Students with disabilities

ACSD Proxy Borrower

Students registered with the Access Centre for Students with Disabilities (ACSD) can appoint an individual to act as a representative of the user with disabilities and carry out library loans on their behalf.

Concordia Library facilitates this process by providing a special library card to individuals who are duly appointed as ACSD Proxy Borrowers. This card is issued solely to enable the appointed Proxy Borrower to borrow material on behalf of the ACSD registered student according to that student’s library privileges.

Students registered with the ACSD must expressly appoint individuals to act as their Proxy Borrower, by filling out the ACSD Proxy Borrower Appointment Form and reading the attendant Policy on Appointing ACSD Proxy Borrowers. The Proxy Borrower must then present the form and valid personal identification during opening hours at either the Vanier Circulation desk or the Webster Loans & Returns desk. Only one ACSD Proxy Borrower can be appointed at one time.

Please note that no person is permitted to borrow library material by presenting the personal identification of another person; and no person may authorize the use of their own Concordia University ID card by another person.

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Updated: Wednesday 11 November 2020
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