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How do I find a book in the Library?

Now that you've performed a search for books on your topic, you will need to locate those books on the shelf and borrow them from the Library.

You need to look at the Library location, floor, call number, availability or status.

In the Sofia Discovery tool, click on the "Map it" link below the call number to see where it is on the Library floor plan.

tip Tip: Your student ID card is your Library card!

To borrow items from the Library, bring the item you want to borrow and your student ID card to the Loans/Circulation desk, where a staff member will check out the items to you. In some cases, you may be able to use the self-checkout machines, also located near the Loans/Circulation desk to borrow the item yourself.

tip Tip: Pay attention to the book's location!

Print books at Concordia Library can have many different locations, including:

  • Webster Reference
  • Webster 3rd floor
  • Webster 4th floor
  • Webster 5th floor
  • Vanier Reference
  • Vanier 2nd floor
  • Vanier 3rd floor
  • and special areas like
    • Vanier Special Collections
    • Webster Curriculum Collection

Make sure you note the Library, floor, and location, when looking for a book. Click on "Locate" to see a map of the library.

Can all books be borrowed?

Books with the status or availability of In Library Use Only cannot be borrowed and are not allowed to be taken out of the Library. However, you can read, photocopy or scan from it in the Library.

Usually books with this status are found in Webster Reference and Vanier Reference.

To see if a book is has that status, click on its title in the search results and then, under the "Check availability" section, look for In Library Use Only under the book's location in the "Holding Summary".

Returning books

You can return all print books to either Webster or Vanier Library. You can return them to someone at the Loans/Circulation desk or return them in the Library drop box.

tip Tip: Returning Course Reserves items

Course Reserves Textbooks are specific to each campus, and have a short loan period, usually 3 hours or 1 day. These books must be returned to the Library where you borrowed them.

You would return this course textbook to the Vanier Library
You would return this book to the Webster Library
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