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How to use Find it @ Concordia

What is "Find it! @ Concordia"

"Find it! @ Concordia" helps you find the publication you are looking for. Essentially, it allows you to go directly from a citation in a database to the full text, if it is available at Concordia, or to the library catalogue to check if it is available in print copy in the library.

We are constantly working to improve "Find it! @ Concordia". If you have any comments or questions, please ask a librarian.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the "Find it! @ Concordia" window, it says that Find It! cannot make a match. What does this mean?

If you see the message: "Find it! linking techology could not make a match. Try other options below", it means that an automatic match could not be made. Find it! is not always perfect. Concordia may still have the publication you are looking for. Search the library catalogue for the journal title, book title or conference title, not the article or chapter title. Using keywords from these titles may work best. Use one of the other options (checking other Montreal-area libraries, Ask a Librarian, or try Interlibrary Loan).

The "Find it! @ Concordia" window doesn't give me a link to the full text, but I know the Concordia Library has a full text version online. What's wrong?

It's possible that we have the publication online, but that Find It! is not making a match to the electronic document. One possible explanation is that there is no match point in the database record (a common match point is an ISSN number, for periodicals, or an ISBN number, for books). So, if the citation you're trying to find is missing certain information, Find It! won't be able to make a match. Another possibility is that we don't have the full text holdings information in our Find It! database. If you're confident that a match should be made to an online item, then you can always get to the publication by going to the the library catalogue record for the item (for example, a journal) and getting electronic access to the document that way.

If you have problems or would like to report a matching error, please ask a librarian. Your feedback will alert us of problems and will contribute to improving the system for everybody.

Will "Find it! @ Concordia" tell me about print publications at the Concordia Library?

"Find it! @ Concordia" gives you the option of checking for print publications for most journals or books at Concordia. Find it! works best for journal articles so if you are looking for a book, conference or other type of publication, searching the library catalogue may work better.

Sometimes when I click a link to full text, I'm taken to the journal home page. Why can't I go directly to the article?

We have programmed "Find it! @ Concordia" to link directly to the full text document wherever possible. However, publishers vary in the way that they allow us to link to their documents. Some publishers allow links directly to the full text document, others route you to a list of articles in a journal issue, and others might send you to another intermediary page. If you get to an intermediary page, however, just try to follow the links to the full text of the publication (often you will have a choice between PDF and HTML versions of the publication).

Sometimes I click a link to full text, and I get an error message (e.g. "DOI not found", or another error message) or am prompted to pay for the article. What's the problem?

There are a number of reasons for this. It could be a technological problem, or we may need to update our local database that lists the publications we have available electronically. Please contact a librarian to report problems of this nature. Be sure to note whether you were using the service from on or off campus at the time that you had problems.

Can I use "Find it! @ Concordia" from off-campus?

Yes. "Find it! @ Concordia" has been set up so that off-campus users can use it. You will need to authenticate using your netname or Library PIN - usually you will need to do this once to get into the database, and then you won't need to do it again. If you have problems accessing any publications remotely through "Find it! @ Concordia", please contact a librarian to report it.

I'm having problems with "Find it! @ Concordia". Who can I contact?

If you're having any problems with this service, please ask a librarian.

Updated: Friday 29 May 2020
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