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2019 Webster Library Exhibitions


Annotated photograph of a cheery Louis Armstrong posing with trumpet

March 8 – 12, 2019
Webster Library, 2nd floor vitrines

Concordia Library is pleased to present Booked6, a pop-up exhibition that features a selection of artists' books designed and produced by students enrolled in this year's DART280 - Investigations in Typographic Design course taught by Pata Macedo in the Department of Design and Computation Art.

Artists' books are works of art that refer to the idea of a book in some way, shape, or form.

For Booked6, each student was asked to conceive, develop and produce an artist's book around the theme of winter; and to strike a balance between the book's typography, imagery and the container that holds it.

Through the use of poetry, storytelling, testimonials, and their unique combinations of materials, printing techniques and bookbinding approaches, the students of Booked6 demonstrate the meaningful relationships that are possible between the content and form of an artist's book.

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