Archival fonds and collections


Concordia University Library's Special Collections provides access to over 120 archival fonds and collections supporting research in a variety of disciplines. Fonds and collections under our stewardship are composed of a diverse assortment materials, including textual records; photographs, slides, and negatives; audio and video recordings; maps and architectural plans; drawings, paintings, and prints; objects; and born digital items. These materials serve to document a wide range of topics, individuals, organizations, and events, and are available for consultation in the Special Collections Reading Room. Areas of specialization include Canadian literature, politics, communications, journalism, Irish in Montreal, jazz and contemporary music in Montreal, Montreal nightlife, and the visual arts. Our collection includes a number of archival fonds with significant cultural and historical value, including among others, the Peter Desbarats fonds and the Wynne Francis fonds, which are both certified Canadian Cultural Property.

Archival fonds and collections are searchable via the Archives & Special Collections Shared Catalogue.

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ID Fonds and Collection Name
C001Quinn collection
C002Irving Layton Clipping collection
C003Kenya national archive microfilms
C005Antique map collection
C006Historic images of Montreal
C008African Newspaper collection
C009S.A. Rochlin collection of South African Political and Trade Union Organizations
C010Gertrude Katz collection
C011Margaret Griffin and Clara Gutsche collection
C013 Raymond Souster and Cid Corman collection
C014Ida Hodes and Jonathan Williams collection
C015Concordia University performance recordings collection
C016J.B. Rudnyckyi fonds
C018Lawrence Hayward collection
C019Mary-Jacques Cambay collection
C020Monastère des Ursulines de Québec collection
C021John Douglas Borthwick collection
C022L'Entraide Missionnaire collection
C023Paul Monty collection
C024Dorothy Harper collection
C028Franklyn Harvey collection
C029Victoria Stanton and Vincent Tinguely collection
F001Irving Layton fonds
F002Carolyn Smith fonds
F003Marion Wagschal fonds
F004Veneranda Kreipans (McGrath) Wilson fonds
F005Russell Thornton fonds
F006Wynne Francis fonds
F007Dorothy Rath fonds
F008Beatrice Bazar fonds
F009Peter Desbarats fonds
F010Grant family fonds
F011René Balcer archives
F013Negro Community Centre fonds/Charles H. Este Cultural Centre fonds
F014Christopher Fry fonds
F015Sutherland fonds
F017Participation Québec fonds
F018Alla Edelman fonds
F019Dora Pleete fonds
F020Russell (Russ) Dufort fonds
F022Norman Marshall Villeneuve (Griffith) fonds
F023St. Ann's Young Men's Society fonds
F024Electronic Rights Defense Committee fonds
F025Peter Madden fonds
F026O’Farrell Family fonds
F027Graeme Clyke fonds
F028Karl Polanyi Archive
F029Bellelle Guerin fonds
F030Pauline Morier fonds
F031Maurice Tynes fonds
F032Leon Llewellyn fonds
F033Yves Charbonneau fonds
F034Black Theater Workshop fonds
P010Joe Bell fonds
P012Hugh Percival Illsley fonds
P015Walton Hannah fonds
P016Johnny Holmes fonds
P018Clyde Duncan fonds
P019Myron Sutton fonds
P020Jean Préfontaine fonds
P021Walter Boudreau fonds
P023Alex Robertson fonds
P026Saint Patrick's Society of Montreal fonds
P027Véhicule Art (Montréal) Inc. fonds
P030Thomas D'Arcy McGee collection
P031Maury Kaye fonds
P035Jack Litchfield fonds
P056Optica Art Gallery fonds
P063Lucien Desmarais fonds
P064Bob Redmond fonds
P065Johnny Reno fonds
P066Jazz Association of Montreal Inc. fonds
P068Harriet Eisenkraft fonds
P071Véhicule Press fonds
P072John Loye fonds
P074Tina Brereton fonds
P076The Gazette collection
P078Concordia University Archives Jazz collection
P079Aubes 3935 fonds
P082Vic Vogel fonds
P084Al Palmer fonds
P088Herb Johnson fonds
P098Dorothy Davis fonds
P103Wilson Griffith McConnell collection
P106Kenneth S. Muer collection
P108John Joseph Curran fonds
P109Saint Patrick's Total Abstinence and Benevolent Society fonds
P110François Brault fonds
P112Brian McKenna fonds
P113Jack Tietolman fonds
P119Corridart collection
P121Bill Vazan fonds
P122Jean Noël fonds
P123Irish Canadian Heritage Society fonds
P128La Centrale fonds
P135Meilan Lam fonds
P138Lawrence Sabbath fonds
P142The Cathespian Guild fonds
P144Véhicule Art Research Group fonds
P147Edwin Orion Brownell fonds
P151Concordia University Archives Irish collection
P152Melvin Charney fonds
P154Bob and Kevin McKenna fonds
P158Henry Whiston fonds
P159Conseil de la peinture du Québec fonds
P162Kina Reusch fonds
P163Tom Dubicanac fonds
P164Quebec Drama Federation fonds
P167Aislin (Terry Mosher) fonds
P169Overdale collection
P170Société du 5 avril fonds
P175Gerry Hanson fonds
P177Ted Elfstrom fonds
P179Gail Bourgeois fonds
P180Bob McKenna fonds
P182Mark Abley fonds
P187Montreal Irish TV fonds
P188McCorkill Family fonds
P189Mary Mahon fonds
P191Alan Hustak fonds
P192Nick Morara fonds
P193Mildred Ryerson fonds
P195Bill Stewart fonds
P197May Cutler fonds
P198Warren Reid fonds
P201Eric Wesselow fonds
P203Daniel Feist fonds
P204Patricia Burns fonds
P212Maura McKeon fonds
P215Al Baculis fonds
P220Gerald Clark fonds
P223Taras Grescoe fonds
P227Linda Leith fonds
P228Vernon Isaac fonds
P231Boyce Richardson fonds
P232Blue Metropolis fonds
P234Sur Rodney Sur fonds
P235Don Bell fonds
P237Ann Charney fonds
P240Merrily Weisbord fonds
P241Desmond Adams fonds
P246Jacques Trépanier
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