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Scholarly journals report on research conducted by scholars, and professionals in the field, and provide in-depth articles that cover specific issues or research questions.


Peer-reviewed articles are evaluated by a group of experts, or peers, based on their originality, currency, and validity.


Journal article databases contain many types of articles, including: book reviews, editorials, newspaper and magazine articles, trade journal articles and scholarly (academic or peer-reviewed) articles.


Criteria for evaluating academic or scholarly articles include:

  • Authors and their credentials
  • Intended audience
  • Level of specialized language
  • Length
  • Structure
  • Cited sources

You can search for articles on a topic using the Sofia Discovery tool or a Library database. Strategies include keyword, field, and subject searching.


Depending on the assignment, using web or online resources may not be appropriate. Check with your professor before including these sources in your work.


Don't forget to contact a librarian if you have trouble accessing the full text of an article.


If Concordia doesn't have the article you need, try:

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