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Where do I search to answer my question?

Getting a broad overview of what is available on a topic

Here are some "first stop" resources:

  • Sofia Discovery tool: a place to search quickly for materials from the Library's collection and databases including books, articles in full-text, ebooks, images, and more.
  • Encyclopedias: the main source of background information in a library. Short and simple, encyclopedia articles cover the important points of a subject.
  • Google Scholar: free and easy to search, it provides results from a wide variety of sources, including articles, books, reports, and theses.
  • Wikipedia: not a recommended academic source, but it can be a good starting point for the most basic information.

Exploring the literature in a specific academic discipline

Here are some resources that help answer questions for specific courses or subject areas:

  • Library Databases: give you access to a wider selection of quality articles (scholarly or "peer-reviewed") that you wouldn't find through Google.
  • Subject Guides: for guidance from a librarian on which databases to start with.
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