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Suggest a purchase

About the service

Is there an item that you could not find in the Sofia Discovery tool that you would like us to add to our collection? Please submit a request by selecting the purchase type (book/ebook, video/audio or other) and logging in with your Concordia netname* and password.

Please note that the Suggest a Purchase service is reserved for current Concordia students, staff and faculty with requests made for current course and research requirements being prioritized over general interest requests.

Purchases for course reserves

Requests for electronic versions of textbooks and other course material should be made by course instructors only. Students should contact their instructors if they have suggestions. For more information about Course Reserves, see the Library's Course reserves for instructors page.

To put digital video or audio files on reserve in streaming format, go to the “Select purchase type” dropdown menu and select “Video or audio”.

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