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Photography - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Titles in the call number range TR1 - TR1050 (Photography) that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 60 days.

  • Queer landscape / Kevin Madill
    TR 647 M235 1991

  • Janice Gurney : all the spaces : an exhibition of works relating to the English language translations of The meditations of Marcus Aurelius, Book 10.17 / curated by Julian Jason Haladyn
    TR 140 G9775 A4 2016

  • Experimental and expanded animation : new perspectives and practices / Vicky Smith, Nicky Hamlyn, editors

  • By land and sea (prospect and refuge) : Marian Penner Bancroft
    TR 647 B385 2000

  • Isaac Applebaum / [texts, Andrea Kunard & Richard Rhodes ; translation, Françoise Espie-Bourseau = textes, Andrea Kunard & Richard Rhodes ; traduction, Françoise Espie-Bourseau]
    TR 647 A598 A4 1991

  • Roy Arden / texts by Scott Watson, Peter Culley, John Miller
    TR 647 A73 1997
    #Catalogue of an exhibition held at the Art Gallery of York University, Toronto, Ont., Mar. 6-Apr. 11, 1997 and the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Vancouver, B.C., fall, 1997.#Includes bibliographical references.

  • High dynamic range video : concepts, technologies, and applications / [edited by] Alan Chambers [and three others]
    TR 594

    High Dynamic Range Video: Concepts, Technologies and Applications gives an introduction to a full range of topics within the end-to-end HDR video pipeline, covering the issues around capturing HDR and stereo HDR video, such as ghosting and use of legacy LDR systems, how HDR video can be manipulated, including real-time mixing, the very latest designs for HDR displays, HDR video on mobile devices, and the applications of HDR video.

    With this book, the reader will gain an overview of the current state-of-the art of HDR video, learn the potential of HDR video to provide a step change to a wide range of imaging applications, and attain the knowledge needed to introduce HDR video in their own applications.

    Written by experts who have been actively researching High Dynamic Range Video Covers a full range of topics within the end-to-end HDR video pipeline Provides applications that demonstrate how HDR video can be applied

  • High dynamic range video : from acquisition to display and applications / edited by Frederic Dufaux ... [and others]

    At the time of rapid technological progress and uptake of High Dynamic Range (HDR) video content in numerous sectors, this book provides an overview of the key supporting technologies, discusses the effectiveness of various techniques, reviews the initial standardization efforts and explores new research directions in all aspects involved in HDR video systems.

    Topics addressed include content acquisition and production, tone mapping and inverse tone mapping operators, coding, quality of experience, and display technologies. This book also explores a number of applications using HDR video technologies in the automotive industry, medical imaging, spacecraft imaging, driving simulation and watermarking.

    By covering general to advanced topics, along with a broad and deep analysis, this book is suitable for both the researcher new or familiar to the area.

    With this book the reader will:

    Gain a broad understanding of all the elements in the HDR video processing chain Learn the most recent results of ongoing research Understand the challenges and perspectives for HDR video technologies Covers a broad range of topics encompassing the whole processing chain in HDR video systems, from acquisition to display Provides a comprehensive overview of this fast emerging topic Presents upcoming applications taking advantages of HDR

  • Gli Alinari fotografi a Firenze, 1852-1920 / catalogo a cura di Wladimiro Settimelli e Filippo Zevi
    TR 80 F57 A38

  • Lucas Samaras : Phantasmata : photo-transformations
    TR 647 S238 1976

  • Wonders of the stereoscope / John Jones
    TR 780 J66 1976

  • Jack Kilby : the eye of genius : photographs by the inventor of the microchip / by Anne E. Peterson
    TR 140 K53 A4 2008

  • Provincial modern / photographs by Michael Hannay
    TR 659 H25 1996

  • Arthur Tress : fish tank sonata / [essay] by David Mellor
    TR 647 T74 1991

  • Sun pictures and other historic photographs : [exhibition] Glasgow University Library, 23 February-23 March 1983
    TR 646 S535 G55 1983

  • Hugh Welch Diamond : 1808-1886 : doctor, antiquarian, photographer / Carolyn Bloore
    TR 140 D53 B46 1980

  • Spectrum : new directions in color photography / [curated by Donna Nakao] ; with catalogue essays by John Upton and James Hugunin
    TR 510 N35 1979

  • Arni Haraldsson, projects on Vancouver architecture and landscape
    TR 659 H37 1995

  • Hotam #3 : Journey to the west / Ho Tam
    TR 647 T36 H68 2014

  • Dianne Bos, The sleeping green : no man's land 100 years later = un no man's land cent ans après / Dianne Bos ; curated by / commissaire: Josephine Mills ; with an essay by / avec un essai de: Harry Vandervlist
    TR 647 B6865 2017

  • Sharon Lockhart : Wako Works of Art, Tokyo, 28 January-28 February 1998 : Blum & Poe, Santa Monica, 21 February-28 March 1998 / [essay, Bérénice Reynaud ; catalogue editing, Maria Blum]
    TR 647 L63 1998

  • Ken Lum : recent work
    TR 647 L85 1994

  • Arni Haraldsson : firminy
    TR 647 H27 2001

  • Kelly Wood : the continuous garbage project, 1998-2003 / [writers: Peter Culley and others]
    TR 647 W67 2003

  • First cut 2 : more conversations with film editors / Gabriella Oldham
    TR 899 O434 2012eb

  • Posing for power/posing for pleasure : photographies and the social construction of femininity : [exhibition] January 21-February 28, 1988 / Wendy Botting, exhibition curator
    TR 681 W6 P67 1988

  • Henry Fox Talbot : la raccolta della Biblioteca Estense di Modena / presentazione di Italo Zannier
    TR 647 T3 A43 1978

  • Four directions in modern photography: Paul Caponigro, John T. Hill, Jerry N. Uelsmann [and] Bruce Davidson. An exhibition at the Yale University Art Gallery, December 14, 1972 through February 25, 1973
    TR 646 U6 N49 1972

  • Photography and other media in the nineteenth century / edited by Nicoletta Leonardi and Simone Natale
    TR 15 P4795 2018

    In this volume, leading scholars of photography and media examine photography's vital role in the evolution of media and communication in the nineteenth century.

    In the first half of the nineteenth century, the introduction of telegraphy, the development of a cheaper and more reliable postal service, the rise of the mass-circulation press, and the emergence of the railway dramatically changed the way people communicated and experienced time and space. Concurrently, photography developed as a medium that changed how images were produced and circulated. Yet, for the most part, photography of the era is studied outside the field of media history. The contributors to this volume challenge those established disciplinary boundaries as they programmatically explore the intersections of photography and "new media" during a period of fast-paced change. Their essays look at the emergence and early history of photography in the context of broader changes in the history of communications; the role of the nascent photographic press in photography's infancy; and the development of photographic techniques as part of a broader media culture that included the mass-consumed novel, sound recording, and cinema.

    Featuring essays by noteworthy historians in photography and media history, this discipline-shifting examination of the communication revolution of the nineteenth century is an essential addition to the field of media studies.

    In addition to the editors, contributors to this volume are Geoffrey Batchen, Geoffrey Belknap, Lynn Berger, Jan von Brevern, Anthony Enns, André Gaudreault, Lisa Gitelman, David Henkin, Erkki Huhtamo, Philippe Marion, Peppino Ortoleva, Steffen Siegel, Richard Taws, and Kim Timby.

  • Public images : celebrity, photojournalism and the making of the tabloid press / Ryan Linkof
    TR 820 L5435 2018
    No Marketing Blurb

  • India : contemporary photographic and new media art / conceived and edited by Steven Evans, Sunil Gupta ; introduction, Steven Evans ; essays, Zahid R. Chaudhary, Sunil Gupta, Nada Raza, Gayatri Sinha
    TR 645 H8 I53 2018
    INDIA: Contemporary Photographic and New Media Art will present 48 contemporary artists and collectives working in dialogue with the long history and emergent future of India and its people. The book will focus on the contemporary moment, and a range of approaches will be included, including art photography, contemporary practices, installation, moving image, journalistic and documentary photography. Themes include caste and class, the partitioning of the sub-continent, gender and sexuality, conflict, religion, nationalism, new technologies and developments, the environment, human settlement, and migration."As a large, multilingual subcontinent, India has always relied on images to maintain a cohesive whole across myriad subcultures, regions, castes and languages. The introduction of photomechanical imaging in the nineteenth century enabled the rapid reproduction and dissemination of both spiritual and scientific ideals," states author and editor Sunil Gupta, continuing, "Photography for most of its history was too expensive and technical and was left in the hands of 'experts' -- until the birth of digital technologies. The book will address the legacy of the last twenty years, a period when photography and moving image media have been consistently included within critical exhibitions of fine art."INDIA: Contemporary Photographic and New Media Art is edited by Steven Evans, curator and FotoFest Executive Director and Sunil Gupta, Delhi-born artist and curator. The book is introduced by Steven Evans and includes essays from experts on the region and contemporary art: Zahid R. Chaudhary, Sunil Gupta and Gayatri Sinha.

  • Skills for engineering and built environment students : university to career / John W. Davies
    TR 65 D285 2016
    There are a lot of important skills needed for a career in engineering. As well as academic skills, future engineers need to be able to present data, work in project teams, carry out experiments, problem solve and write reports. This book emphasises the importance of these core skills, and supports engineering students as they successfully navigate their courses and move forward into a career of ongoing development.

    Written in a friendly and encouraging style, Skills for engineering and built environment students:
    * Provides guidance on both the study and the professional practice of engineering
    * Addresses common worries and pitfalls, debunking myths and demystifying jargon
    * Helps with milestones such as group projects, presentations, work placements and job interviews

    Supported by interviews with students, lecturers, young engineers and employers, Skills for engineering and built environment students guides students and early-career professionals through an important transition stage, thoroughly preparing them for the world of work.

  • The Park / Kate Hutchinson
    TR 681 A7 H88 2015
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