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Digital Scholarship Services

Concordia Library provides support for research, experimentation, and collaboration.


We will help you discover emerging digital techniques, trends, tools, or services that enable your project. This includes:

  • evaluating or recommending software and tools
  • liaising with researchers, librarians, and other professionals with skills or expertise in research data management, digital preservation, data visualization, application programming interfaces (APIs), metadata, content management systems, or other areas.
  • assisting in evaluating or creating datasets (e.g., numeric, textual, audio, video, etc.)


Learn about tools and concepts for digital scholarship processes. Our training may include individual or team consultation, or classroom workshops. We offer assistance:

  • using or implementing software on your computer(s)
  • fostering knowledge-sharing and communities-of-practice

Process/hours available

Engage us for a consultation or further collaboration according to the following availability. We support:

  • direct involvement in up to four projects per semester
  • maximum of 30 hours per project
  • first come, first served basis
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