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A - General Works - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in General Works that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 120 days.

  • Curating community : museums, constitutionalism, and the taming of the political / Stacy Douglas
    AM 7 D68 2017
    In Curating Community: Museums, Constitutionalism, and the Taming of the Political, Stacy Douglas challenges the centrality of sovereignty in our political and juridical imaginations. Creatively bringing together constitutional, political, and aesthetic theory, Douglas argues that museums and constitutions invite visitors to identify with a prescribed set of political constituencies based on national, ethnic, or anthropocentric premises. In both cases, these stable categories gloss over the radical messiness of the world and ask us to conflate representation with democracy. Yet the museum, when paired with the constitution, can also serve as a resource in the production of alternative imaginations of community. Consequently, Douglas's key contribution is the articulation of a theory of counter-monumental constitutionalism, using the museum, that seeks to move beyond individual and collective forms of sovereignty that have dominated postcolonial and postapartheid theories of law and commemoration. She insists on the need to reconsider deep questions about how we conceptualize the limits of ourselves, as well as our political communities, in order to attend to everyday questions of justice in the courtroom, the museum, and beyond.
    Curating Community is a book for academics, artists, curators, and constitutional designers interested in legacies of violence, transitional justice, and democracy.

  • Hermeneutica : computer-assisted interpretation in the humanities / Geoffrey Rockwell and Stéfan Sinclair
    AZ 186 R63 2016eb

  • America in the age of Soviet power, 1945-1991 / Warren I. Cohen
    AE 5 C36 1993eb

  • The globalizing of America, 1913-1945 / Akira Iriye
    AE 5 C36 1993eb

  • The American search for opportunity, 1865-1913 / Walter LaFeber
    AE 5 C36 1993eb

  • The creation of a Republican empire, 1776-1865 / Bradford Perkins
    AE 5 C36 1993eb

  • Digital humanities : knowledge and critique in a digital age / David M. Berry, Anders Fagerjord
    AZ 105 B395 2017

    As the twenty-first century unfolds, computers challenge the way in which we think about culture, society and what it is to be human: areas traditionally explored by the humanities.

    In a world of automation, Big Data, algorithms, Google searches, digital archives, real-time streams and social networks, our use of culture has been changing dramatically. The digital humanities give us powerful theories, methods and tools for exploring new ways of being in a digital age. Berry and Fagerjord provide a compelling guide, exploring the history, intellectual work, key arguments and ideas of this emerging discipline. They also offer an important critique, suggesting ways in which the humanities can be enriched through computing, but also how cultural critique can transform the digital humanities.

    Digital Humanities will be an essential book for students and researchers in this new field but also related areas, such as media and communications, digital media, sociology, informatics, and the humanities more broadly.

  • The thing about museums : objects and experience, representation and contestation : essays in honour of professor Susan M. Pearce / edited by Sandra Dudley [and others]
    AM 151 T55 2012

    The Things about Museumsconstitutes a unique, highly diverse collection of essays unprecedented in existing books in either museum and heritage studies or material culture studies. Taking varied perspectives and presenting a range of case studies, the chapters all address objects in the context of museums, galleries and/or the heritage sector more broadly. Specifically, the book deals with how objects are constructed in museums, the ways in which visitors may directly experience those objects, how objects are utilised within particular representational strategies and forms, and the challenges and opportunities presented by using objects to communicate difficult and contested matters. Topics and approaches examined in the book are diverse, but include the objectification of natural history specimens and museum registers; materiality, immateriality, transience and absence; subject/object boundaries; sensory, phenomenological perspectives; the museumisation of objects and collections; and the dangers inherent in assuming that objects, interpretation and heritage are 'good' for us.

  • The crisis of 2 B.C. / Sir Ronald Syme
    AS 182 M823 1974 Heft 7
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