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Modern Languages and Literature - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Modern Languages and Literature that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 90 days.

  • Octavio Paz : laberintos del poeta y ensayista / Ricardo Camarena Castellanos (ed.)
    PQ 7297 P285 Z7845 2017

  • Italian verbs / Vincent Luciani, John Colaneri
    PC 1271 L84 2002
    Approximately 300 most commonly used Italian verbs are presented, one verb per page, and conjugated in all tenses. Here's a handy quick-reference guide for students of Italian, as well as for English-speaking travelers to Italy.

  • Japanese : a comprehensive grammar / Stefan Kaiser [and others]
    PL 533 J36 2013

    Japanese: A Comprehensive Grammaris a complete reference guide to modern Japanese grammar.

    Accessible and systematic, it explores the complexities of the language thoroughly, filling many gaps left by other textbooks.

    Clear grammar points are put in context using examples from a range of Japanese media. The emphasis is firmly on contemporary Japanese as spoken and written by native speakers.

    Key features of the book include:

    coverage of colloquial and standard Japanese extensive cross-referencing detailed index of Japanese and English terms up-to-date real examples of current usage greater emphasis on structures that learners find particularly confusing glossary of linguistic terms.

    Written by experts in their fields, Japanese: A Comprehensive Grammarwill prove a lasting and reliable resource for all learners of Japanese.

  • Home coming : sixty years of Egyptian short stories / selected and translated by Denys Johnson-Davies
    PJ 8216.5 E5 H5 2012
    Short story writing in Egypt was still in its infancy when Denys Johnson-Davies, described by Edward Said as "the leading Arabic-English translator of our time," arrived in Cairo as a young man in the 1940s. Nevertheless, he was immediately impressed by such writing talents of the time as Mahmoud Teymour, Yahya Hakki, Yusuf Gohar, and the future Nobel literature laureate Naguib Mahfouz, and he set about translating their works for local English-language periodicals of the time.
    He continued to translate over the decades, and sixty years later he brings together this remarkable overview of the work of several generations of Egypt's leading short story writers. This selection of some fifty stories represents not only a cross-section through time but also a spectrum of styles, and includes works by Teymour, Hakki, Gohar, and Mahfouz and later writers such as Mohamed El-Bisatie, Said el-Kafrawi, Bahaa Taher, and Radwa Ashour, as well as new young writers of today like Hamdy El-Gazzar, Mansoura Ez Eldin, and Youssef Rakha.

  • Handbuch zur deutschen grammatik : wiederholen und anwenden / Jamie Rankin, Larry D. Wells
    PF 3112 W385 2016
    This intermediate, modular approach to German grammar serves as both a reference handbook and a practice manual. There are a total of 30 chapters. The 24 regular chapters provide a presentation of new information, followed by material for oral and written practice: Grammatik (grammar), Wortschatz (vocabulary), Übungen (exercises, self-, and small-group practice), Anwendung (application, in-class group activities), Schriftliche Themen (writing topics), and Zusammenfassung (summary). The six remaining reference chapters consist of grammar presentations through explanations, models, and charts; and Übersicht (summary).

  • Dr. Bethune's children / Xue Yiwei ; Darryl Sterk, translator
    PL 2969.5 E445B3513 2017eb
    Xue Yiwei's life has been marked by that of the legendary Montreal surgeon Norman Bethune, who died in China in the cause of Communism. Like other Chinese of his generation - the generation that has turned China into the world power it is today - Xue Yiwei was inspired by Dr. Bethune's example during the Cultural Revolution. But unlike his peers, he went to the lengths of moving to Montreal, where he has lived for sixteen years as a writer acclaimed in China and - until now - unknown in Canada. This subversive novel is the story that only he could write.Dr. Bethune's Children, which is banned in China (it is available only in a Chinese language version published in Taiwan), focuses on individual lives marked by some of the traumatic events of recent decades that have been veiled by official secrecy. In showing us the effects of the distress and repression that have marked his whole generation, Xue Yiwei unveils the human heart.

  • Tolstoy and Tolstaya : a portrait of a life in letters / translated from the Russian by John Woodsworth, Arkadi Klioutchanski & Liudmila Gladkova ; with a foreword by Vladimir Tolstoy ; edited and with an introduction by Andrew Donskov
    PG 3379 T6513 2017eb
    Both Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy (1828-1910) and his wife Sofia Andreevna Tolstaya (1844-1919) were prolific letterwriters.
    Lev Nikolaevich wrote approximately 10,000 letters over his lifetime -- 840 of these addressed to his wife. Letters written by (or to) Sofia Andreevna over her lifetime also numbered in the thousands. When Tolstaya published Lev Nikolaevich's letters to her, she declined to include any of her 644 letters to her husband. The absence of half their correspondence obscured the underlying significance of many of his comments to her and occasionally led the reader to wrong conclusions.
    The current volume, in presenting a constantly unfolding dialogue between the Tolstoy-Tolstaya couple -- mostly for the first time in English translation -- offers unique insights into the minds of two fascinating individuals over the 48-year period of their conjugal life. Not only do we 'peer into the souls' of these deep-thinking correspondents by penetrating their immediate and extended family life -- full of joy and sadness, bliss and tragedy but we also observe, as in a generation-spanning chronicle, a variety of scenes of Russian society, from rural peasants to lords and ladies.
    This hard-cover, illustrated critical edition includes a foreword by Vladimir Il'ich Tolstoy (Lev Tolstoy's great-great-grandson), introduction, maps, genealogy, as well as eleven additional letters by Sofia Andreevna Tolstaya published here for the very first time in either Russian or English translation. It is a beautiful complement to My Life , a collection of Sofia Tolstaya's memoirs published in English in 2010 at the University of Ottawa Press.

  • The love of Plato and other writings / Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Emerich von Stadion, Emil Mario Vacano ; edited and translated by James Patrick Wilper
    PT 2461 S3 A2 2015

  • Storytelling in Siberia : the Olonkho epic in a changing world / Robin P. Harris
    PL 363.5 H37 2017eb

  • Teaching and learning Chinese in schools : case studies in quality language education / Robyn Moloney and Hui Ling Xu

  • Diachronic Changes Underlying Synchronic Distribution Scalar Inferences and Word Order

  • National socialism and German discourse : unquiet voices / WJ Dodd

  • Language attitudes and minority rights : the case of Catalan in France / James Hawkey

  • Essays on Hilda Hilst : between Brazil and world literature

  • Galileo Galilei : the Tuscan Artist / Pietro Greco

  • Teaching Chinese Language in Singapore Efforts and Possibilities

  • Letters to Milena / Franz Kafka ; translated and with an introduction by Philip Boehm
    PT 2621 A26 Z48613 2015

    In no other work does Franz Kafka reveal himself as in Letters to Milena, which begins as a business correspondence but soon develops into a passionate but doomed epistolary love affair. Kafka's Czech translator, Milena Jesensk#65533;, was a gifter and charismatic twenty-three-year-old who was uniquely able to recognize Kafka's complex genius and his even more complex character. For thirty-six-year-old Kafka, she was "a living fire, such as I have never seen." It was to Milena that he revealed his most intimate self and, eventually, entrusted his diaries for safekeeping.

  • The greater hope / Ilse Aichinger ; translated from the German by Geoff Wilkes
    PT 2601 I26 G713 2016

  • Il kimono di Madama Butterfly / Slawka G. Scarso
    PC 1117 S32 2014
    Captain Rosetti is in Milan for a romantic weekend getaway with her boyfriend. But a bloody event abruptly changes plans of the two lovers, even as they enjoy the Madama Butterfly at La Scala. A crime of passion? That's how it seems...* An original and compelling story* Reading with a progression of grammar and vocabulary adapted to the A2 Level* Cultural and linguistic notes* Varied activities to practice comprehension, writing and vocabulary* Downloadable MP3 with the theatricla telling of the story

  • The analects / adapted and illustrated by C. C. Tsai ; translated by Brian Bruya ; foreword by Michael Puett
    PL 2471 Z7 C3413 2018

    For the first time in one volume, The Analects illustrated by bestselling cartoonist C. C. Tsai

    C. C. Tsai is one of Asia's most popular cartoonists, and his editions of the Chinese classics have sold more than 40 million copies in over twenty languages. This volume presents Tsai's delightful graphic adaptation of The Analects , one of the most influential books of all time and a work that continues to inspire countless readers today.

    Tsai's expressive drawings bring Confucius and his students to life as no other edition of the Analects does. See Confucius engage his students over the question of how to become a leader worth following in a society of high culture, upward mobility, and vicious warfare. Which virtues should be cultivated, what makes for a harmonious society, and what are the important things in life? Unconcerned with religious belief but a staunch advocate of tradition, Confucius emphasizes the power of society to create sensitive, respectful, and moral individuals. In many ways, Confucius speaks directly to modern concerns--about how we can value those around us, educate the next generation, and create a world in which people are motivated to do the right thing.

    A marvelous introduction to a timeless classic, this book also features an illuminating foreword by Michael Puett, coauthor of The Path: What Chinese Philosophers Can Teach Us about the Good Life . In addition, Confucius's original Chinese text is artfully presented in narrow sidebars on each page, enriching the books for readers and students of Chinese without distracting from the self-contained English-language cartoons. The text is skillfully translated by Brian Bruya, who also provides an introduction.

  • Localising Chinese : educating teachers through service-learning / Michael Singh, Thi Hông Nhung Nguŷẽn
    This book presents innovative strategies for teaching the Chinese language to English-speaking students around the world, using in-depth research arising from a long-running and successful Chinese language teaching programme in Sydney. Throughout the book its authors emphasise the importance of teaching methods which explore the relevance of Chinese to all aspects of students' everyday lives; 'Localising Chinese' by folding it into students' everyday sociolinguistic activities performed in English. The research presented here demonstrates how, through school-driven, research-oriented service-learning, university graduates from China learnt to use student-centred learning-focused language education as a basis for professional learning. In the context of China's growing influence in the global academic community, this book addresses the urgent need to promote effective communication and partnerships. It provides a valuable resource for language teachers and teacher educators, as well as education researchers in the areas of international education, linguistics, the sociology of education and knowledge exchange.

  • A history of western appreciation of English-translated Tang poetry / Jiang Lan
    PL 2321 J537 2018eb

  • Nabokov's dark cinema / Alfred Appel, Jr
    PG 3476 N3 Z57 1974

  • Parlons ossete / Lora Arys-Djanaïéva ; traduit du russe et de l'ossète par Iaroslav Lebedynsky
    PK 6955 A79 2004

  • An American language : the history of Spanish in the United States / Rosina Lozano
    PC 4826 L69 2018
    An American Language is a tour de force that revolutionizes our understanding of U.S. history. It reveals the origins of Spanish as a language binding residents of the Southwest to the politics and culture of an expanding nation in the 1840s. As the West increasingly integrated into the United States over the following century, struggles over power, identity, and citizenship transformed the place of the Spanish language in the nation. An American Language is a history that reimagines what it means to be an American--with profound implications for our own time.

  • A student grammar of Spanish / Ronald E. Batchelor
    PC 4112 B385 2006
    This concise introduction to Spanish grammar, designed for English-speaking undergraduates, assumes no prior knowledge of grammatical terminology. It explains each aspect of Spanish grammar and provides a range of engaging exercises to challenge students. Clearly organized into thirty units, covering different aspects of grammar, the book functions as an essential reference guide and a comprehensive workbook. Individual topics can be looked up via a user-friendly cross-referencing system, and concise definitions are provided in a useful glossary of grammatical terms. The exercises are suitable for both classroom use and self-study.

  • The chain of things : divinatory magic and the practice of reading in German literature and thought, 1850-1940 / Eric Downing
    PT 345 D69 2018

    In The Chain of Things, Eric Downing shows how the connection between divinatory magic and reading shaped the experience of reading and aesthetics among nineteenth-century realists and modernist thinkers. He explores how writers, artists, and critics such as Gottfried Keller, Theodor Fontane, and Walter Benjamin drew on the ancient practice of divination, connecting the Greek idea of sympathetic magic to the German aesthetic concept of the attunement of mood and atmosphere.

    Downing deftly traces the genealogical connection between reading and art in classical antiquity, nineteenth-century realism, and modernism, attending to the ways in which the modern re-enchantment of the world--both in nature and human society--consciously engaged ancient practices that aimed at preternatural prediction. Of particular significance to the argument presented in The Chain of Things is how the future figured into the reading of texts during this period, a time when the future as a narrative determinant or article of historical faith was losing its force. Elaborating a new theory of magic as a critical tool, Downing secures crucial links between the governing notions of time, world, the "real," and art.

  • An introduction to Chinese poetry : from the Canon of poetry to the lyrics of the Song dynasty / Michael A. Fuller
    PL 2307 F856 2017

    This innovative textbook for learning classical Chinese poetry moves beyond the traditional anthology of poems translated into English and instead brings readers--including those with no knowledge of Chinese--as close as possible to the texture of the poems in their original language. The first two chapters introduce the features of classical Chinese that are important for poetry and then survey the formal and rhetorical conventions of classical poetry. The core chapters present the major poets and poems of the Chinese poetic tradition from earliest times to the lyrics of the Song Dynasty (960-1279).

    Each chapter begins with an overview of the historical context for the poetry of a particular period and provides a brief biography for each poet. Each of the poems appears in the original Chinese with a word-by-word translation, followed by Fuller's unadorned translation, and a more polished version by modern translators. A question-based study guide highlights the important issues in reading and understanding each particular text.

    Designed for classroom use and for self-study, the textbook's goal is to help the reader appreciate both the distinctive voices of the major writers in the Chinese poetic tradition and the grand contours of the development of that tradition.

  • Culture, language and identity: English-Tamil in colonial India, 1750 to 1900 / edited by C.T. Indra and R. Rajagopalan ; foreword by Susan Bassnett
    PL 4758.05 C749 2018

    This volume examines the relationship between language and power across cultural boundaries. It evaluates the vital role of translation in redefining culture and ethnic identity. During the first phase of colonialism, mid-18th to late-19th century, the English-speaking missionaries and East India Company functionaries in South India were impelled to master Tamil, the local language, in order to transact their business. Tamil also comprised ancient classical literary works, especially ethical and moral literature, which were found especially suited to the preferences of Christian missionaries.

    This interface between English and Tamil acted as a conduit for cultural transmission among different groups. The essays in this volume are on chosen areas of translation activities and explore cultural, religious, linguistic and literary transactions.

    This volume and its companion (which looks at the period between 1900 CE to the present) cover the late colonial and postcolonial era and will be of interest to students, scholars and researchers of translation studies, literature, linguistics, sociology and social anthropology, South Asian studies, colonial and postcolonial studies, literary and critical theory as well as culture studies.

  • Storia dell'italiano scritto / a cura di Giuseppe Antonelli, Matteo Motolese e Lorenzo Tomasin
    PQ 4037 S76 2014

  • El hombre que amaba a los perros / Leonardo Padura
    PQ 7390 P32H66 2011
    A journalist and assistant in a veterinary clinic, flashes back towards an episode in his life when he met a man who used to walk by the beach with two Russian dogs. After several meetings, the man said Jaime Lopez was his name, and began to tell him his confidences focusing on the figure of Trotsky's murderer, Ramon Mercader, of whom he claims have been friends.

  • Farhang moaser : English-Persian dictionary / Mohammad Reza Bateni ; senior assistant, Fatemeh Azarmehr ; assistants, Mehran Mohajir, Mohammad Nabavi
    PK 6381 E5B38 2002

  • Balladen ... herausgegeben von John Meier
    PT 1101 D3 Reihe 10 Bd.1-2 1964

  • Ivanov, the seagull, and Three sisters [by] Chekhov; a new translation by Ronald Hingley
    PG 3456 A19H5
    Ivanov, a driving force in local government and a visionary landowner, feels burnt out at thirty-five. Once the pioneer of scientific farming methods and of education for peasants, he now drowns in bureaucracy and debt, his large estate neglected. While his wife is dying, Sacha, a young, educated woman, falls in love with Ivanov and determines to save him.

  • Hermann Hesse im Spiegel der zeitgenössischen Kritik / hrsg. von Adrian Hsia
    PT 2617 E85Z7217

  • Thomas Mann: Tristan. Bearb. von Ulrich Dittmann
    PT 2625 A44T83
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