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Using your personal laptop

Printing with WebPrint

To print from personal laptops or laptops borrowed from the library, we recommend using WebPrint.

WebPrint allows you to upload a document from wherever you are (even from home) and release the document from any DPrint machine on campus. Just put money your Concordia ID using one of the DPrint loaders* and swipe your Concordia ID card on the DPrint machine to pay for your print job. Here’s the link: http://webprint.concordia.ca/cps/

*DPrint loaders: On the downtown campus there are 2 DPrint loaders located at the bottom of the stairs by the entrance to the library. On the Loyola Campus, there is 1 DPrint loader located on the first floor of the Vanier Library next to the women’s washroom.

More information about WebPrint from Concordia IT Services.

Updated: Monday 5 August 2019
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