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Modern Languages and Literature - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Modern Languages and Literature that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 90 days.

  • From domestic women to sensitive young men : translating the individual in early colonial Korea / Yoon Sun Yang
    PL 954 Y36 2017

    The notion of the individual was initially translated into Korean near the end of the nineteenth century and took root during the early years of Japanese colonial influence. Yoon Sun Yang argues that the first literary iterations of the Korean individual were prototypically female figures appearing in the early colonial domestic novel--a genre developed by reform-minded male writers--as schoolgirls, housewives, female ghosts, femmes fatales , and female same-sex partners. Such female figures have long been viewed as lacking in modernity because, unlike numerous male characters in Korean literature after the late 1910s, they did not assert their own modernity, or that of the nation, by exploring their interiority. Yang, however, shows that no reading of Korean modernity can ignore these figures, because the early colonial domestic novel cast them as individuals in terms of their usefulness or relevance to the nation, whether model citizens or iconoclasts.

    By including these earlier narratives within modern Korean literary history and positing that they too were engaged in the translation of individuality into Korean, Yang's study not only disrupts the canonical account of a non-gendered, linear progress toward modern Korean selfhood but also expands our understanding of the role played by translation in Korea's construction of modern gender roles.

  • Modern German grammar workbook / Bill Dodd [and others]
    PF 3112 M67 1996eb
    Modern German Grammar Workbook, Second Edition, is an innovative book of exercises and language tasks for all learners of German. The book is divided into two sections and is accompanied with a website (www.languages.routledge.com) with supplementary exercises.
    * Section 1 provides exercises based on essential grammatical structures
    * Section 2 practises everyday functions (e.g. making introductions, apologising, expressing needs)
    * Section 3 contains realistic role-plays in short scenes, set in a range of different contexts.
    A comprehensive answer key at the back of the book enables you to check on your progress. Implementing feedback from users of the first edition, this second edition now features:
    * Graded exercises: Level 1 for beginners; Level 2 for more advanced students
    * More extensive cross-referencing to the related Modern German Grammar, Second Edition.
    Modern German Grammar Workbook, Second Edition, is ideal for all learners who have a basic knowledge of German, including students at schools, in adult education and within higher education. It can be used independently or alongside the second edition of the Modern German Grammar.

  • Modern German grammar workbook
    PF 3112 M553 2003eb
    Modern German Grammar Workbook, Second Edition, is an innovative book of exercises and language tasks for all learners of German. The book is divided into two sections and is accompanied with a website (www.languages.routledge.com) with supplementary exercises.
    * Section 1 provides exercises based on essential grammatical structures
    * Section 2 practises everyday functions (e.g. making introductions, apologising, expressing needs)
    * Section 3 contains realistic role-plays in short scenes, set in a range of different contexts.
    A comprehensive answer key at the back of the book enables you to check on your progress. Implementing feedback from users of the first edition, this second edition now features:
    * Graded exercises: Level 1 for beginners; Level 2 for more advanced students
    * More extensive cross-referencing to the related Modern German Grammar, Second Edition.
    Modern German Grammar Workbook, Second Edition, is ideal for all learners who have a basic knowledge of German, including students at schools, in adult education and within higher education. It can be used independently or alongside the second edition of the Modern German Grammar.

  • Tener + past participle : a case study in linguistic description / Catherine E. Harre
    PC 145 H3 1991eb
    The so-called periphrastic constructions found in Spanish, and the problems which they pose for linguistic description and classification, provide a useful vehicle for exploring the possibilities for combining synchrony and diachrony. This book centres on an examination of one such construction: tener + past participle. A detailed study of this often neglected construction is justified in its own right, but in addition, because it is of uncertain grammatical status, it encapsulates many of the problems encountered by the synchronic linguist.
    The work focuses on a study of tener + past participle as used in the modern language, and a historical survey of its evolution. The interplay between the two is set against the background of various existing theories concerning auxiliary and periphrastic verbs, providing detailed data against which such theories can be tested. It also places the development of tener + past participle within the wider context of similar developments in other Romance languages.

  • Integrated Chinese = Zhong wen ting shuo du xie = Zhong wen ting shuo du xie. third edition by Yuehua Liu [and others] ; original edition by Yuehua Liu [and others]
    PL 1129 E5 I683 2010
    Cheng & Tsui's best-loved Chinese textbook series is new, revised, and better than ever!

  • Petrarch's Famous men in the early Renaissance : the illuminated copies of Felice Feliciano's edition / Lilian Armstrong
    PQ 4502 A76 2016

  • Chinese literary forms in Heian Japan : poetics and practice / Brian Steininger
    PL 719.81 S74 2017

    Written Chinese served as a prestigious, cosmopolitan script across medieval East Asia, from as far west as the Tarim Basin to the eastern kingdom of Heian period Japan (794-1185). In this book, Brian Steininger revisits the mid-Heian court of the Tale of Genji and the Pillow Book , where literary Chinese was not only the basis of official administration, but also a medium for political protest, sermons of mourning, and poems of celebration.

    Chinese Literary Forms in Heian Japan reconstructs the lived practice of Chinese poetic and prose genres among Heian officials, analyzing the material exchanges by which documents were commissioned, the local reinterpretations of Tang aesthetic principles, and the ritual venues in which literary Chinese texts were performed in Japanese vocalization. Even as state ideology and educational institutions proclaimed the Chinese script's embodiment of timeless cosmological patterns, everyday practice in this far-flung periphery subjected classical models to a string of improvised exceptions. Through careful comparison of literary and documentary sources, this book provides a vivid case study of one society's negotiation of literature's position--both within a hierarchy of authority and between the incommensurable realms of script and speech.

  • The philosophy of Umberto Eco / edited by Sara G. Beardsworth and Randall E. Auxier
    PQ 4865 C6 Z815 2017
    The Philosophy of Umberto Eco stands out in the Library of Living Philosophers series as the volume on the most interdisciplinary scholar hitherto and probably the most widely translated. The Italian philosopher's name and works are well known in the humanities, both his philosophical and literary works being translated into fifteen or more languages. Eco is a founder of modern semiotics and widely known for his work in the philosophy of language and aesthetics. He is also a leading figure in the emergence of postmodern literature, and is associated with cultural and mass communication studies. His writings cover topics such as advertising, television, and children's literature as well as philosophical questions bearing on truth, reality, cognition, language, and literature. The critical essays in this volume cover the full range of this output.
    This book has wide appeal not only because of its interdisciplinary nature but also because of Eco's famous "high and low" approach, which is deeply scholarly in conception and very accessible in outcome. The short essay "Why Philosophy?" included in the volume is exemplary in this regard: it will appeal to scholars for its wit and to high school students for its intelligibility.

  • The human family = Menschenkinder / Lou Andreas-Salomé ; translated and with an introduction by Raleigh Whitinger
    PT 2601 N4 M4613 2005

  • Itineraries of power : texts and traversals in Heian and medieval Japan / Terry Kawashima
    PL 726.2 K394 2016

    Movements--of people and groups, through travel, migration, exile, and diaspora--are central to understanding both local and global power relationships. But what of more literary moves: textual techniques such as distinct patterns of narrative flow, abrupt leaps between genres, and poetic figures that flatten geographical distance? This book examines what happens when both types of tropes--literal traversals and literary shifts--coexist.

    Itineraries of Power examines prose narratives and poetry of the mid-Heian to medieval eras (900-1400) that conspicuously feature tropes of movement. Kawashima argues that the appearance of a character's physical motion, alongside literary techniques identified with motion, is a textual signpost in a story, urging readers to focus on how the work conceptualizes relations of power and claims to authority. From the gendered intersection of register shifts in narrative and physical displacement in the Heian period, to a dizzying tale of travel retold multiple times in a single medieval text, the motion in these works gestures toward internal conflicts and alternatives to existing structures of power. The book concludes that texts crucially concerned with such tropes of movement suggest that power is always simultaneously manufactured and dismantled from within.

  • Poetic fragments / Karoline von Günderrode ; translated and with introductory essays by Anna C. Ezekiel
    PT 2281 G8 A25 2016
    Bilingual English-German edition of second collection published by the German poet, dramatist, and philosopher Karoline von G#65533;nderrode (1780-1806).

  • R.U.R. (Rossum's universal robots) / Karel Čapek ; translated by Claudia Novack ; introduction by Ivan Klíma
    PG 5038 C3 R213 2004
    A visionary work of science fiction that introduced the word "robot"

    Written in 1920, premiered in Prague in 1921, and first performed in New York in 1922--garnered worldwide acclaim for its author and popularized the word robot. Mass-produced as efficient laborers to serve man, Capek's Robots are an android product--they remember everything but think of nothing new. But the Utopian life they provide ultimately lacks meaning, and the humans they serve stop reproducing. When the Robots revolt, killing all but one of their masters, they must strain to learn the secret of self-duplication. It is not until two Robots fall in love and are christened "Adam" and "Eve" by the last surviving human that Nature emerges triumphant.

    For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators.

  • German literature through Nazi eyes / by H.G. Atkins
    PT 85 A85 1941

  • German women's writing in the twenty-first century / edited by Hester Baer and Alexandra Merley Hill
    PT 167 G466 2015
    What is the status of women's writing in German today, in an era when feminism has thoroughly problematized binary conceptions of sex and gender? Drawing on gender and queer theory, including the work of Lauren Berlant, Judith Butler, and Michel Foucault, the essays in this volume rethink conventional ways of conceptualizing female authorship and re-examine the formal, aesthetic, and thematic terms in which "women's literature" has been conceived. With an eye to the literary and feminist legacy of authors such as Christa Wolf and Ingeborg Bachmann, contributors treat the works of many of contemporary Germany's most significant literary voices, including Hatice Aky#65533;n, Sibylle Berg, Thea Dorn, Tanja D#65533;ckers, Karen Duve, Jenny Erpenbeck, Julia Franck, Katharina Hacker, Charlotte Roche, Julia Schoch, and Antje R#65533;vic Strubel -- authors who, through their writing or their roles in the media, engage with questions of what it means to be a woman writer in twenty-first-century Germany. Contributors: Hester Baer, Necia Chronister, Helga Druxes, Valerie Heffernan, Alexandra Merley Hill, Lindsay Lawton, Sheridan Marshall, Mihaela Petrescu, Jill Suzanne Smith, Carrie Smith-Prei, Maria Stehle, Katherine Stone. Hester Baer is Associate Professor of Germanic Studies at the University of Maryland. Alexandra Merley Hill is Assistant Professor of German at the University of Portland.

  • Primaveral / Salvador Ortiz
    PQ 7298.425 R75 P75 2013

  • Language development and disorders in Spanish-speaking children / Alejandra Auza Benavides, Richard G. Schwartz, editors

  • Umberto Eco, The Da Vinci Code, and the intellectual in the age of popular culture / Douglass Merrell
    PQ4865.C6 Z7556 2017eb

  • Hermenegildo and the Jesuits : Staging Sainthood in the Early Modern Period / Stefano Muneroni

  • Interculturality in Chinese language education / Tinghe Jin, Fred Dervin, editors

  • Explorations into Chinese as a second language / Istvan Kecskes, editor

  • Canzoniere / Francesco Petrarca ; a cura di Sabrina Stroppa ; introduzione di Paolo Cherchi
    PQ 4476 G11 2016

  • Integrated Chinese = Zhong wen ting shuo du xie . Yuehua Liu, Tao-chung Yao, Nyan-Ping Bi [and 2 others]
    PL 1129 E5 I683 2017

  • The sagas of Icelanders : a selection / preface by Jane Smiley ; introduction by Robert Kellogg
    PT 7262 E5 S34 2001
    In Iceland, the age of the Vikings is also known as the Saga Age. A unique body of medieval literature, the Sagas rank with the world's great literary treasures - as epic as Homer, as deep in tragedy as Sophocles, as engagingly human as Shakespeare. Set around the turn of the last millennium, these stories depict with an astonishingly modern realism the lives and deeds of the Norse men and women who first settled in Iceland and of their descendants, who ventured farther west to Greenland and, ultimately, North America. Sailing as far from the archetypal heroic adventure as the long ships did from home, the Sagas are written with psychological intensity, peopled by characters with depth, and explore perennial human issues like love, hate, fate and freedom.

  • Modern Chinese literature, Lin Shu and the Reformist movement : between classical and vernacular language / César Guarde-Paz

  • Indian literature and the world : multilingualism, translation, and the public sphere / Rossella Ciocca, Neelam Srivastava, editors

  • Les loisirs de Philothée / Nicolas Mavrocordatos ; texte établi, traduit et annoté par Jacques Bouchard ; avant-propos de C. Th. Dimaras
    PC 839 N5P414 1989eb

  • LYNX;
    PK8540.V56 2012

  • Spark of light : short stories by women writers of Odisha / edited by Valerie Henitiuk and Supriya Kar
    Spark of Light is a diverse collection of short stories by women writers from the Indian province of Odisha. Originally written in Odia and dating from the late nineteenth century to the present, these stories offer a multiplicity of voices--some sentimental and melodramatic, others rebellious and bold--and capture the predicament of characters who often live on the margins of society. From a spectrum of viewpoints, writing styles, and motifs, the stories included here provide examples of the great richness of Odishan literary culture. In the often shadowy and grim world depicted in this collection, themes of class, poverty, violence, and family are developed. Together they form a critique of social mores and illuminate the difficult lives of the subaltern in Odisha society. The work of these authors contributes to an ongoing dialogue concerning the challenges, hardships, joys, and successes experienced by women around the world. In these provocative explorations of the short-story form, we discover the voices of these rarely heard women.

  • Ukrainian through its living culture : advanced level language textbook / Alla Nedashkivska
    PG 3823 N43 2010eb
    Placing language learning within a cultural framework enlivens the learning process and jumpstarts contextual conversations in the classroom. Experienced instructor Dr. Alla Nedashkivska has crafted a textbook that presents a modern version of Ukrainian, one that will encourage students' interest in learning, with the goal of building proficiency in the language and knowledge of Ukrainian culture and society. This text is excellent for studies over a longer period, using the intermediate exercises to start, then progressing to the advanced exercises to cement comprehension. An absolute must for anyone teaching or learning Ukrainian at senior levels.

  • Alphabet / Inger Christensen ; translated by Susanna Nied
    PT 8176.13 H727 A4413 2001
    Awarded the American-Scandinavian PEN Translation Prize by Michael Hamburger, Susanna Nied's translation of alphabet introduces Inger Christensen's poetry to US readers for the first time. Born in 1935, Inger Christensen is Denmark's best known poet. Her award-winning alphabet is based structurally on Fibonacci's sequence (a mathematical sequence in which each number is the sum of the two previous numbers), in combination with the alphabet. The gorgeous poetry herein reflects a complex philosophical background, yet has a visionary quality, discovering the metaphysical in the simple stuff of everyday life. In alphabet, Christensen creates a framework of psalm-like forms that unfold like expanding universes, while crystallizing both the beauty and the potential for destruction that permeate our times.

  • Bodies of song : Kabir oral traditions and performative worlds in North India / Linda Hess
    PK 2095 K3 Z696 2015
    Kabir was a great iconoclastic-mystic poet of fifteenth-century North India; his poems were composed orally, written down by others in manuscripts and books, and transmitted through song. Scholars and translators usually attend to written collections, but these present only a partial pictureof the Kabir who has remained vibrantly alive through the centuries mostly in oral forms. Entering the worlds of singers and listeners in rural Madhya Pradesh, Bodies of Song combines ethnographic and textual study in exploring how oral transmission and performance shape the content andinterpretation of vernacular poetry in North India. The book investigates textual scholars' study of oral-performative traditions in a milieu where texts move simultaneously via oral, written, audio/video-recorded, and electronic pathways.As texts and performances are always socially embedded, Linda Hess brings readers into the lives of those who sing, hear, celebrate, revere, and dispute about Kabir. Bodies of Song is rich in stories of individuals and families, villages and towns, religious and secular organizations, castes andcommunities. Dialogue between religious/spiritual Kabir and social/political Kabir is a continuous theme throughout the book: ambiguously located between Hindu and Muslim cultures, Kabir rejected religious identities, pretentions, and hypocrisies. But even while satirizing the religious, he composedstunning poetry of religious experience and psychological insight. A weaver by trade, Kabir also criticized caste and other inequalities and today serves as an icon for Dalits and all who strive to remove caste prejudice and oppression.

  • Kafka sur le rivage / Haruki Murakami ; traduit du japonais par Corinne Atlan
    PL 856 U673 U514 2006

  • Cent ans de solitude : roman / Gabriel García Márquez ; traduit de l'espagnol (Colombie) par Claude et Carmen Durand ; [présentation par Albert Bensoussan]
    PQ 8180.17 A73 C514 1995

  • Life and fate / Vasily Grossman ; translated by Robert Chandler
    PG 3476 G7 Z3513 2006b
    Life and Fate is an epic tale of a country told through the fate of a single family, the Shaposhnikovs. As the battle of Stalingrad looms, Grossman's characters must work out their destinies in a world torn by ideological tyranny and war.

    Completed in 1960 and then confiscated by the KGB, this sweeping panorama of Soviet Society remained unpublished until it was smuggled into the West in 1980, where it was hailed as a masterpiece.

  • An anthology of Arabic literature : from the classical to the modern / selected and translated by Tarif Khalidi
    PJ 7694 E1 A684 2016
    Introducing readers to the extremely rich tradition of Arabic literature, this Anthology covers some of its major themes and concerns across the centuries, from its early beginnings to modern times. The texts chosen are a "library of personal preferences" of a scholar who has spent half acentury or more in the company of Arabic books, marking then translating those passages that seemed to him to capture some of its most memorable moments.Reflecting the great diversity and unpredictability of Arabic literature as the carrier of a major world culture, both pre-modern and modern, the Anthology is divided thematically to highlight modern issues such as love, religion, the human self, human rights, freedom of expression, the environment,violence, secular thought, and feminism. The short, easy-to-read texts are accessible to non-specialists, providing an ideal entry point to this extraordinary literature.

  • Austerlitz / W.G. Sebald ; translated by Anthea Bell ; introduction by James Wood
    PT 2681 E18 A9513 2011

    This tenth anniversary edition of W. G. Sebald's celebrated masterpiece includes a new Introduction by acclaimed critic James Wood. Austerlitz is the story of a man's search for the answer to his life's central riddle. A small child when he comes to England on a Kindertransport in the summer of 1939, Jacques Austerlitz is told nothing of his real family by the Welsh Methodist minister and his wife who raise him. When he is a much older man, fleeting memories return to him, and obeying an instinct he only dimly understands, Austerlitz follows their trail back to the world he left behind a half century before. There, faced with the void at the heart of twentieth-century Europe, he struggles to rescue his heritage from oblivion.

  • Vistas : introducción a la lengua española / José A. Blanco, Philip Redwine Donley, Late
    PC 4129 E5 V57 2016b

  • Escribir sobre una ola : cuentistas del Banco Central / Ángela Hernández Núñez (editora)
    PQ 7405 E83 2015

  • El libro y la poesía / Marco Antonio Campos ; ilustraciones, Irma Bastida Herrera
    PQ 7298.13 A399 L53 2013

  • Literaturas, identidades, reconstrucciones : políticas y poéticas / Angélica Tornero
    PQ 7082 N7 T88 2015

  • The literature of Al-Andalus / edited by Maria Rosa Menocal, Raymond P. Scheindlin, and Michael Sells
    PJ 8417 A5 L58 2000eb

  • The Cambridge history of the Romance languages. edited by Martin Maiden, John Charles Smith and Adam Ledgeway
    PC 45 C245 2011eb

  • The Cambridge history of Spanish literature / edited by David T. Gies
    PQ 6033 C36 2004eb

  • The Cambridge history of South African literature / edited by David Attwell and Derek Attridge
    PL 8014 S6 C36 2012eb

  • The Cambridge history of Russian literature / edited by Charles A. Moser
    PG 2951 C36 1992eb

  • The Cambridge history of German literature / edited by Helen Watanabe-O'Kelly
    PT 91 C36 1997eb

  • Arabic literature to the end of the Umayyad period / edited by A.F.L. Beeston [and others]
    PJ 7510 A8 1983eb
    Originally published in 1983, The Cambridge History of Arabic Literature was the first general survey of the field to have been published in English for over fifty years and the first attempted in such detail in a multi-volume form. The volumes of the History provide an invaluable source of reference and understanding of the intellectual, literary and religious heritage of the Arabic-speaking and Islamic world. This volume begins its coverage with the oral verse of the sixth century AD, and ends with the fall of the Umayyad dynasty two centuries later. Within this period fall major events: the life of the Prophet Muhammad, the founding of the Islamic religion, the great Arab Islamic conquests of territories outside the Arabian Peninsula, and their meeting, as overlords, with the Byzantine and Sasanian world. Contributors to this volume discuss an array of topics including the influences of Greeks, Persians and Syrians on early Arabic literature.

  • Arabic literature in the post-classical period / edited by Roger Allen and D.S. Richards
    PJ 7558 A73 2006eb

  • ʻAbbasid belles-lettres / edited by Julia Ashtiany [and others]
    PJ 7530 A18 1990eb

  • The Cambridge history of the Romance languages. edited by Martin Maiden, John Charles Smith and Adam Ledgeway
    PC 45 C246 2013eb

  • Water Star = Estrella de agua / Lady Rojas Benavente ; translation directed by Sophie M. Lavoie
    PQ 8498.428 O444 E8813 2017

  • The Cambridge companion to Latina/o American literature / edited by John Morán González
    PQ 7081 A1 C347 2016eb

  • Sag mal : an introduction to German language and culture / Christine Anton, Tobias Barske, Jane Grabowski, Megan McKinstry
    PF 3129 E5 A58 2017

  • The Cambridge companion to the literature of Berlin / edited by Andrew J. Webber, University of Cambridge
    PT 149 G4 B474 2017eb

  • Gulag letters / Arsenii Formakov ; edited, translated, and with an introduction by Emily D. Johnson
    PG 3476 F645 Z48 2017
    A poignant collection of letters written by the Latvian poet, novelist, and newspaper editor Arsenii Formakov while interned in Soviet labor camps

    Emily Johnson has translated and edited a fascinating collection of letters written by Arsenii Formakov, a Latvian Russian poet, novelist, and journalist, during two terms in Soviet labor camps, 1940 to 1947 in Kraslag and 1949 to 1955 in Kamyshlag and Ozerlag. This correspondence, which Formakov mailed home to his family in Riga, provides readers with a firsthand account of the workings of the Soviet penal system and testifies to the hardships of daily life for Latvian prisoners in the Gulag.

  • German ecocriticism in the Anthropocene / Caroline Schaumann, Heather I. Sullivan, editors


  • The sixth sense of the avant-garde : dance, kinaesthesia and the arts in revolutionary Russia / Irina Sirotkina and Roger Smith
    PG 3026 E98 S56 2017

    The touch and movement senses have a large place in the modern arts. This is widely discussed and celebrated, often enough as if it represents a breakthrough in a primarily visual age. This book turns to history to show just how significant movement and the sense of movement were to pioneers of modernism at the turn of the 20th century. It makes this history vivid through a picture of movement in the lives of an extraordinary generation of Russian artists, writers, theatre people and dancers bridging the last years of the tsars and the Revolution. Readers will gain a new perspective on the relation between art and life in the period 1890-1920 in great innovators like the poets Mayakovsky and Andrei Bely, the theatre director Meyerhold, the dancer Isadora Duncan and the young men and women in Russia inspired by her lead, and esoteric figures like Gurdjieff.

    Movement, and the turn to the body as a source of natural knowledge, was at the centre of idealistic creativity and hopes for a new age, for a 'new man', and this was true both for those who looked forward to the technology of the future and those who looked back to the harmony of Ancient Greece. The book weaves history and analysis into a colourful, thoughtful affirmation of movement in the expressive life.

  • A Coptic handbook of ritual power (P. Macq. I 1) / [edited by] Malcolm Choat and Iain Gardner
    PJ 2196 M33 vol.1
    This volume publishes a new Coptic handbook of ritual power, comprising a complete 20 page parchment codex from the second half of the first millennium AD. It consists of an invocation including both Christian and Gnostic elements, ritual instructions, and a list of twenty-seven spells to cure demonic possession, various ailments, the effects of magic, or to bring success in love and business. The codex is not only a substantial new addition to the corpus of magical texts from Egypt, but, in its opening invocation, also provides new evidence for Sethian Gnostic thought in Coptic texts. A Coptic Handbook of Ritual Power is the first volume in the series The Macquarie Papyri, which will publish the papyri in the collection of the Museum of Ancient Cultures, Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia).

  • Radical poetry : aesthetics, politics, technology, and the Ibero-American avant-gardes, 1900-2015 / Eduardo Ledesma
    PQ 7082 P7 L446 2016
    Engages in a critical reanalysis of historical Ibero-American experimental poetry in order to demonstrate how the contemporary digital vanguard owes much to this tradition.

  • Masculinity after Trujillo : the politics of gender in Dominican literature / Maja Horn
    PQ 7400.5 H67 2014

    "Provides an insightful look at the persistent power of masculinism in Dominican post-dictatorship politics and literature."--Ignacio L#65533;pez-Calvo, author of God and Trujillo

    "The ideas about masculinization of power developed by Horn are important not only to Dominican scholarship but also to Caribbean and other Latin American students of the intersection of history, political power, and gendered practices and discourses."--Emilio Bejel, author of Gay Cuban Nation

    Any observer of Dominican political and literary discourse will quickly notice how certain notions of hyper-masculinity permeate the culture. Many critics will attribute this to an outgrowth of "traditional" Latin American patriarchal culture. Masculinity after Trujillo demonstrates why they are mistaken.

    In this extraordinary work, Maja Horn argues that this common Dominican attitude became ingrained during the dictatorship (1930-61) of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, as well as through the U.S. military occupation that preceded it. Where previous studies have focused mainly on Spanish colonialism and the controversial sharing of the island with Haiti, Horn emphasizes the underexamined and lasting influence of U.S. imperialism and how it prepared the terrain for Trujillo's hyperbolic language of masculinity. She also demonstrates how later attempts to emasculate the image of Trujillo often reproduced the same masculinist ideology popularized by his government.

    By using the lens of gender politics, Horn enables readers to reconsider the ongoing legacy of the Trujillato, including the relatively weak social movements formed around racial and ethnic identities, sexuality, and even labor. She offers exciting new interpretations of such writers as Hilma Contreras, Rita Indiana Hern#65533;ndez, and Junot D#65533;az, revealing the ways they successfully challenge dominant political and canonical literary discourses.

    A volume in the series Latin American and Caribbean Arts and Culture, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

  • El tiempo contraído : canon, discurso y circunstancia de la narrativa cubana (1959-2000) / Waldo Pérez Cino
    PQ 7382 P43 2014

    El tiempo contraIdo se ocupa de la narrativa cubana posterior a 1959 y de su articulaciOn crItica en el sistema de legitimidad y valor que constituye el canon literario. Escindido entre un tiempo de la tradiciOn y un tiempo del futuro, la circulaciOn natural de influencias entre sus elementos constitutivos quedO suspendida en la fractura entre una literatura cubana que ya no podIa ser leIda de la misma manera y una literatura de la RevoluciOn que todavIa no habIa llegado. COmo superar esa disfuncionalidad sigue siendo la necesidad de mayor peso en la crItica y la literatura cubanas. Waldo PErez Cino (La Habana, 1972) se doctorO en la Universidad de Amberes. Sus investigaciones abordan la narrativa y la ensayIstica cubana contemporAneas desde una perspectiva que privilegia los raseros de legitimidad que sostienen el discurso crItico. Ha publicado los relatos de La demora (1997), La isla y la tribu (2011) y El amolador (2012) y los volUmenes de poesIa Cuerpo y sombra (2010), Apuntes sobre Weyler (2012), Tema y rema (2013) y Escolio sobre el blanco (2014).

  • Pecado / Laura Restrepo
    PQ 8180.28 E7255 P433 2016
    Un viaje al coraz#65533;n del mal inspirado en El jard#65533;n de las delicias del Bosco .

    Virtudes y cr#65533;menes son intercambiables entre s#65533; y reversibles: la naturaleza desdoblada del pecado, sus varias caras de poliedro.
    Como sacados de un cuadro de El Bosco, los protagonistas de este libro son Arc#65533;ngel, el adolescente asesino; Luis B. Campoc#65533;, el ejecutivo ad#65533;ltero; Emma, la descuartizadora; una pareja incestuosa; un verdugo apodado La Viuda; las Susanas, tres hermanas indiferentes o vanidosas, y el Sir#65533;aco, profeta soberbio.

    La perturbadora y ambigua idea de pecado se encarna en todos ellos. El jard#65533;n de las delicias ha dejado de esta colgado en el museo y se muestra m#65533;s real que nunca, vivido por estos personajes de carne y hueso que nos confiesan al o#65533;do su particular relaci#65533;n con el mal. #65533;Hasta qu#65533; punto son culpables? Sobre el lector recaer#65533; el reto moral de condenarlos o, tal vez, de indultarlos.

    Con la fuerza y la sensibilidad que caracterizan su literatura, Laura Restrepo indaga en la complejidad #65533;tica de la transgresi#65533;n a trav#65533;s de una narraci#65533;n inquietante, original, por momentos aterradora y al mismo tiempo dulcemente humana. Cada pecado trae consigo su correspondiente culpa, pero tambi#65533;n su gota de alivio.


    As though taken from Bosch's paintings, several offenders display their crimes in the pages of Sin: a killer, an adulterer, a butcher, an incestuous couple, an indifferent woman, an executioner, and a voyeur, as well as the shadow of the heavy-handed monarch himself. They must all appear before the only judge who can pardon them: the reader.

    The protagonists of these tales exist independently, but nevertheless make up an entity, like the arcana in a tarot deck. One common thread unites them: they have all committed atrocious crimes, but their lives are marked by what we call evil.

    To what point are they guilty? Laura Restrepo investigates the dense moral complexity of sins through this original fresco that is unsettling, revealing, and terrifying, but somehow also sweetly human.

  • El desexilio, y otras conjeturas / Mario Benedetti
    PQ 8519 B292 D4 1986

  • Los caballos azules / Ricardo Menéndez Salmón
    PQ 6663 E62 C33 2009

  • El portal de la sirena = The mermaid's gateway ; Viajes y rodajes = Break-in voyage / Margarita Feliciano ; [cover design and artwork by Carlos Aranha]
    PQ 7079.2 F4 P67 2008
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