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Answers to your questions about ORCID

What information about me will be publicly visible on the ORCID website?

ORCID is designed for the benefit of researchers. You have full control over their ORCID profile's visibility settings.

Once you have registered, your name and your ORCID iD will automatically be visible (this is the minimum setting). However, you can choose what other information to make public, such as your publications, education, and employment history.

What does an ORCID iD look like?

An ORCID iD is a 16-digit number generated by the ORCID registry (example: 0000-0001-5109-3700).

ORCID iDs can also be expressed as a URL:

When can I use my ORCID iD?

You can include your ORCID iD when applying for a new job, submitting an article for publication, or applying for a grant if the publisher or funder is integrated with the ORCID registry. When presenting at a conference, you can use a personal ORCID iD QR Code.

You can also add it to your CV, business cards, university bio, or personal website.

Will my ORCID record automatically populate with my research outputs?

No. There are several methods of populating your ORCID record: you can use ORCID's built-in Search and Link tool, import content using a DOI, PubMed ID, or BibTex file, or import manually. For more information, see Managing Your ORCID.

What if I leave Concordia University?

ORCID is recognized globally and your iD can be used with or without an institutional affiliation. If you leave Concordia University, your ORCID will travel with you and can be updated with new employment information and/or affiliations at any time.

Is ORCID useful for research metrics?

ORCID does not provide its own metrics or a reporting interface. However, ORCID is used by several research metrics tools and providers (such as ImpactStory and ScienceOpen) to improve the accuracy of their data and reporting. Your ORCID iD can also be connected to other research identifiers to help generate a personal metrics profile: ResearcherID, Scopus Author ID, etc.

Can you have more than one ORCID ID? What happens with duplicates?

Only one ORCID iD is allowed per email address, and there is an auto-check for duplicates when you register. If you have created duplicate accounts, you can consolidate all your info into one iD and remove the other. See Removing your additional or duplicate ORCID iD for more information.

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