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M - Music and Books on Music - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Music and Books on Music that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Mathematics and computation in music : 6th International Conference, MCM 2017, Mexico City, Mexico, June 26-29, 2017, Proceedings / Octavio A. Agustín-Aquino, Emilio Lluis-Puebla, Mariana Montiel (eds.)
    ML 3800 M35 2017eb

  • Music and the Generosity of God

  • Music therapy : perspectives, cultural aspects and clinical outcomes / editor: Lisa A. Lowe
    ML 3920 M89747 2017
    Music Therapy is making its way into the field of health sciences with evidence of its effectiveness in different disciplines. Chapter One presents considerations about social and cultural interactions that permeated the music therapy activities developed along an eight-year project hosted by a Brazilian university. Chapter Two covers a research study on the influence of 15-minute sessions of classic music therapy on physiological parameters of hospitalized premature newborns and discusses the use of music as a therapeutic tool for this population in neonatal care units. Chapter Three reviews and contrasts the results of scientific studies of music therapy made on the grounds of improving pain, physical wellness, anxiety, relaxation, mood and quality of life in cancer patients. In Chapter Four, the authors describe recent studies that have investigated the acute influence of musical auditory stimulus on autonomic heart rate control. Chapter Five considers the importance of including Music Therapy in rehabilitation programs for patients with Cerebrovascular accidents, and its potential to restore upper and lower limb movement. This book concludes with Chapter Six, a short communication that suggests an extension of the representational capabilities involved in the idea of the forms of vitality to a wider musical scope than the traditional one, which is mainly based on the parameters of rhythm, melody and harmony.

  • On the docks : a modern revolutionary Peking opera / rev. by the On the Docks Group of the Peking Opera Troupe of Shanghai
    ML 50 S537H32X 1973

  • African rhythm and African sensibility : aesthetics and social action in African musical idioms / John Miller Chernoff
    ML 3760 C48
    "We have in this book a Rosetta stone for mediating, or translating, African musical behavior and aesthetics."--Andrew Tracey, African Music

    "John Miller Chernoff, who spent 10 years studying African drumming, has a flair for descriptive writing, and his first-person narratives should be easily understood by any reader, while ringing unmistakably true for the reader who has also been to West Africa."--Roderick Knight, Washington Post Book World

    "Ethnomusicologists must be proud that their discipline has produced a book that will, beyond doubt, rank as a classic of African studies."--Peter Fryer, Research in Literatures

    "A marvelous book. . . . Not many scholars will ever be able to achieve the kind of synthesis of 'doing' and 'writing about' their subject matter that Chernoff has achieved, but he has given us an excellent illustration of what is possible."--Chet Creider, Culture

    "Chernoff develops a brilliant and penetrating musicological essay that is, at the same time, an intensely personal and even touching account of musical and cultural discovery that anyone with an interest in Africa can and should read. . . . No other writing comes close to approaching Chernoff's ability to convey a feeling of how African music 'works'"--James Koetting, Africana Journal

    "Four stars. One of the few books I know of that talks of the political, social, and spiritual meanings of music. I was moved. It was so nice I read it twice."--David Byrne of "Talking Heads"

    The companion cassette tape has 44 examples of the music discussed in the book. It consists of field recordings illustrating cross-rhythms, multiple meters, call and response forms, etc.

  • Portraits of New Orleans jazz ; its peoples and places / miscellaneous notes compiled and edited by Raymond J. Martinez
    ML 200.8 N48M4

  • Schoenberg and the God-idea : the opera Moses und Aron / by Pamela C. White
    ML 410 S283 W45 1985
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