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How to use Udemy

Access Udemy

New to Udemy? You need to sign up first

What is Udemy?

Udemy is a self-paced learning platform that hosts thousands of instructional videos on a variety of topics. Through Concordia’s Udemy Business subscription, students, faculty, and staff have access to thousands of Udemy’s highest-rated courses.

Courses can be taken for personal and professional development, or can be taken to complete a certificate to demonstrate your skills to current or potential employers.

Popular topic areas include coding, data science, Microsoft Office software, project management, language acquisition, web development, and graphic design.

For tips on using and navigating Udemy, consult Udemy's getting started guide.

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Udemy sign-up

To sign up for Udemy, you will need an active Concordia email. (See student instructions for activating email or faculty/staff instructions for activating email).

For students:

  • Log into the Student Hub and navigate to the My CU Account page. Select the "Experiential Learning and professional development" category from the menu and select “Activate your Udemy account.” You will need to consent to the privacy terms of service to continue.

For faculty & staff:

  • Log into Carrefour and click on the My CU Account tab on the top navigation bar. Select the "Training" category from the left navigation panel and then select “Activate your Udemy account” on the "Udemy online learning" tile. You will need to consent to the privacy terms of service to continue.

Once your account is initialized, log in to Concordia Udemy for Business with your Concordia email address. Please note that your account may take up to two hours to initialize after sign up.

As noted above, you will need to consent to the privacy terms of service in order to use Udemy. In order to respect users’ rights to opt out of this privacy requirement, Udemy courses should not be made mandatory for students or staff. For more information about Udemy’s data privacy terms, please consult the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) conducted by IITS.

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Help and troubleshooting

Udemy offers extensive and helpful user documentation.

For help signing up for Udemy, navigating the platform, or tips for getting the most out of Udemy, please use our Ask a Librarian service.

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Can I use Udemy on my phone or tablet?

There is a Udemy for Business app available for both Android and iOS devices.

You must log in through the Udemy website to create your account before you can log in using the app.

Do Udemy courses count for credit?

No, Udemy is a complementary learning service. Udemy courses cannot be taken for course credit or counted towards your degree requirements.

Do Udemy courses offer an attestation/proof of completion for completing a course?

Most Udemy courses provide a certificate of completion. Courses that offer certificates will indicate this in the course page under the “Enroll now” button.

Why can’t I find a course from in the Concordia Udemy subscription (

Concordia has a subscription to Udemy for Business that provides access to thousands of the highest quality Udemy courses. However, not all courses available on Udemy are included in our license.

For more information about how courses are selected for Udemy for Business, consult the “Udemy Business Content Quality” page. If you would like to suggest that a course be added to Udemy for Business, please visit the “How do I Suggest a Course?” page to find out more.

How does Udemy for business handle data privacy?

Concordia has performed a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) of the Udemy service.

See the Udemy Privacy Policy page for information on how Udemy handles your data.

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