What if I can't access the full text of the article I've found?

If you've found an article in the Sofia Discovery tool, a Library database, or Google Scholar, but cannot access the full text (How do I find the full text of an article?), you can use the following services:

Request an article

Request the article through Sofia. This free service allows you to obtain books or articles from other libraries. In most cases, articles will be delivered to you as a PDF. Learn how to request an article.

Ask a Librarian

Contact a librarian, online or in person, to see if they can help you locate the article.

Visit other libraries

If you need your article in a hurry and cannot wait to get it through Interlibrary Loans, you can search other libraries to see if they might have the journal that contains your article. If you find a library that owns the journal, you will need to physically go to that library to make a copy of the article.

Choose another article

If you cannot wait to get your article through Interlibrary Loans, and you do not want to go to other libraries, you may have to search journal article databases for other similar articles on the same topic.

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