Open Access Publishing at Concordia

Fund update

In November 2020, the Library and the Office of Research held community consultation sessions on the Open Access Author Fund and the most effective and equitable ways to support open access publishing by Concordia researchers. Feedback and comments were shared with the Open Access Working Group. Based on what was heard, the Working Group has agreed to a proposal to transition from an Open Access Author Fund to an Open Access Fund starting in FY2021-22. Accordingly, grants to individual authors will no longer be made. Instead, the University will promote open access publishing by supporting thematic open access repositories that have membership fees or institutional memberships with publishers that will provide Concordia-affiliated researchers with discounts on author publishing charges (APCs). Moving to an institutional, rather than individual, framework has the potential to broaden the number of Concordia researchers whose work can be supported and will ensure more equitable access to limited resources.

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Open Access Author Fund annual report and fund tracking

The annual report for the Open Access Author Fund is produced at the end of each fiscal year:

The Open Access Fund tracking spreadsheet contains three tabs: (1) an introduction, (2) a list with the reimbursement requests per fiscal year, (3) the amount of money in the fund per fiscal year. It will be updated once a year, at the same time as the annual report.

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Updated: Friday 12 November 2021
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