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E/F - History: America - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in History of the Americas that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Arctic geopolitics & autonomy / edited by Michael Bravo and Nicola Triscott
    E 99 E7 A748 2011
    The Arctic Perspective Initiative (API) is a non-profit, international group of individuals and organizations focused on the global, cultural and ecological significance of the polar regions. In service of their mission to empower the people of the artic, this second volume in a series of related publications is dedicated to "Geopolitics and Autonomy."

  • Ideology, regionalism, and society in Caribbean history / Shane J. Pantin, Jerome Teelucksingh, editors

  • The classic slave narratives / edited and with an updated introduction by Henry Louis Gates, Jr
    E 444 C63 2012
    Henry Louis Gates, Jr., presents a seminal volume of four classic slave narratives, including the 1749 texts of The Life of Olaudah Equiano , the last edition corrected and published in his lifetime. The collection also includes perhaps the best known and most widely read slave narrative-- Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass , as well as two narratives by women: The History of Mary Prince: A West Indian Slave , and Incident in the Life of a Slave Girl , written by Harriet Jacobs as Linda Brent. This edition also features an updated introduction by Professor Gates.

  • The Bioarchaeology of Social Control Assessing Conflict and Cooperation in Pre-contact Puebloan Society
    E 99 P9 H33 2017eb

  • Kahnawà:ke : factionalism, traditionalism, and nationalism in a Mohawk community / Gerald F. Reid
    E 99 M8 R45 2004eb
    Today Kahnawa: ke (at the rapids) is a community of approximately seventy-two hundred Mohawks, located on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River near Montreal. One of the largest Mohawk communities, it is known in the modern era for its activisma traditionalist, energetic impulse with a long history. Kahnawa: ke examines the development of traditionalism and nationalism in this Kanienkeka: ka (Mohawk) community from 1870 to 1940."

  • Haïti : naissance d'une nation : la révolution de Saint-Domingue vue d'en bas / Carolyn E. Fick ; traduit de l'anglais (USA) par Frantz Voltaire
    F 1923 F514 2014

  • Linking the histories of slavery : North America and its borderlands / edited by Bonnie Martin and James F. Brooks
    E 441 L56 2015
    This volume has brought together scholars from anthropology, history, psychology, and ethnic studies to share their original research into the lesser-known stories of slavery in North America and reveal surprising parallels among slave cultures across the continent. Although they focus on North America, these scholars also take a broad view of slavery as a global historical phenomenon and describe how coercers and the coerced, as well as outside observers, have understood what it means to be a "slave" in various times and cultures, including in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The contributors explore the links between indigenous customs of coercion before European contact, those of the tumultuous colonial era, some of the less-familiar paradigms of slavery before the Civil War, and the hazy legal borders between voluntary and involuntary servitude today. The breadth of the chapters complements and enhances traditional scholarship that has focused on slavery in the colonial and nineteenth-century South, and the contributors find the connections among the many histories of slavery in order to provide a better understanding of the many ways in which coercion and slavery worked across North America and continue to work today.

  • Strangers with memories : the United States and Canada from free trade to Baghdad / John Stewart
    FC 249 S825 2017
    In the early 1990s North America was the vibrant centre of an increasingly democratic and revitalized western hemisphere. The United States and Canada were close allies working together to implement a bilateral free trade agreement and build an integrated manufacturing and export economy. By the late 2000s, the economic and diplomatic ties between the two countries were strained as policies stagnated or slipped backward and passports were needed to cross the border for the first time in history. By 2017 the US planned to wall off its border with Mexico and NAFTA was slated for renegotiation. In Strangers with Memories John Stewart combines an insider's knowledge, a mole's perspective, and a historian's consciousness to explain how two countries that spent the twentieth century building a world order together drifted so quickly apart in the early years of the twenty-first - and how that world order began its current shift. Assessing the major forces and events in North America's development between 1990 and 2010, this book also details changes at the US embassy in Ottawa during those years and its relationship with US consulates in Canada and with the State Department's Canada desk. Explaining how Canada's influence in the world depends on the US and has radically diminished with the decline in US diplomacy under presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump, Stewart gives valuable advice on how Canada should handle its foreign policy in a much less stable world. From the viewpoint of a Canadian with a front-row seat to two decades of US-Canada relations, Strangers with Memories chronicles Canada at the apogee of American power.

  • Nature, place, and story : rethinking historic sites in Canada / Claire Elizabeth Campbell
    FC 215 C33 2017
    National historic sites commemorate decisive moments in the making of Canada. But seen through an environmental lens, these sites become artifacts of a bigger story: the occupation and transformation of nature into nation. In an age of pressing discussions about environmental sustainability, there is a growing need to know more about the history of our relationship with the natural world and what lessons these places of public history, regional identity, and national narrative can teach us. Nature, Place, and Story provides new interpretations for five of Canada's largest and most iconic historic sites (two of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites): L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland; Grand Pr#65533;, Nova Scotia; Fort William, Ontario; the Forks of the Red River, Manitoba; and the Bar U Ranch, Alberta. At each location, Claire Campbell rewrites public history as environmental history, revealing the country's debt to the power and fragility of the natural world, and the relevance of the past to understanding climate change, agricultural sustainability, wilderness protection, urban reclamation, and fossil fuel extraction. From the medieval Atlantic to modern ranchlands, environmental history speaks directly to contemporary questions about the health of Canada's habitat. Bringing together public and environmental history in an entirely new way, Nature, Place, and Story is a lively and ambitious call for a fresh perspective on natural heritage.

  • Le Québec : entre nation et état / J.R.M. Sauvé
    FC 2920 N38 S28 2017

  • Critical Black studies reader / edited by Rochelle Brock, Dara Nix-Stevenson, Paul Chamness Miller
    E 185.625 C757 2017

    The Critical Black Studies Reader is a ground-breaking volume whose aim is to criticalize and reenvision Black Studies through a critical lens. The book not only stretches the boundaries of knowledge and understanding of issues critical to the Black experience, it creates a theoretical grounding that is intersectional in its approach. Our notion of Black Studies is neither singularly grounded in African American Studies nor on traditional notions of the Black experience. Though situated work in this field has historically
    grappled with the question of #65533;where are we?#65533; in Black Studies, this volume offers the reader a type of criticalization that has not occurred to this point. While the volume includes seminal works by authors in the field, as a critical endeavor, the editors have also included pieces that address the political issues that intersect with - among others -
    power, race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, place, and economics.

  • First Nations 101 / Lynda Gray
    E 78 C2 G724 2011

  • This is Indian land : the 1850 Robinson treaties / edited by Karl S. Hele
    E 78 C2 T487 2016

  • Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site management plan = Lieu historique national de la Piste-Chilkoot : plan directeur ; S.S. Klondike National Historic Site management plan = Lieu historique national S.S. Klondike : plan directeur
    FC 4014 C45 P37 2010 CD-ROM

  • Kluane National Park and Reserve management plan = Parc national et réserve de parc national Kluane : plan directeur ; Vuntut National Park management plan = Parc national Vuntut : plan directeur
    FC 4014 K59 P37 2010 CD-ROM

  • Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada : management plan
    FC 3814 W37 2010 CD-ROM

  • Jasper National Park of Canada management plan = Plan directeur du parc national du Canada Jasper
    FC 3664 P37 2010 CD-ROM

  • Recherche en matière de politiques, les femmes autochtones = Policy research, Aboriginal women
    E 92 R43 2006 CD-ROM

  • Reading Rodney King/reading urban uprising / edited and with an introduction by Robert Gooding-Williams
    F 869 L89A26 1993
    Reading Rodney King/Reading Urban Uprisingkeeps the public debate alive by exploring the connections between the Rodney King incidents and the ordinary workings of cultural, political, and economic power in contemporary America. Its recurrent theme is the continuing, complicated significance of race in American society. Contributors: Houston A. Baker, Jr.; Judith Butler; Sumi K. Cho; Kimberle Crenshaw; Mike Davis; Thomas L. Dumm; Walter C. Farrell, Jr.; Henry Louis Gates, Jr.; Ruth Wilson Gilmore; Robert Gooding-Williams; James H. Johnson, Jr.; Elaine H. Kim; Melvin L. Oliver; Michael Omi; Gary Peller; Cedric J. Robinson; Jerry Watts; Cornel West; Patricia Williams; Rhonda M. Williams; Howard Winant.

  • The politics of prejudice, the anti-Japanese movement in California, and the struggle for Japanese exclusion
    F 870 J3D17

  • A symmetry analysis of Upper Gila area ceramic design / Dorothy Koster Washburn ; ill. by Sarah Whitney Powell and Barbara Westman
    E 99 P9W37

  • From many strands : ethnic and racial groups in contemporary America / Stanley Lieberson and Mary C. Waters for the National Committee for Research on the 1980 census
    E 184 A1L48 1988

    The 1980 Census introduced a radical change in the measurement of ethnicity by gathering information on ancestry for all respondents, regardless of how long ago their forebears migrated to America, and by allowing respondents of mixed background to list more than one ancestry. The result, presented for the first time in this important study, is a unique and sometimes startling picture of the nation's ethnic makeup.

    From Many Strands focuses on each of the sixteen principal European ethnic groups, as well as on major non-European groups such as blacks and Hispanics. The authors describe differences and similarities across a range of dimensions, including regional distribution, income, marriage patterns, and education. While some findings lend support to the "melting pot" theory of assimilation (levels of educational attainment have become more comparable and ingroup marriage is declining), other findings suggest the persistence of pluralism (settlement patterns resist change and some current occupational patterns date from the turn of the century).

    In these contradictions, and in the striking number of respondents who report no ethnic background or report it incorrectly, Lieberson and Waters find evidence of considerable ethnic flux and uncover the growing presence of a new, "unhyphenated American" ethnic strand in the fabric of national life.

    A Volume in the Russell Sage Foundation Census Series

  • The Tupamaros; translated from the Spanish by Anne Edmondson
    F 2728 G513 1972

  • The strategy of culture
    E 183.3 C2I5
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