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Schedule a consultation with your subject librarian to plan workshops, online guides, and research help for your class. See the Subject Guides for contact information.

Information literacy and student assignments

Navigating the information ecosystem is a challenging task for students. Information literacy encompasses both the basic skills required to search library databases and cite resources, and also the ability to think critically about how information is created, how authority is constructed, and the forces that impact one's access to information.

It is a lot to learn, and to teach! Concordia Libraries is dedicated to ensuring that students graduate with the information literacy skills they need, and subject librarians can assist faculty members through providing workshops and online tools, or assisting in developing assignments and rubrics that address these skills. Please contact your subject librarian with questions, requests or ideas.

To learn more about information literacy, we recommend starting with the following:

For further information and recommendations, please contact your subject librarian.

page last updated on: Wednesday 7 August 2019
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