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How do I access an ebook?

When searching the Discovery Search and the Library Catalogue, ebooks might be amongst your results. These books are exactly the same as our print books except that they are accessible online rather than on the Library shelves.

Accessing ebooks in the Discovery Search and the Library Catalogue

How Do I Access an Ebook? [2:14 minutes].
tip Tip: Downloading ebooks!

Not all ebooks are accessible in the same way; each ebook provider has different rules for downloading, accessing and reading their ebooks. You might need to read a Concordia ebook on your computer, or you may be able to download parts or chapters of an ebook as PDF files.

Concordia Library's ebooks are different from the ebooks you might purchase from Kindle, Kobo or iTunes. The ebooks you access through Concordia Library are meant for education, rather than personal use. Visit Concordia Library's How to download ebooks webpage for more instructions on how to download these books.

tip Tip: When off-campus, log into your Library Account to access ebooks.

Before you start your Discovery or Library Catalogue search, it is a good idea to log into your Library Account, so you can access our online resources when you're off campus. For some ebooks, you may be prompted to enter your netname and password into an additional login window.

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Explore Concordia Library's ebook packages by visiting our Ebooks at Concordia and Beyond webpage

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