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Mission & Vision Statements

Mission Statement

Concordia University Library supports the University's mission "to develop and disseminate knowledge and values and to act as a social critic."

As an essential partner in the academic enterprise, the Library provides a diverse university community with the information resources and services fundamental to learning and the pursuit of knowledge.

In so doing, the Library fosters an environment in which Concordia University students, faculty, and staff can become "informed and responsibly critical citizens who are committed to learning and to the spirit of inquiry."

Vision Statement

Working together with the academic and research community of the University, the Library is:

  • Dedicated, to the advancement of knowledge, promoting information skills as the heart of academic success, citizenship and lifelong learning.
  • Dynamic, using our collective expertise to recognize and embrace the changes in learning and research environments and to offer innovative and timely responses.
  • Welcoming, providing a secure and stimulating environment for study and research responding with a commitment to service to the diverse needs of our users.
  • Resourceful, offering a rich and diverse research collection and repository of knowledge, using leading technology for seamless access.
  • Collaborative, fulfilling our responsibilities with faculty and with university services, and reaching out through partnerships with other academic institutions.
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