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Course reserves for instructors

General information

The new Course Reserves system helps course instructors provide readings for their courses to all enrolled students while complying with the Copyright Act, COPIBEC Agreement, and the Libraries' electronic resources licenses. Using this system, instructors can submit requests to post course readings online or to place a hard copy of a document (e.g. book, video) in the Course Reserves Room. When you send your request, library staff will check for copyright compliance.

Log into the Course Reserves system

You can assign your teaching assistant (TA) as a Proxy Instructor for your course much in the same way you would do it in Moodle. Your TA can then manage course reserves on your behalf.


All undergraduate course textbooks adopted through the Bookstore will automatically be placed in the Course Reserve Room at the appropriate library. These do not need to be requested via the request form.

You will be able to see the courses you have taught in the last 36 months and reuse any document you still need for your current courses.


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Copyright and course reserves

All requests submitted must comply with the Canadian Copyright Act, COPIBEC Agreement and the Libraries' electronic resources licenses. Please consult the University’s Policy on Copyright Compliance and Copyright Guidelines for Instructors. You may also consult the Libraries' online Copyright Guide for basic information on copyright.

To help us ensure copyright compliance, please provide full citation information for each item you are requesting to make available for your course. Requests without full citation information or accompanying material will take longer to process and/or may be sent back to the requestor. Library staff will verify copyright compliance for all items you have requested before making them accessible online. Please note that material exceeding posted copyright guidelines will require copyright clearance.

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Types of material that can be placed on reserve

  • Links to articles or e-books licensed for use by the Concordia University Libraries
  • Links to websites
  • Library books, videos, audios, etc. (please allow 6-8 weeks when the item you want for your course has to be ordered)
  • Personal copies of books
  • Journal articles
  • Book chapters

Please note that material exceeding the copyright guidelines below will require copyright clearance.

  • An entire article from a periodical
  • Up to 15% of a work (e.g. book)
  • An entire chapter from a book provided it constitutes no more than 20% of a work
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Processing times

To ensure that Reserve request forms are processed in time and that materials are available to students for the beginning of each semester, please submit your requests at least three weeks before the beginning of a semester. Forms submitted without full citation information or accompanying material may take longer to process and/or may be sent back to the requestor.

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How to submit your request

Requests can be submitted using the online request form in the Course Reserves system. You can fill in the citation and we will retrieve the book, article, video, or other material you want to make available to your students via the course readings system.

All hardcopies (e.g. texbooks, DVDs) will be placed in the Course Reserves Room in the library of your choice: Webster, SGW campus or Vanier, Loyola campus.

Log into the Course Reserves system
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Digital and online documents (e.g. articles, book chapters)

Enter citation information into the appropriate form. Add a URL, attach a PDF, or check the option “I will bring the material to the library” or “Please retrieve from the library collection and place on reserve”. Library staff will verify copyright compliance before making items available online.


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Library books, DVDs, etc.

The online request form for books allows you to check the library catalogue for availability. If the book is in the Libraries' collection, please add the call number to help us retrieve material faster and check the option “Please retrieve from the library collection and place on reserve”. If the Libraries does not have the book you want, please check the option “Please purchase and place on reserve”.


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Personal copies of books, videos...

Use the online request form for BOOK to send us the information about the book. Please check the option “I will bring the material to the library”. You can then either mail or bring us the item(s) in person.


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End of course and reusing material

After the exam period has ended, the reading list will cease to be available for your students. If a student requires extended access to their course readings, please send an email request to library.reserves@concordia.ca. You can reactivate any items that you wish to use again.

At the end of the semester, all personal copies of books will be removed from the Course Reserves Room and sent back to you. Library books placed on reserve upon your request will be returned to the regular library collection. Textbooks placed on reserve through the student funding initiative (LSFC) will remain in the Course Reserves Room for two years, or until the instructor for the course requests that they be removed; contact library.reserves@concordia.ca if you wish to have textbooks removed from reserves for one or more courses.

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Access to course material in Moodle

Option 1:

All digital readings posted in the Libraries' Course Reserves system will be accessible through a link (i.e. "View course readings") in your Moodle course. Instructors can use this link to add or modify content. Students can use this link to access their course readings.

Adding permanent links

Option 2:

A small number of courses will not automatically display the Course Reserves "View course readings" link, but it is easy for instructors to add it:

  1. In the upper right-hand corner, turn editing on.
    Turn editing on
  2. Go to the Add A Block sectionAdd a block
  3. Select Course Reserves from the list of options Add course reserves
  4. The page will refresh and the block will be added. In the upper right-hand corner, turn the editing off. Turn editing off
  5. You can click on "View course readings" to add, modify, or delete course readings.View course readings
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Permanent links in Moodle or in your syllabus

Once your course materials have been processed for reserves, you can use the link in our Course Reserves system to share the PDF document with your students. Please note that this link will work only for students that are currently enrolled in the course.

Adding permanent links

Adding permanent links

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The Concordia Bookstore can produce coursepacks that consolidate all your course readings. These are customized to your specifications and available for sale to your students. The bookstore takes care of copyright clearance, printing and duplicating of the material, coursepack preparation and stocking them on their shelves.

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