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N - Fine Arts - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Fine Arts that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • The Grosvenor School : British linocuts between the wars / Lora S. Urbanelli
    NE 1334 G7 U74 1988

  • The art of satire : painters as caricaturists and cartoonists from Delacroix to Picasso / by Ralph E. Shikes and Steven Heller
    NC 1350 S54 1984

  • Emily Carr : oil on paper sketches
    ND 249 C3 A4 1979

  • The great wave: the influence of Japanese woodcuts on French prints
    NE 647.6 I4 I93 1974

  • Louis de Niverville, 1995 / [conception et réalisation, Galerie de Bellefeuille ; traduction, Renée Sébastien ; photographie, A. Kilbertus = text & design, Galerie de Bellefeuille ; translation, Renée Sébastien ; photography, A. Kilbertus]
    N 6549 N58 A4 1995

  • Margaret Shelton, block prints, 1936-1984 / Patricia Ainslie
    NE 1336 S48 A4 1985

  • Mondrian's philosophy of visual rhythm : phenomenology, Wittgenstein, and Eastern thought / Eiichi Tosaki ; foreword by Kathleen M. Higgins
    N 7431.5 Y67 2017eb

  • Church and patronage in 20th century Britain : Walter Hussey and the arts / Peter Webster

  • The swing of the pendulum : the urgency of arts education for healing, learning, and wholeness / edited by Dian Caracciolo and Courtney Lee Weida ; forward by Judith M. Burton

  • Stones of Rimini [by] Adrian Stokes
    NA 5621 R5 S7 1969

  • Artculture : essays on the post-modern / Douglas Davis ; introd. by Irving Sandler
    NX 458 D38 1977

  • American colonial women and their art : a chronological encyclopedia / Mary Ellen Snodgrass
    N 6507 S66 2018eb

  • Nicolas Baier ISBN 978 2 9816488 0 8 / éditeurs, Dominique Myrand, Dominique Toutant ; textes, Stéphane Baillargeon, Andrew Berardini, Nathan Brown, Sophie Pouliot = editors, Dominique Myrand, Dominique Toutant ; texts, Stéphane Baillargeon, Andrew Berardini, Nathan Brown, Sophie Pouliot
    N 6549 B2825 A4 2017

  • Finding Home : the Diniacopoulos family and collection / Nadine Blumer ; with an afterword by Clarence Epstein
    N 5230 C2 D56 2017
    Vincent and Olga Diniacopoulos were guardians of what has become one of the most important collections of antiquities in Canada. This book recounts the story of their immigration in the early 1950s, from France to Montreal, and how they sought to establish a home not only for themselves and their son, but also for their spectacular collection of artworks. The lives of the Diniacopoulos family spanned the entirety of the twentieth century, and through their passion for art, their intellectual and cultural lives also reached back into Egyptian, Greek, and Roman antiquity. The immense geographic scope of the story of this cosmopolitan couple is set against the backdrop of a quickly changing Quebec society in the post World War Two era, as well as being inseparable from their encyclopaedic collection of art objects and artefacts.

  • Learning in Las Vegas : Charles Atwood/David M. Schwarz / edited by Nina Rappaport, Brook Denison, and Nicholas Hanna
    NA 7845 L37 L43 2010
    Developer Charles Atwood and architect David M. Schwarz with Yale students designed pedestrian-friendly urban design projects in Las Vegas. In context with the original 1968 Yale Las Vegas Studio, Atwood and Schwarz asked students to learn from other cities how to combat Las Vegas's lack of street-oriented urbanism.

  • VIDEO re/VIEW : the (best) source for critical writings on Canadian artists' video / ed. Peggy Gale and Lisa Steele
    N 6545.5 V53 V53 1996

  • Contemporary curating and museum education / Carmen Mörsch, Angeli Sachs, Thomas Sieber (eds.) ; translations: Nora Landkammer [and 6 others]
    N 408 C66 2017
    Museum directors are beginning to question the role of their museums in the production of knowledge and participation, in creating links between the present and the past. Museum education has evolved as a practice in its own right, questioning, expanding, and transforming exhibitions and institutions. How does museum work change if we conceive of curating and education as an integrated practice? In this anthology, international scholars employed at a range of museums address this question. For anyone interested in the future of these institutions, this book explores diverse approaches to translating the "grand designs" of critical museology into practice.

  • The museum of the senses : experiencing art and collections / Constance Classen
    N 410 C59 2017
    Traditionally sight has been the only sense with a ticket to enter the museum. The same is true of histories of art, in which artworks are often presented as purely visual objects. In The Museum of the Senses Constance Classen offers a new way of approaching the history of art through the senses, revealing how people used to handle, smell and even taste collection pieces. Topics range from the tactile power of relics to the sensuous allure of cabinets of curiosities, and from the feel of a Rembrandt to the scent of Monet's garden. The book concludes with a discussion of how contemporary museums are stimulating the senses through interactive and multimedia displays.Classen, a leading authority on the cultural history of the senses, has produced a fascinating study of sensual and emotional responses to artefacts from the middle ages to the present. The Museum of the Senses is an important read for anyone interested in the history of art as well as for students and researchers in cultural studies and museum studies.

  • Philosophy and museums : essays in the philosophy of museums / edited by Victoria S. Harrison, Anna Bergqvist and Gary Kemp
    N 410 P48 2016
    Museums and their practices - especially those involving collection, curation and exhibition - generate a host of philosophical questions. Such questions are not limited to the domains of ethics and aesthetics, but go further into the domains of metaphysics, epistemology and philosophy of religion. Despite the prominence of museums as public institutions, they have until recently received surprisingly little scrutiny from philosophers in the Anglo-American tradition. By bringing together contributions from philosophers with backgrounds in a range of traditional areas of philosophy, this volume demonstrates how their work can enhance our understanding of museums and shed light on the philosophical questions raised by museum practices. Many of the chapters in this volume make the case that the philosophy of museums is of vital concern, not only to those philosophers at work in the emerging field but also to practitioners within the museum world and to anyone who enjoys visiting museums.

  • Time honored : a global view of architectural conservation : parameters, theory, & evolution of an ethos / John H. Stubbs ; foreword by Sir Bernard M. Feilden ; with a contribution of images from the photo archive of the World Monuments Fund
    NA 105 S79 2009

    The absence heretofore of a comparably thoroughgoing but accessible resource on a topic of such urgent public concern was a glaring lapse that makes this deeply researched, lucidly written, and helpfully annotated book an invaluable addition to the literature. New York Review of Books

    Time Honored is a comprehensive survey of the practice, theory, and structure of architectural heritage conservation throughout the world. Offering an argument for why architectural conservation is indispensable to modern life, Time Honored describes its parameters and evolution in an historical context, and then methodically presents approaches used in various countries, showing how historic preservation in the West differs from conservation in the rest of the world. Illustrated throughout with over 300 photographs, drawings, maps, and charts. No other book navigates the global conservation programs, policies, and project types so completely.

  • Cézanne portraits / John Elderfield ; with Mary Morton, Xavier Rey ; contributions by Alex Danchev, Jayne S. Warman
    ND 553 C33 E45 2017

    A major new study of the portraiture of one of the most important artists of the nineteenth century

    Paul C#65533;zanne (1839-1906) may be best known for his landscapes, but he also painted some 160 portraits throughout his exceptional career. This major work establishes portraiture as an essential practice for C#65533;zanne, from his earliest self-portraits in the 1860s; to his famous depictions of figures including his wife Hortense Fiquet, the writer Emile Zola, and the art dealer Ambroise Vollard; and concluding with a poignant series of portraits of his gardener Vallier, made shortly before C#65533;zanne's death.

    Featured essays by leading experts explore the special pictorial and thematic characteristics of C#65533;zanne's portraits. The authors address the artist's creation of complementary pairs and multiple versions of the same subject, as well as the role of self-portraiture for C#65533;zanne. They investigate the chronological evolution of his portrait work, with an examination of the changes that occurred within his artistic style and method, and in his understanding of resemblance and identity. They also consider the extent to which particular sitters influenced the characteristics and development of C#65533;zanne's practice.

    Beautifully illustrated with works of art drawn from public and private collections around the world, C#65533;zanne Portraits presents an astonishingly broad range of images that reveal the most personal and human qualities of this remarkable artist.

    Exhibition Schedule:

    Mus#65533;e d'Orsay, Paris (June 13 to September 24, 2017)

    National Portrait Gallery, London (October 26, 2017 to February 11, 2018)

    National Gallery of Art, Washington (March 25 to July 1, 2018)

  • California Mexicana : missions to murals, 1820-1930 / edited by Katherine Manthorne
    N 8214.5 U6 C345 2017
    Following the U.S.-Mexican War (1846-1848), lands that had for centuries belonged to New Spain, and later to Mexico, were transformed into the thirty-first state in the United States. This process was facilitated by visual artists, who forged distinct pictorial motifs and symbols to establish the state's new identity. This collective cultural inheritance of the Spanish and Mexican periods forms a central current of California history but has been only sparingly studied by cultural and art historians. California Mexicana focuses for the first time on the range and vitality of artistic traditions growing out of the unique amalgam of Mexican and American culture that evolved in Southern California from 1820 through 1930. A study of these early regional manifestations provides the essential matrix out of which emerge later art and cultural issues. Featuring painters, printmakers, photographers, and mapmakers from both sides of the border, this collection demonstrates how they made the Mexican presence visible in their art. This beautifully illustrated catalogue addresses two key areas of inquiry: how Mexico became California, and how the visual arts reflected the shifting identity that grew out of that transformation.

    Published in association with the Laguna Art Museum, and as part of the Getty's Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA.

    Exhibition dates:
    Laguna Art Museum: October 15, 2017-January 14, 2018

  • The art of visual exegesis : rhetoric, texts, images / edited by Vernon K. Robbins, Walter S. Melion, and Roy R. Jeal
    N 8023 A78 2017

    Essays from biblical scholars and art historians provide resources for understanding the relation of texts to artistic paintings and images. Additionally, contributors offer resources for understanding language that prompts mental picturing and visual objects that prompt mental imaging and meditation. Readers will master the tools necessary for integrating multiple approaches both to biblical and artistic interpretation.

  • Visuality and virtuality : images and pictures from prehistory to perspective / Whitney Davis
    N 7430.5 D39 2017

    A provocative and challenging new conceptual framework for the study of images

    This book builds on the groundbreaking theoretical framework established in Whitney Davis's acclaimed previous book, A General Theory of Visual Culture , in which he shows how certain culturally constituted aspects of artifacts and pictures are visible to informed viewers. Here, Davis uses revealing archaeological and historical case studies to further develop his theory, presenting an exacting new account of the interaction that occurs when a viewer looks at a picture.

    Davis argues that pictoriality--the depiction intended by its maker to be seen--emerges at a particular standpoint in space and time. Reconstruction of this standpoint is the first step of the art historian's craft. Because standpoints are inherently mutable and mobile, pictoriality constantly shifts in form and possible meaning. To capture this complexity, Davis develops new concepts of radical pictorial ambiguity, including "bivisibility" (the fact that pictures can always be seen in ways other than intended), pictorial naturalism, and the behavior of pictures under changing angles of view. He then applies these concepts to four cases--Paleolithic cave painting; ancient Egyptian tomb decoration; classical Greek architectural sculpture, with a focus on the Parthenon frieze; and Renaissance perspective as invented by Brunelleschi.

    A profound new theory of the work of both makers and viewers by one of the discipline's most esteemed and engaged thinkers, Visuality and Virtuality is essential reading for art historians, architects, archaeologists, and philosophers of art and visual theory.

  • Gluck : art and identity / edited by Amy de la Haye and Martin Pel
    ND 497 G57 G59 2017
    Hannah Gluckstein (who called herself Gluck; 1895-1976) was a distinctive, original voice in the early evolution of modern art in Britain. This handsome book presents a major reassessment of Gluck's life and work, examining, among other things, the artist's numerous personal relationships and contemporary notions of gender and social history. Gluck's paintings comprise a full range of artistic genres--still life, landscape, portraiture--as well as images of popular entertainers. Financially independent and somewhat freed from social convention, Gluck highlighted her sexual identity, cutting her hair short and dressing as a man, and the artist is known for a powerful series of self-portraits that played with conventions of masculinity and femininity. Richly illustrated, this volume is a timely and significant contribution to gender studies and to the understanding of a complex and important modern painter.

  • De Byzance à Istanbul : un port pour deux continents : Galeries nationales (Grand Palais, Champs-Élysées), 10 octobre 2009-25 janvier 2010 / [commissaire de l'exposition, Nazan Ölçer]
    N 7170 D42 2009

  • Visitor-centered exhibitions and edu-curation in art museums / edited by Pat Villeneuve and Ann Rowson Love
    N 435 V57 2017
    Visitor-Centered Exhibitions and Edu-Curation in Art Museums promotes balanced practices that are visitor-centered while honoring the integrity and powerful storytelling of art objects. Book examples present best practices that move beyond the turning point, where curation and education are engaged in full and equal collaboration. With a mix of theory and models for practice, the book: - provides a rationale for visitor-centered exhibitions; - addresses important related issues, such as collaboration and evaluation; and, - presents success stories written by educators, curators, and professors from the United States and Europe. - introduces the edu-curator, a new vision for leadership in museums with visitor-centered exhibition practices. The book is intended for art museum practitioners, including educators, curators, and exhibitions designers, as well as higher education faculty and students in art/museum education, art history, and museum studies.

  • Gregg Bordowitz, Sam Lewitt, Josephine Meckseper, Matt Mullican : artists on Hanne Darboven / edited by Stephen Hoban and Kelly Kivland with Katherine Atkins
    N 6888 D37 A87 2016
    Artists on Hanne Darboven is the first installment in a series culled from Dia Art Foundation's Artists on Artists lectures, focused on German conceptual artist Hanne Darboven (1941-2009). Established in 2001, the lecture series highlights the work of modern and contemporary artists from the perspective of their colleagues and peers.
    The inaugural Artists on Artists title is published in conjunction with the opening of Darboven's 1980-83 installation "Kulturgeschichte 1880-1983" ("Cultural History 1880-1983") at Dia: Chelsea in New York City, the first time Darboven's magnum opus has been on view in the United States for over a decade. It features contributions from Gregg Bordowitz, Sam Lewitt, Josephine Meckseper and Matt Mullican.

  • Design is storytelling / Ellen Lupton
    NK 1520 L867 2017
    A playbook for creative thinking, created for contemporary students and practitioners working across the fields of graphic design, product design, service design and user experience.

    Design is Storytelling is a guide to thinking and making created for contemporary students and practitioners working across the fields of graphic design, product design, service design, and user experience. By grounding narrative concepts in fresh, concrete examples and demonstrations, this compelling book provides designers with tools and insights for shaping behaviour and engaging users. Compact, relevant and richly illustrated, the book is written with a sense of humour and a respect for the reader's time and intelligence. Design is Storytelling unpacks the elements of narrative into a fun and useful toolkit, bringing together principles from literary criticism, narratology, cognitive science, semiotics, phenomenology and critical theory to show how visual communication mobilizes instinctive biological processes as well as social norms and conventions. The book uses 250 illustrations to actively engage readers in the process of looking and understanding. This lively book shows how designers can use the principles of storytelling and visual thinking to create beautiful, surprising and effective outcomes. Although the book is full of practical advice for designers, it will also appeal to people more broadly involved in branding, marketing, business and communication.

  • Philip Guston : Nixon drawings, 1971 & 1975 / edited by Musa Mayer and Sally Radic
    NC 139 G87 A4 2017

    "Guston's Richard Nixon drawings are nasty, scabrous, witty, grossly unfair and one of the juster verdicts handed down on our 37th president, the only one to resign from office." -William Corbett, The Brooklyn Rail

    Philip Guston: Nixon Drawings is the first comprehensive collection of Guston's legendary satirical caricatures of the 37th President of the United States, Richard Nixon. Expanding on Poor Richard (University of Chicago Press, 2001, now out of print and rare), it features some 180 works depicting Nixon and his cronies from 1971 and 1975. The book opens with an introduction by Philip Guston's daughter, Musa Mayer, and also includes the transcript of a panel discussion moderated by Phong Bui with William Corbett, Irving Sandler, Lisa Yuskavage, Bob Mankoff and Katy Siegel.

    These trenchant works were created in the tumultuous political climate of the early 1970s; the US was reeling from the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Senator Robert F. Kennedy, the chaos of the 1968 presidential election and the enduring violence of the Vietnam War. The publication of the Pentagon Papers, and Nixon's unsuccessful attempts to prevent their disclosure, made the president look both amoral and somewhat hapless. This is the "Poor Richard," a slyly political little sneak, that appears in Guston's cartoons from the period.

    A contemporary of Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, Philip Guston (1913-80) first came to fame as an Abstract Expressionist. He began reintroducing figurative elements--clumsy hands, cigarettes, light bulbs--into his work in the late 1960s. These late paintings were first exhibited, to savage critical reception, in 1970; Guston began his Nixon drawings at precisely this point in his career. Caricaturing Nixon, Guston began to refine a pictorial language equally sensitive to inner pathos and the turmoil of the public world.

  • The conversation piece : making modern art in eighteenth-century Britain / Kate Retford
    ND 1314.4 R48 2017
    Pioneered by William Hogarth (1697-1764) and his peers in the early 18th century, and then revitalized by Johan Zoffany (1733-1810), the conversation piece was an innovative mode of portraiture, depicting groups posed in landscape or domestic settings. These artists grappled with creating complex multi-figured compositions and intricate narratives, filling their paintings with representations of socially, nationally, and temporally precise customs. Paying particular attention to the vibrant (and at times fabricated) interior and exterior settings in these works, Kate Retford discusses the various ways that the conversation piece engaged with the rich material culture of Georgian Britain. The book also explores how these portraits served a wide array of interests and concerns among familial networks and larger social groups. From codifying performances of politeness to engaging in cross-cultural exchanges, the conversation piece was a complex and nuanced expression of a multifaceted society.

  • Barnbrook bible : the graphic design of Jonathan Barnbrook / by Jonathan Barnbrook with contributions by Kalle Lasn, Emily King, Teal Triggs and Alice Twemlow
    NC 999.6 G7B37 2007
    An innovative and controversial designer and typographer with a worldwide reputation Jonathan Barnbrook, creates a ground-breaking monograph revisiting his most successful projects and presenting his views on design and his personal graphic work

  • Pech Merle. Le Combel. Marcenac. Beiträge von/ contributions de A. Lemozi. Ph. Renault [und/et] A. David
    N 5310 L396 1969

  • Two spirits soar : the art of Allen Sapp : the inspiration of Allan Gonor / W.P. Kinsella
    ND 249 S27 K55 1990

  • Offset : a survey of artists' books / by Gary Richman
    NE 2562 R53 1984

  • Eva Hesse : sculpture : [catalog of an exhibition held at] Whitechapel Art Gallery, Rijksmuseum Kröller-Müller, Kestner-Gesellschaft / [edited by Nicholas Serota]
    NB 237 H42 A4 1979

  • A method to learn to design the passions / Charles LeBrun ; introduction by Alan T. McKenzie
    NC 770 L413X 1980
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