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Public opinion polls

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Polling Firms

The websites of polling firms provide free access to many current and historical poll results and press releases. See a list of Canadian Commercial Survey Research Firms.

Government of Canada

The Communications Policy of the Government of Canada requires all federal departments and agencies to deposit with Library and Archives Canada the final reports of all public opinion research contracted since August 1, 2006. Information about these reports can be accessed through searching by department/agency, contractor, year and key words in the title.

See Public Opinion Research in the Government of Canada: advisory services for all Government of Canada public opinion research.

Other sources

Microdata from Canadian Polling Firms

The raw data (microdata) from the following sources can be obtained through the <ODESI> database:

  • Centre for Research and Information on Canada (CRIC)
  • Gallup Canada Inc.
  • Institute for Social Research (ISR)
  • Listening to Canadians (LTC)
  • Voice of the People (VoP)

United States

Polling firm Web sites/databases:

  • Gallup Poll: Combination of free and fee-based access.


  • Afrobarometer (African National public attitude surveys on democracy and governance)
  • Eurobarometer (European Commission/EU) 1973 - current
  • Angus Reid Global Monitor: Summary of reports on polls from around the world. Choose from: Polls & Research; Politics in Depth; and, Election Tracker.

Microdata from Angus Reid Global

The raw data (microdata) from from Angus Reid Global can be obtained through the <ODESI> database

For more information about public opinion polls, please see: Guide to public opinion poll Web sites: Polling data from around the world, published in College & Research Libraries News, October 2006.

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