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Strategic Plan

Grey Nuns Reading Room

Vision Statement

Concordia Library is an intellectually inspiring and engaging environment, which provides collections and services fundamental to academic success, creation, the advancement of knowledge, and lifelong learning.

Concordia Library is committed to serving society, supporting discovery and the freedom of speech and intellectual inquiry. The Library is an agile organization, responsive to users' needs and expectations.

As members of the library team, we put student and faculty success at the centre of our practice. We understand the strength of personal interaction to assist, teach, and empower. We embrace innovation and change to provide outstanding library services and collections. We welcome extreme collaboration, both internally and externally, and the creation of knowledge and innovation as integral to the advancement of the library.


Organize for empowerment


Provide spaces for learning and research


Transform library services in line with changing needs


Collections at the heart of teaching, learning and research

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Updated: Friday 5 November 2021
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