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2010 LibQUAL+ survey

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LibQual Report

The complete report   of the 2010 LibQual survey is now available. An additional discipline-based (by faculty) report is also available.

To help you interpret the reports, we have created a PowerPoint presentation explaining Radar Charts.

Comparison with Other Comprehensive Universities

The first part of this report matches Concordia’s results with those of ten other Canadian comprehensive universities, namely Carleton, Guelph, Memorial, New Brunswick, SFU, UQAM, Victoria, Waterloo, Windsor and York. Note that the names of these institutions have been deleted and replaced with a generic identifier such University A or University B in order to preserve the confidentiality of the data.

The second part of the report presents a comparison of Concordia’s results in 2010 with the average scores obtained by a) CREPUQ universities; b) CARL universities; and c) all participating Canadian universities (LibQual Canada Consortium). The last section outlines the pros and cons of using LibQual as a comparison tool for Concordia Libraries.

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