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Photography - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Titles in the call number range TR1 - TR1050 (Photography) that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 60 days.

  • Fluid frames : experimental animation with sand, clay, paint, and pixels / Corrie Francis Parks
    TR 897.5 P364 2016

    Once the realm of a few stalwart artists, animating with sand, clay, and wet paint is now accessible for all filmmakers with an experimental frame of mind. Created directly under the camera with frame-by-frame stopmotion, this "fluid frame animation" provides a completely unique visual world for animators. While pioneering animators such as Caroline Leaf, Alexander Petrov, and Ishu Patel paved the way, the availability of frame capture programs, compositing software and digital workflow is opening up new avenues of exploration for artists of all experience levels. This book will walk you through setting up your studio, choosing and working with your materials, and combining the physical under-the-camera production with digital compositing and effects to enhance your animation.

    · ãee ãee ãee ãee Firsthand advice from experimental animation veterans and rising stars in the field

    · ãee ãee ãee ãee Covers the digital aspects of experimental animation, including the latest techniques in After Effects CC

    · ãee ãee ãee ãee Video tutorials explaining under-the-camera approaches and After Effects enhancements on the book's companion website

    In addition to the practical advice, you'll find historical and contemporary examples of successful films, step-by-step tutorials for working under the camera and working with the footage digitally, and interviews and tips from artists who are currently pushing the boundaries in these experimental mediums. Stacked with information and images from over 30 artists, this book is an indispensable resource for both the student and professional wishing to get their hands dirty in an increasingly digital world.

  • Photography / Barbara London, Jim Stone, John Upton
    TR 145 L66 2017
    For courses in Photography

    The most comprehensive, up-to-date resource for today's photography students
    Photography helps students learn how to make photographs, how to control photographic processes, and how different photographers employ them for their own creative purposes. As with each edition of this hallmark text, authors Barbara London, Jim Stone, and John Upton provide comprehensive yet practical coverage of both the traditional practice of photography and the now-dominant contemporary digital techniques. Integrating material on chemical and digital processes throughout, the Twelfth Edition offers fully up-to-date coverage of digital techniques, equipment, and workflow.

  • Video basics 4 / Herbert Zettl
    TR 882.5 Z485 2004
    Herbert Zettl has drawn on his expertise and field experience to bring you the new edition of Video Basics, which continues to be the most authoritative, current, and technically accurate student guide to video production. Meeting the instructor's needs for a briefer book, this text distills video basics so they can be covered in a single semester. The book moves students from video concepts and processes to production tools and techniques, and finally, to the production environment (studio or field, inside or outside) and its effects. A more conceptual framework leads the student from the idea (what to create) to the image (how to create) on video.

  • Hemispherical photography in forest science : theory, methods, applications / Richard A. Fournier, Ronald J. Hall, editors

  • Selfies d'ados / Jocelyn Lachance, Yann Leroux, Sophie Limare ; préface de Joan Fontcuberta
    TR 575 L337 2017eb

  • The practical guide to documentary editing : techniques for TV & film / Sam Billinge, GBFTE
    TR 899 B53 2017
    The Practical Guide to Documentary Editing sets out the techniques, the systems and the craft required to edit compelling professional documentary television and film. Working stage by stage through the postproduction process, author Sam Billinge explores project organization, assembling rushes, sequence editing, story structure, music and sound design, and the defining relationship between editor and director.

    Written by a working documentary editor with over a decade's worth of experience cutting films for major British and international broadcasters,  The Practical Guide to Documentary Editing  offers a unique introduction to the craft of documentary editing, and provides working and aspiring editors with the tools to master their craft in the innovative and fast-paced world of contemporary nonfiction television and film.

  • The edge of vision : the rise of abstraction in photography / Lyle Rexer
    TR 656 R473 2009
    From the beginning, abstraction has been intrinsic to photography, and its persistent popularity reveals much about the medium. The Edge of Vision: The Rise of Abstraction in Photography is the first book in English to document this phenomenon and to put it into historical context, while also examining the diverse approaches thriving within contemporary photography. Author Lyle Rexer examines abstraction at pivotal moments, starting with the inception of photography, when many of its pioneers believed the camera might reveal other aspects of reality. The Edge of Vision traces subsequent explorations-- from the Photo Secessionists who emphasized process and emotional expression over observed reality, to Modernist and Surrealist experiments. In the decades to follow, in particular from the 1940s through the 1980s, a multitude of photographers-- Edward Weston, Aaron Siskind, and Barbara Kasten, among them--took up abstraction from a variety of positions. Finally, Rexer explores the influence the history of abstraction exerts on contemporary thinking about the medium. Many contemporary artists--most prominently Silvio Wolf, Marco Breuer, and Ellen Carey--reject photography's documentary dimension in favor of other possibilities, somewhere between painting and sculpture, that include the manipulation of process and printing. In addition to Rexer's engagingly written and richly illustrated history, this volume includes a selection of primary texts from key practitioners and critics, such as Edward Steichen, László Moholy-Nagy, and James Welling.

  • Juan Antonio Azurmendi : arquitectura doméstica y simbología en sus fotografías (1896-1900) / Patricia Massé
    TR 659 M374 2009

  • Photojournalism : the professionals' approach / Ken Kobré ; editing and design by Betsy Brill
    TR 820 K75 2017

    Photojournalism: The Professionals' Approachis the definitive book on photojournalism, delivering a blend of insightful interviews with professionals, practical techniques, and high-impact photographs. This edition features updates on social media in photojournalism, shooting video on smart phones, and the use of drones to cover the news. It also includes revised chapters on audio and video,and additional international case studies including, among others, approaches to covering the Arab Spring, the Ukrainian Revolution, and resurgent white supremacy in South Africa. New interviews and case studies bring readers on assignment with industry greats, whose experiences provide a guide on how to take your work from a hobby to a profession. The revised and expanded business chapter goes the next step and outlines how to make a living in photojournalism. Often called the "bible" of the industry, Photojournalismcontinues to be the must-have reference for photojournalists that it has been for nearly 40 years.

  • Valérie Belin / [English translation: Charles Penwarden]
    TR 647 B455 2016
    Val#65533;rie Belin constantly explores matter, the body and the living, absence and their representations; she brilliantly develops her research on light, detail and texture. After a first volume released in 2007, Damiani now presents her subsequent work, with series produced between 2007 and 2016: Fruit Baskets , Lido , Ballroom Dancers , Vintage Cars , Crowned heads , Black-eyed Susan , Settings , Brides , Bob , Interiors and Still Life as well as her most recent and original series, All Star . The volume also comprises exhibition views and photographs taken during her performance at the Centre Pompidou in 2014. An immersion into a rare and unusual body of work that brilliantly questions matter and the living through the photographic medium. Photography of confusion and absence.

  • Frame-by-frame stop motion : the guide to non-puppet photographic animation techniques / Tom Gasek
    TR 897.5 G38 2017

    Single frame film-making has been around as long as film itself. It is the ancestor to modern day special effects and animation. Despite its age-old practice, Single frame film making and stop-motion animation continues to influence media and culture with its magic. Current advances in technology and classic stop motion techniques, such as pixilation, time-lapse photography and down shooting have combined to form exciting new approaches. Tom Gasek#65533;s Frame-By-Frame Stop Motion offers hands-on experience and various tricks, tips, and exercises to help strengthen skills and produce effective results. Interviews from experts in the field offer not only offer inspiration but also help readers learn how to apply skills and new applications. The companion website offers further instruction, recommended films, tools and resources for the both the novice and the expert.

  • The documentary impulse / Stuart Franklin
    TR 820.5 F72 2016

    Award-winning photographer Stuart Franklin's exploration of how we, as humans, are driven to visually document our experiences and the world around us.

    Stuart Franklin took one of the most powerful photographs of the twentieth century - the 'tank man' in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, 1989. From his insightful position as a photographer, Franklin explores why we are driven to visually document our experiences and the world around us. He focuses on photography but traces this universal need through art, literature and science.

    Looking at photojournalism, war photography and work recording our culture, Franklin identifies some of its driving impulses: curiosity, outrage, reform and ritual; the search for evidence, for beauty, for therapy; and the immortalization of memory.

    As our understanding of 'documentary' continues to expand, Franklin considers photographic staging - where, perhaps, the future of the genre may lie: in search of truth over fact.

    "This book traces what I shall call the documentary impulse. Here I mean the passion to record, with fidelity, the moments we experience and wish to preserve, the things we witness and might want to reform; or simply the people, places or things we find remarkable... Photography (and journalism) practised respectfully has the power to educate us all towards a greater understanding and empathy towards others." --Stuart Franklin

  • Wild new territories : portraits of the urban and the wild London, Vancouver, Berlin / edited by Ron Den Daas and Kathy Kenny
    TR 659.8 W553 2016
    Wild New Territories showcases new visual art, media, and performance works that explore the interplay between the urban and the wild. The book features work by a broad cross-section of award winning contemporary artists exploring the relationship between the urban and the wild, and challenging the generally nature/urban binary, bringing diverse perspectives to the multifaceted and unresolved relationship between urban growth and the environment with all its ecological and social implications, and generating new insight into an evolving urban and 'wild' relationship.

    Featured artist include Julie Henry/Debbie Bragg, Gordon Cheung, Dana Claxton, Ron den Daas, Jamie Griffiths, Edgar A Heap Of Birds, Foreign Investment, Mars Kaliszewski, Kathy Kenny, Max Kimber, Michael Landy, Glenn Lewis, Michael Morris, Bo Myers, Diego Samper, Rob Scharein, Vincent Trasov, Gillian Wearing, Alma Tischler Wood and Cornelia Wyngaarden.

  • January
    TR 647 A92 2017
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