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How do I find a specific article from a citation?

Options for finding an article from a citation:

Option 1: Search by the article's title in the Discovery Search

The easiest thing to do in order to find the article is to enter the article's title in the Discovery Search.

The majority of articles can be found in the Discovery Search, but there are some reasons why your article might not be there:

  • The article is in a database that is not included in the Discovery Search (for example, ProQuest databases, which include many fine arts and business articles).
  • The article is available only in print (older articles, small journal publishers, Fine Arts subjects).
  • We don't have the article in our collection (but we can still find it for you elsewhere).

Option 2: Search by the journal title (with volume and issue numbers) in the Library Catalogue or E-Journals Collection

Go to the Library Catalogue and in the "Search Options" menu on the right, select "Journal Title". Here's a direct link to Journal Title search page.

After performing the search, you'll be able to find out whether we have access to the journal (print or online) and, if it's online, which databases have the volume and issue you need. If the article is available in print you can either go to the Library where the journal is located or press the "Article Delivery" button, fill out the form, and have us send you a PDF of the article by email.

Alternatively, you can search for the journal's title in the E-Journals Collection.

Option 3: Search by the DOI (digital object identifier)

Enter the DOI into the Discovery Search or in the Article Finder.

Many journal articles, but not all, have DOIs (digital object identifiers): a unique alphanumeric identifier for the specific article.

Option 4: Search by the article's exact title in Google Scholar

The article may be freely available in Google Scholar or available in a Library database. Learn how to access articles in Google Scholar when they are not free.

Option 5: Interlibrary Loan

If all the above options have failed, you can make an Interlibrary Loan (COLOMBO) request for the article and we will search libraries worldwide to find it. Most journal articles will be emailed to you as a PDF.

How Do I Find a Specific Article From a Citation? [2:21 minutes].
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If you still have difficulties finding the article, contact a librarian.

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