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How do I find a specific book from a citation?

If you have the citation for a book, the easiest way to see if the Library has it is to search for the title of the book in Sofia.

Not sure if it's a book or book chapter?

Citations for book chapters will include information about the book and information about the chapter. Look for two sets of titles (chapter title AND book title), two sets of names (chapter author(s) AND book editor(s)), and page numbers.

example Example

These citations are in APA style. They may look different when using a different style.

Hover on the text Hover over the parts of the citation to see their labels

To search for the book above in Sofia, go to the Advanced Search, select "Title" in the dropdown menu and type in the title of the book (not the title of the book chapter).

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Looking for your course textbooks? Visit our "Course readings and textbooks for students" page.

Not sure if it's a journal article or a book chapter?

A journal article will have two sets of titles (article title AND journal title), but it will only have one set of names (there will not be an editor(s)) and there will not be publisher information (name of the publisher or the city of publication).

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Don't have the complete citation? See the section "How do I cite something when I don't have all the information?"

activity Activity - Give it a try!
Given just the titles below, can you tell which ones are book titles? Slide the titles into the appropriate box. When the answer is correct, the title will stay in the box.
Book Chapter
Olney, William W. 2015. Impact of Corruption on Firm-Level Export Decisions. Economic Inquiry 54 (2), 1105–27.
Pandya, S. S. (2014). Trading Spaces : Foreign Direct Investment Regulation, 1970–2000. Cambridge University Press.
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Sammut, G., Foster, J., Salvatore, S., & Andrisano-Ruggieri, R. (2016). Methods of Psychological Intervention. Information Age Publishing.
McGrath JC, Drummond GM, McLachlan EM, Kilkenny C, Wainright CL. (2010). Guidelines for reporting experiments involving animals: the ARRIVE guidelines. British Journal of Pharmacology, 160(7), 1573-1576.
Naremore, J. (1999). "Hitchcock at the Margins of Noir." In R. Allen & S. Ishii-Gonzalès (Eds.), Alfred Hitchcock: Centenary Essays (pp. 263-77). BFI.
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