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Photography - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Titles in the call number range TR1 - TR1050 (Photography) that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 60 days.

  • The photographic uncanny photography, homelessness, and homesickness / Claire Raymond

  • New York's animation culture : advertising, art, design and film, 1939-1940 / Kristian Moen
    TR 897.5 M64 2019eb

  • Standard codecs : image compression to advanced video coding / Mohammed Ghanbari
    TK 6680.5 G53 2003eb

    A substantially updated edition of Video Coding: An Introduction to Standard Codecs (IEE, 1999, winner of IEE Rayleigh Award), this book discusses the growth of digital television technology and the revolution in image and video compression (such as JPEG2000, broadcast TV, video phone). It highlights the need for standardisation in processing static and moving images and their exchange between computer systems. ITU and ISO/IEC standards are now widely accepted in the picture/video coding field. The book gives an authoritative explanation of picture and video coding algorithms, working from basic principles through to the advanced video compression systems now being developed. It discusses the reasons behind the introduction of a standard codec for a specific application and its chosen parameter. This book will enable readers to appreciate the fundamentals needed to design a video codec for any given application and should prove to be a valuable resource for engineers working in this field.

  • Photoshop elements 2019 for dummies / by Barbara Obermeier and Ted Padova

    Turn blah photos into dazzling images

    Photoshop Elements offers enough of the power you'll find in full Photoshop to make both basic and artistic edits to your photos. Photoshop Elements 2019 For Dummies helps you learn how to use Photoshop Elements to take your shots to stunning new heights!

    Photoshop Elements 2019 For Dummies offers photographers of all skill levels the power to turn run-of-the-mill digital pictures into beautiful photographs. This friendly and helpful guidebook directs you on how to harness all the tools this powerful software has to offer.

    Simple explanations for handling image editing Steps for giving your photos a digital makeover Ways to turn your photos into works of art Guidance on fixing your pics with one click

    No matter if you're a photo editing newcomer looking for advice on making the most common fixes or an experienced editor in need of a road map to this version of Photoshop Elements, this book has you covered!

  • David Busch's Sony [alpha] a6400/ILCE-6400 : guide to digital photography / David D. Busch

  • Just Daylight! : People- und Porträtfotografie mit natürlichem Licht / Tilo Gockel

  • Praxisbuch Wetter- und Nachtfotografie : Faszinierende Natur- und Landschaftsfotos bei Nacht, Wind und Wetter / Daan Schoonhoven (Hrsg.) ; Übersetzung aus dem Niederländischen von Volker Haxsen

  • Praxisbuch Tierfotografie : Wildschwein, Eichhörnchen, Robbe, & Co., Säugetiere an Land und am Wasser fotografieren / Daan Schoonhoven (Hrsg.) ; Übersetzung aus dem Niederländischen von Volker Haxsen

  • Die Sony [alpha] 7 III : das Handbuch für bessere Fotos und Videos / Frank Exner

  • Perfekte Hochzeitsreportagen on location! : Der Praxisleitfaden von Vorbereitung bis Hochzeitsfeier / Roberto Valenzuela

  • Animated storytelling : simple steps for creating animation & motion graphics / Liz Blazer

  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC classroom in a book 2019 release : the official training workbook from Adobe / RC Concepcion

  • 50 things photographers need to know about focus / John Greengo

  • Architekturfotografie : Technik, Aufnahme, Bildgestaltung und Nachbearbeitung / Adrian Schulz

  • The Routledge companion to photography and visual culture / edited by Moritz Neumüller
    TR 145 R85 2018

    The Routledge Companion to Photography and Visual Culture is a seminal reference source for the ever-changing field of photography.

    Comprising an impressive range of essays and interviews by experts and scholars from across the globe, this book examines the medium¿s history, its central issues and emerging trends, and its much-discussed future. The collected essays and interviews explore the current debates surrounding the photograph as object, art, document, propaganda, truth, selling tool, and universal language; the perception of photography archives as burdens, rather than treasures; the continual technological development reshaping the field; photography as a tool of representation and control, and more.

    One of the most comprehensive volumes of its kind, this companion is essential reading for photographers and historians alike.

  • Towards a philosophy of photography / Vilém Flusser
    TR 183 F5713 2000
    Media philosopher Vilém Flusser proposed a revolutionary new way of thinking about photography. An analysis of the medium in terms of aesthetics, science and politics provided him with new ways of understanding both the cultural crises of the past and the new social forms nascent within them. Flusser showed how the transformation of textual into visual culture (from the linearity of history into the two-dimensionality of magic) and of industrial into post-industrial society (from work into leisure) went hand in hand, and how photography allows us to read and interpret these changes with particular clarity.

  • Four directions in modern photography: Paul Caponigro, John T. Hill, Jerry N. Uelsmann [and] Bruce Davidson. An exhibition at the Yale University Art Gallery, December 14, 1972 through February 25, 1973
    TR 646 U6N49

  • Moving pictures : photography and film in contemporary art / 5th International Photo-Triennial Esslingen 2001 ; edited by Renate Wiehager ; [translations from the German: Michael Robinson ; from the Russian to the German: Annelore Nitschke]
    TR 646 G42 E845 2001
    In recent decades, the border areas between photography and film have emerged as an important field of contemporary photographic art. Well-known practitioners include the American artist Cindy Sherman with her "Film Stills," a series of black-and-white self-portraits evoking film stills from the 1940s and 1950s both in form and content, and the Australian Sam Taylor-Wood, whose photographic panoramas-sometimes more than 30 feet long-forge interpersonal dramas from individual pictures, not unlike unrolled scrolls of film. With works by 40 international artists, this book is the first dedicated to a growing artistic fascination. Based on the observation that at the beginning of the 21st century the history of the moving picture is at an end and yielding fast to the reality of accelerated information, the book bridges the gap between the "classical" position of photography and contemporary work using the Internet and other technologies.

  • Stan Douglas : every building on 100 West Hastings / edited by Reid Shier
    TR 661 D68 2002

    The 100 block of Vancouver's West Hastings Street is the gateway to one of the most contested and controversial inner-city neighborhoods in North America--Vancouver's infamous and impoverished downtown eastside. Lining the south side of the block are Edwardian-era buildings that have born the brunt of shifting market forces over the years.

    Developed in the wake of Vancouver's "emergence" as the terminus for the country's national railroad, the buildings in the area have been in decline since the 1930s, when the locus of the city's commerce began moving.

    But the "story" of the 100 block is not strictly one of global market forces, nor does it belong to those who, through whatever political stripe, lay claim to it.

    The book is based on a monumental-sized digital print of the 100 block of West Hastings Street by Stan Douglas, one of Canada's most distinguished contemporary artists, who utilized current technologies to create a 16'×3' panorama of epic scope, photographing each building and compositing the individual prints to assume a fantastic, impossible perspective; which is reproduced in the book as a removable full-colour poster, 5?" tall and 30?" wide.

    Essays by Denise Olekszijuk, Nicholas Blomley, and Neil Smith use Douglas's photograph as a template for assessing the state of Vancouver's contested downtown eastside; its moral, economic and social implications.

    Using the work of one of the art world's most celebrated and accomplished visual artists, the book unravels the dynamics of history and sociology, combined with photography and art, to create a compelling and visually arresting document that informs our understanding of what makes a neighbourhood. Copublished by the Contemporary Art Gallery (Vancouver).

    Co-winner of the City of Vancouver Book Prize

    Now in its 2nd printing.

  • Foto : modernity in Central Europe, 1918-1945 / Matthew S. Witkovsky ; with an introduction by Peter Demetz
    TR 653 W58 2007
    A brilliantly illustrated survey of modernist photography in Central Europe, published in association with the National Gallery of Art. In the 1920s and 1930s, photography became an immense phenomenon across Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Austria, and Poland. Through magazines and books, in advertisements and at exhibitions, from amateur clubs to avant-garde schools, photographs emerged as a key vehicle of modern consciousness. This book and the exhibition it accompanies present the work of approximately one hundred individuals whose creations exemplify the potential of photography in Central Europe between the two World Wars. Foto brings together for the first time works by recognized masters such as the Russian El Lissitzky, the Hungarian Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, and the German Hannah Hoch--all of whom developed their photographic ideas in Germany--with contemporaries like Karel Teige and Jaromr Funke (Czechoslovakia), Kazimierz Podsadecki (Poland), Karoly Escher (Hungary), and Trude Fleischmann (Austria), who are less well known today. Organized thematically, the book explores topics from photomontage and war to gender identity, modern living, and the spread of Surrealism. It shows the shared experience of modernity in the region, whereby recently founded nations and dismantled empires alike sought their place within the new world order established in the aftermath of World War I. The illustrations, drawn from more than seventy collections in America and abroad, include several previously unpublished works as well as many others never before available in high-quality reproductions. 230 illustrations in color, tritone, & duotone.

  • Sequence / Klaus Baumgärtner ; tekst, Hans Locher
    TR 654 B38 2018
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