life and Fate , had been published during his lifetime, it would have reached the world together with Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago and before Solzhenitsyn's Gulag . But Life and Fate was seized by the KGB. When it emerged posthumously, decades later, it was recognized as the War and Peace of the twentieth century. Always at the epicenter of events, Grossman (1905-1964) was among the first to describe the Holocaust and the Ukrainian famine. His 1944 article "The Hell of Treblinka" became evidence at Nuremberg. Grossman's powerful anti‑totalitarian works liken the Nazis' crimes against humanity with those of Stalin. His compassionate prose has the everlasting quality of great art. Because Grossman's major works appeared after much delay we are only now able to examine them properly. Alexandra Popoff's authoritative biography illuminates Grossman's life and legacy.

  • Second language literacy practices and language learning outside the classroom / Miho Inaba
    PL 519 I53 2019

    This book presents a comprehensive and detailed study of literacy practices and language use outside of the classroom by university students of Japanese. It investigates both tasks related to classes (e.g. homework and preparation for classes) and voluntary activities in the target language (e.g. watching TV and writing emails) and discusses how values, motivations and types of activities differ between the two contexts. It employs sociocultural perspectives to observe reading and writing activities within and under the influence of individual and social contexts, such as learner motives, peer networks and the language classroom, and contributes to the related research areas in the field of second language acquisition, such as motivation, autonomous language learning and language learning strategies.

    Crucially, the book not only documents out-of-class literacy activities, but also examines which teaching practices facilitate and promote such out-of-class language learning and use. It considers which literacy activities in the target language students undertake out-of-class, which factors encourage or discourage such out-of-class activity and how and with which tools they undertake these activities. As such the book provides guidance for classroom teaching and suggests that slight changes to teaching practices in the classroom may enhance autonomous learning outside the classroom.

  • Dictionnaire des emprunts ibéro-romans ; emprunts à l'arabe et aux langues du monde islamique / Federico Corriente, Christophe Pereira, Ángeles Vicente
    PC 307 A7C67 2019eb

    Lexical borrowing is the living proof of impact of languages and cultures on each other, even when there are ethnical or ideological differences darkening or preventing acknowledgment of these facts, not only by common people, but even by established scholars unable nevertheless to free themselves from feelings current in their milieus. This circumstance has not helped much with a thorough and minute evaluation of the impact of Arabic and related loanwords during the Middle Ages on the languages of Western Europe, although almost everybody knows that the so-called Arabo-Islamic culture, which is a handy and common misnomer, owes little to the Arabian Peninsula and even less to Islam as a religion, being a blend of Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Iranian, Indian and Greek-Latin heritages.

    A deeper acquaintance with those loanwords and semantic calques, obtainable from a reference work like this dictionary, will cast new light on the merits of civilisation in Islamic lands, in which illustrated princes learned how to separate ideology from science and power, following the way away from the Dark Ages towards Renaissance and Enlightenment.

  • The standard life of a temporary pantyhose salesman / Aldo Busi ; translated by Raymond Rosenthal
    PQ 4862 U824V5813 1989

  • In Tangier / Mohamed Choukri
    PJ 7818 H6Z46 2010

    "As I read Choukri's notes, I saw and heard Jean Genet as clearly as if I had been watching a film of him. To achieve such precision simply by reporting what happened and what was said, one must have a rare clarity of vision."--William Burroughs, from the introduction to Genet in Tangier

    Tangier, "the most extraordinary and mysterious city in the world," according to Mohamed Choukri, was a haven for many Western writers in the early twentieth century. Paul Bowles, Jean Genet, and Tennessee Williams all spent time there, and each was in turn befriended by Choukri.

    Collected here in one volume, for the first time in English, are his delightful recollections of these encounters, offering a truly fresh and unpretentious insight into the lives of these cult figures. Includes an afterword by Choukri previously published only in French.

    As we walked, I showed Tennessee the Arabic translation of his play, and explained that the title in Arabic meant: A cat on the fire. I added that several of his plays, both full-length and one-acters, had been published in Arabic, as well as some of his short stories. I heard his noisy laugh for the first time. Many books, many boys!

    Mohamed Choukri (1935-2003) is one of North Africa's most controversial and widely read authors. After a childhood of poverty and petty crime, Choukri learned to read and write at the age of twenty. He then became a teacher and writer, finally being awarded the chair of Arabic literature at Ibn Batuta College in Tangier.

  • Comrade loves of the samurai, by Saikaku Ihara, and Songs of the geishas. English versions ... by E. Powys Mathers. With an introd. to the new ed. by Terence Barrow
    PL 794 C6 1972

  • Forbidden colors / Yukio Mishima ; translated from the Japanese by Alfred H. Marks
    PL 833 I7 K5313 1970

  • Sentence to hope : a Saʻdallah Wannous reader / translated from the Arabic and with an introduction by Robert Myers and Nada Saab
    PJ 7870 A6A2 2019
    The first major English‑language collection of plays and essays by Syrian playwright Sa'dallah Wannous

    Sa'dallah Wannous is acknowledged to be one of the Arab world's most significant playwrights, writers, and intellectuals of the twentieth century. This is the first major English‑language collection that brings together his most significant plays and essays. Selections include the groundbreaking 1969 play An Evening's Entertainment for the Fifth of June , a scathing indictment of the duplicity of Arab leaders during the 1967 War, as well as Wannous's most celebrated play, Rituals of Signs and Transformations, a bold treatment of homosexuality, prostitution, clerical corruption, and the quest for female liberation. In addition to his work as a playwright, Wannous, like Brecht, was an astute theatrical and cultural critic, and his essays, some of which are included here, offer shrewd diagnoses of the ills of Arab society and the essential role of theater in ameliorating them.

  • The continuing silence of a poet : the collected stories of A.B. Yehoshua
    PJ 5054 Y42 1998
    This collection of ten short stories represents almost 30 years of the author's career, including some of his most popular works. The title story is about an ageing poet who cannot write as the times demand, but his mentally handicapped son can.

  • Contra los hijos : una diatriba / Lina Meruane
    PQ 8098.23 E74C66 2018
    Rudo e impío, y cargado de humor, Contra los hijos cuestiona los discursos culturales que promueven la preeminencia del hijo y lo llevan a ocupar un lugar despótico en el siglo XXI.

    Versión revisada y ampliada del publicado en 2014, este ensayo es una provocadora advertencia contra el retorno de un modelo conservador que pretende devolver a las mujeres al encierro doméstico. Un ángel maléfico recorre impune nuestras conciencias: es el mensajero de la procreación.

    En esta diatriba Lina Meruane examina el retorno de este «ángel» que, amparado en la retórica ecologista, hace imperiosos llamados a la prolongación de la lactancia, la crianza intensiva y una infinita lista de prescripciones.

    De su polémico análisis sobre uno de los temas más determinantes y peor discutidos de nuestro tiempo se derivan observaciones sobre el estatuto de la pareja contemporánea, la discriminación laboral de las mujeres y los actuales sistemas educativos.


    Unruly, irreverent, and full of humor, Against the Kids questions the cultural speech that promotes the superiority of kids and one that has taken them to occupy an authoritative place in the 21st century. Revised and expanded from its first publication in 2014, this essay is a provocative warning against the return of a conservative model that aims to return women to domestic confinement.

    In this critique, Lina Meruane examines the return of an evil "angel" who, protected by ecological rhetoric, is calling for a longer breastfeeding time by mothers, a more intensive upbringing, and an infinite list of advices which only takes us back in time. From her controversial analysis on one of the most influential and worst-discussed issues of our time, observations arise about the status of contemporary couples, employment discrimination of women, and the current educational systems.

  • Tales from the Gulistân, or Rose-garden of the Sheikh Sa'di of Shirâz. Translated by Sir Richard Burton and illustrated by John Kettelwell
    PK 6541 G2 T3

  • Beyond human : vital materialisms in the Andean avant-gardes / Tara Daly
    PQ 7082 E97 D35 2019
    In the Andes, indigenous knowledge systems based on the relationships between different beings, both earthly and heavenly, animal and plant, have been central to the organization of knowledge since precolonial times. The legacies of colonialism and the continuance of indigenous cultures makes the Andes a unique place from which to think about art and social change as ongoing, and as encompassing more than an exclusively human perspective. Beyond Human revises established readings of the avant-gardes in Peru and Bolivia as humanizing and historical. By presenting fresh readings of canonical authors like César Vallejo, José María Arguedas, and Magda Portal and through analysis of newer artist-activists like Julieta Paredes, Mujeres Creando Comunidad , and Alejandra Dorado, Daly argues instead that avant-gardes complicate questions of agency and contribute to theoretical discussions on vital materialisms: the idea that life happens between animate and inanimate beings--human and non-human--and is made sensible through art.

    Published by Bucknell University Press. Distributed worldwide by Rutgers University Press.

  • Argentina noir : new millennium crime novels in Buenos Aires / Cynthia Schmidt-Cruz
    PQ 7707 C74 S36 2019
    An engaging and insightful guide to Argentine crime fiction since 2000.

  • Child Nazi / Andreas Okopenko ; translated and with an afterword by Michael Mitchell
    PT 2675 K6K5613 2003
    Okopenko's portrayal of a young boy during the Hitler years begins at the end, with the collapse of the Nazi Reich, then works its way back to 1939. Told from the child's perspective, it paints a vivid picture of what it was like to grow up in a state where almost everything was seen in terms of National Socialist ideology. The basic mode of realistic narration is enriched with a wide variety of stylistic devices, ranging from diary entries, school essays, lists and dramatised dialogue to abrupt switches of perspective and poetic evocations of mood. The inclusion of a large number of authentic 'objects' -- for example, songs, jokes, posters and slogans -- helps to give the reader the flavour of the period. 'Child Nazi' is about childhood and adolescence, but it is also about childhood and adolescence at a time when even the most personal thoughts and feelings were manipulated by the ruling system to bind the rising generation to Nazism and its leaders.

  • Frayed opus for strings & wind instruments : poems / Ulrikka S. Gernes ; translated into English by Per Brask & Patrick Friesen
    PT 8176.17 E72 F5613 2015

    The English translation of new work from a celebrated Danish poet.

    Frayed Opus for Strings & Wind Instruments is a collection of poems that zooms in and out of places and states of mind, from a lit bicycle shed in the back yard to a root canal in November, from a typhoon in Hong Kong to instincts astray in various Copenhagen neigbourhoods. Elegantly translated by Canadian collaborators Per Brask and Patrick Friesen, these dreamlike poems attempt, with honesty and humour, to fathom what it is to inhabit a specifically unspecific point in life--not to mention in the Universe.

    ...In my pocket I have
    the photo of the house, I have to stop continually, put
    the suitcases down, take the photo from my pocket
    and compare the house in the photo with the houses
    we pass. In this way seventeen years go by.
    --from Frayed Opus for Strings & Wind Instruments

    Praise for the work of Ulrikka S. Gernes: "...airy and abstract, like pinching smoke... risky and intriguing." --The Antigonish Review

  • Georg Forster : voyager, naturalist, revolutionary / Jürgen Goldstein ; translated by Anne Janusch
    PT 1865 F15 Z6613 2019
    "Marvelous. . . . Wonderfully imaginative. . . . Sparkling."-- Wall Street Journal

    "Stunning. . . . Read this book: in equal measure it will give you hope and trouble your dreams."--Laura Dassow Walls, author of Henry David Thoreau: A Life and Passage to Cosmos: Alexander von Humboldt's Shaping of America

    Georg Forster (1754-94) was in many ways self-taught and rarely had two cents to rub together, but he became one of the most dynamic figures of the Enlightenment: a brilliant writer, naturalist, explorer, illustrator, translator--and a revolutionary. Granted the extraordinary opportunity to sail around the world as part of Captain James Cook's fabled crew, Forster touched icebergs, walked the beaches of Tahiti, visited far-flung foreign nations, lived with purported cannibals, and crossed oceans and the equator. Forster recounted the journey in his 1777 book A Voyage Round the World , a work of travel and science that not only established Forster as one of the most accomplished stylists of the time--and led some to credit him as the inventor of the literary travel narrative--but also influenced other German trailblazers of scientific and literary writing, most notably Alexander von Humboldt. A superb essayist, Forster made lasting contributions to our scientific--and especially botanical and ornithological--knowledge of the South Seas.

    Having witnessed more egalitarian societies in the southern hemisphere, Forster returned after more than three years at sea to a monarchist Europe entering the era of revolution. When, following the French Revolution of 1789, French forces occupied the German city of Mainz, Forster became a leading political actor in the founding of the Republic of Mainz--the first democratic state on German soil.

    In an age of Kantian reason, Forster privileged experience. He claimed a deep connection between nature and reason, nature and politics, nature and revolution. His politics was radical in its understanding of revolution as a natural phenomenon, and in this often overlooked way his many facets--as voyager, naturalist, and revolutionary--were intertwined.

    Yet, in the constellation of the Enlightenment's trailblazing naturalists, scientists, political thinkers, and writers, Forster's star remains relatively dim today: the Republic of Mainz was crushed, and Forster died in exile in Paris. This book is the source of illumination that Forster's journey so greatly deserves. Tracing the arc of this unheralded polymath's short life, Georg Forster explores both his contributions to literature and science and the enduring relationship between nature and politics that threaded through his extraordinary four decades.

  • Oxford Arabic dictionary : Arabic-English · English-Arabic / chief editor Tressy Arts = Qāmūs Uksfūrd al-ʻArabī : ʻArabī-Injilīzī · Injilīzī-ʻArabī / raʼīsat al-taḥrīr Trīsī Arts
    PJ 6640 O92 2014
    Endorsed by academics worldwide, the Oxford Arabic Dictionary is the most authoritative English-Arabic / Arabic-English dictionary ever published. Based on real modern evidence and computational analysis of hundreds of millions of words of both English and Modern Standard Arabic (thestandardized variety of Arabic used in writing and in most formal speech), the dictionary boasts more than 130,000 words and phrases and 200,000 translations. This up-to-date resource has been designed for both Arabic and English native speakers and includes the latest vocabulary from computing,business, the media, and the arts, across both languages.The organization and layout have been designed for maximum clarity and ease of use. The most commonly used sense of each word is shown first, helping you to identify and understand the correct meaning, and more than 70,000 real-life example phrases help you interpret meaning and usage accurately.All Arabic text is shown with vowels to aid the learner of Arabic in pronunciation and comprehension and the Arabic-English section of the dictionary is usefully organised by root, which are listed alphabetically. The dictionary is also packed with extra features including tables of Arabic verbs,Arabic numbers, dates, and years, and irregular English verbs.Produced using the unique dictionary resources of Oxford University Press with an international team of expert advisors, the Oxford Arabic Dictionary is a ground-breaking work, essential for any serious student of Arabic and English, as well as academics, professionals, business people, teachers,and translators.

  • A comprehensive Persian-English dictionary : including the Arabic words and phrases to be met with in Persian literature, being Johnsons and Richardson's Persian, Arabic & English dictionary / by F. Steingass
    PK 6379 S82 2008
    The lines originally laid down for this Dictionary were, to prepare a revised edition of Johnson's enlargement of Wilkins-Richardson's Persian, Arabic, and English Dictionary, by reducing the Arabic element and increasing the Persian, so as to produce a volume specially adapted to the wants of the English students. However, it was found that the mere reduction of the Arabic portion would not suffice to answer the purpose intended. At the same time it was soon felt that the fresh matter to be introduced in the Persian part exceeded the limits contemplated, and necessitated in this respect a considerable extension of the primary plan. It is hoped that this Dictionary will justify its claim to comprehensiveness. The author's only ambition was to advance the work close to the point at which the practical adoption of the motto Viribus Unitis, with regrade to Persian, becomes a necessity, and should be seriously contemplated by oriental societies and congresses.

  • Quand les Ottomans firent le point : histoire graphique, technique et linguistique de la ponctuation turque ottomane / Olivier Bouquet
    PL 175 B687 2019

  • Structuring variation in romance linguistics and beyond : in honour of Leonardo M. Savoia / edited by Mirko Grimaldi, University of Salento ; Rosangela Lai, University of Florence ; Ludovico Franco, Nova University of Lisbon ; Benedetta Baldi, University of Florence
    PC 1074.7 S78 2018
    Current theoretical approaches to language devote great attention to macro- and micro-variation and show an ever-increasing interest in minority languages. In this respect, few empirical domains are as rich and lively as the Italo-Romance languages, which together with Albanian were the main research domain of Leonardo M. Savoia. The volume covers areas as different as phonology, morphology, syntax and the lexicon. A broad range of Romance languages is considered, as well as Albanian, Greek and Hungarian, shedding new light on many classical topics. The first section focuses on morphosyntax, both in the narrow sense and with regard to its interfaces. The second section focuses on clitics and pronouns. The third section deals with a number of issues in phonology and syntax-phonology interface. The last section turns the reader's attention beyond formal linguistics itself and examines variation in the light of neurosciences, pathology, historical linguistics and political discourse.

  • A 'new' woman in Verga and Pirandello : from page to stage / Enza De Francisci
    PQ 4734 V5 Z6564 2018

  • The Routledge intermediate Persian course : Farsi shirin ast : Dominic Parviz Brookshaw and Pouneh Shabani Jadidi
    PK 6235 J35 2012

    The Routledge Intermediate Persian Course: Farsi Shirin Ast, Book Two is the first intermediate level Persian textbook, written specifically for English-speaking university students, that makes use of up-to-date pedagogical techniques, and stresses the importance of communicative competence.

    The diversity of the texts in this textbook helps to familiarize students with a range of literary genres, and provides them with the necessary building blocks to continue reading on their own.

    One of the distinctive features of this book is its content-based and task-based approach to learning the language; all the material provided has been carefully selected to support and enhance a student-centred class environment.

    As with The Routledge Introductory Persian Course , all the texts in this volume are available online in the form of audio files. These texts are recorded by native speakers and available for instructors and students to download freely at http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415691376/.

    The Routledge Intermediate Persian Course: Farsi Shirin Ast, Book Two follows on where the first textbook ends and is ideal for all intermediate learners of Persian in their second year of study.

  • The Oxford handbook of Persian linguistics / edited by Anousha Sedighi and Pouneh Shabani-Jadidi
    PK 6233 O94 2018
    This handbook offers a comprehensive overview of the field of Persian linguistics, discusses its development, and captures critical accounts of cutting edge research within its major subfields, as well as outlining current debates and suggesting productive lines of future research. Leadingscholars in the major subfields of Persian linguistics examine a range of topics split into six thematic parts. Following a detailed introduction from the editors, the volume begins by placing Persian in its historical and typological context in Part I. Chapters in Part II examine topics relating tophonetics and phonology, while Part III looks at approaches to and features of Persian syntax. The fourth part of the volume explores morphology and lexicography, as well as the work of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature. Part V, language and people, covers topics such as languagecontact and teaching Persian as a foreign language, while the final part examines psycho- neuro-, and computational linguistics. The volume will be an essential resource for all scholars with an interest in Persian language and linguistics.

  • Wang Meng : a life : memoir of China's former Minister of Culture and renowned author / Wang Meng ; Zhu Hong and Liu Haiming, translators
    PL 2919 M39Z46 2018

    "Wang Meng is the only Chinese writer who really understands China," according to noted sinologist Merle Goldman, as well as being the writer that many at home and abroad have considered as deserving of a Nobel Prize if any Chinese writer ever did. His memoir is a colorful record of life in an eventful era when one could get up in the morning a CCP official and go to bed an "enemy" of the people.

    Wang Meng knew the hardships of life from an early age. A brilliant student since childhood, Wang gave up the chance of college to join the Communist underground. Ultimately installed as a regular Communist Party cadre in charge of a district Party Youth League and bored with petty bureaucracy, Wang published a short story which rhapsodized the soul-searching of an earnest young "newcomer" on the scene--an instant bestseller. In spite of Chairman Mao's favorable comments on the story, Wang Meng became a "rightist"--i.e., categorized as the enemy.

    Banished to distant Xinjiang, Wang Meng mastered the Uighur language, learned farming skills, and was embraced by the Uighurs as one of their own. The attack on his short story "Hard Porridge," a masterpiece of irony (first English translation published in the Paris Review), only served to highlight his genius and started off a serio-comic string of writings on "porridge" from every conceivable angle by a host Chinese writers, becoming the memorable event of the year.

    Wang Meng did not change his spots when he became Minister of Culture and a member of the Chinese People's Consutative Conference. While making contributions to cultural exchanges on the international scene, Wang Meng kept his identity as first and foremost a writer.

  • Mouthful of birds : stories / Samanta Schweblin ; translated by Megan McDowell
    PQ 7798.29 C5388A2 2019b

    The crunch of a bird's wing.

    Abandoned by the roadside, newlywed brides scream with rage as they are caught in the headlights of a passing car.

    A cloud of butterflies, so beautiful it smothers.

    Unearthly and unexpected, these stories burrow their way into your psyche with the feel of a sleepless night. Every shadow and bump in the dark takes on huge implications, leaving the pulse racing - blurring the line between the real and the strange.

  • The houseguest and other stories / Amparo Dávila ; translated from the Spanish by Audrey Harris & Matthew Gleeson
    PQ 7297 D315 A2 2018
    Like those of Kafka, Poe, Leonora Carrington, or Shirley Jackson, Amparo Dávila's stories are terrifying, mesmerizing, and expertly crafted--you'll finish each one gasping for air. With acute psychological insight, Dávila follows her characters to the limits of desire, paranoia, insomnia, and fear. She is a writer obsessed with obsession, who makes nightmares come to life through the everyday: loneliness sinks in easily like a razor-sharp knife, some sort of evil lurks in every shadow, delusion takes the form of strange and very real creatures. After readingThe Houseguest--Dávila's debut collection in English--you'll wonder how this secret was kept for so long.

  • L'italiano per tutti / Bruno Villata
    PC 1128 V55 1988

  • The Manyoshu : a new and complete translation / by H.H. Honda
    PL 782 E3M3 1967
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