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Open Access publishing

Institutional Membership to Open Access Journals

BioMed Central

Concordia University Library has purchased an institutional membership to BioMed Central, entitling all Concordia-affiliated authors publishing in BioMed Central and SpringerOpen journals to a 15% discount on the article-processing charge (APC). If submitting off-campus, please contact for the discount code.

Other APC discounts available to Concordia University authors:
American Chemical Society (ACS)

Concordia authors are eligible for 25% off an AuthorChoice license when publishing in ACS journals. You will receive an email from ACS once your paper is accepted, which will indicate the Open Access licensing options available to you. If you choose to pursue an open access license for your article, you will be redirected to an e-commerce site where you will be taken through the steps of purchasing the licensing, at which point you will be able to apply the institutional discount via drop-down menu. Simply start typing “Concordia”, the field will auto populate, and the discount will be applied.


Concordia authors that publish an open access article in either a Cambridge Gold or Hybrid open access journal are eligible for a 20% discount on APC charges. Discounts should be applied automatically when selecting Concordia as your home institution during the article submission process. If any issues arise, please contact for the institutional token.

Canadian Science Publishing

Concordia authors are eligible for a reduction in APC charge for articles published open access in Canadian Science Publishing journals. The regular fee for the OpenArticle option is $3000 per article, but for CRKN members the fee is reduced to $1500 per article. The discount is applied to the invoice at the time of processing, as the publisher will note the institutional affiliation.


Concordia authors are eligible for a 40% discount for articles published in some SAGE open access journals. Please see the list of discounts and exclusions in this Excel file. To obtain the discount code you must email and SAGE will provide you with a unique code to apply to your order.

Taylor & Francis

Concordia authors are eligible for a 25% discount on APCs in Taylor & Francis Open Select journals. The APC will be automatically discounted based on the organization name used by the author when submitting their article.

Updated: Friday 4 June 2021
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