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Building Engineering - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Titles in the call number range TH (Building Engineering) that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 60 days.

  • Structural Fire Protection : Manual of Practice
    TH 9145 S85 1992eb

  • Building information modeling : applications and practices / sponsored by Technical Council on Computing and Information Technology of the American Society of Civil Engineers ; edited by Raja R.A. Issa, Ph. D., J.D., P.E., Svetlana Olbina, Ph. D
    TH 438.13 B845 2015eb

  • Estimating and Project Management for Building Contractors / Michael Kitchens
    TH 435 K495 1996eb

    Michael Kitchens provides insight and practical guidelines regarding the day-to-day processes of construction estimating and project management. He reviews the varied tasks of the estimator, project manager, and project superintendent, from the decision to bid to completing paperwork and managing project risks. He draws from his years of professional experience, as well as case histories, to examine estimate preparation, procedures to follow on bid day, job site safety, quality assurance, financial considerations, cost control, and much more. Ethics in construction, errors in estimating and project management, and information regarding training of key personnel are also addressed.

    Both beginners and seasoned professionals who seek a better understanding of the skills and abilities required of a good estimator and project manager will find this book to be a useful overview.

    About the Author
    Michael Kitchens, Ph.D., P.E., is manager, Estimating & Scheduling and Construction, for the Walt Disney Company in Anaheim, California, where he previously served as chief estimator. In 1989, he was a finalist for Arizona Entrepreneur of the Year in the Contractor's Division. He earned concurrent master's and doctoral degrees in engineering from California Coast University.

  • Energy efficiency and the future of real estate N. Edward Coulson, Yongsheng Wang, Clifford A. Lipscomb, editors

  • Target cost contracting strategy in construction : principles, practices and case studies / Daniel W.M. Chan and Joseph H.L. Chan
    TH 438.15 C43 2017

    The problems inherent in the traditional design-bid-build procurement method often lead to the adversarial working relationships within the construction industry. Target cost contracts, accompanied by a gain-share/pain-share arrangement serving as a cost incentive mechanism, have emerged in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Hong Kong with the aim of achieving better value for money and more satisfactory overall project performance under a collaborative working relationship.

    This book presents the underlying principles, practicalities and a series of short case studies of applying the target cost contracting strategy. Principles begin with the fundamentals then cover the development of target cost contracting in major countries/cities, definitions of target cost contracting, perceived benefits, potential difficulties and critical success factors for implementation.

    Practices include the target cost contracting approach and process in general, the key risk factors, risk assessment model, risk allocation and risk mitigation measures for target cost contracts in particular, together with a conceptual framework for the performance measurement of target cost contracts. Several short real-life case studies from the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand are provided for further illustration.

    The book will appeal to a wide spectrum of readers from industrial practitioners to undergraduate students, researchers and academics interested in construction contracts and procurement methods.

  • Future challenges in evaluating and managing sustainable development in the built environment / edited by Peter S. Brandon, Patrizia Lombardi, Geoffrey Q. Shen
    TH 880 F88 2017
    Future Challenges in Sustainable Development within the Built Environment stimulates and reinterprets the demands of Responsible and Sustainable Development in the Built Environment for future action and development. It examines the methods of evaluation, the use of technology, the creation of new models and the role of human factors for examining and developing the subject over the next twenty years.

  • Designing zero carbon buildings using dynamic simulation methods / Ljubomir Jankovic
    TH 880 J36 2017

    In addition to the application of fundamental principles that lead to a structured method for zero carbon design of buildings, this considerably expanded second edition includes new advanced topics on multi-objective optimisation; reverse modelling; reduction of the simulation performance gap; predictive control; nature-inspired emergent simulation leading to sketches that become #65533;alive#65533;; and an alternative economics for achieving the sustainability paradigm. The book features student design work from a Master#65533;s programme run by the author, and their design speculation for a human settlement on Mars. Tasks for simple simulation experiments are available for the majority of topics, providing the material for classroom exercise and giving the reader an easy introduction into the field. Extended new case studies of zero carbon buildings are featured in the book, including schemes from Japan, China, Germany, Denmark and the UK, and provide the reader with an enhanced design toolbox to stimulate their own design thinking.

  • Applications of energy harvesting technologies in buildings / Joseph W. Matiko, Stephen P. Beeby
    TH 880 M375 2017
    This timely new resource explores the available energy sources within commercial and residential buildings and the available technologies for energy harvesting. Energy harvesting within built environments is presented using strong research and commercial examples. This book includes clear and concise case studies on solar cell powered sensor nodes for emotion monitoring systems in ambient assistive living environments and inductive/RF power transfers.

    Thermoelectric energy harvesting and power management circuit design, airflow and vibration energy harvesting is also explored. The book concludes with a look at the future of energy harvesting in buildings.

  • Design computing : an overview of an emergent field / Brian R. Johnson
    TH 437 J638 2017

    Design Computingwill help you understand the rapidly evolving relationship between computing, designers, and the many different environments they create or work in. The book introduces the topic of design computing, and covers the basics of hardware and software, so you don't need to be an expert. Topics include the fundamentals of digital representation, programming and interfaces for design; the shifting landscape of opportunity and expectation in practice and pedagogy; placing sensors in buildings to measure performance; and the challenge of applying information effectively in design. The book also includes additional reading for those who wish to dig deeper into the subject. Design Computing will provide you with a greater awareness of the issues that permeate the field, opportunities for you to investigate, and perhaps motivation to push the boundaries.

  • Sound materials : a compendium of sound absorbing materials for architecture and design / Tyler Adams
    TH 1727 A43 2016

    Sound Materials provides a visual encyclopedia of sound-absorbing materials. Categorized according to application, each material is profiled with color photographs and illustrations, reference projects, manufacturer contact details, technical specifications, and sound absorption performance data. A vital reference volume for architects, designers, acousticians, engineers, students, and creative professionals, this book also includes interviews with materials scientists about developing materials and with acoustical engineers and designers about how these products are utilized to solve design problems.

    Tyler Adams is an artist and acoustician based in Los Angeles, California.

  • Planning for safety : evacuating people who need assistance in an emergency : a guide for building managers and occupants = La planification de la sécurité : l'évacuation des personnes qui on besoin d'aide en cas d'urgence : un guide à l'intention des gestionnaires et desoccupants d'un immeuble
    TH 9410 P53 2009 CD-ROM

  • The LPC design guide for the fire protection of buildings
    TH 9145 L73 2003 CD-ROM

  • CFC in refrigeration- and heat pump plants / Thore Berntsson
    TH 7 S69 1989 no.10
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