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Benefits of ORCID to the researcher

For the researcher, establishing an ORCID ID has the following benefits:

  • Allows researchers to distinguish their research activities from others with similar names and affiliations
  • Enables researchers to easily and uniquely associate a researcher’s identity to a wide range of research activities and objects such as publications, datasets, equipment, articles, media stories, curated exhibits, citations, experiments, patents, teaching notes and notebooks
  • Empowers researchers to self‐manage their personal privacy whilst preserving the ability for their body of work to be publicly available.
  • Reduces manual data entry through automatic harvesting of associated activities and objects
  • Makes the research process and collaboration across borders, institutions and disciplines easier because it removes the need to enter data over and over again. The data associated with a researcher can “move” with their identifier across organizations and national boundaries
  • Facilitates researcher interaction with multiple organizations, publishers, funders through a common identifier
  • Provides records for individual scholars, improving discoverability of researchers and their associated research activities and objects

Updated: Thursday 3 December 2020
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